The Story Of Frederick Douglass Dissertation

In modern society, many of the wrong religious ideas and falsehoods that were around during the time that Douglass wrote his narrative remain thriving today in the religious world. Frederick Douglass witnessed firsthand how people may claim the name of God, and turn around and spit tough profanity out at among their slaves in a dehumanizing manner. A large number of malicious servant owners robbed themselves in believing that they can were really men of God. A few of the slave individuals that Douglass wrote about in his narrative seemed to be angels at their churches in addition to their spiritual meetings, although Douglass in contrast them to obtaining the disposition of your demon. The Narrative of Frederick Douglass portrays a large number of negative factors about faith, but Frederick himself would not hate Christianity, but rather faith based hypocrisy and falsehood.

Frederick Douglass dealt with his share of spiritual hypocrisy. In his narrative, he wrote about how on a Sunday, a man could stand in the pulpit being a preacher, although take the stance of a slave driver the very next day. To example this, Douglass wrote, "The man who wields the blood-clotted cowskin through the week floods the pulpit on On the, and says to be a minister of the meek and lowly Jesus. " (Douglass, 976) If anyone a new reason to hate Christianity, it was Douglass. Many men during the era of legal slave trade were the type of personas who would profess the name of Christ one day and spit in the face of God in the morning as they blatantly defied the commandments of God. The Bible commands Christians to, "love thy neighbor since thyself. " The proclaimed Christian men in Douglass' narrative did the exact reverse. Douglas thought that it was a single situation to become slave holder and not claim the brand of Christ a...

... their heinous crimes, Christianity was the extremely antidote to get the infected, evil hearts of all individuals involved in the slave industry. Douglass deserves appreciation for his courage to stand up in a dangerous moment for a dark man of talking out, and be a tone of voice of truth in the desolation of the slave trade industry.

The point that Frederick Douglass was trying to convey about Christianity is that although there are many folks who claim to be good Christians, they are not. Many people claimed to get bringers of light, but they are the very ones whom kept other human beings destined, held, and captive in darkness. This did not speak well for the faith based folk of his time as Douglass spoke away against their very own horrible actions in a courageous act of what may very well be love for others. Douglass observed that captivity was vicious and incorrect, and he called it for what it had been.

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