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The present day education system

The present day education system is governed by the needs of the prevailing society. As a result, the curriculum should be designed in a manner that manages to balance the interpersonal as well as the intellectual areas of those that it is intended to serve. It should also manage to offer a system for improvement since learning is a vibrant process. Consequently, this debate will take a look at the 2005 draft guide of the High School model course for technological issues.


In the curriculum given on the high school model course guide, the technology content is accurate. This is achieved by having the syllabus modeled on stimulating the utilization of the physical world in growing classroom ideas. This practicality provides curriculum credibility. It is also due to the fact that it has been intended to catch engineering by design. Therefore, the majority of the innovations and technological innovations that are being urged for pursuit are those that meet the immediate needs. In addition to this, the approach encourages technological literacy for everybody. Essentially, technology should serve both young and the old by simplifying the method of diverse duties without diminishing quality.

The content in the technology curriculum also addresses the problem of Big Ideas. This is where both the trainers or teachers and the students get excited about the introduction of ideas and principles especially on the look of different items. This is suggested by the trend to have a system that induces an understanding of theory that is then translated into sensible exercises. So, it addresses issues which range from design to genuine practicability of the lessons given. It is also placed in a way that provides room for individual innovation in mention of what's already available.

As the training system of the united states dictates, there are countrywide standards that should be achieved by any given curriculum. This curriculum achieves that by benchmarking itself against identified research advice from acclaimed scholars as well as establishments. Addititionally there is evidence of a great deal of involvement of the education authorities in the form of a consortium of member representatives. This is indicated by the co-ordination of diverse regulators in curriculum development because of this age bracket. These scholars are from different expresses in the united states and by their co-operation, they ensure that the syllabus addresses and satisfies nationwide education criteria.

The time frame specified for this course is a hundred and eighty (80) times. Because the lessons are split into forty (40) minute intervals, this is adequate time to complete the course in a step-by-step basis. Enough time frame also permits a balance between your practical areas of the course as well as the idea aspect. This is essential since it is one of the surest means of judging a pupils progress with regards to all of those other class.

Student learning

In the course of the curriculum, the main strength is that it's made to build on previous knowledge acquired. In essence, what has been learnt from earlier classes is then used to move to the next. Therefore, it ensures a logical progression in all the knowledge transferred from various entities. In addition, it permits students to co-operate in form of group assignments as well as class presentations.

The curriculum promotes development of new principles consistent with what has been trained in school as well as encounters in the physical world. These improvements can be totally new or improvements of already existing ideas. This model means that the top ideas are incorporated in every facet of the lesson. Furthermore, the criteria already arranged are reinforced both in category and also beyond your laboratory experience. This is the embodiment of knowledge transfer thus so that it is an appropriate curriculum or syllabus.

The curriculum ensures that students should pursue higher thinking. That is attained through making certain the projects given make the learners to get information from their colleagues as well as the trainers. Since this is a technology curriculum, it does not discriminate on any grounds. Learners who have attained high school going era and with the mental capacity to take up this class are not deterred from doing so. The curriculum encourages diversity in its populace so as to transfer the maximum amount of knowledge from the students as is possible.

There are multiple types of assessments that are being used in this syllabus. Both main ones are by means of school supervised examinations as well as the practical lessons. Practical lessons examine ideas that are portrayed through design and also the efficiency of the university students designs.

Teacher supportive

The syllabus outlined in this manual is educator supportive. Instructor support in any model of research is essential since it allows for sufficient conditions to get the mandatory instructions and direction from the professors to the learners. This curriculum was created to grant the teachers adequate time to get ready for the lessons and also lessons that are timed to teach the mandatory ideas for confirmed lesson. In addition, it encourages the utilization of available technology and coaching aids that may be catered for by a regular university budget.

The curriculum is designed in a way that it could be integrated into the existing as well as future coaching situations. Future potential clients are dictated by possible changes in subject outlines or course targets. This curriculum has space for integration with other useful based things in high school as well as tertiary degrees of education.

The syllabus also offers room for the professors to review their skills or improve on their proficiency. It is offered in conditions of educator exercises that are designed to prepare the teachers before they get to class sessions using their students.

Outside influences

Outside influences have been used to model this curriculum. These have been attracted from the local community. In cases like this, this is actually the contemporary United states. The curriculum is dependant on a needs examination that has considered the lifestyle and intellectual capabilities of the students in relation to the present day day United States of America.

This curriculum supports the use of additional content from other related disciplines. As a technology based syllabus, it means that the dynamic aspect of this subject matter is wide open for improvement and also integration with other issues. Anatomist by Design demands adaptation of class room knowledge in the physical environment. The curriculum involved encourages this giving exercises through out the academic year that are geared towards practical solutions for day to day problems.

Strengths and weaknesses

The curriculum is strengthened by its design that encourages reference to ideas trained in past classes especially at lower levels. This encourages development both for the learners as well as the professors since it gives an all inclusive function of learning.

Another strength lies in the fact so it stimulates the co-ordination of the educator and the learner. This is mentioned through practical lab lessons that are designed to make students consult among themselves and also with the teacher. This means that theoretical ideas are effectively taught and also easily employed by the students.

One of the weak points of this syllabus is the fact it offers little room for discussion with other disciplines. It is mostly an inclusive curriculum and it includes little room for mixing up other disciplines like the arts. Another weakness is the fact that it is only adoptable in First World countries. Which means that it is hard to use students who have undergone this curriculum to utilize what they have learned in Third World countries which limits knowledge transfer.

Probable changes

The changes that can be put forward in this syllabus are addition of chances to get interaction with more arts subjects. That is because of the fact that today's world is more likely to adopt solutions that are both useful and visually superior. Another change is to include more resource persons in making the curriculum and which makes it easier to teach and also add more modern ideas.

Another change that can be effected is adoption of the curriculum to be trained via the internet using online programs. This would reach more people and at the same time make technology to be put into use. This would also drive the limitations of sensible uses of technology that are a few of the building blocks of the curriculum. Presently, everything has been adopted for use over internet systems. This calls for a change in the procedure of curriculum development from the original setup to one that permits such inventions.

There also needs to be an addition in laboratory or workshop sessions. They are the best ways that both theory and practice can be intertwined in the same time frame. As such, it will save time as well as resources used to teach the same subject and it will also improve the college students understanding. These changes would make the curriculum to maintain collection with the prevailing times

Conclusion and Recommendation

In final result, the senior high school manual for CATTS/ Engineering by Design (EbD) is a sufficient curriculum for an all inclusive technology class. This is due to the fact that it includes buffer zones for both the scholar and the trainers to explore the course to the fullest. In addition to this, it also accommodates other related lessons and therefore it ensures that the knowledge distributed by the two parties is sensible both inside and outside the classroom environment. The curriculum is preferred for the high school student since it gives guidance about how to explore the physical environment and apply the knowledge gained in school.

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