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The Romantic relationship Between Individuals And Their Environment Community Work Essay

Health visiting is governed by four key points which are the search for health needs, the stimulation of recognition for health needs, increase awareness of health needs and the effect on plan affecting health (). Carrying out a all natural Health needs assessment is a simple part of health browsing. The assessment process is one of the concepts set out in the benchmarks of effectiveness for Specialist Community Consumer Health Nurses (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2004). Wright (1998) points out analysis of health needs is not really a process of counting on personal experience or hearing client's, but is a organized approach to recognising health needs that are unmet and making changes by encouraging client's to meet these unmet needs.

Using a model or a construction is a systematic approach to collecting information allowing a recognition of problems or needs that require to be addressed. Such platform would also continue to guide the planning and execution of interventions required to meet up with the priorities for folks and young families.

The framework extracted from system one, Child Individuals needs assessment was used to perform an analysis. System some may be some type of computer system found in the authors practice area to record patient information. The Child individual needs analysis has been developed from the Construction for the Diagnosis of Children in Need and their Families (DoH, 2000). This examination framework recognized the shift in insurance policy from one that focused on misuse and significant injury to an evaluation that used a broader view of children's needs and wellbeing and recognized impairment in conditions of developmental need (Cowley, 2008).

Consent has been gained to utilize the information. In accordance with the Medical and Midwifery Council (NMC) The Code (2008), and also to protect confidentiality the brands mentioned will remain anonymous.

This case study targets a mom, Jody who is a single father or mother of three children. Because of the current requirements on the Health Traveling to team an antenatal contact visit was not done. MEDICAL Visiting team have been notified about the delivery of baby Harrington and for that reason this was a well planned home delivery visit at 2 weeks.

Health tourists have core contacts they make with households within the Health Child Programme () and one them can be an antenatal contact. This contact allows health people to establish a marriage with people and identify their need. Cowley (2008) areas going to clients in their homes allow health professionals to identify a families part of need and then target services appropriately for his or her need. However research has exhibited an antenatal contact pays to to in assisting health professionals to identify the risk and resilience factors and produce a therapeutic relationship with your client which is necessary for the delivery of future services (Puura et al, 2002, Robert et al, 2002). Tips made recently suggest any preventative strategies need to be initiated in the antenatal period (Cowley, 2008).

Coles et al () clarifies a starting point for examining individual's needs is to analyse if the need is normative which is defined by professionals, experienced need which is identified by your client, expressed need whenever a felt need become a demand and comparative needs when comparing to others around them and flunk of the established standard. Wills (2007) talks about it's important to consider that needs will be considered differently depending on who is being consulted.

The assessment covered Economic Wellbeing Observations including home and accommodation status as this can impact on a kid. Jody living in a 3rd floor council flat with three children, described that she'd like more space as the even got two bedrooms with a full time income room she thought had not been big enough. She discussed the first bedroom was where she slept and would will have baby Harrington with her in the area. The second bedroom that was small, got a bunk bed and possessed no room to play in was shared by her eldest daughter Rosie, eleven yrs. old and her younger daughter Ella four years of age.

The early life environment of a kid designs their life course and subsequently can have an effect on their health position over a span of time (Wills, 2007). Casing can be an environment where children spend the majority of their time in the first few years of life therefore require adequate space to live and rest in. Top quality homes are essential for medical and well-being of people as well as children (). A child's development and wellbeing is molded by factors such as family characteristics and the public, financial and physical conditions in which they are simply raised. Poor enclosure conditions and overcrowding can have significant effect on children's physical and mental health as well as psychological and cognitive development (Marsh et al, 1999).

The House of Commons () talks about overcrowding as having too many people in one room or a room that is not an satisfactory size. Surviving in an overcrowded house has found to be associated with sick health costing the NHS about 600 million each year (House of Parliament, 2011). Research suggests that poor enclosure and overcrowding can have a physical effect on a child's healthy development leading to increased threat of asthma, respiratory problems, anxiousness as well as lead to mishap and injury. Adequate sleep, diet and exercise also contribute to a child's healthy physical functioning. Jody unveiled she had frequented the GP several times in the course of three months complaining that Ella possessed recurrent chest microbe infections, and taken baby Harrington to the GP your day before as she believed he was having difficulty deep breathing. Jody continued to say that the bedrooms were displaying signs of moist and she possessed reported this to the casing company and was yet to turn out review this. Jody observed the need for further housing space as an indicated need as she sought more living space for herself and children that can be played in.

The housing statement (2012) suggests the latest data found that the number of folks moving into overcrowded conditions persists to go up, as in 2009 2009 - 2010 there have been 630, 000 in overcrowded enclosure which has risen to 655, 000 this season 2010 - 2011.

The assessment discovered Jody got no expanded family support as her family are in the south of England therefore are very good to offer steady support. Jody possessed moved to the area over eight months ago following the break down of her relationship. The daddy had left the family due to drinking behaviors and because the family had struggled to make ends meet. Jody is receipt of benefits and hasn't made many friends in the area.

Parents are an essential part of the child's development and require support to permit them to supply the right environment. Jody appears to be socially isolated, Armstrong (2002) articulates public isolation may appear when there's a insufficient family and peer support. With the lack of this support Jody experienced it suggested that she acquired a threat of developing postnatal depression which can have harmful effects on baby Harrington and her elder two daughters (Bee and Boyd, 2009). Honey, Bennett and Morga (2002) suggest research implies postnatal depression can impede a mother's ability to look after the kid as well as affect the partnership between mom and child. This can cause problems in the child's psychological and cognitive development. Jody exposed since she had get back from a healthcare facility she got a few teary occasions but now sensed fine, and also said she possessed postnatal depression following the labor and birth of Ella. The author prepared another visit which would be in a fortnight. This visit would include an evaluation of postnatal depression which is carried out at 4-6 weeks in the practice area. An instrument called the 'Edinburgh postnatal depression level' would be utilized, which really is a ten question self article questionnaire designed by Cox, Holden and sagovsky (1987). (ADD STRENGTHS/ WEAKNESSES OF TOOL?) Meredith and Noller (2003) suggested maternal depression increases the risk of difficult connection with the infant, developmental, communal problems and may lead to suicide.

Baby Harrington being 14 days old was at the infancy stage of life-span development. During infancy an infant will change physically more than any other stage of the life (Bee et al, 2009). Early childhood is therefore the most important and vulnerable period of brain development during life-span. The start of Baby Harrington's life will lay the foundations of good well-being and health for old age. Therefore what goes on during pregnancy and the first years of life lays the foundations for future development of cognitive, language, physical, emotional, behavioural and social. Dialect and cognitive development is important through the first half a year to three years of life. Sheridan (2008) proposes stimulation, warmness and positive parenting from parents during the early years is essential for the newborn to get maximum progress in the mind. The brain is increasingly very sensitive to the affects of the exterior environment during early childhood. A child in an environment with an increase of stimulation means a child will learn and develop more. A kid in an environment with less stimulating, psychologically and literally supportive, development of the mind is affected resulting in cognitive, interpersonal and behavioural delays. High degrees of stress during early on childhood increases the threat of learning problems and stress related disease in to the adult years of life.

The publisher found support to be a normative need for Jody, as a supported family environment is a fundamental component in bringing up a kid. Jody's perception was that she was coping with the current situation and didn't need support from family or friends as she believed she'd be judged by them for not being a good parent or guardian to her children.

Income was another factor identified through the analysis. The reduced income was a noticed need for Jody as she said her parents were assisting her financially. The author noticed that having satisfactory income as a normative need in order to provide the children as well as Jody herself satisfactory healthy nutrition and a wholesome future of well-being. A newborn baby can increase expenses on a family. This might cause Jody stress as it can be an increase on feeding another child,

Health in the UK is firmly associated with income and it is a key determinant of health (Naidoo, ). Naidoo () points out having a minimal income make a difference children and adults health directly; this is due never to having enough to consume or enough to buy a healthy diet plan. Research suggests fatness in low income family members to be associated (). Jody will not drive therefore sees it difficult sometimes to access the larger supermarkets and it is reliant on her local grocery store which can have limited choice and be more costly. Mostyn et al (2011) suggest if money can be an concern parents will give food to children food they know they'll be more likely to eat to avoid wastage. Over weight in children can lead to health issues later in life such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes ().

Living with a low income can also cause multiple strains such as business lead to parents worrying about their future well being of these children (). Children who reside in households in poverty with a minimal income are also at an increased risk of lower academic achievements (). Jody exposed that she would begin looking for employment in the area. Naidoo et al () says people who are unemployed are at a greater threat of ill health and mortality.

Neumans systems model is a theory predicated on the value of an individual's wellness with regards to stress and their reaction to these stressors. Neuman defines stressors as any condition or situation that cause a modification in the individual's normal status of wellness. The stressors are determined by variables affecting your client system; physiological condition, developmental status, sociocultural influences, cognitive skills and spirituality. The model proposes a continuum of wellness to condition, with the focus on the individual's continuum being inspired by the connection they could have with a changing and the stressors they face. Neuman determined environment that surrounds a person at any given time can affect their wellbeing.

Environment and the individual

Clients are inspired by environmental factors

The role of medical professional is to concentrate on the stressors and keep the stressors and the stress response from having a negative effect on the average person. That is done through three levels of prevention. Firstly most important prevention is guarding client wellbeing through prevention and minimizing the possibility of your encounter with a stressor as a a reaction to the stressor has not yet occurred. This is done by building up the individual's line of defence. Secondary avoidance is treating symptoms to stabilize the individual's system by conditioning the internal line of resistance minimizing the reaction to the stressor. Tertiary prevention targets educating an individual to avoid a reoccurrence of the stress respond to the stressor through building up amount of resistance to these stressors.

Jody's environment was a stressor for her as it was affecting her and her children as they didn't have enough space to are in and the children did not have space to experiment with. Corresponding to neumans model this will have an effect on jodys stability and

The absence of ill health insurance and disease is not only reliant on health. Robinson et al (1996) talks about this as only 1 determinant of health. Health is the point out of a person's optimal wellbeing (WHO, ). A couple of wider determinants of health. Factors such casing, developing a safe physical environment, lifestyle, health values, cultural norms, education, socio economical factors employment, mental and state of mind of an individual affects health ().

The author found the kid evaluation to be holistic. Assessing toddler development holistically hasn't been so important (Cowley, 2008). Robinson (2010) purposes having this alternative approach of examination allows a knowledge of a child within the context of the family, community and culture where they increase up in. Cowley et al () suggests that the framework should not be used as a checklist to evaluate needs. A needs examination should include a client centred methodology.

The framework used for the all natural assessment did not consider the social beliefs of an individual or have space were their beliefs could be recorded. There have been no prompts of what information was required if a person experienced low income or casing that was not adequate.

Apply neuman and weaknesses and power of model! Marmot?

http://www. aifs. gov. au/institute/pubs/fm2011/fm88/fm88d. html

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