The Motivational Issues Of Dominos Pizza

This project proposal is been carried out to investigate the motivational issues of Dominos Pizza which is situated on Queen Block, Auckland, New Zealand. This branch was made in the year of 2009. This research is immensely valuable as it'll provide an comprehensive detail of the foundation of the challenge which has effects on Domino`s Pizza. This research will exactly pin point the root of the problem and in line with the problem measurable decisions can be studied to solve it.

The research process I have used to gather main data is a blend of both qualitative and quantitative research. Where first of all is questionnaires which I distributed a couple of questions to all or any the low level management employees of the company. Second of all I conduced an interview with Ishwar Chawla who is situated as a Change Manger. Then I did a literature review by surfing around the internet and gathering information from the company`s recognized website. Then finally while they were working I was observing them how they work and perform. After identifying the situation I distributed the questionnaires to the workers to get it crammed where there are total 21 employees but only 10 forms came back to me from the 12 I directed.

After gathering the crucial information like the culture and exactly how things work in Domino`s Pizza; which would help me in my own research through books review. Then I used Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as everyone has different needs plus they go from physiological or essentials needs, safeness needs, public needs, esteem needs and self-actualization. From the total number of employees which is 21 the most staff in the business remain on the physiological or safety needs as maximum quantity of employees are part-time staff from which only 3 of them are regular employees in that branch of Domino` Pizza. Which creates one factor of job security because if there needed to be any redundancy the first employees to be layoff will be part-time personnel which could be a major demotivating factor to the employees. Then there is a list of advantages and limitation explained about the analysis or research which I conducted.

I have discussed the strategy and the relevance by using a management theory and I've used four equipment such as interview, questionnaires, literature and observation. The theory I've used is Douglas McGregor's theory and I've also drawn up a fishbone diagram for lack of motivation (shape 3). The Primary research results summation is showing indicators of motivational issues. There is a communication problem between employees. Then I analyze the data predicated on the questionnaire results the employees are concerned about the communication style that it should be done directly this means in person rather than placing it on the notice panel. Posted down possible solution and their possible effects. Then I related Herzberg - The Two Factor Theory with the studies which determination and health factors.

In the conclusion and suggestion I recommended the possible way to the problem such to be more democratic and let the employees put some input into the decision making process. To get rid of delays and shortage of resources I would recommend to look at the Just-In-Time strategy. That may avoid overstocking and will have fresh stocks and options and it will making the development process quicker and reliable.


Setting Of Job:

This is a job proposal and is been carried out to investigate the motivational issues of Domino`s Pizza which is situated on Queen Streets, Auckland, New Zealand. That is a multinational company which really is a junk food restaurant which branch was founded in the year 2009. Domino`s Pizza produces pizza and has an image of fast delivery of the pizza and has a variety of pizza. This company is set up worldwide and has many branches in New Zealand. This specific branch is a franchise and it has a multi-divisional composition. It has a decentralized plus they have bureaucratic decision-making.

The composition will evolve over time with the changes in strategy, amount of diversification, geographic range and the nature of competition.

Research Problem:

The significant problem identified is Motivation. This is actually the factor that retains the employees work effectively and effectively. Desire affects the operations or tasks completed in the company. The company`s only way to be successful is by having a healthy staff which is well enthusiastic and enthusiastic with their roles in the company. Motivation helps to keep employees active and become productive in the duty they perform. I likewise have my personal interest to repeating this task on my company.

The Need for this Research:

This research is extremely valuable as it will give a detailed detail of the reason for the problem and discover the foundation of the demotivation which is affecting Domino`s Pizza. This research will exactly pin point the root of the situation and based on the problem measurable decisions can be taken to resolve it. Domino`s Pizza is associated with suppliers where they purchase the ingredients (raw materials) such as pizza bottom part, chicken, pork plus much more. Utilize it to makeup the pizza`s. The absence of motivation impedes the performance of the labor force and therefore they don't accomplish successfully to be able to meet their goals to make approximately profit as is feasible. in this example administration concepts of management functions can be held in place. These functions are the following:






The above functions may be the solutions of the situation as they may bring in some positive results to the company in conditions of performance and the motivational degree of the crew. There may be certain reconstructive changes to little by little eliminate these problems which results and accurate inspiration for team to grow in the right course. These slight problems need to be solved right now they become extensive and walk out control and business lead to a devastation of the company if not considered immediate action.

The Target and Reason for the Study:

The aim of this research is to recognize the common business problems which in cases like this is the motivational issues as it is affecting the company adversely.

To keep the crew or labor force highly encouraged and keep on training them with new skills that may improve output.

Also encourage them on an individual level to help them accomplish their personal and company goals or goals.

To apply and relate inspiration ideas to the personnel or employees and make production efficient.

The aim of this research is to identify the situation, solve it and improve on it.

To find out the reasons behind the condition which is triggering it.


Research Process Used to assemble Primary Data:

The methods I used to collect information is by four methods and I have mixture of both combination of qualitative and quantitative research which means there exists both numerical prices and figures and depth knowledge of behavior and why they have a tendency to behave in that manner?

Firstly was the questionnaires where I kept 10 set of questions and distributed between your 12 employees but I received back only 10 questionnaires filled. This was to see the satisfaction level of the employees with various aspects of the company affecting their work and life. This may show if the business is following a regulations such a minimum income and maximum amount of hours the employees are lead to work.

Secondly is the interview that was conducted with the Shift Supervisor of the Domino`s Pizza Branch on 5/205 Queen Road. The name of the director is Ishwar Chawla and he's employed in Domino`s Pizza since last 4 years. I asked him a new questions but these questions where no completely fixed as it was an interview. They would change based on the answer of the supervisor.

Thirdly is the fact I used extra data or literature review that was utilising the web to get some information on the company`s goals, missions and values. Such as going to the state website of the business which is (http://www. dominospizza. co. nz/) to have some information about the business.

Lastly is through observation. I viewed the way the employees working coordinating and looking at tasks which they were performing. I agree this method is not that correct compare to others as the employees make act in different ways if someone is watching. I did so ask a few pre-determined questions face to face to the staff (unpretentious questions).

SWOT Evaluation: Domino`s Pizza


Location: it is located in the CBD which appeals to maximum amount of customers.

Brand Name/ Image: this is a multinational company therefore it is popular and well established and does not to get established.

Financial: as they are well established and have high revenue they don't have to borrow funds to invest in its company for enlargement. It will insource and does not require outsourcing to be achieved.

Technology: they may have new technology and equipment to make pizza quicker and of better quality.

Offers: new offers or innovative various pizza tastes are being launched to maintain their sales.


Customer Service: they sometimes do not deliver the pizza in time as specified.

Demotivation: the staff is not determined so they are not working efficiently.

Allocation of Resources: resources aren't allocated or not come up with properly. They go out of resources or toppings which delays the delivery time.


New types of pizza or flavours are being launched.

Low price compared to the opponents prices.

Bringing in services such as Lava wedding cake and muffins.


Competition: rivals of Domino`s Pizza such as Pizza Hut Hells Pizza.

Environment: the working environment is not gratifying. Your kitchen is not well managed.

Information about how big is the Sample Population and its own Adequacy:

After identifying the condition I allocated the questionnaires to the workers to get it crammed where there are total 21 employees but only 10 forms came back to me from the 12 I delivered. This implies 83. 33% of adequacy sampling size was received of the employees received and the rest 2 forms were not returned. This took lots of time due to small schedules.

Figure Pie Graph - What do the employees experience the working conditionStatistical Techniques:

According to the questionnaires it implies that almost all of the staff voted for the quantity 4. Which means that they feel it is good which is 60% in ratio. no one placed 1 nor 5 as their score. 30% of the employees ranked 3 and 10% ranked 2. This implies only small percentage of the employees are demotivated from the factor of working condition. The method is 4 as it appeared the most.

Literature Review:

After having a detailed view of the web site of Domino`s Pizza (http://www. dominospizza. co. nz/corporate/inside/InsideDominos. aspx). I found out about their eye-sight, mission, food safeness and many more crucial information about it which would help me in my research. It talks about its culture and how things work in Domino`s Pizza.

Figure Maslow's Hierarchy of NeedsI will be using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as everyone has different needs and they go from physiological or principles needs going upwards towards self-actualization. Most employees in the company remain on the physiological or safe practices needs because so many these employees are part-time employees. Only 3 employees are full time employees for the reason that branch of Domino` Pizza. Therefore job security is not really there because if there is cost cutting to take place then the part-time employees will be the first ones to be layoff. Which implies that the employees aren't motivated and they are always looking for another job and they're sticking with this job just to fulfill their basic needs. C:\Users\ishant1000\Downloads\Maslow_Needs_Hierarchy. jpg

Once the employees have satisfied their basic needs which is food, shelter then they would make sure that their job is guaranteed. If they're promised that their jobs will not be lost and the business needs them then they will move towards interpersonal needs. Which means making new friends getting along with colleagues and working as a team along which will solve the challenge of postponed producing and providing to the customer. Working alongside one another to meet up with the target faster than expected and receive bonuses from the hard work deployed in to the sort out team work. Then they go for esteem needs which is acceptance, reputation and attention any many more. Then finally is self-actualization where she or he wants more tasks and wishes everyone to trust her or him.

Strengths and Limits of the Study:


The individuals who are working are extremely cooperative and are taking out time to fill up the questionnaires I handed them.

The manager experienced given me access for a week and I could come anytime for doing my research which gives enough time to finish my research easily.

As some of my friends work in the corporation it is simpler for me for taking crucial and comprehensive information for the study.

As the business is not huge therefore the information collection section is performed very quickly. This means less time misused.


Not all the employees are available at exactly the same time as they all have different shifts and different times they come to work with. Which makes data collection additional time usual.

The director is not necessarily available.

During observation people where operating diversely as they realized they are being watched. Which might have given misleading results.

Not all information was shown or shown to me and was retained close.

Methodology and its own Relevance Using Management Theory:

I have used four equipment such as interview, questionnaires, books and observation. I gave the questionnaires to the 12 employees employed in the small branch of the Domino`s Pizza on Queens Block where I received 10 questionnaires out of 12 back again. Then I does an individual interview with Ishwar Chawla and before doing these two I did an internet research over Domino`s Pizza product range and will be offering. Then while these were working I was watching them of how they were performing their responsibilities and I'd ask some simple and quick queries or questions while these were working.

Figure - Fishbone DiagramFigure 3: Fishbone Diagram for lack of Motivation

I will be using Douglas McGregor's theory according to my research Theory X matches or fits in well. The managers of Domino`s pizza leans towards more after theory X then Y. This implies there less participation of employees and much more authorization. Where the workers would try to avoid work and be very lazy and don't want any obligations thus they have to be forced to work for them to work or perform efficiently. This shows that the employees are highly demotivated. The director is of a Theory X.

Figure McGregor Theory X and YFigure 4: McGregor Theory X and Y:C:\Users\ishant1000\Downloads\theory_x_y. gif

According to the plan I reviewed the information from the internet and the surveys and based on the plan I needed to have at least 5 questionnaires and I have done total 10 and I performed the interview as well and even the observation process. I had formed a time period of only a week and the program was of 5 weeks. I managed to carry out all the responsibilities in 6 days and nights as they were very cooperative and helpful with my research.

This boosted my data collection for my research as I did it 4 weeks earlier which offered me more time to analysis the situation in hand and figuring out how to solve it.

The relevance of the business enterprise problem which maybe lack of desire could be solved through this research. This may also increase the productivity of the business and become more efficiently. If indeed they have any moment management issues; then that issue could be amended by my research effect. This could also give alternatives of keeping the organizations employees effective which means less resources thrown away and everything the resources will be allocated.

The organization are certain to get a concept of how to stimulate the employees. This implies they'll find out the desire factor. This will improve your productivity and that increase your earnings as the bills reduced. This research can help the managers to raised understand their employees and makes it easy for taking care of the workers better.

Results and Dialogue:

Primary Research Results Brief summary:

The study is showing symptoms of motivational issues. There's a communication problem between employees and there is more of autocratic leadership taking place this means no conversation and contribution in the decision making process.

They merely have to check out orders that could be considered a problem. They have got recently renovated the place and they have managed to get smaller then before which is making the work place small and uncomfortable. Keeping the employees demotivated as the working environment is upsetting.

Some employees are actually working hard nevertheless they aren't being named they are supposed to. The employees aren't told or educated about the permanent plans; they are just told about the short-term. The employees are not being recognized for their job well done and the supervisor is unhappy with the performance of the employees.

There is merely the best way communication which means no contribution of the employees to the firms decision making process. This can make them feel important and unwanted by the business which may lead serious demotivation and reduce efficiency and quality of the production. This would keep the labor turnover high.

Analysis of Data:

Based on the questionnaire results the employees are worried about the communication routine that it should be done directly this means in person rather than placing it on the notice plank. They also favor to have a bigger work place so that they can freely move. They also complained about the cleaning treatment as the work place gets very dusty. They clean every 2 hours. They want the company to Add some new vegetarian pizza`s for the vegetarian customers. The employees should be given more personnel discount as they are working for the company. This can make them feel that they belong someplace and they'll motivated and be more productive which might enhance the performance and sales of the branch.

Possible Solution:

There are particular things which motivates them such nearly as good aptitude and a more substantial and comfortable place to work at.

The management ways must be changed at walk out.

A lot worth focusing on is required for clean communication process.

They should get a bigger working place.

There should add some tangible bonuses and gratitude for the task will done of the staff.

Possible Repercussions:

More services will surge costs but as they'll get encouraged and work more proficiently that may increase profits. This implies in the long-term it will be beneficial.

They should provide some training to the staff in order to are more effective.

This means it will decrease the time consumption and become specialised in their work.

Herzberg - BOTH Factor Theory:

Where there's a inspiration factor and cleanliness factors. Drive factors such as success should be acknowledged so that the employee is happy to perform again as he will be regarded for his work very well done. They should provide duties to the employees so that they feel valuable and let them give some insight in the decision making process. Some employees are working very hard rather than being acknowledged so they should award him or her by giving incentives or give promotion and this provides personal and position development.

The hygiene factors are factors that have a big role in motivating the staff as it links back to you the business enterprise and the employees mutually. The manager should have interpersonal skills so that they have good interpersonal relationship with the employees. In case the employees are supervised they tend to work harder that's the reason collecting information through observation is not always accurate.

The positive factor with Domino`s Pizza in line with the employees is usually that the salary or pay rate per hour is good but many complaint that they work extra time when you yourself have to close the restaurant plus they don't get any extra purchase the hours did the trick which can result in demotivated staff. But the staff who closes the restaurant can take the excess pizza`s left.

After the technique, the results & discussion the problem has been discovered and in his I'll supply the possible solutions to overcome the issue. These problems have been identified and proved by the interview, questionnaire and observation.

The manager does not provide the long term plans which they should provide. They should provide both short-term and long-term plans so that the employees know very well what is going on in the company. The employees have to be motivated so that the use their full potential as the professionals want. The supervisor does not give any tangible awards or incentives. He should give a gift even if it's small but that present will be valuable for the employee as it will be an understanding token.

The manager should not only see the performance, he also needs to see the effort they're putting in her work and appraise the worker foe the staff. There is no much contribution of personnel because the requests come from top level management and those instructions have to be followed; in cases like this they have to generate some participation as they may provide very guidelines to the business plus they we fell required by the company that will increase their self-assurance the way they work. Training should be provide regularly so that the employees are beneficial constantly and resources aren't wasted. This may be beneficial as they employees can be multi-tasking.

The reason for this research is to get over the problems that happen to be influencing the performance and this research is principally predicated on the motivational factors which is one of the major part of production. In the event the employees are not motivated they will not put any effort in their work and this can lead to low quality development. Where quality control can be involved new equipment are needed and this will reduce wastage and utilize resources effectively. Staff should discover annual benefit and appraise them for his or her work well done. The supervisor should have a good marriage with the employees to learn the employees needs and keep continuous communication between your manager and the low level management. The administrator should constantly give goals to his subordinates and give some responsibilities in order that they would work for this as though it is their own business.

They should learn constantly to inherit them with new techniques and methods to execute the responsibilities and try to keep rotation on the duties in order that they do not get bored of doing the same job again and again. They should chuck an annual party for the staff as an understanding of your time and effort placed into their work. This could keep them happy and maintain positive environment around the working place.

The problems should be prioritize; those which require instant or immediate attention should be resolved such as paying extra pay for the extra hours they help when closing the restaurant and increase kitchen and place for the clients sit and have their pizza`s. the employees should be acknowledged for their effort.

They should choose the Just-in-time. Is usually a production strategy that efforts to develop an enterprise return on investment by lowering in-process inventory and associated carrying costs. To meet JIT objectives, the procedure relies on alerts between diverse items in the process, which tell creation when to make the pursuing part.

They should apply just in time as this will raise the speed of production of pizza`s and the problem of operating out of toppings or resources on pit time will be fixed because right before the resources complete the next batch will come in. This will reduce the time wasted in waiting for the resources. This will likely enhance the delivery time and keep the customers satisfied. This will certainly reduce congestion which is created at lunchtime and weekends.

They should broaden the task place and have more employees since when there's a lot of customers it becomes very hard to make the pizza because they are understaff. They must employee more regular workers so that they can provide you with the demand completely.


^ Herzberg, F. I. 1987, 'one more time: How do you motivate employees?' Harvard Business Review, Sep/Oct87, Vol. 65 Issue 5, p109-120 (take note of: the mention of sales amounts is in the abstract written by the editors. )

^ Feder, B. J. 2000, "F. I. Herzberg, 76, Teacher and Management Advisor", New York Times, Feb 1, 2000, pg. C26. Available from: ProQuest Historical Papers the brand new York Times (1851 - 2003). [October 28, 2006].

^ Herzberg, Frederick (1959), The Inspiration to Work, NY: John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 978-1-56000-634-3

Domino`s Pizza referred from http://www. dominospizza. co. nz/corporate/inside/InsideDominos. aspx

Just WITH TIME - JIT. (n. d). Retrieved from Investopedia: http://www. investopedia. com/terms/j/jit. asp#axzz25LU9aWVZ

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