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The Main Marketing Issues Of Emirates Air Lines Marketing Essay

Nowadays the travel and travel and leisure organization is the most popular all over the world. People of the globe are more interested browsing everything. In today's world we can easily see people are browsing by airway as comfortable trip. The next diagram shows the five main industry sector within tourism and hospitality.

Figure 1 - Five main industry sector within tourism and hospitality, OTHM (2012)

After considering the above diagram it can be attended to that Emirates meets as a transportation sector within travel and leisure and hospitality industry. The Emirates Group has disperse its wings into every part of travel and travel and leisure to become leading global company in its field. With one of the youngest fleets in the sky and more than 500 prizes for superiority worldwide, Emirates airline is 1 of 2 key divisions in the group. The other is dnata, which provides services in surface handling, cargo, travel, IT alternatives and flight catering. Established in 1959, today, dnata is the world's fourth largest blended air services professional with a worldwide footprint extending to almost 40 countries. Propelled ahead by their united durability, both have progressed at a phenomenal rate to establish the Emirates Group as an tremendous organisation, spanning a profile greater than 50 brands and employing over 62, 000 people.

Stakeholder Analysis

A 'stakeholder' is anybody or organisation that can be favorably or negatively impacted by, or cause a direct effect on the actions of your company (Freeman 1984). Additionally, it may solve that the individuals and constituencies that contribute, either voluntarily or involuntarily, to its wealth-creating capacity and activities, and are therefore its potential beneficiaries and / or risk bearers. (Post, Preston & Sachs, 2002). Stakeholder helps the business to be able to

Identify the stakeholders likely to be affected by or impact the actions of the organisation

Assess how stakeholders could be impacted or impact upon the organisation

Anticipate the results of any change in the organisation's activities

Identify stakeholders' 'success criteria'

Assure an effective results for the organisation by developing co-operation with stakeholders

Emirates inside stakeholders are its employees, managers, directors, shareholders. Employees mainly have an interest in good repayment, good development chances, working for a renown company, and obtaining all the benefits Emirates is offering to its employees (discount plane tickets etc. ). Amongst these hobbies, directors and managers also have an interest in running Emirates well and holding up its standard, reputation, and service. Shareholders mainly don't mind spending time in the business's earnings. Emirates has a number of exterior stakeholders. Its most important are its customers who expect high quality service and appropriate charges for the service they obtain.

PESTLE analysis

PESTLE research is a common and useful tool to analyse a company's environment. PESTLE means Political, Economical, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors. Henry claims that PESLTE examination "can be used to help detect developments in the exterior environment that will finally find their way in to the competitive environment" (Henry 2008, p. 51).

Political: The politics environment is the main factor including areas such as plan of tax, laws of labour, rules of environment, constraints of trade, tariffs, and politics stability. Emirates follow different insurance policy based on the countries they are flying.

Economic: Inexpensive factors include financial growth, interest rates, exchange rates, and inflation rates. These factors have major influences on how businesses operate and make decisions. For example, interest rates influence Emirates service cost of capital and for that reason to what extent its business grows and expands. Exchange rates affect the expenses of exporting goods and the supply and price of imported service within an economy.

Social: As a worldwide airline the public factors are the main factors such as the ethnical aspects you need to include health consciousness, people growth rate, era distribution, career attitudes and emphasis on basic safety. Emirates is located in various countries and its airplanes impact on the contemporary society they take flight to.

Technological: As today's airline Emirates uses wonderful technology. It includes scientific aspects such as R&D activity, automation, technology bonuses and the pace of technological change. They are able to determine obstacles to entry, lowest efficient creation level and affect outsourcing decisions and Emirates is able to maintain all scientific aspect.

Legal: To be able to offer proper service and increase popularity, Emirates airline keeps legal factors such as discrimination law, consumer regulation, antitrust law, employment law, and health insurance and safety laws and regulations etc. As it operates in numerous countries it needs to follow a number of laws and makes it strategies and approaches very hard.

Environmental: As a global airline, Emirates uses environmentally friendly factors such as ecological and environmental aspects such as weather, weather, and environment change. Which may especially affect business such as tourism, farming, and insurance, furthermore, growing awareness of the potential impacts of climate change Emirates will try to create new market segments and diminishing or destroying existing ones. It commit a lot of money into research and steps to make its aircrafts more environmentally friendly.

The main marketing issues of emirates air lines

The vision of Emirates is to build and maintain the market authority which is looking beyond classic track. The authority is active to strive and make calculate decisions with modern ideas. Emirates business group is always trying to keep the high requirements of business ethics. Emirates marketing process is to built an extended period of dependable, stable guidelines and excellent results regarding its brand.

Likewise, Emirate's mission maintains its continuous expansion rate of 20% in the entire year which requires a great deal of marketing to stay on the top of the flight ladder.

Another marketing issues is Emirates problem with airline flight re-timings, journey cancellations, and modified routings which is afflicted on aircraft. These adjustments must satisfy maintenance requirements, place departure curfew restrictions and aircraft balance requirements, especially at the start and end of the restoration period. Emirates needs to thrust its marketing to promise its customers that it'll care for these problems and this you won't effect its quality service.

Task-2 Marketing Report

Marketing strategy handles satisfying the needs and desires of men and women (customers, business lovers, shareholders etc. ). Marketing strategy derives from sociology, mindset, and economics and aims to better understand people's manners, and motivations (Ferrell and Hartline 2011). Marketing strategy is never stagnant because it constantly must adapt to styles and changes that are on-going around the globe. Marketing strategy specifically changed since the mid 1990s when the internet and the development of technology increased the rate of the world. Furthermore, no other business centers very much on building a romantic relationship to its customers. Marketing is the tool that interacts with its people.

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning

To find out customers desires and needs and provide the maximum service that will gratify these, marketing professionals often segment the marketplace into different groupings with similar needs and wants to create market segmentation (Srydom 2007). Market segmentation and targeting are the most crucial aspects for developing business performance and obtaining goals. If it has been decided about the mark market, a company needs to position itself in order to identify itself from competitiors (Sahaf 2008). There are different sorts of market segmentation like:

Geographic segmentation: These types of segmentation such as nation, regions, cities, states, countries, zip codes, neighborhoods etc. As can be seen the demand and satisfaction both are different in area to area. To fill up the geographic segmentation Emirate's marketing group is occupied to satisfy the many different physical segmentations in many areas on the planet.

Demographic segmentation: Factors because of this segmentation are: age, gender, family size, income, profession, education, religion, contest and nationality etc. Emirates is responding to its service to all of the categories and tries to give a complete service that draws in all dissimilarities.

Psychographic Segmentation: It segments the market regarding to customers' personality, worth, lifestyle and communal class. Emirates is a high quality company that delivers a high standard service. It therefore directs its marketing mainly to customers which have a good living standard like a luxury lifestyle and belong to a social school that can afford expensive flights. It also has customers from low income classes and also attempts to deliver a great service to them.

Behavioral Segmentation: With this segmentation individuals are divided by categories according to their knowledge of frame of mind in order to respond to something.

Emirates' main service

The Emirates is an international air transfer organisation which is able to communicate with all airfields on the globe. It is one of the very most popular airlines for its service to all sorts of travellers. Emirates airlines were the second customer in the world when Airbus A 380 was launched. Today, Emirates has the largest fleet of Airbus A380 on earth. It includes:

A) First Class

B) Business Class

C) Economic Class Services

The service of first class

Emirates has distinguish first class service and provides 3 sorts of high grade seat like:

The full suite with doors. Even bed couch without entrances which is Sky cruiser Sleeper Seating. The high grade is an appropriate service where there is full suite with doorways completely shutting with a minuscule -bar, a cover rack and storage area which is suitable for security and privateness. The car seats are converted by 6. 7ft fully flat foundation and ICE system in 58 cm. Private suites is available in the aeroplanes.

There are flat bed seat without entrance doors which is Sky cruiser these kinds of seating can be found on the remaining Boeing 777-300ERs, 777-200s, 777-300s. Furthermore these types of seats are altered by flat beds using integrated passenger seat control and 48 cm Glaciers system. Also sleeper chairs and these varieties of seating's can be found on 3-course A330-200 and A340-300 plane which is comfortable for people.

Business Class

The business category seating are enough on all class of modern air art which include winged headrest with six-way movement, massage function, privacy partition, seat power, USB Slots and an RCA socket for laptop interconnection. On the other hand entertainment on Glaciers system which is shown over a 43 cm huge TV display screen, per seat altered by overhead lighting and reading light.

Economic Class

The emirates Overall economy Class are suited to a myriad of individuals which is offer all time 79-81 cm standard chair. The seats are adjustable headrests, Glaciers In-Flight-Entertainment with 600-1000 route and in-seat laptop power-outlets on newer plane and laptop recharging facilities in galleys in more mature aircraft.

Entertainment system

By the personal entertainment system Emirates became the first flight on the globe. A couple of three types of entertainment system on Emirates like: Glaciers, Glaciers digital, digital widescreen and emirates Tv set and radio. There are also fleet offers for travellers with 15 video tutorial and 26 audio tracks channels, as well as 50 video games.

Pricing strategies

Since the 1980s airlines have presented dynamic rates strategies which Emirates implemented as well. This model allows airlines to control the couch capacity of each airplane while acquiring the highest price for each and every seat. Dynamic pricing is a intricate methodology based on availability, customer demand and competition pricing. Because of this, pricing of specific seats is constantly in flux (Tuttle 2012).

Promotion mix

Promotion aims to deliver a message to various audiences (Strydom 2007). Each element of the advertising mixture has its weaknesses and advantages, and the blend must be carefully preferred in order to meet best the advertising objectives.

The main methods of promotion blend are:

http://t0. gstatic. com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSK_JHk0rTxeB_k5yy0rlcCOKmHqP9QS_-5ouUn9lM-57b1ylT35w

Advertising: Advertising is a non-personal presentation of goods, services or idea. To be able to promote Emirates' sales and service it communicates the concept through impersonal multimedia like: radio, TV, newspapers and mag.

Public relation: The public relationship is important to generate good romance with the business's various publics by getting ideal publication likewise build up a good commercial image and controlling stories and occasions. Emirates makes good use of this marketing mixture and requires special good care of its brand image.

Sponsorship: It really is another important promotional activity and Emirates sponsors many international sports event like: football, cricket, badminton etc.

Personal offering: It is important purpose of generating sales and building customer associations. To be able to promote Emirates, it creates use of personal advertising and arranges different sorts of demonstration during specific times in many areas.

Direct marketing: Emirates is occupied with direct marketing communications, which carefully targets individual consumers to get an instantaneous response and cultivate prolonged customer romantic relationships.

Sales advertising: Are short-term incentives in order to encourage the purchase or sales of a product or service. On the continuous basis, Emirates offers sales promotion also in combination with hotels or other tourist agencies.

Distribution strategies

In marketing areas, the customer and the product/service must be associated by the so called circulation channels. The circulation strategy is the main to be able attract customers to the company. Emirates uses different circulation strategies.

Intensive circulation: Identifies the reduced offer of Emirate tickets like special offer for winter or summer season times at a minimal price. It is offered by immediate channels that are Emirates websites. This has the benefit that Emirates is altogether control of its marketing activities and can straight analyse the demand for its service.

Exclusive circulation: This distribution strategy allocates flight tickets to tour providers and travel agents who are friendly related to its business. Particularly when it involves the service industry, companies often require huge geographical coverage (Shaw. However, real estate agents cost, and the airlines must pay percentage to each agent who is selling a solution to a person.

Selective Distribution: Special deals are given to selective customers or operators. Emirates employs external distribution channels where multiple airlines contend with each other. Many customers nowadays compare prices on these websites and make a buying decision based on the info they obtain there. Unless it is approximately recurrent flyers who prefer to fly with a couple of specific airlines on a regular basis, nearly all customers nowadays use website that compare different airline prices. On the one hand it creates it harder for Emirates to contend while customer can compare prices on the other hand they might loose customers if indeed they do not look on these websites.

The marketing mix

The marketing blend concept was first distributed by Borden in 1965. It is a construction that enables marketing professionals to make decisions configuring their offerings to suite customer needs. As far as we can easily see there are four components of traditional marketing blend such as product, price, campaign and place. On the other hand a lot of authors additionally suggested adding another three factor of marketing blend like people, process and physical data.

The uses of marketing combination with Emirates airlines

As a global flight company Emirates uses three important elements of marketing mixture carefully i. e. people, process and physical proof.

People: Inside the service market, the marketing combination people include both customers and employees. It really is proved that element covers forward range sales and customer support staff who've an direct impact on how Emirates' service is recognized. To be able to provide excellent customer support through its personnel Emirates trains its employees and transfers knowledge and skills to its staff.

Process: The customer buying process and consumes service that are both very crucial to the marketers. Important procedures include booking, checking out, in and out as well as queuing system and service businesses which Emirates attempts to run effortlessly.

Physical information: The physical data identifies all the tangible, visible touch points our customers potentially can see. As an extravagance airline company it offers well equipped and effectively designed plains, properly decorated lounges for business vacationers, well dressed staff and a obviously organized website.

Task-3 Market Research

The client satisfaction is the most crucial indicator for a small business to discover future tendencies and activities. Emirates always possessed a high interest in its customers' thoughts about its service. On the regular basis it gathers reviews from its customers. In order to find the right reviews from customers to adjust Emirates' service to its customers' hopes it's important to create a market research process or plan with out a company cannot develop their performance effectively. Market research process includes:

Stage-1: Problem Definition

Stage-2: Research Design

Stage-3: Data Collection

Stage-4: Data Analysis

Stage-5: Statement/Presentation

Problem Definition

2012 concludes and Emirates would like to investigate its customers' satisfaction with its service to potentially improve on certain areas for the new year 2013. The management is therefore confronted with setting up a market research plan that picks up Emirates' client satisfaction.

Research Design

Once the condition has been revealed, the research can be designed. Builders need to think about the techniques that they would like to use to gather data. Primary or extra data can be used. Primary research provides the programmers with up-to-date information about the issue and it is often self-developed such as a study or questionnaire. Extra research refers to existing sources you can use to see what happened before. Emirates can analyse gathered responses or can gather new comments from customers. As Emirates is using the program "airlinequality" to find out about its client satisfaction, the website can also be used for this issue as it already are present and so no new website needs to be create. However, more questions could be added to the existing questions in order to collect more specific answers. The existing questions are:

Please rate the:

Value for Money

Cabin Flown

Seat Comfort

Staff Service




Here, customers have the opportunity to rate each category with 1-5 celebrities and write extra reviews on the side. However, the superstars inform Emirates no specific mistake in their service and reading through all the responses can be very time-consuming. Hence, it is recommended to utilize this website but with another question set-up. Questions can be produced more specific and instead of ranking with 1-5 actors customers can select possible options. For instance:

Seat Comfort: Do you consider the seating are:



Too small

Too narrow

Not enough knee space

A similar design could be utilized for the their categories. This way would provide Emirates additional information and exact issues customers are facing with its service. Advantages are:

The website is well known and Emirates would not need to advertise the review as enough customers use the website.

This helps you to save money and the new design would provide more specific answers to its original problem.

Data Collection

Data can be accumulated through "airlinequality" after the new questions are uploaded. A period limit should be carried out over what time frame Emirates would like to collect data and then analyse it. To obtain a good guide Emirates could place a time period of 4 months in summer months and 4 months in winter months. This way it could cover the busiest soaring times. Data can be collected by the web site (computer program) and moved into a analyzing system.

Data Analysis

Data may then be analysed by employed researchers or consultants or Emirates inside marketing and IT specialists. Answers have to be coded and then figures can be created which will present the consistency of the precise answers. This may then be illustrated in graphs and diagrams.

Report and Presentation

Finally, the market research needs to be presented to the management. This is in a report and demonstration format. It should include all necessary information that is relevant to the management to be able to change their service to customers' grievances and advice. The report reveals the results charcoal on white and the professionals can always use whenever they require it. The presentation supplies the possibility to ask questions by the management.

Task-4 Corporate Community Responsibility and Sustainability

As an international airline Emirates can maintain a number of social responsibility all over the world. Emirates places great value on commercial citizenship and sociable responsibility and is convinced that its business ethics are vital to its ongoing success. To be able to keep up with the competitive advantage of its procedure in global markets its person in staff's commitment towards ongoing improvement combines.

Emirates Flight Foundation

The emirates assignments has created one of the world's most eco-friendly conservation-based destinations in Australia. Emirates folks have a romance with folks in the up to 100 plus locations. Likewise, to increase the lives of people mired in severe poverty. As an air travel specialist it is active to provide humanitarian aid during tragedies, such as natural disasters and wars. The Emirates Group positively supports numerous triggers both in the UAE and around the world, especially through the Emirates Air travel Foundation.

It is a non-profit charity corporation, which is designed to increase the quality of life for children, regardless of geographical, politics, or religious boundaries, and also to help them maintain or improve their real human dignity. The foundation's purpose is to help disadvantaged children realize their full potential by providing them with the basics which the majority of us neglect such as food, remedies, casing and education. Centering specifically on children caught up in extreme poverty, the building blocks, composed of volunteer employees and friends of the Emirates Group, aims to reduce health problems and youth mortality rates.

Similarly Emirates provides humanitarian, philanthropic aid and services to children, with the least amount of administrative expenditure. To be able to maintain its basis it includes strong management which is busy to select what projects to target with money, which its people help build through their kind donations, as well as through its design to accumulate any loose forex.

The Emirates Camaraderie Hospital Ship

The Emirates camaraderie hospital ship is able to provide vital medical assistance where more than two million people residing in neighborhoods and isolated by the annual monsoon flooding in the most deprived region of Bangladesh. The listed called NGO which more than $750, 000 to Companionship and able to run the ship. Aside from this the foundation is maintaining incomes of the full-time team of doctors, nurses and support personnel, where the operating bills $150, 00 in total. Similarly, Emirates is busy to control the contract with friendship for the fishing boat which is cover 250 kilometres in the River Brahmaputra one of the most medically neglected and inaccessible regions of Bangladesh.

There is mobile hospital which is outfitted by doctors' chambers, key healthcare facilities, two working theatres, two eight-bed wards, paediatric and gynaecology items, a dental room, a pathological lab, an X-ray room and an ophthalmic room. A pharmacy is able to allocate free remedies and the sign up room can accommodate up to 24 personnel and eight visiting doctors.

Emirates-CHES Home

HIV at Chennai in India has a destination to call home thanks to the Emirates air travel foundation. Its donation funded $ 642, 000 cost of creating the facility which is run in conjunction with the Community Health Education World plus for the next twenty years its $86, 000 annually working. The CHES home of Emirates is providing children the chance to vastly enhance the resident's quality of life and offer them schooling at the centre's education device.

Emirates-AIM for Seva Learner Home for Girls

The Tamil nadu point out where girls moving into remote tribal areas in India and the Emirates domestic educational facility is able to remove poverty as a chance to use of the circuit of illiteracy. Its groundwork bought the land founded building where shoot for girl's university student development which is the price of approximately $70, 000. Apart from this over another 20 years the $17, 000 gross annual running expenses will be funded by donations. Girls are able to learn and play in the secure environment of the hostel which exposed in 2007 and provides a safe haven for these people while they sign up for a government college in near by Dharmapuri. The success of the home, which also offers training in music, craft classes, gardening, tailoring and folk dancing, has led to expansion programs - again funded by the foundation which will take its spin to more than 100 girls. With practically no public transportation, the length from college made attending difficult for girls whose parents are mainly agricultural labourers with the average regular monthly income of $25.

Nearly 500 children have the opportunity to break free from the slums of its capital at the Emirates-funded college in Bangladesh. The school premiered to strengthen the education of children in the Dhaka Task and an NGO founded by Emirates Cabin Staff member Maria Concepcion which is occupied to help the social and intellectual development of families stuck in extreme poverty. As well as for people the foundation organized tailoring, beauty treatment and driving a car etc. The Dhaka project school protects basic human needs such as food, university uniforms, literature, stationery, rain coats, shoes and toiletries - comes after the Bangladeshi curriculum and provides an education for 100 children.

Emirates Learning Centre: Kidane Mehret Children's Home

The Emirates Air travel Base found children at an orphanage in Ethiopia by the care and attention center in Addis Ababa newborns and teenagers both are benefited from a learning centre that was built by the foundation and features a library with an increase of than 4, 000 literature in Amharic and British and a lender of Personal computers with access to the internet since 2006.

The Big Pen School

The school provides basic education and the desire of a brighter future for deprived children surviving in a few of the most severe slums in Kenya. Despite poor facilities its 500 students performed extremely well in the 2005 countrywide examinations dining tables, prompting the Emirates Airline Base to pledge money to create a new institution in Korogocho, Nairobi. There was no land available close enough to the children's homes therefore the decision was made to renovate their dilapidated school instead.

Conclusion: Emirates air travel is an international firm which is famous & most popular all over the world. In lots of ways such as: service, co-operation, proper management, syndication, promotion, facility and so on. By the carrying on success of Emirates airlines increases questions for students of management. In many ways like culture, location, and inside strategic decision-making added to the growing success of the business enterprise. On the other hand leadership made the primary difference, or could it be more to do with powerful financial support at Talk about level.

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