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The Marketing Strrategy Of Thomas Make meals Tourism Essay

Thomas Make marketing section: The duty of the marketing section is to identify and plan holidays to meet potential clients' needs also to ensure the company offer the right vacations at the right price to the right clients at the right time.

Marketing segmentation: Thomas Make meals strategy on market segmentation is to continue to deliver benefits from existing cost keeping and improvement programs already followed by My Travel and Thomas Cook, in order that they are able to grow income in existing and new, market sections also to deliver efficiencies from being part of a more substantial group.

The strategy focuses on the following key goals:

integrating the businesses of the Enlarged Group and providing the designed synergies;

strengthening the packaged tour functioning businesses through continued functional and product improvements;

growing its business in the indie travel section through personalized products and services shipped via an asset-light business model; and

Extending the financial services offering of the Enlarged Group through the intro of services and services and by building on the reputation and features of Thomas Cook in this area.

(Source, Thomascook. com)

One of the Thomas Make products (the Thomas make 18-30 golf club):

The head to operator aims to create ambitious growth through successful market segmentation and positioning. The success of the Golf club 18-30 brand demonstrates well targeted products utilizing a portfolio of recognized travel products can offer an effective business strategy in the competitive getaway market.

The development of the Team 18-30 brand has been recognized as a strong reaction to the conservatism which includes typified the UK market for overseas holidays.

The consolidation: When consolidations between tour operators occurs in cases like this Thomas make meals and My travel, both company which have merged increase its market share by an set in place amount over a set period.

The merging with My Travel was in order to cut costs also to increase competitive travel industry market. The firms calculate they can save Ј75m a year by combining and can have strong market positions in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, France and Canada.

Source, Travel weekly


Thomas make meals has three brochures every year and they're;

-Thomas Cook Summertime sun

-Thomas Cook Families

-Thomas Make Weddings

A 'aim for market' identifies the customers a tour operator is trying to draw in to buy its holidays. Typical target market segments for which head to operators develop holidays include:



Couples without children


Special interest market

Business travellers

Youth market

Activity market

Senior market

Thomas cook uses different style of designing with respect to the holiday they will sell and on the target market:

One example is the 'Thomas Make Families brochure' where the forward cover will be printed with images that illustrate a family group on leading page and showing facilities such kids clubs and other facilities and activities that the hotels offers.

Thomas Cook pays off a lot of attention on their brochures leading cover as it's the most crucial since the consumer will see to begin with, the cover must therefore be designed to be eye-catching.

Most of forward addresses of the Thomas Make brochures highlights a 'lead-in price' i. e. the least expensive price in the brochures and special offers offers, this ways they catch the attention of interested customers.

The 'Thomas Cook Young families brochure' below shows that they design the brochures to entice the specific group they want to sell their holiday seasons to. The decision of pictures defines that the package deal holidays discounted are family focused and what type of products and services are on offer.

Parents with their children's'

It shows little children playing.

Special offer shown, to appeal to parents.

External factors-

There are three exterior factors that influence the Thomas Make Package getaway programs.

Environmental factors:

Can have a poor effect on vacation and the complete travel market, some example are the

Hurricanes in the Caribbean

Earth quake


Floods, etc

Those types of natural disasters can have serious repercussions on an area's travel and travel and leisure industry.

When customers are arranging getaways with Thomas Make to destination that natural catastrophe occurs these are warned that the season they would like to travel is natural disaster season i. e. Thailand- Patong beach, where the tsunami struck the beach in 2005 also the hurricanes Paloma Cuba 2008

Clearly it is difficult to plan for natural disasters: in cases like this Thomas make meals has 'contingency strategies in place' about how to cope with any issue arising at that time.

The tsunami of December 2004 was one of the world's most disastrous natural disasters, eradicating practically 300, 000 people across a range of travel and travel and leisure industry countries, including Indonesia, the Maldives and Sri Lanka

Technological factors

The dramatic development in the use of the internet in recent years for researching and reservation getaways is having a major impact on just how that tour providers sell their vacations.

Thomas cook has online brochures where clients can download and look through it in comfort of their own home, and when they are all done and have made a decision on where to travel they are able to go back on the website and reserve their trip.

Economic factors

The current change in world forex rate can get rid of a head to operator's income overnight.

Similarly, rises in the price of engine oil and other natural resources can press up a travel operator's costs and have an effect on its profitability

Thomas cook travel operators use lots of solution to try and decrease the impacts of the situations

Thomas Make Group plc Information shows that a drop in earnings for the year 2009, reflecting higher tax expenses. On the pre-tax basis, income grew from 2008, boosted by strong earnings growth in all regions. Additional, the company said it remains comfortable to perform good economic expectations in 2010 2010.

Source (TCG. L: Information)

thomas Cook says it includes seen no proof consumers reducing on holidays despite the financial slowdown.

The firm says trading has been strong come early july and bookings for winter and next summer are arranged to be strong.

Thomas Cook leader Manny Fontenla-Novoa said vacation spots outside the eurozone, such as Turkey and Egypt, acquired proved to be popular.

A strong euro has deterred many holidaymakers from visiting the 15 countries that use the money.

Mr Fontenla-Novoa said that the firm discovered that customers considered an total annual getaway a "will need to have" item.

"In our experience, people will scale back on a variety of other activities before they cut back on their trip, " he said.

"In the last six weeks of trading, our average price has gone up by 9%. Our all-inclusive holiday seasons and our 4 and 5 superstar holiday seasons are both up on this past year by 10% and 13% respectively, " he added.

However, holidaymakers planning to escape the poor warmer summer months weather should expect higher prices and fewer last-minute offers.

Thomas Cook said its techniques to minimize capacity had left it with 14% fewer getaways to sell than at this time last year, while average prices were up 14% before 90 days.


Social factors

People are generally living longer and opting for to possess children later in life changes in the structure of people, working methods and the home/life balance, all effect on the products and services that travel providers offer their customers

Thomas cook they need to stay hand and hand with sociable changes and conform their products to reflect a changing society. This is because they have to be sure the production of the holiday seasons are match the social life of the prospective clients

Political factors

Today tour providers play an essential role in creating the images of areas. They are able to significantly influence international tourism moves towards a country reach by safety and security hazards. Even decisions of individual tourists on where to spend any occasion very often rely upon the attitude and practice of tour operators towards a particular destination.

Sometimes head to operator must pull out of vacation spots completely because of political factors such as warfare or terrorism,

The effects of the 9/11 devastation in 2002 on world travel industry resulted in a drop of 15% in sales in the 2002, leading to Ј343. 7m loss in core earnings that the company would absorb with various cost-cutting methods.

still persist today, while recent bombings in Bali, Nairobi, Madrid and Cairo, have immediate effects on tourism, although most vacation spots eventually retrieve lost trade

Legal factors: The laws

Package Travel Legislation 1992

This regulation makes sure that tour operators like Thomas Make meals are accountable for their customers and what they can do if the regulations are breached. If they breach the customers has an instance against Thomas Cook.

Under this rules there are a few principles offering financial cover to the consumers.

-The tour providers are in charge of the safety with their customers whist on the vacation, this includes the safeness in the accommodation, airfare and (the all package).

-No travel operator should give/post inaccurate brochure description.

-if tour operators became bankrupt there has to be a guanranteed refund to all or any customers.

Trade Information Acts 1968

All description given must be truthful and exact, as this mostly affects tour operators, they need to be cautious and make sure that all brochures information stick to the guidelines of the Function.

Supply of Goods and Services Work 1982

Tour providers and travel agents both have to ensure that the reservation of the vacation is carried out effectively and the deal of the holiday also needs to be carried out using 'sensible skills and care'

Unfair Terms in Consumer Deals Regulation 1999

If consumers think that the agreement with the travel operator is unfair, they may have a case against the travel operator.

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