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Getting started with The old man and the sea essay

You must read a lot of classical literature for your literature classes, some of which are easy to read, understand and analyze and others are quite difficult. However, if you are fond of reading you will definitely get pleasure from accomplishing such kind of assignment. On the other hand, when it comes to writing an essay on a certain piece of literature, you need to demonstrate not only your reading skills, but also your writing skills, in order to get a high mark. If you are assigned to read and analyze one of the works of Ernest Hemingway, prepare to have a good time, as long as you are going to deal with an outstanding piece of writing. And be ready to spend much time and significant efforts to analyze it and write a good paper on it. At the same time, consider getting our professional help with writing a remarkable The old man and the sea essay for your literature classes. Also, you can find here useful tips and guidelines, that will help you deal with accomplishing your assignment.

Although we have already said that dealing with classic literature may sometimes be hard and overwhelming, we still have good news for you. If you follow the tips that we provided below, you will cope with this task without suffering. Therefore, read them attentively and follow thoroughly.

  • Before you start reading the Hemingway's masterpiece, it is important that you drop out everything that you have ever heard about this piece of writing, all the preconceptions and opinions of other people. Don't read review and avoid discussing it with others, until your personal attitude to it forms.
  • Even though you are going to read a masterpiece adored by thousands of people in the world, it will be absolutely fine if you don't like it at all. Your opinion has a right to exist, so don't force yourself to love something if you don't find it attractive.
  • On that note, before you proceed to reading, do some research on the place and the period of time, where the plot of the assigned piece of literature takes place. This will give you a better understanding of the plot.
  • Involve yourself into the piece of literature as much as you can. Forget about everything and just read. Find a good comfortable place, where nothing and nobody can distract you and enjoy reading the assigned piece of literature.
  • Once you have read it, you can begin discussing it with other people. In the process of discussion, you will form your opinion and attitude to it more precisely and will provide a better analysis.
  • Consider watching a play adaptation of The old man and the sea. This will provide you with a better image of the plot and the main characters. Also, it is quite interesting to watch a play with real people playing in it.

Choosing a good topic for your essay

Once you have read the assigned piece of literature, formed your personal opinion concerning it, made an analysis of the plot and feel ready to express all of these on the paper, it is time to choose a good and interesting topic for your essay. Your topic has to enlighten significant issues provided in the book and demonstrate a new approach. Remember also, that the topic has to be interesting to you personally, first of all, so think thoroughly before choosing it and take your decision seriously. Below, we provided some of the possible ideas for your topic that you may find appropriate for writing your paper about.

  • Write an essay providing an analysis of the one of the main characters of the book. The majority of them are described as heroes, although your task is to define what is so heroic about them. Thus, you may analyze Santiago and agree or disagree with the author's presentation of this character.
  • Research the symbolism in the book. Find out the role it plays in the plot, explain whether it helps the reader understand some of the main ideas of the book or not. Provide examples and citations from the book showing how the symbolism is used there.
  • Provide an analyze of the religious aspect in the plot of the book. What is the role of Bible there? To your mind, why and in what did Hemingway use the aspect of Bible in his piece of writing?
  • Write a paper presenting the meaning of happiness described in the Hemingway's masterpiece. What is the author's view of the happiness, in accordance with the plot of the story? Do you agree or disagree with the author's statement concerning happiness?
  • Analyze the psychological aspects of the story. How can the story be useful for people, who lost their hope? Is the moral of the book helpful for looking at the world from a better side?
  • How can you see the image humanity in the plot of the book? When The Old man discusses the sea inhabitants, we can realize that by these sea inhabitants, the author wanted to show us the whole humanity.
  • What is the meaning of success in the plot of the story? How does Hemingway describe success? Provide a few examples from the text and citations in order to support your opinion.
  • Write a compare and contrast essay about two different characters of the book. What does each of them symbolizes? Provide a comparison of their roles in the plot of the book and express your personal attitude to them.

As you can see, there is a wide range of The old man and the sea essay questions and ideas that can be used and enlightened in your essay. Keep in mind that in case of need we always ready to provide you with essential help concerning writing paper in any The old man and the sea essay topics. Look what else we can do:

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