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The Requirement Of The Mobile Phone Today English Language Essay

Hand phone, mobile phones or handset has been the main one of necessity rather than a desirable inside our live in this modern day. Nowadays, hand mobile phone has been an inexpensive gadget for every person and the father or mother can effort to buy a hands phone for their children. Even our kids also can be observed with hand phone at anywhere they go and even in school. The question begging a genuine answer is if they are accountable enough to be permitted to be with these communication devices in school.

Ministry of Education has placed a regulation on using hands phone in college which is I highly oppose recover rules and proposal. The rules are to allow college student on using side phone in university but with limitation use. With this regulation student still may use hand mobile phone in institution. Minister of Education shouldn't allow the college student to bring and use a palm phone in institution at all matters. A couple of more badness rather than a benefit when student bring their hand phone in college. This is because the technology in the hand mobile can cause the college student exposes to a bad behavior. You may still find young and they are suppose to concentrate on their analysis first rather than participating in or utilizing their hand phone. Through the school time they need to spend that valuable time on their review and category. After university time they have got lots of time for using their hand mobile. The school government bodies and the instructor mainly should play a significant role to prevent these usages of hand phone one of the students. The parents also totally have to control their children from misuse the hand phone.

In the institution also they offer a public telephone for student to make use of. Even in college office also they have a direct range phone that the college student can use to call their parent or guardian in urgencies conditions. The parents should trust the school management when their children are in university. There is no need to be worried because the school management can make sure 100% safeness on our kids, this is totally promise by the Ministry of Education and even the federal government of Malaysia. Although I've left college 11 years ago, but due to the fact I've been in university for 12 years from pre-school to create 5, everyone does just fine without palm phone in institution. So we should firmly not allow our children to bring the hands phone in college.

2. 0 Affirmation of the problem.

There are way too many problems whenever we allowed the student to make use of the hand mobile. One of the problems is there is a tendency to show off one's palm cellphone, especially of the latest model. This can not only bring a starting to the downfall of individuals values and becoming a snob of the culture, but also cause inferiority of other students who cannot spend the money for latest models or hand cellphone. The inferiority will have an impact on the esteem of students and if they're trapped with the pattern, they might solve to stealing in whatever means either directly or financial, or pressure the parents who've been working hard for the kids to possess good education. This may burden the parent to find extra money to full fit their children need. Nowadays the kids don't want a cheaper palm phone they only want the superior hand cellphone such as I telephone 4, Blackberry etc. Because the marketplace price of hand phone are falling fast, it doesn't mean that you need to simply take their current model for awarded in case it gets taken, one will just buy a new one. So what if you or the parents are able to a fresh mobile, life just fails so that when something goes missing, you merely get a replacement. Once the stealing happen the criminal cases in institution will increase and this will drop the reputation of the school itself. The school can be categorized by a school for a negative student and this can make the parent thing they shouldn't let their children to enter into the school and locate the different university. Besides that, the college student has put in the pocket around RM10 to RM40 monthly to buy a pre-paid. No wonder the pocket money for our university student. RM50 monthly should never be enough for the learner nowadays. Some of them even ask their mother or father to register a postpaid scheduled to insufficient pre-paid top-up use per month.

With the tool technology nowadays, hands phone are already built-in with camera, training video and even Internet in hands. This is not hard to fully capture or downloading a picture and videos in this case the scholar can expose on pornographic or sex training video with are unsuitable on their age. From then on they may disperse them among their schoolmates. This can finish up with rape and sexual activity among the learner and will be bad affects for small children. Camera hand phone is ever more popular. And you never know when pictures or videos are taken, or where they may be considered for what purposes. Sure, most of us will be saying that we won't do such improper thing nevertheless, you never find out about the person next to you. We can never be too careful. By utilizing a hand mobile phone the student can also browse to internet. This will likely finish up they aren't concentrate using their lesson in the class but they occupied with their palm phone even nowadays face publication also can browse through hand mobile phone. The entire university student for certain has a face publication account and they surely more concentrate on face book alternatively than their education.

Although the utilization of hand mobile phone is limited to before college and recess time. Instead of students socializing and growing up with schoolmates, hands phone, reputed to be the 'cannot leave behind' friend of specific nowadays, will most likely make students pay more attention to the handset instead. All hands mobile phones must be powered down during classes and curricular activities. Let's be real. If we can turn the phone off, we may as well leave it at home. And to expect students to turn it off is one thing that is unlikely to happen. One of the most they'll do is silent it and established it to vibration setting. You don't need to look into college situation. Even in university lectures, most undergrads don't silent the telephone when they're supposed to. The telephone will normally be in the pocket or at least in the tote. The main point is, it'll never be everywhere way but always connected since the telephone is on silent. Get back, there's always a opportunity of using phones during lessons to Text, play video games or download. A few of learner will play with their hand phone throughout their boring subjects. One, this evidently doesn't shows any esteem to the tutor. Two, it's taking the professor for awarded. Three, because the person makes sense and using hand telephone won't have an impact on the studies then what makes you even in university? College is not only a place to review or speed your time to get into college and school. It's a location where you figure out how to develop up socially.

Furthermore, cell phone should be prohibited at all because when we allow scholar to use hands phone in school the coaching and learning process will surely be disrupted. When professor enter the classroom they have to spend lots of time to check and make sure all their student already powered down the phone. It will be a dependence on teachers to do so or a few of their students may take out the cell phones and start playing games instead of focusing on the class. Some more students may misuse their hands phone by cheating in examinations by mailing the answers using SMS or by jot down the records in the hands phone. Other than that, imagine the situation when every pupil in a college removes their hand telephone and keeps mailing Text or makes phone calls during recess time. Compare this condition with a predicament where every student removes a book and will keep reading it during recess time. I am very sure no school would like to see the first situation and everything schools want forward to see the second situation. Colleges wouldn't normally be the place for students to realize knowledge if side mobile were to be allowed in academic institutions.

3. 0 Strategy.

As for to aid my argumentation or oppose the proposal I've made an interview and debate with them with three respondents which is two from them are same with me to oppose the proposal and they don't decided to allowed the students using hand phones in university. A number of the dialogue I've done it at the institution and some in their home. The three respondents on my interview which is a parent who've children in school, the first respondents are Mr. Mahmad Bin Abd. Kadir stay in Taman Putri Kulai. Are a clerk in school. He has one young child who is still in school. His children are research at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Kota Kulai. Second respondents is Mrs. Norzaila, work as a clerk in institution. She lives in Taman Melati Indahpura, Kulai. She has three children who remain in primary school. Her children are analysis at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Kota Kulai. The third respondents are Mrs. Norzana Mohammed Noor. She's work as a instructor. She's has a three children in primary college. Her children are analysis at Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Kota Kulai.

4. 0 Findings.

According to my analysis through these three respondents, two of these aren't agreeing with the proposal and they're not allowing the scholar using hand mobile phone in school. Even though, they have got children they still not allowing their children utilizing a hand cellphone in university. Their reason is children remain young and are not suited on using palm phone. They also talk about in the interview that there surely is many problems may happen if they using hand phone in university. Furthermore, they can not afford to buy a hand phone for their children. If indeed they have three children it is impossible for them to buy three palm phones for every one of these. This will load the parents if their children keep moving them to choose the hand phone to them. They want their children to focus more on study rather than playing with hand phone. They don't want their children neglectfulness. In addition they want their children to success through the examination. So they should start from the beginning to archive their goal and ambition. They need their children to success in review until to College or university. They also refer to that they don't really want their children to be always a bad guy by against the school rules. So the two respondents are same with me at night to not buy into the Ministry of Education proposal and strongly not permit the student using hand phone in school.

The previous respondent are agree with the proposal which is I'm not trust her. She agrees for the college student to make use of the hand phone in college and agree to the proposal of Ministry of Education. Regarding to her, the proposal is good. She's agree because for her children basic safety in school or beyond your school. This is because she's working and their children always by themselves after the institution time. She's often to get hold of their children through mobile. This is too possible for her to be sure of their children while working. Her husband also working and don't have much time to look after their children. They have to communicate through phone to check wheatear their children are straight go back home after college or not. In addition they concerned if their children misuse the hands phone. If not about basic safety reason she also don't to let their children use side pone in institution. She's work as a instructor and she's find out about bad and the good if their children misuse the side telephone. She's just let their children use the telephone for safety goal and easy to converse. She's always reminded their children to not misuse the hand phone and uses it for important things only such as disaster call. She's only bought a straightforward hand phone for his or her children, the hands pone without Internet or camera only use for call and SMS.

It must be seen that the main reason by parents to let their children continue to use mobile phones is due to safety purposes. If indeed they have the telephones, it is much easier to reach them and even know where these are. It is also beneficial during crisis situations when the child can either demand help or be found in case he or she is gone missing. Despite the fact that those parents who do not support this notion say the kids are not yet dependable enough to be given the mobile phones, they have a tendency to stick to the actual fact that the junior are likely to abuse the trust bestowed on them by parents. The parents can point to the actual fact that children are always seen communicating endlessly on cellphone to their friends. Even the brief wording technology on mobile has been abused however the children view it as a pastime whereas the parents are usually uneasy when they start to see the young ones misusing the privilege given them. Since parents know exactly what their children are like, they might maintain the best position to make the decision on this matter. They are also the ones to choose at what point their children should be allowed to go ahead and own phones. It really is advisable to create time restrictions on enough time they may use the telephone though as this will show that the parents are in control.

5. 0 Recommendations.

After made an evaluation on these things, my suggestion will there be no need to permit the children to use the hand phones in school. In school, instructors are the ones who care for our well-being. Whenever we fall sick and really need to be taken home, hurt or crisis, the teachers are more than willing to contact parents to see them. Isn't that what the use of the institution having crisis contact statistics for, in the end, the utilization of the office phone is definitely there when in need. Even general public phones in university or beyond your school grounds can be found. Also to say that the mobile phones are frequently not in good condition or no longer working, that will show students to manage open public premises. We never know when we are in dire need to use it. The Ministry of Education also needs to add more public phones in institution for learner needed. The school management also needs to play important functions to take a good care of safety among the list of student.

Having problems and need to call parents, almost always there is the office for crisis. And public phones for any reasons. And if all means fails, I'm very sure instructors are kind enough to provide their own side phones to make use of. The question of educators using the hand phones in college also needs to get a thought. Professors should also understand that they will be the role model in institution which is not appropriate to show the misuse of the phone. A whole lot worse, give students work and then laugh on a chat over the call. They will lose the admiration of the students and students are not to be blamed for not respecting educators in this case. Personally i think that if professors are expecting an emergency call like if someone is in a hospital, they need to inform the course first, rather than disrupt the course in the center of a lesson and then apologizing

And being careful, it holds true to say that the culture out there is no longer of what it used to be before. Sometimes I wonder, for parents to keep keep track of the whereabouts with their children, how sure are they that the kids are not anywhere else from what is said, or simply for parents to make sure the kids reach a location safely (school in cases like this), don't you think that only phone call is good enough, we rely upon technology too much that personal responsibility is no longer shown. I may well not know the problems of a parent and yet it could seem easy for me to say. But as a kid of my parents, even they never need to check on me, Personally i think that it is more meaningful also to realize how much my parents cared for me if indeed they can spare some time to be sure of me apart from just a call. Again, most parents are working and time is rarely there. Or the distance is too much between home and university.

Hand devices must be prohibited from school among the list of student. If there still the persistent scholar being the palm phones the institution authorities must do spot-check and confiscate palm phones. The self-discipline instructor should play major roles, ask their prefects to do spot-check before school hour begin. That is to be sure there is absolutely no pupil bring the hands phones to school and then keep their cell phones at house. On the institution banning students from getting hand telephones, the students itself must aware why the school had done so, the students must recognize that the kind objective behind the school's decision. In addition they must accept the reasons. If indeed they want to work with the hand phones, use it after school time outside the school. They have significantly more time to play after university hour. College is the area for review not for playing or to show off our riches. Parents and teacher must monitoring and proper guidance on the students to avoid anything happen.

The learner must think during their parents youth there are no hands cell phones use and there little or nothing happen during that time. Their parents also should make clear with their children there is absolutely no issue throughout their childhood without palm cell phones. They still can manage to go to institution without hand phones. Don't just depend on the technology too much. If there are still the stubborn learner bring the hands phones to university, school management must take a serious action by fine the student minimum RM5 per day. This is not to burden the college student but to instruct them never to bring the gadget to institution and kept it at home rather than bring to college. The money can use for the improvement goal and development in institution. The school management must assign their instructors to handle this problem. The institution management also must implement a motivational course or group of lessons for students to instruct them about proper etiquette and ethics that govern the digital world. Classes are organised once a term to teach students on what they should look out for when going for a picture or training video, such as if they are infringing upon the privateness of others. The lesson also educates students on the idea of intellectual property laws, critical especially when downloading information and music from the Internet.

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