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The Marketing Audits Lo1 Marketing Essay

a. You will find two components of marketing environment micro and macro components some of these are uncontrollable and some of them are controllable. Politics, economic, Friendly, Technological, Legal causes, and indirect rivals are macro the different parts of this environment. These are also uncontrollable pushes. Customers, direct opponents, distributors, suppliers, resources of finance and the public are the micro components of the environment. The audit is the means by which a business can know how it is related and included to the surroundings where it operates. Audit divided into two parts, that are external and inside audit. Market is at the mercy of ongoing change so marketing techniques followed by the company must be strong and open to changes. In case a company is not ready to embrace the new difficulties and opportunities that a changing, growing market provides it is doom to decrease its activities. Therefore, like financial auditing marketing auditing is essential before introducing a new marketing plan. For instance, McDonald's didn't pay attention to the changing needs of customers and changing market. McDonald's eventually altered its longer-term tactical marketing plan after increasing a dull knowledge of the market. You will find volume of techniques and tools to examine organizational capabilities such as Value chain analysis, SWOT Analysis, TOWS Evaluation, Porter's Five Forces, and BCG Matrix. Lets believe that Starbucks is using Value Chain Analysis. It'll proceed through these points to fully assess it.

Inbound Logistics: To acquire one of the highest quality beans available Starbucks collaborated with just a little town to buy the whole stock of coffee beans available.

Operations: the coffee beans that are bought are roasted in Starbucks' own roaster and when the sample is not in the same quality with the other samples it has been discarded. Therefore, it is a pretty complex functions system.

Marketing and Sales: Television set advertisements are not Starbucks' goal. Instead, it is using the most powerful tool; referral marketing and carry out some campaigns. Because, it remarks to provide more than espresso, which is Starbucks experience, company aren't offering so many campaigns and advert.

Human Reference Management: Training of all employees is really important. Employees are respected and there is a suprisingly low turnover rate.

Administration: Starbucks is staying away from becoming a traditional company. Therefore, it generally does not have a formal organizational chart.

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As these example shows, it is inescapable to say that a good quick examination (inside/external) is a must when considering forming a marketing plan in this volatile market environment.

b. For auditing the business, we should go through the capabilities of a company. Our goal is to recognize the firm's talents as compared to requirements of the marketplace. Following capabilities can be reviewed while auditing the business.

Corporate capabilities, Source of information audit, Utilization of resources, financial options, Comparative analysis

There are range of techniques and tools to evaluate organizational functions such as Value string analysis, SWOT Evaluation and BCG Matrix. For Starbucks I've thought we would conduct SWOT Research.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT ANALYSIS can be used for calculating the organization's inside assessment.


Starbucks offer quality caffeine and an experience for customers, which increase brand devotion and client satisfaction.

Starbucks has high brand collateral.

Starbucks is operating in 40 countries worldwide with offering same quality.

Product diversification is high

Very recognized logo design and brand

High awareness locations is an excellent way of getting customers and staling talk about from the competitors

Good relationship with suppliers

Good working environment, happy employees lead to satisfied customers


Prices are higher in comparison to competitors.

Operating costs are high.

Profit of the business depends on caffeine prices.

Starbucks is a whole lot focusing on extension, internal concentrate is ignored


Increasing quantity of competitors.

Health conscious people decreasing the coffee ingestion.

US market saturation and increasing unemployment rate

Coffee price extremely reliant on developing countries


Entering India, Pakistan and other countries with high population

Whole bean sales in supermarkets

Adding new products

Technological advances

New circulation channels

PEST Analysis

PEST ANALYSIS can be used for measuring the organization's goals against affects and needs of environment. It really is a very reliable tool to assess external (uncontrollable) factors in the market.


Relationship between US and countries producing espresso beans

The political stableness of the countries in potential destinations

The political stableness of the countries, which gives recycleables to Starbucks

Environmental regulations

Industry-specific regulations


Demand for food and beverages

Customers' purchasing power

Exchange rate & taxation

Tariffs & quotes

Unemployment rates in potential destinations


Current movements in coffee retailers around world

Consumer Preferences

Changes in lifestyle and occupation

Education of employees and customers


R&D in manufacturing

R&D in biotech and agriculture

R&D in IT

Following social advertising strategies

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Task 2- Barriers to Marketing Planning LO2:

a. McDonald defines 5 areas in marketing planning which could have problems, which can be ethnic, behavioral, cognitive, systems & strategies and resources.

Cultural- lack of perception in planning or dependence on change

Behavioral- insufficient top management support, lack of team coherence

Cognitive- insufficient knowledge and skill

Systems & procedures- lack of data

Resources- insufficient time, people and money

More comprehensive the obstacles are,

1. Dilemma between marketing practices and strategy,

2. Isolating the marketing function from functions,

3. Confusion between the marketing function and the marketing concept.

4. Organizational obstacles -the tribal mentality, for example the failure to explain strategic business units (SBUs) accurately.

5. Insufficient in-depth analysis,

6. Confusion between process and output.

7. Lack of knowledge and skills.

8. Lack of a systematic approach to marketing planning,

9. Inability to prioritize objectives,

10. Hostile commercial cultures

b. Ten S Framework

In order to beat the above obstacles McDonald's Ten S Construction can be used. If they follow this group strategically

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According to Mc Donald,

Principle I: Growing the strategic marketing plan. In this course of action, the time should be between three and five years.

Principle 2: Marketing function should be as close as you possibly can to the consumers.

Principle 3: Define evidently what's marketing.

Principle 4: Company activities should be structured around customer organizations and market segments.

Principle 5: Check out the environment carefully (PEST examination etc. )

Principle 6: Checking the internal environment (SWOT Analysis)

Principle 7: Marketing staff will need to have skills and technological knowledge for the job.

Principle 8: Prepare written techniques, as it is a and organized format for marketing planning.

Principle 9: Objectives should be prioritized regarding to allocation of resources, their urgency.

Principle 10: Company should make sure to have the productive support and participation of culture leaders.

Task 3- The Marketing Plan LO3:

Starbucks must be impressive as the market is so tough and it has lots of challengers. In addition to that, income of Starbucks' are low so that it provides the same good quality. Also to keep and increase brand commitment, Starbucks provides different ideas all the time. As people get bored easily of products and services offered. Starbucks is wanting to find and adopt new ideas all the time, they have an online site called My Starbucks Idea for folks. Community stocks their ideas in this platform and maybe Starbucks would apply some of them. Developing meaningful products and services for long-term success. Impressive alternatives are developed to boost people's lives and also to increase demand to the firm. Also, creativity makes businesses to think about why it would like to do something. It makes businesses to look ahead and think about the possible problems that could be resolved. This is achieved through thinking outside the box.

New product development is an essential section of any company online marketing strategy.

There are some ways for new product development. For instance producing/creating products that are completely new to the earth (Tablet pcs), Product improvements (Panthene Shampoos with conditioner), product alterations (mobile phones), new brands. Starbucks may use these 4 ways to build up products. When we apply these ways to Starbucks and its products;

Products new to the entire world: Frozen Starbucks espresso cubes.

Product improvements: Espresso mocha which makes you sleeping better and flavor stronger.

Product adjustments: Coffee with no fat. Cappuccino with an increase of skimming.

New brands: Starbucks for juniors-Starkids.

Pricing: There are many ways for charges such as price making, price taking, niche market marketing, cost-based costing, market-oriented prices, price skimming, and price penetration etc. Among these prices techniques Starbucks can use price making for new products. Since, Starbucks is the market leader. It has the opportunity to determine the market prices. Price creators can also manipulate the prices easier to modify market conditions. Therefore, the autonomy of control is a lot higher.

Distribution: Manufacturers can sell right to customers. Manufacturers can sell to merchants and then to customers or company can sell to wholesaler, wholesaler can sell to dealer and dealer can sell to customer. In cases like this, Starbucks is the manufacturer, wholesaler (providing to other sellers such as Kroger's etc. ) and the retailer. Moreover, instead of traditional ways of distribution a firm can use vertical marketing route too.

In this model, all three functions are integrated. Supplier is also in contact with the wholesaler and with the dealer. This includes writing information, and know-how to ensure that certain requirements of customers are always cured as the priority. This is a powerful model for Starbucks as it is modern and well suited for Starbucks. In addition to circulation method, company must also decide on the distribution level of its products such as exclusive, selective and extensive distribution. With regards to distribution intensity, intense distribution method is appropriate for Starbucks. Macintosh HD:Users:sara:Desktop:Display screen Shot 2012-06-25 at 9. 20. 43 PM. png

Communicating: The communication tools are advertising, radio, magazines, television channels, direct marketing, personal selling, deals, exhibitions, telemarketing, occurrences, pr, sponsorship, and merchandising.

Marketing marketing communications (advertising) blend for Starbucks.


If Starbucks opens new location reminder advertising should be done.

If Starbucks would like to inform and stress the guaranteed satisfaction for consumers persuasive advertising should be achieved.

If Starbucks creates a fresh taste for a beverage helpful advertising should be done.

Public relations:

This is an important technique for Starbucks as it can be an essential technique for community relationship. Moreover, movie star endorsement can be considered a vital technique to target young consumers.

Social Media Marketing:

In today's world consumers are very connected and sociable. Therefore, it is rather very important to companies to remain linked with potential consumers.

d. The brand new product for Starbucks is "create your own Frappuccino".

Firstly, we need a review of the environment (PEST and SWOT). Then we have to conduct 7P Examination then we need a review of the marketing system. The following point to do is clarifying goals and targets. If our objectives and strategies are possible in conditions of the marketplace share, sales, costs and gains we can continue with this plan, if not we have to revise our company goals. Finally, we can set up targets and requirements.

Analysis stage

Marketing audit, environmental and organizational evaluation (see process 1 for SWOT and Infestations)

Planning stage

Setting objectives is in this part. "Customize your Frappuccino" will earn 20% of the marketplace share within 2 years is our new goal for the new product.

Implementation stage

Promotion mix: Informative TV and magazine advertisings for the new product should be done. Also, through Facebook and Twitter public media promotions will be began.

Pricing: As the first choice of the market, we make the purchase price. For a restricted time Customized Frappuccinos are for 4 $ (additional fees might occur credited to seasonal changes and extreme amount of choices).

Distribution: Same strategy vertical marketing route applies here too.

In addition to these, we concentrate on people around 15- 45 who enjoy attempting new things and also have an unbiased personality.

Monitoring stage

The last level in the marketing planning process is where we keep an eye on the plan's performance.

This diagram can be used to be able to examine and keep an eye on the achievement of the program. Among our short-term goals might be increasing the awareness of the product 30% by the end of 8 weeks in Berlin. What's taking place? Are we near to achieve it? Why or you will want to? Macintosh HD:Users:sara:Desktop:Display screen Shot 2012-06-26 at 1. 19. 05 AM. png

Task 4- Honest Issues LO4 :

a. Some honest issues in marketing are product recalls, product issues, product market research, prices issues (price repairing, predatory charges etc. ). Considering these headings, Starbucks have couple of ethical issues, which are also taken into account by social media too. First of all, for a long time Starbucks claimed their cups are disposable/ green but consumers learnt that it wasn't recyclable. This is a product issue. There is also another concern that Starbucks is making almost every other small coffee retailers close their doorways. Therefore, it is decreasing the competition by acquiring more and more places (to become more convenient), which may also be discussed whether it's moral or not. Since, Starbucks is a very big company and has good romantic relationship with the caffeine coffee beans' suppliers, it is buying all the premium coffees in an exceedingly small town, which is unfair to other competitors.

b. Marketing Mix & Ethical Issues: Because, Starbucks promoted its coffee mugs as green it is bogus or misleading advertising. This might damage the trustworthiness of the business and reduce brand loyalty. Among the major honest problem and its own implication on the circulation is the constraints of supply. There is a tiny town, which produces high quality, top quality coffees and their product is bought buy Starbucks only. Starbucks buy large levels of coffee beans in comparison to its competitors across the world it is therefore inevitable to state that Starbucks both will have negative and positive image among consumers, opponents and media. Moral issues will arise, the primary success is diminishing and getting rid of this ethical problems with sponsorship or good commercial relationships. Personal advertising and counterfeiting (other honest issues) don't connect with Starbucks case.

c. Starbucks is the only coffee shop (looking at to Costa or Espresso Nero) that markets fair trade espresso. "Fairtrade guarantees a minimum price that tracks just a little above market rates, the Rainforest Alliance label only promises that 30% of coffees in a product have been accredited ". In my own point of view, the main ethical issue Starbucks is their strategy of broadening. It ignores other smaller retailers and other locally possessed coffee shops go out of business and face personal bankruptcy. The Fairtrade Symbol guarantees that UNDER-DEVELOPED producers get an excellent arrangement for the goods that they develop.

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