The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs Essay

Liberty has had various interpretations to several different kinds of persons in generations past. Throughout history, people have struggled with problems that enslave them. Entire populations possess even moved to different countries in the search for freedom from the struggles they own face in life. Slavery can be not only literally abusive, nevertheless also emotionally and sexually. Harriet Jacobs struggled with many types of slavery during her life-time. Her personal definitions of freedom that she identifies in her story, "Incidents in the Lifestyle of a Slave Girl, " changed throughout her existence as a result of different experiences that she confronted. A person's thoughts regarding an idea, just like freedom, can alter based off of their environment, the people surrounding them, and personal activities over time.

Harriet Jacobs came to be into slavery, but would not have complications until the girl was given into a slave owner whose father was Doctor Flint. Dr . Flint sexually pressured Jacobs during her childhood. The tension and relax that Dr . Flint was causing Jacobs drove her to establish freedom initially in her life. Her desire for flexibility came "when he informed me that I was made for his use, designed to obey his command in everything; that I was nothing but a slave, whose can must and really should surrender to his, by no means before got my puny arm sensed half therefore strong" (Jacobs 18). Most slaves desire to be free from the physical weariness of slavery, but the freedom from sexually impurity was Jacobs' key focus during the adolescent many years of her lifestyle when she was about 14 years old. The struggles that she facing Dr . Flint affected her mentally and emotionally until she did anything your woman could to receive away from this. Jacobs chosen to have contact wit...

..., with the charming consciousness of pure, unadulterated freedom" (Jacobs 142). This kind of sense of peace and contentment was the freedom that she acquired searched for her entire life.

Slavery for many people is physical, psychological, and sexual abusive. "The power or perhaps right to action, speak, or perhaps think as you wants with no hindrance or perhaps restraint" is one way freedom may be defined, yet ultimately everyone colors the definition of freedom with their personal thoughts, feelings and awareness that collect during their life time. The different symbolism behind a single word may be explained by the forces of any person's surroundings, the people living around them, and internal relevance within everyone. The perception of liberty changed within the lives of countless former slaves. Harriet Jacobs and her personal perception of freedom enabled her to take the steps needed to ultimately become totally free.

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