The Negro Act Essay

In early September of 1739, there was a great uprising of slaves in South Carolina. This uprising, known as the Stono Rebellion, resulted in the fatality of forty plus whites and 40 plus blacks. After the rebellion, the state legislature decided to take a legal action to prevent one more rebellion, just like Stono, coming from happening. In 1740, the federal government passed the Negro Act, which, supposedly, regulated just how whites and blacks socialized. The representatives made the assumption that this act could, in a way, advantage both white wines and slaves, but , actually, it did not. Although it limited certain regulators that white colored slaveholders got over all their slaves, the Negro Action still supplied them with new powers that, in most cases, had been disadvantageous towards the black slaves. It was reacting to the fear of the individuals, and this caused the further degradation of the slaves ' identification in Sc. In Document 10 of Stono, elements of the Marrano Act had been provided, and so they clearly had been passed to safeguard white slaveholders by diminishing any remaining rights from the slaves.

The existence of a servant was not named the presence of a proper human being; instead, a servant was recognized as property that had his/her life lowered to a document. A few of the sections in the Desventurado Act covered the permitting of white men to physically injury (or possibly kill) slaves that would not belong to all of them. For example , the fifth offer states that if a slave were to get from the planting house with no papers or maybe a white person, another light person has got the right to analyze him/her. In case the slave reveals a sign of resistance, that white person had the right to kill the slave:

"If any kind of slave who shall be out of the house or plantation where this sort of slave shall live....

... ple infractions, it is much more than evident that the state of South Carolina would not place the lives of the slaves in their worries. What were the actual chances of any of this kind of act getting implemented for the slave masters or other whites? It is a totally one-sided offer, and other individuals would have been more than willing to turn the impaired eye towards the unlawful treatment that these slaves were experiencing.

The Desventurado Act robbed the slaves of an personality. That servant was no longer a person, (s)he was an object in the slavemaster. In the name of fear distributed by the white citizens of South Carolina, slaves became pups on a leash tied to a tree. The control a slave experienced over himself/herself was nonexistent. What was designed to control the behaviour of both equally black and white-colored actually degraded the personality and privileges of the blacks and improved the specialist of the whites.

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