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The Millers Tale

This is a true tale of myself and living, or at least to get a short whilst. The

day had started out so well, the thing is I had turn into somewhat of any owner of ladies.

I was interested in this turns into because of the free jobs that came with this. You

discover because of my gorgeous looks the women got trouble finding past it to the

genuine man during my pants, Come on, man in myself. So why not only become an owner of women to

sell to others for nightly jobs and such and reap the benefits of all of it. So

like I stated, the day had gone perfectly till one of my personal women came down which has a

sudden case of the backdoor trots. He, he the ol' hag almost unveiled her weight

of dung on one of my buyers, so I needed to get her and take her back home. When

I managed to get to the mans house I entered in grand style by displaying how I could open

the doorway with me. Oh well, that didn't look at as prepared but it scared my

girl so bad the girl finally do just let it go. After that, after cleaning it up we were

on our way out and back to residence sweet house. When we came I got some great

news that made the entire squirts concern fall back to the back of my mind. I got

word that the King desired one of my women to get it upon with him. So soon I got

the prettiest girl I had. Your woman had dore hair and a nice set on her, basically do state

so myself. She every one of her the teeth except for 3 but in this time that's not

bad. I soon put on my personal Sunday ideal and headed straight to get the fortress in which to

meet the California king himself. We all came in your back just as advised and soon were attained by

3 guards dressed up in black and silver. They said to me, " Hang on here, the girl

goes with all of us. " Well, I'll be damned if I'm going to let they not allow me to

see the King! When I asked they said, "Sorry but the California king won't enable it. " Well

might I do? Practically nothing is right. The King sure is a bum when it

relates to privacy and such. I sat outside the back again entrance to the castle pertaining to

almost an hour or so. I was practically to the point of sleep when I read the door available.

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