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The Lottery Essay: Framing the Essay

With regards to the essay “The Lottery”, the writer Shirley Jackson described the blind compliance to the meaningless traditional structure of manners that affected the society as a whole. The lottery essay indicates a sort of symbolic characteristic, as lottery evolved as a massive stone on the villagers that relate to overall themes. Miss Jackson has showed that the people had a wrong traditional perception about the lottery, which misleads them by generating the belief as the winning is not the same that the lottery word suggests. The writer attained only a few positive responses while conducting a case study interview in relation to the lottery essays.

The plot of the lottery essay has been built up within a small village by including 300 people wherein a lottery took placed once every year. In the initial period, while framing the essay, the writer depicted about the situation based on which the essay has been written. The essay portrayed the deceptive sense of the writer, making the readers to feel in the beginning that it was a story of a common summer day wherein the people perform their daily works in a small town. The writer Shirley Jackson also indicated the common nature of the village where people gathered in the Central Square and wait for the lottery ceremony to start. In this ceremony, people have discussed about their ordinary life matters with their neighbors and friends. But, it will be vital to mention that the story turned to a cruel phase when all the people along with the family members stoned the winner to death. It is worth mentioning that the writer has been able to attain the interest of the story by disclosing the original meaning of the lottery essay in the end, instead of elaborating in between the story.

The Main Characters

The main character of the story is identified to be the oldest man who live in that village namely Mr. Warner who carried out the lottery event and is seemed to participate in this sort of event for several times. The writer i.e. Jackson has brought the black box as a significant symbol in the lottery essay. It is deemed to be a representative, which holds the brutal tradition as per the generation passes on. The other character of Mr. Summers proposed to build a new box, but the general people did not consider this grant proposal, as the old black box represents the tradition. The story has another main character named Tessie who experienced different situations while serving any purpose. In the lottery essay, the writer represented the situation of torture, which faced by Tessie, portraying the evil intentions of the people who reside within the small village.


It can be affirmed that the 1000 words essay has represented the condition of ridiculous violence, which gets related to any sort of theme. In this similar context, it must be mentioned that the dissertation writing services have revealed several new or old themes with respect to the lottery essay on behalf of the readers. Such themes can be related to society and class wherein these themes indicate the readers to consider the rituals and the traditional norms while living in a specific society. From the lottery essay, it has been evident that the above-stated village became so much involved in following brutal traditions that it failed to identify the harms occurring in the society. Additionally, based on the traditional rituals, rituals as well as customs, it is suggested that the traditions that become meaningless over the time lead to a perceptual law, which must be followed at every instance while living in a community. In an essay the lottery, it can be affirmed that the writer showed the insincerity theme of the people. Apart from this, it also signified the unexpected move of the loyalty and the opinions of the villagers. On a further note, it portrayed the concept of the family. During the lottery, the bonding amid the families becomes much irrelevant, as the ending of the lottery made the family members to undergo within sorrowful condition due to the trauma evolved in the form of losing one family member.

In general, it is strongly believed that by formatting an essay, several significant aspects can be explored. These aspects fundamentally comprise the cultural traditions, which the people practice or follow, and the customs as well as the laws that may establish a greater association with different individuals residing within a society. From the lottery essay, the intention of the writer to aware people about the malpractices that occur in a society can be determined in an efficient way. The story is an upsetting one when it comes to the actual fact of the people that acted illogically and involved within inhumanity traditions. This signifies that if I won the lottery essay, the people would have stoned me till death rather than giving me the prize money that the lottery word actually means. The story provided a greater understanding about the real values of a society, which imposes a significant impact on an individual’s life. And thus it reveals how the life goes on continuously while you may still take care of your responsibilities towards the society.

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