The Kite Runner And Hamlet Tragedy

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In the novel The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini and in the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare the individuals suffer tragedy therefore of the world that they have designed for themselves. Despite the sufferings, in the long run they find redemption. The character types do not react until they can be pushed because of it, the lack of action causes these to suffer. The issue between dad and son causes Amir and Hamlet to suffer. And Amir and Hamlet betray other character types and they both end up in tragedy.

The man of action is compensated as the man of inaction suffers tragedy. Amir and Hamlet are both hesitant in making decisions. Hassan, Amir's closest friend and also his family servant, unconditionally helps Amir throughout the novel. Hassan is a courageous Hazara boy who makes sacrifices for Amir. "For you, a thousand times over Amir Agha. " (Pg. 1). Like Hamlet, Amir is very modest in taking action. Amir witnesses Hassan get rapped before his eyes, but he just stands and watches it. "In the end I ran. I ran because I had been a coward. I got reluctant of Assef and what he'd do to me. " (Pg. 68). In cases like this, Amir is frightened to act because he's frightened of Assef, a bully, and what he'd do to him. Likewise, Hamlet's wait of action triggers him to suffer. Even though Hamlet knows the flaw throughout the play, he does not act. Hamlet's uncertainty about whether or not trust the ghost triggers him to be very slow in acting, which leads him to his downfall. Hamlet often will not act and when he will, he operates unwittingly. As a result, Hamlet accidentally eliminates Polonius that leads him to his downfall. Hamlet himself realizes the complexness of him own action and he says, "How stand Then i, that contain a dad kill'd, a mom stain'd, exhilaration of my reason and my bloodstream, and let all asleep, while to my shame I see all the imminent loss of life of twenty thousand men. " (Pg. 231) Hamlet criticizes his own inaction by assessing himself to Fortinbras. Hamlet is impressed by Fortinbras's desire to action that Hamlet himself lacks. Amir and Hamlet have problems with inaction leading them toward tragedy.

The anxiety between father and son, agonizes Amir and Hamlet. The partnership between Amir and Baba, Amir's father, and Hamlet and King Hamlet suffers the heroes. At the start of the book, Amir cannot gratify Baba's expectations of becoming his favoured son. Baba values activities and respected jobs, such as becoming a politician, above all else in his life. Baba is a self-centered man and he will not respect Amir's values and wishes Amir to become like him. "A son who won't operate for himself becomes a guy who dislike to anything. "(Pg. 22). As the time progresses Baba realizes that Amir does not have any attributes like him, and sometimes he even questions whether Amir is his real kid. This creates isolation between Amir and Baba. Furthermore, their isolation develops a anxiety between them which in turn causes Amir to suffer from. In contrast, the partnership between Hamlet and Ruler Hamlet is significantly strong which provokes Hamlet to have revenge of his father's death. "I am thy father's spirit; doom'd for a certain term to walk the night time. Revenge his bad and most unnatural murder. "(Pg. 65). The ghost wishes Hamlet to seek revenge for his father's fatality. Hamlet enjoys his dad, but he's uncertain about the ghost's lifestyle. This places Hamlet through problem and triggers him to suffer. Amir is very obsessed with Baba's objectives from him. Sometimes he curses himself to be his son. "I wish I could open my veins and drain his cursed bloodstream from my own body. "(Pg. 27). Baba conceals his top secret from Amir, and down the road in the storyline he dies with his untold magic formula. Rahim Khan, Baba's old business spouse and his best ally, is a wise man who helps Amir with his advices throughout the story. Rahim Khan says Amir Baba's untold secret. He says Amir that Hassan is his half-brother. Amir is upset because he hadn't known the reality in his whole life and he had been dealing with Hassan unfairly. "But easier to get injure by the truth than comforted with a lay. "(Pg. 58). Baba conceals his key to protect his reputation, at exactly the same time he is harming Amir and triggers him to act unwisely. Therefore, the inconsistencies between father and son put up with Amir and Hamlet.

The betrayals adjust character's lives, it triggers them to undergo throughout the story and in the long run it can help them to choose wisely. WITHIN THE Kite Runner Amir betrays Hassan, his best friend. Down the road, he faces the consequences of his betrayal and he chooses to redeem himself. Amir disguises the fact that he had observed Hassan being sexually assaulted. He deceives others when he's asked about Hassan's wellbeing. This makes Amir feel dreadfully guilty, because he's being unfaithful to Hassan and their a friendly relationship. Matching to Baba, showing lays is the worst of all sins. "Whenever you kill a man, you take a life. You steal his wife's right to a hubby, rob his children of a father. When you lie, you take someone's right to the truth. "(Pg. 16). Amir is influenced by his guilt of betraying Hassan that he can't bear Hassan's presence in his life, he arranges a conspiracy to operate a vehicle Hassan out of his life. The absence of Hassan in Amir's life profoundly suffers Amir. He constantly remembers the good time he had with Hassan in youth. Most of all, every considered Hassan reminds Amir of his disloyalty. When Amir is advised that Hassan is his half-blood brother, he regrets his unfaithfulness to him. Compared, Hamlet betrays Ophelia, his lover. Hamlet is so confused along with his father's fatality that he completely forgets about his affections toward Ophelia. "You should not have thought me, I loved you not. Get thee to a nunnery. "(Pg. 141). Hamlet betrays Ophelia by saying that he'd never loved her. Also, Hamlet murders Polonius, Ophelia's father, which drives Ophelia insane. Ophelia commits suicide because of this of Hamlet's betrayal, this causes Hamlet to put up with. In the novel, Amir instigates to get forgiveness. Rahim Khan instructs Amir that Sohrab, Hassan's kid, is captured by Taliban in Afghanistan, and he would like Amir to save Sohrab. "There is a way to be good again. "(Pg. 173) Rahim Khan is aware of all the secrets in Amir's life and he instructs him that has only one chance to redeem himself from his guilt, it is to save lots of Sohrab and fulfill Hassan's desires. Despite all the road blocks on his way, Amir decides to save Sohrab. He achieves redemption when he succeeds to save lots of Sohrab and take up him as his own child. Amir and Hamlet betrays other individuals in the storyplot, and in the long run they both find redemption.

In summary, Amir in the Kite Runner and Hamlet from the play Hamlet suffer tragedy therefore of their own actions. Amir and Hamlet are very hesitant in taking actions and when they respond, it causes them to suffer from. Baba's characteristics and his targets from Amir create conflicts between them, which causes Amir to undergo. Similarly, Hamlet's seek out his father's revenge sets him in a dilemma. Finally, Amir and Hamlet's betrayal to others triggers them to suffer from and lead them to their downfall.

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