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The significance of dreams in of mice and men.

In this article I am going to be talking about the significance of dreams in the of mice and men book. The book was written in 1937 during the great depression

Among the main things in of mice and men is the American fantasy and the will to get there. Even though the life of the ranch personnel dream for an improved life.

George and lennie dream of owing their own land, which is also called the American goal by some. But George and Lennies camaraderie is what Keeps the dream alive and afford them the ability. But by the end of the novel all the characters dreams are destroyed and their dreams defeated by their own actions.

The individuals in the novel travel around from ranch to ranch looking for benefit less than 40 dollars per month but if you were a good sound worker you'll stay on that ranch and you can find kept on the ranch until you were like candy vulnerable, crippled, old. Just holding out until you cannot work any longer.

But regardless of the characters fragile state nearly every one of the characters have their own fantasy or in some cases they promote the same fantasy, lennie and George imagine owning their own bit of land curleys partner dream is now an celebrity also chocolate and crooks desire is to become listed on up with George and lennie on the quest to buying their own parcel. But their dreams would not exsist with out companionship this is most in the relationship between George and lennie

Lennie would always ask George to tell him after that happen but the constant questioning is what keeps the fantasy alive in lennie. But by the end of the book when George eliminates lennie he kills their companionship and the dream drastically dies within himself

George also needs lennie as much as lennie needs him. "Because. . . I acquired you to look after me, and you have me to provide for you, and that's why. But without the other neither one of the character types would be able to achieve their wish which is shown at the end of the novel.

George would often describe to lennie the bad life they both led. " folks like us that focus on the ranches will be the loneliest guys on the planet. They acquired no family they don't belong room.

Workers like lennie and George have no person to return to no family no home and no money.

They have got very little control over their lives they actually whichever the boss needs plus they never keep a foot out of line and they don't have much showing for all their hard work. The theory having such little vitality over what they do and their lives are a strong motivation.

Camaraderie is also a very important factor in the dreams of others, candy and crooks become friends with George and lennie when they learn about the probability of owing land. This aspiration looked like impossible before their camaraderie began. Candy and crooks distributed the same dream as George and lennie.

Candy feels in the fantasy the most that he offers George three hundred dollars which is needed to choose the land. But at the start crooks is worried sick about George and lennies plan. "I seen a huge selection of men come across on the road an' on the ranches, with the bindles on the returning an' that same damn thing in their heads. Hundreds of them. They come, an' they give up an' go on; an' every damn one of 'em's received a little piece of land in his mind. An' never a God damn one of 'em ever gets it. Exactly like heaven. Everybody wishes a little little bit of lan'. I read a great deal of catalogs out here. Nobody never gets to heaven, and no person gets no land. It's just in their head. They're at all times talkin' about any of it, but it's jus' in their mind"

But but when he realizes about candys offer to pay the majority of the amount of money for the land he all of a sudden wants to join them. Crooks and Candys will to become listed on them is vital factor in the novel since it actually makes the audience think that they'll reach their dream of using their own bit of land.

Although thought the novel the writer offers hints and tips that try to make you believe that their dream will be fulfilled. The offer from Candy and the eye from Crooks is the main reason that causes you to think that George and lennie might reach their goal

But eventually everyone's desire is crushed and destroyed. The heroes who believed in the wish the most are the ones who are affected the most when the wish is beyond reach. When Lennie is killed by his best friend George, he was most reliant upon the wish. Crooks and Candy invested far less than everybody else and when the aspiration failed they experienced far less than everyone else. Lennies trend towards violence is one of the main causes of fatality of the desire for him. Not George may have prevented that

At the end of the book George was required to kill lennie because of what lennie acquired done. He wiped out Curley's wife George had to eliminate him it was the right move to make because Curley was mad and he'd have torched and defeat lennie. George didn't want that for his best ally so he had taken things into his own hands. When he had wiped out lennie the fantasy perished for him and everybody else. Lennie had know idea of his own power.

In conclusion every persona in of mice and men experienced a dream which was eventually demolished by there own activities. A lot of the characters acquired the same dream of using their own parcel the book has a tough and sad concluding with George eradicating his closest friend lennie

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