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Dayou Fine Puer Tea is located in the largest Aeon Jusco Shopping Mall in Malaysia where it has highest average number of customers in Malacca. As far as the health benefits that worried, the green tea is one of most popular beverages on the planet. There is no age restriction for tea drinking. Young era will be an important target market in the future. The value that offered is realistic with quality products. Teas contain the good thing about storing duration over other similar products as it does not have any expired particular date. The longer it is been placed the higher value it offers.

Tea and its own health advantages have been savored by Asians for hundreds years. A huge selection of scientific clinical tests have associated regular consumption of teas with an increase of health benefits. The studies have seduced attention of the health-conscious consumers around the globe who are looking towards natural answers to promote healthy lifestyle. Studies into the ramifications of tea at recent years have confirmed that tea is an integral element in achieving and preserving a health. The world nowadays is alarmed with the effects of artificial elements, chemicals and etc. that contained in our day to day consumptions. Tea taking in has regarded as an aid to good health in ancient custom.

Tea's usage is add up to the other created drinks on the planet which is including coffee, chocolate, carbonated drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Research particular date from Tea Association at year 2007 implies that 87% of most tea consuming is dark tea while 12. 5% is green tea extract. However, of all variety, Puer Tea is unfermented compared to other teas where in fact the antioxidant properties are fully intact. The antioxidants which founded in teas are possible in protecting against a variety of cancer.

With healthy lifestyle campaigns blooming all over the country and the established of Health Promotion Center in every state which is announced under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006-2010) by our previous Best Minister, Tun Datuk Sri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, it is undeniable that the concept of healthy lifestyle is thriving here in Malaysia. The immediate development in the regions of science and nutrition gives go up in supporting wellbeing and address a plethora of health-related concerns in our society. You will discover over Dayou Fine Puer Tea has foreseen the marketplace of green tea extract in Malaysia and positive in penetrating into complete nation's market in 12 months 2015 and moving towards Asean market in a decade time.


Dayou Fine Puer Tea has identified many players (companies) in the tea industry, major ones include:

Unilever Private Limited Company (Lipton Teas) :

The World Innovator of teas where it is provided in more than 150 countries all over the world. They not only buy the teas on the wide open market, but they also own their own plantations. They have source teas from 35 countries to ensure a consistent preference and an continuous supply.

BOH Plantations Sdn. Bhd. :

The largest developer of premium dark teas of Malaysia where they are simply from Boh, Sungei Palas and Fairlie that happen to be located in Cameron Highlands and Bukit Cheeding in Selangor. The company produces 4 million kilograms of tea yearly which is just about 70% tea produced in Malaysia.

Sabah Tea Sdn. Bhd. :

It possesses the largest single commercial tea plantation in Borneo and it is one of hardly any tea plantations on earth that certified to create organic tea. The tea leaves are free from unknown chemicals or chemicals

Market Talk about:

It is important to calculate how a lot of the marketplace can be occupied by Dayou Fine Puer Tea. Research on the teas market has been made and the market size is quoted in ratio terms.

Dayou Fine Puer Tea is found in the largest Aeon Jusco Shopping Mall in Malacca. The targeted market for its business is the young occupations are the key patrons as well as other the some other clients at different years who are concern towards healthy lifestyle. The tea business quotes that the market size for green tea extract to be 1000 bits of teas in a month or estimated RM 160, 000. The purchase price is dependant on the typical price of range RM 100 to 200 per packet of tea. You will discover three main competitors - Unilever Private Small Company (Lipton Teas), BOH Plantations Sdn. Bhd. and Sabah Tea Sdn. Bhd. Review has done and the percentages of every particular company quoted are shown.

Market Talk about Before Access of Dayou Fine Puer Tea :


It is projected that Dayou Fine Puer Tea will be quoted for 20 percent of the teas market which is RM160, 000 per month. Dayou Fine Puer Tea has its point out in teas market because of its quality and type of green teas that this sells.

SWOT Evaluation:


Quality guaranteed by Consolidated Lab (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Dayou Puer Fine Tea has been gone through for tests by CONSOLAB Group of Laboratories. CONSOLAB has its own policy to operate in compliance with MS ISO/IEC 17025 benchmarks, as well as to ILAC-MRA accreditation to ILAC, all the time to ensure quality trials services. The analytical data has shown that Dayou Puer Fine Tea is safe in terms of intake.

Offer traditional handmade quality products

The procedure for picking, moving, drying, warming until packing are managed by man power no extra artificial materials added no machines get excited about finishing the products. The tea trees are origin from China where they grew up by natural means in the forest since historic years.

Skilled and committed team

Dayou Fine Puer Tea has a team of determined people and complimentary durability, reinforced by advisors of high knowledge in tea industry from China. A lot of the employees will be the natives at China where they are familiar with the surroundings of teas plantation. Moreover, guidance in tea offering will be provided for customers who are interested in the art of tea.

Economies scale of promotion

The opponents are difficult to complement the cost-efficiency of the promotion campaigns. DaYou Puer Tea encourages the products through Exhibitions, training seminars, conferences, etc. They are really within the economies range of budget and these methods ensure that the target of market is reached.


Only provider from China.

Dayou Fine Puer Tea offers the teas that happen to be comes from China. Hence, you have the only source for the tea products. Dayou Fine Puer Tea are witnessing other plantation of teas from other countries in the future time to ensure there may be other solution for recycleables supply when getting together with obstacles.


Fewer opponents in renewable teas market.

In the existing tea market, the speed of black teas offering is greater than green tea extract market. Thus, it provides significant competitive advantage to Dayou Fine Puer Tea in the market.

Trading business - teas and teapots.

In order to be the first choice in teas market, Dayou Fine Puer Tea offers trading business to the clients. Dayou Fine Puer Tea gathers historic teapots, teas and etc. from the clients as well.


The following competitors are the primary hazard for Dayou Fine Puer Tea in teas market:

BOH Plantation Sdn. Bhd.

Sabah Tea Sdn. Bhd.

The BEANS & Tea Leaf Malaysia.

To gain approval and reputation by goal customers, marketing and promotional approaches for a drinking alcohol product is vital. Dayou Fine Puer Tea will be seen as the founded and preferred fine Puer Tea supplier in Malaysia in five years time. To be able to ensure continuous progress, the result of sales is the key performance indication in achieving the target and marketing will be an important aspect in maximizing it.

Promotion Strategies:

Various stations of promoting the merchandise of Dayou will involve the following:

Information Sites :

Nowadays, Internet is essential in one's life. Majority of adults are signed to the network actively. With the benefits of current technology, DaYou can deliver the related information through E-newsletters, advertising in publications and our very own website. Customers can have instant updates from the website. By having an online site can also prevent the latest advertising being overshadowed.

Student Magazines :

As students are one of the targeted marketplaces, a new way should be released to the colleges, schools, polytechnics and universities. By undertaking classic advertising, disperse brochures, promotions coupons and etc. to the students. DaYou can propose to the Chinese language Society to offer discusses tea and occupations will be sent to deliver the right information. It really is to ensure that everyone who involved gets the chance to see the artwork of tea.

On-line SOCIAL NETWORKING (Facebook) :

Facebook is now the most popular public network in worldwide. It extends to nearly almost the complete residents of the world. It is low cost compared to the other media outlets and it saves time.

Festivals Exhibitions :

To be involved in exhibitions at the public or universities during Chinese festivals like Mid-Autumn (also called Lantern Festivity), Chinese language New 12 months and etc is able to gain awareness from the population about the civilizations of Chinese language as well as the knowledge about tea. In addition, it helps in showing community support to the world by participating in them. Tea ceremony shows, tea serving steps and so forth can be proven at the stores during the exhibitions.

Distribution Strategies:

To speed up the sales and delivery, both main strategies has been determined as below:

Selling Direct to Customer

The products can be purchased directly in the outlet stores or through the web site. Delivery will be achieved by post within three times.

Selling Through Agents

In order to speed up the delivery process and to improve the sales, the products will be allocated nationally by realtors. Awards and commissions over sales will get. By using this strategy, it can provide rise to the occurrence rate of the company in local market.

Pricing Strategies:

The price for Dayou Fine Puer Tea products is set matching to Value-based Costing. As the Dayou Fine Puer Tea has its excellent reputation since it started out the business, the customers' understanding is the main element indicator to the price of the product. The costs that establish are reasonable with its quality and after-sales services. Plus, the health benefits that come back is the recognized value that customers are willing to pay at.

Customer Marriage Strategies:

The company is designed for commitment of the clients. Feedbacks cards can be purchased in every purchased product. The young generation group will be centered to gauge the customer satisfaction after the products. CUSTOMER SUPPORT number will be dished up by trained and customer friendly operator of the business.

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