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The Middle Adulthood Years Observation Psychology Essay

Middle adulthood is the period of time from 35 years of age until 64 years. It is the midpoint of someone's life. Many folks have achieved happiness at this point in their lives, but there are some who feel like they are very much closer to death without accomplishing anything. Exactly like any point in life this time period brings about many changes and stresses to deal with daily. How a person handles these issues determines if she or he achieves total pleasure with the own do it yourself.

Webster defines middle as "equivalent distance from the beginning to the finish" (Dictionary, 2010). It also states that the word adult is someone who is "fully expanded or developed" (Dictionary, 2010). Essentially by combining these two words one is half way through with his or her life. There is not a special crystal ball that can 100% appropriately predict when a person's ticker will stop beating. Researchers did a study and developed an approximate life span of women. These experts took typically ladies in 17 different countries and came up with a life span of approximately 82 for the entire year 2000 (Bongaarts, 2009). There are various factors to be looked at which could change these statistics significantly. This amount is just an educated figure of women who are in good health and get the proper amounts of nutrition and exercise. A lot of people may not wish to know a precise time that their life will end. If people live a good lifestyle then their life expectancy is much longer than that of the people from decades previously.

The middle adulthood years are from 35 to 64 years. At the moment people experience a massive amount of tasks that can include looking after children or maturing parents (Dacey et al. , 2009). This time period also brings about physical changes in people. Someone's hair will start to turn gray, and women will proceed through menopause during this time period (Dacey et al. , 2009). Menopause can be a very trying time in a woman's life. There are so many hormonal changes that can annoyed a woman's normal balance and include physical symptoms such as feeling swings, mental outbursts, and hot flashes. Menopause is a woman's first signal of aging that usually starts within a few years of turning 50 (Myers, 2008). You can find medications available to help with some of the side effects that occur during the change.

Researchers have their own theories in what happens during middle adulthood. Erik Erikson deems this era as the "problem of making a difference vs. self-absorption" (Macionis, 2008). He felt that there surely is a challenge at this point to contribute efficiently to the lives of other folks in the world. This included all elements of someone's personal and professional life. If the person didn't contribute successfully he suggested that people become "self-centered" and swept up in their own dreams (Macionis, 2008). There are various people found across the world who fall in to the self-centered category in their lives. The earth only revolves around them in their eyes. The people who are genuinely happy with their lives are the ones who feel just like they have got made an optimistic difference on the globe to other folks. Development of a person entails many changes in life. A person's culture plays an important role in their lifespan development. "Development is powerfully affected by cultural makes reflecting the ideas and ideals of a particular era" (Dacey et al. , 2009). Each culture has different values and beliefs that they instill in their children from birth. This paper will explore the life of your middle adult female and the many fluctuations in her life. The author of this newspaper is checking out her own life by browsing her life as an outsider looking in would view her. The paper will attempt and make clear her life as she views it when looking at herself in the reflection every day.


This paper can be an observation of a lady who is in the middle adulthood stage of life. She is 36 yrs. old born in March 1974 in Newnan hospital on the cold winter evening. Her birth name given to her by her parents is Christy Nicole Hardy. Christy was created to parents Linda and Tommy supplied by Dr. Malcolm Cole. Her birth weight was just a bit over 7 pounds and she was very healthy at the time of birth. She was very blessed to obtain been given birth to healthy because her mom smoked while she was pregnant. The hazards of smoking while carrying a child were not known back the seventies. Women who smoke while they are simply carrying a kid are more likely to have newborns with respiratory problems, low delivery weight, or even a spontaneous abortion (Macionis, 2008). This child was very blessed to have escaped the problems of smoking during being pregnant. The parents could not overcome the challenges of being wedded so young and they divorced before she switched two. She has one real sibling named Tommy that has both same parents as her. Both of the parents have been remarried for over 25 years, but neither one of them had any longer biological children of their own. Her daddy lives with her two step sisters and with his wife. The old stating that the 3rd time is a allure must be right because both of her parents are on their third marriages. The ethnic backdrop of the family is Caucasian. Christy was raised most of her life in Lagrange where she visited Troup High School in the nineties. Eventually in her twenties she migrated back again to her birthplace in Newnan. She is also on her third marriage and has two biological daughters age groups 14 and 18. Her man has 4 children from a previous marriage and they are all guys. The husband is on his third marriage also. The living agreements include Christy, her hubby, and two daughters. There are also two cocker spaniels that are inside puppies. The house is within a subdivision near her daughter's institution that her family has resided set for about 9 years. Christy shifted out at 17 yrs. old and has lived in six different residences. The beginning of her little girl was when she was 18 yrs. old. Her graduation yr was said to be in 1992, but she quit school to get her princess. In 1993 she obtained her GED at Western Georgia Technical College or university.


There are numerous diseases on earth with many new ones arising every day. A person's health can straight determine the road that he or she can take throughout the course of a lifetime. Your body gets abused throughout a person's life, and "physical systems do decrease with years" (Dacey et al. , 2009). All people want to live on a normal healthy life with very minimal trips to clinics and doctors. Christy is healthy on her behalf age and hasn't experienced any major issues. The surgeries that she's experienced include appendectomy, lithotripsy, tonsillectomy, and surgery to correct a severed Calf msucles from a work related accident. Both of the pregnancies gone well except for having kidney stones while holding her second child. The only real issues that she still has are migraine headaches and seasonal allergy symptoms. The migraines seem to be to come on when there's a great deal of stress in her life. The allergy symptoms are kept under control with over the counter medicine. Weight gain is an concern in these years because metabolism begins to decelerate with age. Half of the United States population weighs about over there normal weight range (Dacey et al. , 2009). Christy has gained weight and lost weight many times over time, but has never been considered obese for her body structure. Her weight at this time is right with the BMI charts. A lot of the family is at normal weight limitations.

Smoking and Alcohol

One of the most crucial things is someone's heart. A rapid heartbeat in a reaction to stressful changes is not something to worry about (Dacey et al. , 2009). Long lasting stress can donate to heart disease. Other factors such as smoking and liquor can also have dangerous consequences on someone's heart. Christy has been a smoker since she was 16 yrs. old. The only times she has successfully stop smoking was during both of her pregnancies. There were many failed efforts at giving up in her life. She's set a quit day hoping that this time she can kick the awful habit. Emphysema is one of the numerous problems that smoking cigarettes can create. Her mom was just identified as having emphysema and ideally this will help her quit once and for all this time around. "Elevated blood circulation pressure is one of the causes of cardiovascular system disease" (Myers, 2008). At every doctor's visit her blood pressure is normal. Smoking a pack of cigarettes per day for all people years could likely have health implications sooner or later in her life. Alcoholic beverages is another major health matter in the middle years. One or two drinks per day can be dangerous since it can cause enhancement of the heart and soul (Dacey et al. , 2009). Liquor does not seem to be to be a problem in her life because she only public drinks once in a while. During her teenage years she drank quite a little and this could affect her. Alcoholism runs in her family so she has been very careful over the years not to fall season victim to that disease.

Sensory Abilities

There are five senses that humans have: eyesight, smell, touch, style, and hearing (Zamora, 2006). People who are weak in one of their senses sometimes are stronger in another one. A blind person can usually notice superior to the average person. Many people take for granted everyday activities such as "reading, driving a car, enjoying a good food, or holding a child in our forearms" (Dacey et al. , 2009). Many of these common experiences depend on the senses to help people have the ability to do them. Christy experienced perfect eye-sight until she was at her early on twenties. She went to renew her driver's license and failed the eye-sight test. Upon heading to the eye doctor she got glasses. Glasses were not her thing so she acquired installed for Contac lens and wears them daily. Without her lens she has trouble doing simple things such as reading, travelling, and watching tv. Both of her parents have bad eye-sight. Her dad has been using spectacles since he was your baby, and her mother possessed Lasik corrective surgery to improve her eye-sight. Her oldest child wears eyeglasses, but not the younger one. "Hearing seems to be susceptible to decline at about time 40" (Dacey et al. , 2009). Individuals who are hard of experiencing can wear ability to hear supports to help. So far her hearing is very good and hasn't declined any. Research has discovered that a person's sense of smell starts to diminish during maturing (Dacey et al. , 2009). Christy's family teases her because she's a common sense of smell. Really bad odors may cause her to vomit because her sense of smell is so strong. What she lacks in eye-sight she definitely makes her for with her nasal area. Tastes and smell go together together. Whenever a person will not want to flavor something bad they can take their nose area to keep from tasting it. Since Christy's stomach is so fragile she retains her nasal when taking various drugs that have an awful taste. Smoking inhibits taste buds so her food probably does not tastes as well as it would if she kicked the habit of smoking.

Cognitive Development

Declining cognitive development is a major concern for individuals for quite some time (Dacey et al. , 2009). People cringe at the idea of everything they have learned through the years gradually disappearing. Alzheimer's is an extremely scary disease that no family wants to be plagued with suffering. Studies have shown that practically two-thirds of individuals over years 40 say that "their memory space is worse than it was a decade previous" (Myers, 2008). Little by little adults start to not be able to remember items that occurred. "Unless given a jolt of level of caffeine, older adults have better identification memory early in the day rather than past due" (Myers, 2008). Christy has a fantastic memory for things such as phone numbers, brands, and also to do lists. The more mature she has gotten if she's to learn a section in a textbook it's hard to keep in mind it without exceeding it many times. This has made college harder on her behalf since it is very frustrating to reread chapters. All people desire to be brilliant in their lives. J. L. Horn sets intellect into two categories. Smooth intelligence depends on the correct "working of the anxious system and is measured by tasks that show years related declines" (Dacey et al. , 2009). Crystallized cleverness is a cumulate cleverness, and it is measured by assessments of "verbal ability and ethnical knowledge" (Dacey et al. , 2009). All through school Christy experienced A's and was at the gifted programs. During her high school years her grades dropped some because of peer influences and working a full time job. She still taken care of all A's and B's. Going back to university after 18 years has been hard on her behalf. She maintains currently a 4. 0 average and has almost completed all of her center classes within the last year she has been in institution. It generally does not come easy for her given that she is more aged because she's to spend hours and hours studying to keep that average. Her goal is to get accepted into the registered nursing program. Imagination is an essential part of cognitive working (Dacey et al. , 2009). Christy is a very creative person as apparent in the many projects she's helped her children with over time. She actually is very good at expressing what she actually is thinking in writing. At her previous job in sales she was very creative in coming up with new methods for getting customers to obtain her company. Learning new information gets harder as people enter into middle adulthood. The one edge that Christy is wearing her side is she still has a good recollection for stuff that she reads over multiple times.


All people sooner or later in their lives have to work to make a living for his or her families. A long time ago nearly all women stayed home to raise the children. Normally 63% of women work, and 54% of those women work full time (Factual statements about Working Women, 2010). Employers are actually confronted with many older staff so they started to pay more focus on the welfare of their workers (Dacey et al. , 2009). Christy spent some time working a full time job since she was 16 yrs. old only to take time off to obtain her daughters. Finding employment without a college education is simple, but the pay is usually very low. She has worked various careers such as cashier, law enforcement team, restaurants, and in offices. None of those jobs paid very well so almost all of enough time she struggled aiding her family. She's been on her behalf own since she was 17 and been independent. Her first two husbands didn't show the desire to truly have a good work background. Not exactly her wish job, but eleven years ago she got a job at a building resource store in inside sales making double what she was making. Attempting to do better for her family she worked well her way to outdoor sales making 4 times what she possessed available at any other job. That job lasted 10 years and the current economic climate proceeded to go bad and her company laid her off. Dropping that job has taken devastation to her financial status, but it has not made her give up on providing on her behalf family. This layoff created the possibility to finally go back to school to become a nurse like she desperately wanted in high school. Fiscally her family has had to make sacrifices, but in the end it will all be worthwhile. After all of those years she acquired to begin budgeting again with money. Her daughters hated it at first, but now have discovered to have without things such as pay stations and eating dinner out constantly. Women have to face different issues working than men do. Women do not earn up to men doing the same job. Another issue women have to face is erotic harassment from bosses or other male employees that work with them on a daily basis. Intimate harassment can be in various varieties such as verbal, touching, or sexual ideas. Before she transformed 21 Christy confronted erotic harassment at a police force department she functioned for. The official made many intimate suggestions and tried out to buy her liquor even though she was not of legal taking in age. After having a few complaints to his supervisor and an investigation into the taped discussions on the authorities department phone system the officer was fired. The officer made many hazards to her before finally shifting. She was sitting in a restaurant when she was in her twenties and the same official came in with his police uniform on. He was employed in the new town that she presently lives in. It really is ashamed that he was still allowed to keep guarding the citizens following the many other grievances he had aside from the one that Christy complained about. Besides that one incident she has never been bothered again. She performed work with a guy doing the same job that made 20, 000 more us dollars each year than her, and that is why she went to outside sales so she will make more income. Most individuals reach their job goals by enough time they transform forty or they start a new profession (Dacey et al. , 2009). After Christy received laid off she decided to start out over with a new job because that was the next time she was laid off in the same job.


Stress is a very real part of life that cannot be ignored. Today's family members will often have both parents working, and there are many solo parent households that just enhance the stress level. You can find challenges associated with work, poverty, basic safety, and children's patterns (Dacey et al. , 2009). A simple change in a person's life can create stress in a family. Long term stress can cause many health issues in a person. Depending on how people respond to catastrophes, significant life changes, and daily complications determines the amount of stress in their lives (Myers, 2008). A person's response can either be positive or negative to these situations, and the positive people create significantly less stress in their lives. There are many medications open to help people deal with the every day challenges of life. At her last job Christy experienced to deal with many stressful days and nights and seemed to handle it perfectly. All children have issues and she appears to bounce back even with every one of the adolescent issues she handles from day to day with her children. Caring for a household and trying to keep up a 4. 0 average is very hard and sometimes appears to really have a toll on her behalf life. Long run stress can lead to depression which luckily she has not had to cope with except for the occasional blues.


Marriage is supposed to be always a time in a person's life that is permanently. The vows spoken at a marriage ceremony are supposed to be for better or worse, in sickness or health, as well as for richer or poorer until fatality do them part. That would be a perfect fairytale closing alive, but things do not always work out like that. The daily battles of life block the way and cause many people to break up. The odds are stacked against people when it comes to marriage because around one million divorces arise each year (Dacey et al. , 2009). Following the third try Christy is finally in a happy marriage. The normal explanations for a happy relationship are "friendship, love, and similar interest and backgrounds" (Dacey et al. , 2009). It was not easy to get to the marriage she's today. She was required to dig deep in her own spirit and find delight within herself before she could ever hope to enjoy a another person. Addressing that point was not easy because people do not need to admit that they need to make changes in their lives. She's spent her very existence caring for everybody else and permitting herself go. Your choice to produce a change did not come easy for her. After spending a decade in an abusive relationship she woke up 1 day and noticed she deserved so much better on her behalf life. Getting the courage to leave him was very difficult because he threatened her life often. She had to go file a restraining order to move away from him which he broke several times before his life concluded anticipated to liver issues from being an alcoholic. She is now wedded to an excellent man who treats her with the admiration she deserves. He has taken on her behalf children just like he is their biological father. A person's romance along with his or her parents is very important. The old telling is that a woman can evaluate a man by the way he treats his mom is very true. During the midsection adulthood many people see an improvement in the partnership with the parents (Dacey et al. , 2009). Adults out of the blue realize the battles that their parents went through and gain a deeper value and understanding because of their parents. Christy has always acquired a very close romance with her parents even though times were difficult. She was raised showing her parents value as well as people over the age of her. Yes mam or Yes sir is words that even in adulthood are still in her vocabulary quite often. Among her closest connections other than her husband is with her brother. They have got always had a close connection and can depend on the other person in times of need. Research workers have recognized the value of sibling human relationships for cognitive and sociable progress (Dacey et al. , 2009). Friendships are needed throughout a person's life. As long as the a friendly relationship is a two way avenue they could be a wholesome addition to someone's life. Christy is not a shy person and is very outgoing, but only has a few close friends that she trusts completely. After being in that abusive relationship she actually is continuously working toward trusting others more in her life.


Getting from one indicate the other point in someone's life can have many obstructions to defeat. Life has many roadblocks that get in the road of development. Life is not an easy road to visit nor will it really come with a book of guidelines to help a person along the way. There will be a crisis that must be solved to be able for people to continue on with living. You will see deaths, accidents, and financial strains on a regular basis. How people deal with those problems will be the key to an effective future. Becoming a success is not about how exactly much money a person makes over a paycheck. Success comes from being kind, loving, and providing to others that remain without expecting anything in return. Having a large heart for others makes people good whatever their bank-account monthly declaration says. In my opinion I owe everything to my parents. They have always been there after i needed them regardless of what the situation was. They educated me you need to give esteem to get value, and that you never take something that will not belong to you no subject how bad you want it. Both of my parents been employed by hard their very existence and taught me that if you wish something in life you have to work hard to acquire it. My husband is my rock and roll who I have leaned on many times for support. Without him in my own life I would not have had the courage or possibility to even think of heading back to school to attain my dream i thought was vanished permanently. My future contains endless possibilities so long as I keep a good attitude. In the future I think I am going to achieve my dream of becoming a rn. Going back to school has shown my children that it is never too late for a second chance.

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