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The Marketing Proposal For Baby Food Marketing Essay

Our company is participating in food industry for quite some time, especially for baby food. This season, our company determines to re-launch a "new, upgraded" of dairy powder for baby eating. Before re-launching in to the market, it's important to build a marketing proposal. The purpose of this article is to determine the target market for new milk powder and marketing combine strategies. Initially, it'll introduce the milk powder in which aspects are advanced than the previous. Following it, it'll define the prospective market segment for the merchandise. Next, it will discuss the product packaging, promotional theme, rates and circulation strategy respectively. Finally, it'll give some advice and realization for the record.

Table of Contents


The new milk powder offers lutein, which will be beneficial for perception progress. This new dairy powder has only balance percentage between DHA and AA. In in the meantime, it brings Taurine and improves choline and flat iron materials, which strengthens the mind growth. Compared with previous milk natural powder, new product adopts high-quality Alpha whey proteins and strengthen Supplement D. New dairy powder provides special Beta Carotene, which will promote the healthy expansion of bone and brain. As a result, new milk powder contains abundant nourishment that babies need, including Omega 3, DHA, AA, nucleotide, etc. Of the nutritious materials, nucleotide can avoid the sickness and improve the immunity of babies. Improving newborns' immunity is the most practical method to confront the sickness. Absorbing enough nucleotide can make white bloodstream cell. You won't only reduce rheum and diarrhea, but also reduce the opportunities of battling meningitis. New dairy powder pays more attention to the safety and will not choose any materials with enhancements. Therefore, new dairy powder sets serious checking technique step-by-step to ensure the safety.

Target Market Segment

It is critical to evaluate each market segment's elegance and select one or more segments to type in (Kotler, Brown, Adam, Burton & Armstrong, 2007). Marketplace segment is to analyze target customers' quality and evaluate customer worth based on information collection in order to make relevant marketing strategies and learning resource allocation plan (McKenzie, 2010). The next will analyze the target market from three aspects, including geographical aspect, demographic aspect and mental aspect.


This new dairy powder will be re-launched in Australian market. Initial places will be Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. These three places own large populations in Australia. As our company's new dairy natural powder is proper for newborns, it'll be launched in areas where more people reside in.


This new milk powder is merely for babies. However, it is not suited to any phase's babies. As a consequence, babies between six months and twelve months old will be proper focus on group. But babies are too youth that they can not purchase by themselves. Their parents will be direct customers to purchase.


Different people have different psychological tendencies. Most parents want purchase new dairy powder from famous brands because they trust it will be safety. At exactly the same time, in addition they consider the price factors that they can admit. Therefore, new milk powder focuses on the teams that value price and connect more importance to the product quality.

Package Design

Before customers purchase the products, they're usually seduced by the offer design. The out offer of milk powder is cylindrical cans. The primary color of out deal is pink because it can communicate warm and kind sense. On the away package, it will obviously demonstrate the info label. Brand and emblem of milk powder should be shown on the cylindrical cans. Brand and custom logo must can well combine its product features and local customers' tastes. Information label will be split into three discussion boards, including front and two edges. In leading, it demonstrates the name, types and scales of dairy powders. In both sides, it'll show nutrition component, instructions, make information, etc. The image on cylindrical cans will be smiling babies. This means that if infants hearing this new milk natural powder, they can increase in healthy.

4. 0 Promotional Communications and Themes

Each campaign will contain the messages and styles. The subject matter and theme of new dairy natural powder is to ensure babies increase in healthy. Therefore, it is necessary for the business to publicize healthy knowledge of babies and how to eat milk natural powder every day. Advertising messages and topics can be mentioned from two aspects:

On one side, the business should publicize the value of milk powder and which nutrition newborns need in the progress phase. Then the parents can have the correct acknowledgement about the nourishment that their babies must supply in the expansion process. Everything that the business provides to the customers must have methodical evidence. The safeness of infants food tend to be worried by parents, so the company would better provide safeness qualification to customers. Any exaggeration and cheat are forbidden since it will leave a bad reputation for the business, that may not be beneficial for future development.

On the other hands, in the campaign phase, the company should clearly deliver the features and eating ways of new milk natural powder. It really is known that we now have many types of milk powder in the market, so the company should focus on their particular features that other companies don't have. For example, the new milk powder will take only balance percentage between DHA and AA (1:1 or 1:2). Unique features are key tips that customers make a decision to get when they have got multiple choices. At the same time, the company needs to train parents how to brew the dairy natural powder in right method. Sometimes, parents are easy to disregard the precise aspects. For example, parents must rinse hands before brewing the milk natural powder and disinfect breastfeeding kitchen appliances. As a consequence, the company must publicize effective knowledge to customers.

Since new milk powder is re-launched in the Australian market, effective campaign strategies are extremely useful because of its fast expansion in market share. Since milk powder market in Australia is very fierce, the business must adopt all kinds of promotional strategies to achieve great results. The first factor is to look at advertisements. According to research, the most three popular advertisements methods are Television set, newspaper and internet in Australia (Chitty, Barker & Valos, 2011); so the company needs to invest a lot of money in making advertisements. Also, this content of advert must be well designed in order to araise customers' attentions. Secondly, the business can promote its milk powder through sponsorship. In Australia, people like athletics very much; so that it is very effective to sponsor some local sports activities conference or other public activies. Third, sales advertising is also very useful. The company may use coupons, discounts and loyalty incentives to attract more customers.

5. 0 Charges Targets and Strategies

The pricing strategy also has the objectives aiming at business increase because of its new milk natural powder in Australian market through the next whole season. First is to get 7% market share in Australian dairy powder market; second is to attain 300, 000 USD net earnings; third is to get a 96% customer satisfaction.

In general, rates strategies include cost--driven costs strategy, competition--driven strategy and customer--driven strategy, and request of different costing strategies mainly depend on the company's inner and external situations(Williams, 2012). For the new milk natural powder, it is a good idea to adopt competition--driven strategy as the primary strategy with certain concern of customer--driven strategy. There are mainly three reasons. First, the company is adult and they have enough funds, and its primary goal is to effectively lead in Australian dairy natural powder market, so cost--saving is not the primary purpose initially; second, competition level is high in Australian market therefore the company must adopt competition--driven strategy in order to contend with other rivals; third, because of the impacts of economic turmoil, more customers focus on cost performance of products, so customer--driven strategy should also be taken into consideration after the company has considered large market talk about.

6. 0 Syndication strategy

The company needs to establish its syndication channel. As being a production company, the distribution channel will be "manufacturer--agent--retailer--customer" (Fahy &Jobber, 2012). It is not sensible if customers purchase milk powder immediately from factory. Considering the high cost of direct investment in Australia, it it still recommended for the company to adopt this indirect circulation channel, because the adult distribution channel is not hard to control. At exactly the same time, the business can reduce the costs and also transform the sales pressure to the brokers or suppliers.


In final result, this report offered a marketing strategy for the business who programs to re-launch a fresh and improved milk powder in Australian market. In order to enable the business to have an understanding of the marketing situations, it made a target market segnment. Through this statement, it is found that marketing activity is very complex with many marketing factors to be looked at; it also implies that effective marketing strategies based on accurate marketing environment evaluation are incredibly necessary.

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