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The Interpretation And REASON FOR Life Religion Essay

First of most life is the generally cherished part of the planet, if we can call it a "thing", as everything that individuals have, anything that they feel and experience is life itself. Questions like what's this is and the purpose of life are actually hard to answer right away; it requires time to take into account it. Moreover it certainly has been the sole ultimate question from the creation of earth and mankind. Every person for an instant or two in his life had to think what is this is and reason for life, why am I here?

I think that it is hard for people to trust in almost any purpose that we have inside our lives, as people don't believe in eternal life, why as long as they believe in the purpose of life? It is true that whenever a person is young and full of energy he doesn't really take the time of thinking about the purpose of life, and exactly what will happen to him after his death, because he forgets about any of it completely. As people get older they think of the life more and more, of what they have done, and what's still missing. No one wants to live a life a clear life, without getting any goals, something that we would be proud in the long run in our life. If folks have an objective of life, they have something that they want to achieve and reach, so that it makes the life very much interesting and fuller. Additionally, it may show the way how to reside for people, serve as a guide in the labyrinth of life. Like the great traditional Roman stoic philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca said: "Our programs miscarry because they haven't any aim. When a man will not know what harbor he's making for, no wind flow is the right wind". http://quotationsbook. com/quote/17170/ The great philosopher acquired a great point there, as people do have to have an aim to have some kind of your target because of their life, to attain something.

Another important reality of the goal of life is spiritual and spiritual side of people's lives. Overall it was God almighty that created the Earth and mankind, so religion and idea must are present and take a very important part in someone's life. If there have been no Inventor, if humans were just products and results of an ordinary system, as many nowadays assert, there would be no goal in life. Every individual human being would strive simply to live their life with the maximum amount of pleasure and only a small amount pain and fighting as is feasible. Life should be observed as an eternal process of an endless religious discovery and development: in the beginning levels of earthly life, the average person undergoes a period of training and education which, if it's successful, gives that person the basic intellectual and religious tools necessary for living his life efficiently. When individuals attain physical maturity in adulthood, they become accountable for their further progress, which now is based completely their own efforts and skills. From the daily problems of material existence, people gradually deepen their understanding of the spiritual ideas underlying reality, and this helps those to relate better to themselves, to others, and also to God. http://www. allaboutworldview. org/Meaning-Of-Life. htm

Yet, differing people have different reason for life. Ones think that self-realization is the goal of life, others feel that it is thoughts that you leave once you die, and another group of people think that consuming and pleasure is the main purpose and goal with their life. You may still find more things on the list of what do people use in the purpose of life, however, many are actually mistaken. Life can be in comparison to a college as people always learn in it, and come to the school to educate their souls. And some make an focus on the fun and games exactly like children do, while some put almost all their attention on the learning, and the meaning of life is so much clearer on their behalf. Education of the heart consists of clear life-style, striving to help others, to attain the collection goals, and stay in harmony with God, so that folks would have only a small amount regrets for himself close to the end of his life as is feasible. Of course everybody knows, there is absolutely no such thing as an excellent life, an all people make faults, and think about the past, attempting to change a lot of things. But that is life, and you have to go on, perhaps looking to replace the mistakes manufactured in the past by good deeds in the future. http://www. allaboutworldview. org/Meaning-Of-Life. htm

But how to rate a life, have people achieve their goal to attain the goal of their life? Really the only time that a person can think again on all his deeds, and not do anything more is as soon as before his death. This is of an activity is graded by the consequence of the activity itself. That ditto can be said about our life, which so this means we can view after loss of life. If we are lost inside our life, and can't find this is and reason for it, we may take a completely different perspective-death. We are able to check out our life if we would be absent now, that of course tones creepy but it might open our sight on a lot of things that are there, and have to be done before we go.

As for me, I am still young and questions like reason for life, death and so forth don't really take the time me much. But I do arranged clear goals for my entire life, adding them into priorities, from important to less important. And even though it is very hard, but I make an effort to put fun into a tiny "box", that needs to be open vary seldom, only after the big containers are emptied.

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