The Management Information System Management Essay

This assignment handles how Management Information Systems (MIS) helps the business at different degree of management. II will also speak about IS Function, the types of MIS and their interrelationship and also give real examples. At the end I am going to discuss UPS as a case that Utilize MIS to get revenue for the proper objective. .

: In the second Task, I talked about about all types of MIS in the Organization. And different between TPS and every other 2 MIS types. I'll explain business process and how do Management Information System help enhance. And I am going to also describe how Management Information System help the business gain competitive benefits.

In Activity 3 I'll show real life benefits associated with Management Information System systems and devices at UPS. Full name of UPS is UNITED PARCEL SERVICE. All technology used in UPS, All list of UPS stakeholders. The type of information is help by UPS. What are the helps of UPS to the customers etc.

Introduction to MIS:

Information systems at management level to provide the function of planning, controlling, and decision making by providing routine conclusion and expectation accounts (Laudou, 2004)

This system starts with details of employees and their rates of pay and techniques this data to create bank pay slips, exchanges, etc. The machine also provides information on, for example, the payroll cost of staff in the many departments and levels within the business. (Whiteley D, 2007)

Management Information System is used in a huge or small company like College or university for student's information, Fees information etc, for small company like very market or off license etc.

Management Information System is very difficult to learn and it is very expansive for users. It is also use in the business application for big company like Microsoft, oracle, etc.

Management Information System helps each company like HR, MKT, MGT, FIN etc. and group has three different levels like Strategic, Management and Operational.

All types of Management Information System in the organization like TPS, MIS, EDI, CEM, MRS, DSS, EIS, SIS, KMK, and OIS.

World's major company which is package with courier its name is UPS(United Parcels Service).

It is biggest company in the world for parcels and it is use Management Information System system for growing up its business which is top first in the list.

The company uses 14 mainframes, 2, 820 Mid-range pcs, 120, 000 PCs, 6, 100 machines, and

80, 000 cellular handheld Data Information Acquisition Device (DIADs); while its global telecommunications network has 2, 445 network sites.

So in the last I'd say the Management Information System is popular system for every company, big supermall, small shops nut it isn't very easy to install in your system because it is very hard to learn and install expanse is high so no buddy install in the their system. And Management Information System is being employed by UPS which is world's biggest company of parcels.

Task 1: Management Information system.


Management Information Systems (MIS) is the word directed at the discipline centered on the integration of computer systems with the goals and aims on an organization.

An information system is business software of the computer. It is not just providing Information but also about processing business transaction. It is also data handling systems and business transaction digesting system.

An organized combo of people, hardware, software, sites and data resources that get hold of, transforms, and disseminates information in the business. " (James O'Brien, 1998)

The Management and development of it tools assists executives and the general workforce in executing any jobs related to the handling of information. Management Information System and business systems are especially useful in the creation of reports to be used as tools for decision making the collation of business data.

Management Information System interpretation:

We are in the midst of a quickly moving river of technology, tools and business technology that is changing the global business surroundings. (Laudon, 2004)

The emerging Internet business culture is a set of hope that we all share

World is becoming like a tiny community. And in this situation Management Information System is an extremely big part of this world. Management Information System is using everywhere you go and largely in the big shopping mall, IT departments etc. Microsoft has been using Management Information System system which is wonderful for those people, and it is very commonly using in simple store also. Management Information System is very expensive and very hard to learn. A large company or a large origination can use this if indeed they can price behind this technique.

This system is one type is server and consumer role. If one company has big infrastructure to allow them to utilize this system easily. Suppose there exists one company like Sainsbury. It includes so many branches in UK. So it has Management Information System and by using Management Information System system they can find out about every branches details mean how much deal is done by that shop. As well as can also order from this system to main branch so main branch can know what must that branch with in how many days.

Business application :

An information system is business application of the computer.

One type of software which is improve the level of company. It can help to increases income, accuracy of personnel, management etc. It is very big management software which is very hard to learn. It includes so many good and bas things.

An information system is a small business software of the computer. Many of the business applications that you come crossways in everyday routine.

Information systems are frequently specialist applications and, in some cases, they are very large systems. Desktop plans such as spreadsheets and word processors are also used for industry applications (in effect person information systems). List some business applications of

Desktop applications. (Whitely D, 2007)

Here give a full example for business request. Sainsbury is one of big shopping mall in UK. It includes many retailers in UK. So Sainsbury is uses Business Application(MIS). So that it is very helpful for Sainsbury but it is very expansive and very hard to learn and staff must be licensed so they can learn it easily than others. It is gather data from all shops from UK which is also provide facility for just how many items need to shop where so when, and exactly how much transaction is done by that shop per day, it can know very easily, main benefits for this application is application can knows every think from a main centre server like how much items needs that outlets, payments salary, who've holiday which day to allow them to organise easily to other person in front of see your face.

Differences between Data, Information, Knowledge

Data is one kind if row materials It can are present in any form, useful or not. It generally does not have meaning

of itself. In computer parlance, a spreadsheet generally begins by keeping data.

Information allow to us describe to knowledge. We are able to take data in information.

For example take one picture of you therefore the photograph is information but what you appear to be it is data.

Knowledge is collection of data and information. You can't currently store knowledge in anything apart from a brain, because a brain connects it all alongside one another. Everything is inter-connected in the brain. Computers aren't manufactured brains. They don't understand what they are digesting, and can't make self-employed decisions based upon what you inform them.






Information is a difference which makes a difference

unstructured, uninformed facts

To conceive of knowledge as a collection of information appears to rob the concept of most of its life. . . Knowledge resides in the user rather than in the collection. It is how the user reacts to a assortment of information that matters


On the up area provide the full information about data, information, and knowledge.

Inputs of HR and marketing.

What are the role of the IS function in a firm.

We are in the midst of a quickly moving river of technology and business enhancements that is changing the global business surroundings. An entirely new Internet business culture is rising with deep implications for the do of business. (Laudon laudon, 2008)


If you are controlling of the business so you need to know about IS so you can carry on the good company. If you have the right knowledge of Is indeed you can easy make profit, arrange good management etc.

The IS function exists as the user interface between the business similarly and the IT infrastructure (computer, storage space and marketing communications network) on the other hand. The organization does a numbers of function and many of these can be handled of assisted by the application of IS. It may well be that folks within the business will have knowledge and know-how to use IT equipment and informant system.

And significant IS developments will normal have a task team setup to do the task involved. The task needs to be planned and then your activity has been made.

As well as being o time the task needs to be considered a quality system it must be fit with the objective for which it is intended. Aswell as ensuring the machine is ready the users of the machine have to be ready. A new system can require sweeping changes in working live out and it requires careful likely to ensure all will go easily and that the users are completely trained whenever a new or increased system is launched.

Once time system is developed the project team must check that it works proper or not. The system needs to manage all possible inputs, produce the right end result and perform successfully in the operational environment.

How Management Information System help each business function (MKT, FIN, MGT)

MARKETING: MIS is great for marketing like if anyone need any kind of information related marketing so that it is super easy to see in general management Information System system. By this you can know the progress of company, which departments needs what so when, and any person of any departments can know all the information about everything which is providing by the company. And main good thing about Management Information System in marketing is any a main department can really know what is company procedure for marketing, offering or purchasing of company etc.

Finance: About the funding so company can know what is the procedure of company what is the status of finance on the market so they know very well what to do about financing in the business. You may know choose the Management Information System system about company income and lack of the complete time (like every month or season). Also you can set up the salary of the whole staff in the company by help of Management Information System system.

Management: A most powerful part of company is management. It really is depend that how is company big so management also big. A corporation know by the its management. You could arrange the personnel mean who's working where and on the which position. Also by the management company can improve by financing or credit also.

Organization levels:

There are three degrees of organization

Strategic :

Management :

Operational :

Organization has three levels those are proper (executive support systems (ESS)), Management (management information systems (MIS) and decision-support systems (DSS)) and Operational (deal processing systems (TPS)).

At on each level there will vary type of purchase is occur in ESS it is help to make decision. ESS assists the strategic degree of organization. It really is design to include data about exterior happenings such as new tat regulations or competitors. ESS empleyes the most move forward design software and can present graphs and data from many sources.

At the middle level Management Information System and DSS do help company like sales managements reports, sales region examination, inventory control, development scheduling, annual budgeting, profitability research, relocation cost control and control cost evaluation.

At the last level TPS also helps to business as order handling, material point in time control, payroll profile payable, employee details keeping. So in this level company's all transaction happen.

ESS is an integral part of proper level. ESS is a graphic part of group; it is really helps to make programming visual. This section makes all kind of visual for program like for web design, application. To allow them to make better program for user and it is a one most part of program. In this case most end user are draw in form the visual of application and buy the application and even it is most part so they must utilize this form software.

TPS is an integral part of last level. It really is use to business deal a data in company, there are so many types of data has been entered by staff. So they type in so many part of a data source like the add about complete day transaction like at which branch how much deal is done then when they want other items (if they have any other branched).

Like for example about Sainsburys which is a big retail center in UK. They have all kind of facility for any branches. If one user make accessibility for just about any items transaction for this will be gone to the main computer of the Sainsburys it suggest any one can access that exchange from everywhere if indeed they get access to show that items. And if indeed they have authority as a main director or something high position in company.

It is server consumer program so that it is as Management Information System request it is very expansive and incredibly hard to learn since it has many feathers and many hard things like entry of a big package of any transfer at that time it is hard if end user don't know usually it is very easy to make an access.

Also it is create other services like if in a one shop when they have delivery day, when they need item, do they have ant items in a stock or not, which means this all thing can be know by TPS. So that it is very help full to each level company.

Water life pattern and its own parts.

The traditional system development lifecycle is the waterfall lifecycle. Within the waterfall lifecycle the phases are performed in succession an illustration of the waterfall lifecycle is revealed down and it can be represented with an increase of the five phases.

Feasibility Study

System Evaluation and Design

Program and Device Test

System and Approval Test


(Whiteley D. , 2007)

Feasibility study:

A short analysis to resolve if the proposed system is officially practicable,

Economically useful and ethically justified. When the tasks are to proceed the feasibility

study includes the conditions of reference, a project plan and finances estimates for the prospect phases of the development.

The feasibility study produces a written report that is employed to determine if the job should get the go-ahead.

System evaluation and design:

A full analysis to resolve certain requirements for the Computer system and to map

those requirements onto the computers.

This is depend on the company that which kind of system needs company and which type identification hardware needs in the machine and what kind of design want company form end user.

The system examination and design stage may well consider options for changing the business process and will also have to determine the appropriate hardware and system software to be utilized for the job.

This research is then mapped onto a reasonable system and this subsequently is translated into

a design for the technological implementation. The stage includes a in depth analysis of the commerce needs of the business.

Programming and product test:

In this part all users converts the design into computer code and tests each component of that

Computer code whether it is working well or not they can find error if indeed they got in the machine.

Computer programs have to be written for every single area of the system.

They use driftnet kind of terms to make system using a conventional encoding words programs will be written as a series of modules (perhaps by way of a figure of programmers). Each one of these modules ought to be the subject of independent and detailed testing. To allow them to find with no trouble error and solve that problem in a moment. The alternatives to typical coding are a 'fourth era terms' (4GL), software generator, or the utilization of bought in software packages.

System ensure that you acceptance test:

This is a main part of the system and each of system exceeded thought this part. In this system assessment, by the job team, and system popularity trials, by the users. And if they need other facilities so they tell to programming team to add that fetter in to the system In the system and acceptance assessments the distinct modules of the system

are brought alongside one another and analyzed as a total system. The machine needs

to be analyzed to ensure that:

The interfaces between the modules work (Integration Test).

The system works on the planned system and with the expected

volumes of data (Level Test).

The system does indeed what the users require than it (Acceptance Test / Beta

Test). (Whitely D, 2007)


This is a last part of routine. Using the system including error modification and advancement they make perfect to the system.

The system is made live and is employed for its planned business purpose.

IS function involved with training the users to allow them to know they system that how to use and use that system and associated procedures. There will be a support function that deals with

Queries and mistakes as they arise. When one consumer learns this technique so he can teach to other people so company can save its time and other things. There will also be enhancement to improve the system and deal with changes running a business requirements (Depend on what company needs changed and the type of facilities. )

Task 2 - Types of Management Information System

Introduction of Management Information System and its own types:

These days and nights information system provides the meaning and analytic ability that companies need to execute business and manage their procedures across function. Some functions of Management Information System system include controlling the far-flung global company in a globalized financial communication with vendors, system, coordination global work team, and aiding worldwide reporting needs.

There are six major type of Management Information System types. Each kind has its job like what exactly are the inputs from user(Input (Task) which is directed at particular type). What will be processing of this type? What exactly are the outputs from that particular type and who are using that type like ESS is utilized by Senior supervisor, DSS can be used by staff administrator, Management Information System is utilized by middle supervisor, KWS is employed by technical staff, OS is used by Clerical employees and TPS can be used by supervisors.

Here down provide full talk of Management Information System types with details.

Type of system

Information Input


Information output



Aggregate Data;

Internal, external

Graphics; simulation

Projections; reactions to queries

Senior manager


Low-volume data ; analytic models & tools

Interactive ; simulation

Special records ; decision analysis

Professionals ; personnel managers


Summary transaction data ;

High volume level data ;

simple models

Routine studies ; low level analysis

Summary and exception reports

Middle manager


Design standards ;

Knowledge base

Modeling ; simulation

Models; graphics

Professionals ; complex staff


Documents ; schedules

Document management ; scheduling; communication

Documents ; Schedules ;mails

Clerical workers


Transaction ; events

Sorting; listing ; merging ;updating

Detailed records ; lists; summaries

Operation employees;


Different between TPS, MIS and DSS:

Transaction Handling Systems (TPS) is finalizing data manipulation of company. Management information system (MIS) is a handling of routilnes and simple types of company. Decision Support Systems (DSS) is process between individuals and machine for make good decision.

TPS do inputs of deal and record of company and deal with those record like company salary, goods in etc. Management Information System do inputs high quantity transaction data in to the company. DSS do inputs purchase/aggregate data, analytical models for company.

TPS gives result of varied details operation reviews of business deal of and good, salary of company personnel, company good stocks and options and so many more. Management Information System gives output like company managements survey and company processing chart etc. DSS outputs decision evaluation, responses to ad hoc query. Professional, staff is use DSS to make decision between real human and machine.

Operational level worker end user use TPS for all this transaction. Most focus of TPS is improve efficiency of organised data handling like Management Information System do design marking ideas, devolve a team budget and design a fresh corporate site. Middle level managers are use Management Information System for all transaction. Most target of Management Information System is increase the efficiency and effectiveness of management for midsection managers. Must focus of DDS is on escalates the effectives of your choice made by middle manager.

What is Business process and just how do Management Information System help Enhance Company.

The new digital firm business situation requires companies to believe more tactically about their business process. . Some business processes support the major function regions of the company, others are cross-function. Here I show one desk exemplory case of business process for each of the functional areas. Business steps also make reference to the unique ways in which company and management organize their tendencies.

Many business procedures are cross-function, deal the boundaries between sales, marketing, creation and reach and development, these cross useful processes cut across the traditional organizational, grouping employees from different useful specialties to complete a piece of work.

For example, the order execution process at many companies requires co-operation among the sales function the accounting function and the industrialized function. Under image shows how this cross function process my work.

Management Information System help the business gain Competitive Gain:

Management information system (MIS) is the primary area of the company. It comes at middle of system chart and down demonstrates how Management Information System work in business.

mis help the business gain competitive edge and they have so many feather for the business. Management Information System is do sales management for company mean how much deal id done by company people, within company and by sales men, it's all record keep bye mis in the business. Second is sales region examination mean how much good sold in which area and with in what time, when next goods need that one area. Next is inventory control its help with keeping record for at what time, to which place and full information on goods goes out Form Company and row material comes in the company. Production scheduling is help for when company must make goods and send it to the areas on the market or other retails outlets on the market.

If they have got any dividends goods so even additionally it is show. Total annual budget is how much for 12 months and how much company has to expanse behind goods and other else things like company staff members salary, fixed expanses, bank, other electronic charge etc. if company provides row material to other company so Management Information System help with keeping record the when, where and from which person who goods is fully gone. Management Information System also think about profit by the end of yr that in this season compant really needs anywhere near this much of profit.

Suppose if beyond market is very uninteresting so for the reason that situation what has to company do shall do low a prise of items or another thing so they make all desiccation before it and make company better to stay in market

There are so many help by Management Information System to company gain like Management Information System is a worldwide business program so any friend can get access to it from everywhere and show everything about company for example in UK you can find big retail center name M&S. it is electric power full company in the united kingdom. And it is using Management Information System system in M&S so if company's main team want to know that how much items bought from this whole day so they can know easily by Management Information System system. And yes it is show that where is items needs and where is stock is going less so they can easily send items to be for stock.

So this is a small exemplory case of Management Information System system even a major company Microsoft is also using this business application for gain of company.

Task 3: UPS can be an international company using MIS.

United Parcel Service (UPS), the world's greatest air and ground package Distribution Company, began in 1907 in a closet-sized basement office. UPS is started by two person who are Jim Casey and Claude Rayan -two young adults from settle with two bicycle and one mobile phone and promise of "Best Service in Lowest Rate". UPS has used this formulation of success and come to at world's most significant ground and air program Syndication Company.

Now times UPS delivers more than 13. 6 million parcels and documents every day in the United Condition and much more than 200 countries and territories, the organization had been in a position to maintain leader ship in small bundle delivery services despite stiff competition from FedEx and Airborne Exhibit by investing heavily in advance it.

Micro Infrastructure of UPS:

The standard network communications of UPS is publicized in as below.

A company has 2 data centers: the RAMAP Ridge data middle in Mahwah, New Jersey and then Windward data centre in Atlanta, Georgia. The business uses 14 mainframes, 2, 820 Mid-range computer systems, 120, 000 Personal computers, 6, 100 machines, and 80, 000 wireless handheld Data Information Acquisition Device (DIADs). While it's global telecommunication network has 2, 445 network sites. The UPS helps the business achieve many of its goals, UPS website received typically 115 million clients then as a business day and online tracking demands average 9. 1 million queries per business day(www. ups. com)

UPS mainframes are linked to the Direct Access Safe-keeping Devices (DASD. ), which currently storage area capacity of 470 tarabutes(in Giga byes : 481280). The capacity of the information exchange rate of the mainframe network is 23, 607 million commands per second (MIPS). The business's 2, 820 mid-range personal computers are strategically located at UPS' major hula about the world

On the web site front web page of UPS is shown below. F:\Documents and Settings\chiru\Desktop\untitled. bmp

On this site chosen country is INDIA.

UPS is very huge company so that it must has stream of information that from where to where data is being handed and by who's these details is being transferred. So to the UPS been using a portable computer called a Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD), a UPS drivers can automatically record customer's signatures along with pickup, delivery, and time-card information. The drivers then places the DIAD into UPS truck's vehicle adapter, an information - transmittind device that is connected with cellular mobile phone netword. Offer traking information is then sent to UPS's computer network for storage space and control in UPS's main computer in Mahwah, NJ, and Alpharetta, Georgia. Following that information can be usage of anyone who has permission to gain access to that one information, and customer can observe his parcel where is caught.

By this automatic package tracking system, UPS can screen packages thought the delivery process. At various point over the rout from sender to receiver, bar-code devices svan shipping information on the deal label. Then the information is fed to the primary central computer. Anyone with a bundle to dispatch can gain access to the UPS website to observe plans, check delivery routes, calculate shipping and delivery rates, determine amount of time in arrange UPS delivery and monthly bill the shipments to the company's UPS account statistics or to a credit card.

Database of UPS:

According to UPS, the business operated the most significant DB2 relative databases in the world.

The DB2 can be an open source data source developed by IBM (International Business Machine). The company data source size is 18. 41 terabytes which is sufficiently capable to take care of all information concerned in tracking packages and paperwork UPS provides daily, plus the rest of the function needed by UPS, the repository are not only huge they are also broadband stare of the industry, with the capacity of reading 0. 387 terabytes each hour.

The information stored in the DB2 database together writing with information form there corporate function is stored in the data warehouse, which has capacity of 7, 618 terabytes, one of the major Oracle database in what. How big is data which may be retrieved and refined on a regular basis from the info warehouse is up to 30, 000 TB.

Online Tools of UPS:

In Apr 6, 1999 UPS comprehensive its ambitious deployment of ground breaking electronic business by deploying its online tools. There system allows the client to perk up customer support by minimizing cost and keeping its customers alert on their e-commerce website.

UPS Signature Traffic monitoring SM:

This tool allows to authorized customer to trail packages and receive the most complete proof delivery available at customer. Customer will receive the digitized personal of the person who agreed upon for the delivery, the full delivery address, COD amount collected and the reference number associated with the delivery.

Enhanced Tracking:

This powercul tool allows shippers and their customer's monitor their shipments from the shipper's e-comers site suing a guide form e. g. : a purchase order quantity. The customer is able to ascertain here its deal is in the delivery process.

UPS is by using a dial device for keep all kind of information in the databases.

http://static. howstuffworks. com/gif/ups-10. jpg

This device of for online indication form customer and store in to the main computer by online system and keep all record like what thing was that, amount, right address etc.

In the UPS system there so many stakeholders each is below:

Current Customers

Community in General


Suppliers to the Company


New Potential Customers

Competitors in Industry

Owners of Company

There are some good thing about UPS the following :

The development of the DIAD IV will cost UPS $22 million and will be produced by Icon Technologies Inc. It really is expected that over 70, 000 will be deployed to delivery motorists worldwide (Brewin, 2003).

The new DIAD IV works Microsoft. Net over a Windows CE operating system and has 128 megabytes of memory

The company was shipping almost 3, 000 devices per week and were in dire need for a logistics upgrade to boost its logistically performance.

The amount of data that may be retrieved and processed on a regular basis from the info warehouse is up to 30, 000 terabytes

World Dispatch is proprietary software that allows shippers to manage all shipping activities using their own Computer.

RFID systems used today use an assortment of passive tags energized by an area audience/scanner and lively tags which contain their own battery that operating on Course 0 (125-KHz) or School 1 (13. 56-MHz) frequencies.

Industry hasn't fully adopted this technology considering that RFID labels are much more costly when compared to a paper pub code brands; they can range from $. 40 to over a dollars per label (Roberti, 2004).

UPS Cordless LAN project will definitely cost more than $100 million, but will save the business $13. 7 million over five years (Mobileinfo. com, 2002).


I learnt very much from every single task. You will discover somany benefits of Management Information System in this current IT level. Management Information System is caught each and every where of company, business, big department stores etc. most benefits of Management Information System is it is simple to brings all information form data and very easy showing reports. Nonetheless it is vary expansive to acquire and installed in PC. Those can purchase who have big business, an organization etc.

From first task I learned that what is supposed by Management Information System? Management Information System within firm. What is business application suggest the type of business application companies are using for them revenue and how it is show reports to customer and simple to use. What are different between DATA, INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE? What exactly are the departments of Management Information System within firm? Management Information System helps each origination function like HR, MKT, FIN, and MGT. Three firm levels. And within the last stages of waterfall lifecycle.

In second task I learnt that all types of Management Information System in business like TPS, MIS, EDI, CRM, MRS, DSS, EIS, SIS, KMK, and OIS. I explained different between TPS MIS and DSS. Also I make clear that just how do Management Information System help do improve to company and what's business process.

And in the last I describe that Management Information System help company gain competitive advantages.

In the previous task I learned that world buggiest parcel company's management by Management Information System.

How Management Information System help UPS in to their business to grownup it. The type of technology is employed in UPS, set of all UPS stakeholders? What kind of online system is using in UPS. I learnt that also when this company began and who are the business starter of UPS. The way they expand up their business within short time and their company's promises is "BEST SERVICE AND LOWEST RATES"

How and why communication in business.

Most history of Business is communication I'd say that without communication business is merely like ship without sailor. Now day's communication for business is growing up extremely fast. For example exactly like cellular phone if you have cell phone and that means you can contact to anybody in your business like manager, employees. Now even cell phone are very versatile which you can use internet in your cell phone but in the past time If you want to do communication to other person so that it must take enough time because of they use to work with mail, traditions way of communication (Equine rider, pigeon) so that it take enough time to reached to its destination place.

But if you can see now technology just one click of mouse button and you will send e-mail just in a second and device can get on that time so it is not taking enough time. And also if you would like to speak to and person so just dial a number of his/her mobile phone and direct you can talk to it.

So day by day technology is increasing and becoming adaptable. Within a marker a very important factor is computer. It is most powerful devise in the world. No buddy cans understand to the computer in very profound. There are so many computer developers in a market like Management Information System, and that means you can make your business easy and fast growing and make it profitable.

A computer is that thing where any one can do anything like send e-mail, contacting to other countries, a bad part than it is hack to other company data source, lender money, crash system etc. however if computer has good tips so it has also bad tips like I clarify at hacking. It is very problems for company; a hacker cans still data, money etc. form people. And in addition business needs security to it so they use antivirus form protect to trojan. And it is very dangers thing in the computer history.

They also use anihack to avoid to still those data from hacker.

Now some company use satellite for security to his data from hacker and pathogen. Nonetheless it is very expansive to business. Also from satellite can know who it where, the type of things we can get from where etc.

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