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The Management Information Systems Of Toyota Information Technology Essay

Toyota is one of the greatest automobile and ancillary companies of the world. To date, it sold more than 8. 5 million of its various transportation products across 5 continents. Apart from its main brain complex branch in Aiichi, Japan; it offers more than 6 research devices all over Europe, 7 specialized research items only in USA and three more in Asia. They have 52 manufacturing units spread out across the world.

Toyota was founded by Kichiro Toyoda in 1937 as a commercial vehicle developing company. Today it has grown to be on huge Toyota group comprising of 13 companies dealing in auto and ancillary sector.

Toyota is known because of its "Toyota Way" of control and management. Its two strong ideas are constant improvement and value for others. These guidelines enabled this business to be versatile at both technological as well as managerial front side. It used newer technology and always tried to outperform others in every aspect. Toyota was one of the first automobile organizations to make use of management information systems to handle various IT related issues.

Management Information System is a well planned system which collects, process, store and circulate data to managers helping them in their decision making. It consists of four main sections:

Enterprise Reference System; Supply String Management; Customer Romance Management; and Knowledge Management.

What is Customer Relationship Management

It is generally applied technique to manage customer relations, sales prospect and customers. It mainly deals with automating and synchronizing functions like sales, marketing, service and tech support team.

It includes Operational Marketing Information System which consists of sales, advertising, sales campaign, pricing systems and up to a certain degree even warehousing system.

This system allows managers to make smarter decisions by giving them with prepared, relevant, current information about various functional activities of the complete organization. To work, marketing information systems must be coordinated with other operation information systems which is done so by using Enterprise Learning resource Product.

CRM and Toyota

Toyota Group, being so widely spread out all over the world, it uses multiple Management Information systems software. Handful of which, interacting in sales and marketing, are:

Oracle CRM on demand E-Business Suit contain Oracle CRM on demand Sales Automation, Oracle CRM on demand Analytics, Oracle on demand E-MAIL MARKETING, etc. (Used in India and Midsection East)

SAP SD module (Found in North America)

EPICOR Saas ERP solution which contain Express CRM(Used in Australia)

Sales Cloud 2 (Used in USA)

TLI CRM (Europe)

Each software have their own specializations but each one of these software have been custom-made to have one common web portal system through which data from one region and go to another with no compatibility issues.

Sales Life Cycle in Toyota

The various operations involved in sales of a specific product and exactly how these processes are made very efficient and less costly by making use of above mentioned software are:

Procurement of requests, processing of orders, following after sales, completion of purchases, micromarketing, getting in touch with customers and telemarketing, making studies, warehousing, etc.

The organization framework of Toyota must be understood to comprehend various other functions involved.

Each developing industry of Toyota is connected to a couple of vendors and warehouses through its sales and syndication department. It is merely involved in the manufacture of various parts of a car unit which can be then sent to a warehouse where they are really assembled to give a completed vehicle unit. This is predicated on the rule Just In Time which implies that only on the foundation no. of orders procured, that lots of cars are created. There is no inventory of vehicles and this is dependant on market demand.

Each country has one or more than one distributor. This distributor is linked to a couple of dealers. These traders can market only to a particular city, region in just a city or a specific type of vehicle such as industry vehicles. Each dealer has his own database of customers, that happen to be segregated based on financial position, purchase (multiple times specifically for Industry vehicles) etc. This databases is shared with the Toyota Administrative head office to the company through password protected online portal system which cannot be accessed by another dealer. This original feature has been instrumental in fostering a solid relationship between your company and the traders.

And thus the no. of traders are only in India are around 500 and increasing (largest by a foreign automobile). This establishes a good supply chain.

Plus each seller has usage of the key Toyota India website where they can put in a query, check on car availableness, configure various features as per customer demand and place an order. These features can be found on Oracle based software. Its features are:

Vehicle Order Control System: Tailor made website for each and every dealer. This website is present on the network limited to traders using Oracle Lovers online. The website has many features such as a section for new products, promotions to be launched by Toyota in approaching month; estimation of no. of sales by other sellers; analysis column to analyze the sales; special feature to make sales statement, calls record. Please make reference to Fig. 1 and 2

Dashboard: Oracle web includes 7 Dashboards. Dashboards were created in such a way that it exhibits real- time information in clear graphical forms. Dashboard is exported to a XML template this reduces traffic and retains good movement of information. All real time information is retrieved from CRM using dot world wide web application, this is performed so using Oracle Partners Online web services, and this ensures continuous feed of data to XML template which changes into visual format. This boosts application rate and increases managerial decision making by giving them with relevant up to date data. Also, all Dashboards have guaranteed accesses and they will notify the administrator immediately if any change is made in the regular tasks. This can be accessed from everywhere through a private Key number. So the manager is maintained informed even when he is on the road. It saves lots of time. Please make reference to Fig. 3

Sales Force Automation systems: These systems are made to increase productivity of salespeople. Different activities engaged are id of potential customers, contacting them, making sales pitches, closing the sale, following up, and make customer call reports and travel expense reports. This center is directed at both salespeople of the Toyota India as well as retailers. This feature can be used to show presentation to the customers, manage sale circuit. This also contains telemarketing but over here the customers are basic and the key aim is to build awareness about the merchandise alternatively than pitching deal. The information are pre- registered; the data source is obtained from tele- support agencies such as Just Dial, Meru, etc. Sales Force Automation Systems have two main Subsystems- Potential client Information System and Contact Management System. The ex - one handles locating potential customers and adding this segregated data to the main electronic database within the administrative headquarters. These online directories can be searched by Oracle Mapping Software. While the latter ones are used to develop sales record data for each and every customer, their personal preferences, number of sales per customer; this information is also used to evaluate work performance of each sales person. So ultimately it is used to generate connections and conduct targeted marketing. Make reference to 4 and 5.

Delivery Monitoring and Routing Systems: Customers prefer to receive their autos on time. So rather than calling a rep and asking him /her for the location of the car or at what level of set up it is, which is exactly what usually happens in a manual system. In every the Toyota vehicles a GPS tracking system has been utilized and there is a monitoring software which displays the position of the bundle which reduces response period to customer's query. And this helps enhance customer marriage. This Monitoring software is made compatible to the web services of Oracle and so it is included in the server.


If SWOT research is usually to be performed on Toyota then its information system would definitely be its strength. Despite Toyota Group being disseminate all over the world, still a manager from USA Manufacturing facility communicates with a supplier in India. That exemplifies the value of CRM and its pivotal role in coping with todays rapidly changing technological world.


Fig. 1 Screenshot of CRM

Fig. 2 Vehicle Order Processing System

Fig. 2 Vehicle Order Control System

Fig. 3 Dashboard

Fig. 4 SALES TEAM Automation System

Fig. 5 Sales Cycle

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