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The Quest To Becoming A Nurse Medical Essay

My intellectual passions, academics and, professional objectives encouraged me to pick my field of study in medical, to be specific, the profession of medical. During adolescence, children should consider various majors and future profession options. Some mature fast and realize their goals during early adolescence, some realize it mid-adolescence and, others past due. I got uncertain about my career path within my early stages. However, my interest for the medical field was and still is organization. I result from a family made health professionals, pharmacists, nurses, lab technicians, and doctor assistants; this, of course, affected my knowledge of science majors. With such an interest at heart, I started out volunteering in clinics at a age, where I used to be encircled by patients who contacted me for assistance. I could assist the patients to the doctor's office and always tried out to have a conversation with the patient. In such an event, I embraced the sensation of need and comfort from those whom I've helped. One significant experience that I have had was caring for my grandmother, who was difficult to cope with due to her substantial spirits swings and impatience.

I recognized she trusted and depended on me as she clutched my hands for assistance. In those days I knew I want to definitely be a part of medical field. Therefore, I made a decision to take up field in healthcare vocation after undergraduate studies. Interest, determination, and perseverance are important key terms to succeed in a health care job: these characteristics work to my advantage. During my academics life, I continuing exploring majors that would fit my goal. After much talk with my school advisors, I ran across Letters, Arts and Sciences at Abington University. As I explored further into the degree, I had been sure I wanted to do LASAB. That is my chance to test myself by creating my very own major that will assist me fulfill my requirements for post- graduate studies, in nursing job. This academic helped me to find the way to the right profession path that will introduce me to the health care world where it ______ me to earn a master's degree after concluding my bachelors.

Over the span of my undergraduate studies, I have taken many training which have helped me understanding the phenomena of research and patient good care. College opened a fresh chapter in my life, a chapter filled with research. I understand with the reality and theories of our body and admire the discoveries of new reason behind illness and treatments which becomes a great edge to the globe all together. School life has made a great source in my life by assisting me go into adulthood and little by little learning to deal with stress, manage time, and make responsible decisions for myself.

The four core areas of the Words, Arts, and Sciences major are

Research Methods/ Projects

Critical Analysis

Communication Skills

Theory/ Application Skills

The courses that I've chosen to apply to these key requirements will match the requirement of this degree and will benefit me in my planner Nursing career. The abilities I gained from these courses are key to becoming successful in a healthcare profession.

Research is a process of analysis or study of a subject from different tips of view. I have picked Microbiology 107; Elementary Microbiology Laboratory, and Chemistry 111 and 113; Experimental Chemistry to the study Methods/ Projects to satisfy the core need. Microbiology 107: Elementary Microbiology Laboratory provided me an intro about microbes. I discovered the value and the proper handling of microorganisms through presentations and working on each test. The lab in addition has helped me to recognize and count bacteria, effects of substance and physical agencies on microorganisms. This program has helped me learn the value of controlling microbial progress on people's body and how failure to take action can result in the pass on of disease, especially in a healthcare facility setting. Chemistry 111 and 113: Experimental Chemistry created me to chemicals and challenging experiments. It helped me better learn how to interpret data about various tests that handled introductory chemistry. I discovered to create a formal laboratory record, interpretation of data using figures, and an understanding for what devices can do. Each of these courses will help me focus on areas that are relevant in the medical field.

International Studies 100 fulfills to the Critical Evaluation core requirement. I really believe it is important to be able to understand people and their qualifications/culture, in particular when employed in the health-care career. There's a great potential for meeting people from different diversity in my field. As being a health care professional, I must learn and find out about patients' cultures while I treat them. This course has given me a simple understanding of the countless ethnicities and their global issues, such as financial meltdown, racism, health issues, and human rights issues. This course helped me to hook up with different cultures, their local issues, and reactions to human rights violations. In a very hospital setting, healthcare professionals are confronted with patients that contain various issues and one main concern would be competition. Health-care professionals must understand that all result from different culture with different issues; therefore, we ought to not be judged by the race because we are all humans. We must treat people equally. We are able to connect to patients better and help them offer with their diseases better if we are proficient in their culture. The course will help me to comprehend everyone better.

I apply INART001, Integrative Arts in to the core dependence on communications skills. This program helped me to develop critical perception, knowledge, and judgments through evaluating the essential arts through communication. Communication is vital which course helped me to converse in both art and non- art situations. When comes up the health care, a complex array of professions enter into mind. In order for all these occupations to supply the best possible care for their patients, communication between them is vital. For example, imagine an individual has a penicillin allergy and the physician bought a medication that is clearly a penicillin derivative. If so, the pharmacist telephone calls the doctor and a new medication is approved. This course helped me converse in simple way that others will understand and provided me well informed. During my internship at a healthcare facility, I noticed that communication is vital and presenting a simple communication will help the patient understand the nurse better. On the other side, Integrative arts such as artwork, music, boogie or drama released as Art therapy in healthcare. " This remedy was used to help child survivors of Hurricane Katrina overcome mental traumas and people with schizophrenia" BBC media.

I place Anthropology 45, Cultural anthropology to the central requirement of Theory/Software skills. As I stated earlier, it's important to be able to understand people when working in the health-care job. All societies have guidelines, benchmarks, conventions and beliefs. Studying anthropology allowed me to understand how public culture work. As a healthcare professional, it's important to understand the society, government, religious beliefs and their culture. This program focused on human being culture; I learned to appreciate social variety. An in-depth knowledge into the human culture is particularly important in today's health care, especially in a diverse country like america. Take, for example, the culture of Jehovah's Witnesses. This denomination prohibits blood vessels transfusions for their believers. Respecting their hopes, hospitals will have bloodless surgeries where newer techniques have been developed that do not require blood transfusions, even for major intrusive surgeries like coronary artery bypass graft. Also in today, a healthcare provider recognizes patients from various countries and various ethnicities. Something considered elementary in a culture might be looked at taboo in another. For instance, in the American modern culture women have the same rights as men and considered competent to make their own decisions, as where in some cultures, it's the man who makes the decisions in the family. In cases like this a doctor must value the dissimilarities and use their patient to provide what is the perfect care for their female patients. Therefore, I must understand the rules and values of other civilizations so I can understand the patients better.

People face many different types of problems. Maybe it's physical, mental or mental stress. Being a health care professional, it is important to understand the reasons for those problems and supporting the exact treatment Mindset is the knowledge that allows me to connect to an individual through your brain to understand and deal with the mental processes and tendencies of individual humans. I have chosen five 400 level training from three areas that relate with my theme. Those are Kinesiology 445: Alcohol and Drug Education, Mindset 470: Abnormal Mindset, Psychology 424: Applied Sociable psychology, Counselor Education 401: Foundations of Chemical Dependency Counseling, and Biology 495.

Kinesiology 445: Alcoholic beverages and Medicine Education helped me to understand and find out more on many types of alcohol and drugs uses not only in the American contemporary society but worldwide. In addition, it has educated the drug physiology, drug-related health results and issues related to interpersonal and psychological effects of medicine use and maltreatment. Alcohol and Drug can affect individuals' lives so fast. I did a research newspaper about Alcoholic beverages and drug, as part of the research I surveyed twenty neighbors and 80% of these addicted to alcohol and drugs. Many of them were addicted anticipated to stress but some of them started out as a fun hobby. Many people find Alcohol and Drug as a remedy to their problems. Therefore, I'll definitely run into many patients that are addicted to alcohol and drugs. I am certain I am in a position to use the fundamental information from this course and apply it to the patients I might come across in my professional field.

Another challenging course was Mindset 470: Abnormal Psychology has trained me the understanding of types of abnormal experience and patterns personality, as well as mental and psychotic disorders that impact multiple regions of a individual life that might not have the ability to be diagnosed on an individual basis. The most common disorders are Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Eating disorder, Autistic Disorder, Borderline personality disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. This course is mostly focused on the recognition, treatment and knowledge of abnormal patterns and psychopathology. It taught me the various diagnoses of types of behaviors, and it'll definitely help me in my health profession, especially if I decided work on psychiatric team.

Psychology 424: Applied Public psychology, provided me a synopsis of social psychological theories and research methods to field settings and also to the analysis of communal issues. It trained me how to execute a study and analyze a report based on a study. It has additionally helped me to comprehend the social life and exactly how psychology applied to social life every day. Especially in healthcare settings, I have to apply social mindset to understand interpersonal and functional problems that's occurring around us. I have to be determined, making sense of my co-workers, communal perceptions, and understanding the bias order for me to execute a satisfaction job that will pulls a general impression for my characteristic such as intellect.

Counselor Education 401: Foundations of Chemical substance Dependency Counseling introduced me to the concept related to drug and alcohol dependency, prognosis and evaluation, its prevention, counseling and treatment of dependencies. They have helped me to comprehend how to deal with that are dependent on various types of drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines. A person becomes chemically centered due to many factors such as environment, mental, or genetic. Healthcare provide personal, outpatient, extended, and aftercare treatments for a person who is chemically centered. On the other hand, Twelve-Step meetings are available for individuals who thinking about self-help recovery. I got assigned to wait a Twelve-Step reaching for Alcoholics Anonymous(AA). The stores i heard through the meetings were depressing because these were so addicted to alcohol and regret their former. This assembly is part of the treatment to be sober. Chemical dependency is serious and can be fatal. Sometimes, substance dependency affects healthcare specialists and co-workers are aware of the signs and symptoms.

I have chosen Nutrition 251, Sociology 035, and Biology 110 to full fill up the humanities and the cultural science area. Nutrition 251, Introductory Rules of Diet, is a course that offered me more knowledge on concepts of nutrition. This course broadens my understanding of the physiological functions and food options that related to human being expansion. It helped me to give attention to my nutrition better and stay healthier. Especially in professional medical, it's important to make sure the patient is getting the right amount of nutrition. In the event the patient's nourishment is imbalanced, it can cause diarrhea and threat of an infection. Therefore all the data that I discovered from this category about nutrition can help me to provide a better nutrition life style to my patients.

Sociology 035, is the analysis of increasing age in older people. The common beliefs, aspects of ageing, how current economic climate and family impact growing older. The course helped me to be more kind, warm and practical with people. A nurse must be kind, sympathetic and compassionate because when I use patients it'll give me better knowledge about how to cope with everyone. I have compared facts that we learned from this class with my parents' and grandparents' tendencies, which helped me understand them better. For instance, as my grandparent get old, the probability of them hearing their kids are uncommon. Even if they are right or incorrect, they want the youngsters to accept it. After the kids get committed and leave the house, the parents starting a fresh life where these are bonding more to one another. That's something I have noticed in my grandparents life. All of the knowledge that I purchased out of this course can help me understand more mature peoples' regards to others and how they would allow the world to have their life.

Biology 110, Basic Ideas and Biodiversity, trained me the foundation of the basic concept of development. It provided me a knowledge of living organisms, how genetic functions provide continuity between years and how evolutionary processes happen. This program includes both lecture and laboratory. It's the research of living organisms; all life depends upon certain physiological and chemical type functions. To work in medical care you'll want a basic understanding of the underlying guidelines of life. These lessons that I've listed above are essential in my own future education which i plan on focusing on after graduation. In health care, it is critical that students understand any individual's different characteristics and manners before I respond to patient's symptoms.

As a capstone course: BIOL 495, I've an internship, at Temple's Jeanes Clinic in North East Philadelphia a. As an intern at a healthcare facility, I have already been given to the same day surgery product section with patients. This opportunity will also let me use professional staff and patients. It really is my duty to go to each patient to check on them to be sure they are doing great because they are recovering from the surgery. Sometimes they would ask juice/water plus some of them may need to use the rest room so it is my responsibility to look after them. On the other hand, I go along with the nurses to each patient's room when they go within the surgery steps and understand how pre admission is done on a patient. I am going to to the needs of patients that are starting different steps and an opportunity to interact with cosmetic surgeons, medical doctor assistants, and nurses. In addition, it will be practical experience with all the skills and materials that I've discovered in the training that I have detailed in this proposal

In conclusion, Personally i think that my education has designed my life from what is today and these classes listed have provided me a much better understanding about medical issues happening in this world. Health care job is not a relaxing job but demanding and difficult job, yet I am prepared to face the many situations I might be in and become stronger and wiser in my own profession so when a person. It is also an occupation where every day I am guaranteed to touch a life or be touched by the lives of others. Words, Arts, and Sciences at Abington can help me reach my goals after my undergraduate education is complete.

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