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The Market Qualifiers And Order Winner Marketing Essay

Samsung among the leading companies for the electronic products has their business protected almost all around the world, their success are mainly based on the impressive products with a comparatively low price. Although they are not in the leading position in the photographic developing industry, their products with the ground breaking design and relatively low prices can still help them hold a certain range of customers. This statement gives a view of just how do Samsung control their supply chain while find themselves a proper position in the camera processing industry.

Based on the four main aims for customer value ---- quality, cost, service and lead time, the client value of Samsung can be summarized as follow: Customers who bought the Samsung surveillance cameras would normally understand that they were delivered for a better product and service than other brands on a single price.

To sum up, the nature of customer value in the camera industry is somehow to supply the innovative products while cut the cost down. However, because the product life pattern in this industry gets shorter, companies must do more effort to balance the expense of developing new technology and the consistency of turning income. Samsung's success is a good example of value position and the caution of the customer value.

Pressure on the source chain

In the high-tech industry, operational performance is securely linked to the source chain performance. Product supply, lead time and cost as three major factors define the profitability of something brand are also impacted by supply string performance to a large extent. [3]

In the case of Samsung, who do not outsource their making part, instead, they may have created their own "cell-based" manufacturing system that doubles the development for their whole product collection. [4] Thus, they may have less strain on the product availability looking at to their opponents. However, being cared for in another way to the LCD products, the development of Samsung digital camera models is not spent a lot on the part of technology development. They simply buy the technology from other companies and then add functions as well as the designs. Therefore, the time to market is among the most major pressure within the Samsung source chain.

Samsung as the world's leading electronic digital development company have efficiently managed their marketing strategy, by arranging themselves into a proper value position and understanding the needs from their aim for customers. Therefore, an effective service could be provided in to the certain target groups which attributes with their huge income even in amount of the global economical turmoil. However, the pressure on their supply chain, especially in the lead time sector has brought them some barriers that would have to be conquered. Nevertheless, the exceptional performance of Samsung continues to be reflecting their successful online marketing strategy as well as the best control of their source chain.

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