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The introduction of Hong Kongs Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Disney's 5th resort and its own second in Asia, exposed at September 12, 2005. The hotel is situated in Penny's Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong. In present, the vacation resort consists of 1 theme playground and 2 hotels, with land reserved for future enlargement. It is had and managed by Hong Kong International Theme Parks, an incorporated company jointly owned or operated by the federal government of Hong Kong as well as the Walt Disney Company. Part and hotel is one of four major business sections of the business; the other three is Consumer Products, Advertising Networks, and Studio Entertainment.

Company Eye-sight and Mission

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort inspires joy and provides a world-class experience through imagination, great control and a passionate Cast. Beside, increase up the travel and leisure and economical grow in Hong Kong.

To realize this eye-sight, the following are the tactical missions that the company should be accomplished.

To put Happy and Basic safety first

To diversify it range of services

Offer economical traveling to package

To deliver service intentionally from the heart

Be a socially and environmentally friendly company

To magnitude its main styles if possible

Major Competitors

Ocean Recreation area, Japan Disneyland Vacation resort, Shanghai Disneyland Holiday resort, Singapore general studios

My profession goal

In the nearly future, I would like to become the Marketing Director in Hong Kong Disneyland. Being a marketing Manager, I am leading my team to undergo different obstacles and challenges and reach the purpose of our company. In order to get the best desired results, I need to be very proficient in the marketing situation, well-defined my targeted customers and the companys eyesight. Through different marketing strategies and promotions, I could help my company to bring maximum pleasure to our customer.

Skills and abilities likely desired by this company for Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Supervisor of a style park have accountable to build up and execute Hong Kong Disneyland marketing plan, specifically, consumer segmentation, advertising, promotion, alliance, immediate marketing and tactical planning. Furthermore, she should have capability to good communication, work very well with a team, and manage effectively, including determination, problem-solving and delegation skills

The first step to attain this goal is to gain on-job experience----Ideal choice would be end up being the Marketing Associate in Hong Kong Disneyland. The person in this position should assist the Marketing Director in planning marketing plan, advertising, advertising, public relationship, circulation, customer romantic relationship and general market trends. The person for this job should be creative, have a good communication skill and project management skill and most essentially, is a team player

Analysis on the space between your Marketing Director of Hong Kong Disneyland and my current skills sets.

There are plenty of skills required for an individual to become a Marketing Administrator. Strong communications skill including the languages, English and Mandarin should be a must and every other dialects will be an edge. However, my written British and spoken Mandarin are poor in this stage. Although I am now studying Spanish, it will require years for me to learn and practice before I can use Spanish in sensible use.

Secondly, conceptual skills that happen to be ability to see the big picture are a crucial element. Because the tourism industry is easily inspired by exterior factors, the global business environment for case, the Marketing manger should be equipped for any changes and pondering solutions for any uncertain problems. For example, choose the best mass media, give creative solution etc. But up to this stage, I've limited experience in this field.

Thirdly, delegation of work is must for the Marketing Manger of Hong Kong Disneyland. As she needs to work close with her sub-ordinates and many products for case advertising agency, Community Relation agency, stamping house, prices house, the Manger needs to know how to delegate her work to different functions. It might be easier for me to pick up this skill set since I put experience in arranging the Marketing Society of City School of Hong Kong. Despite the fact that there are huge difference between your size and budget, I think the concept will be similar which is easier for me personally to get when I've on-the-job training.

Last however, not least, the Marketing Administrator of Hong Kong Disneyland should have a strong sense of understanding the ethnic different among different countries. She must organize marketing activities and happenings with folks come from all around the world; she must know what the taboos for different countries are. Take Television set commercial for example, the arena of kissing will be common in most of the traditional western countries, but it is forbidden in Indonesia and India. I really do not need strong good sense in this field. Therefore, it could take time for me personally to learn those ethnical differences.

A three-year action plan

In order to perform my goal and become the Marketing Assistance of Disneyland after my graduation, I am going to start to equip myself with the following three-year action plan.

During these three years, I'll make a good balance on both academic and extracurricular activities. Definitely, studies are always being my first priority.

In the first yr of my college or university life, I will plan to reinforce my British (written and spoken) as this can be an importance international words. Besides that, I'd start learning Mandarin and Spanish as they are two of the popular languages all over the world.

Beside, subscribing to the marketing section society will offer you me lots of the chances talk with different students from different universities, different guests. In this case, I am able to strengthen my communication as well as presentation skill while dialogue with others. Furthermore, you will see lots of chance of me to increase my organizing ability and the leadership skills as I have to help plan different occasions and activities.

In the second year, I'll plan to make an application for the college student exchange program also to join different varieties of self-enhancement workshops. By becoming a member of different sorts of workshops (like personal expansion workshop, self-understanding workshop) I will have more chances to get know more about myself and make a much better planning for the future. Applying for the university student exchange program will not only broaden my range of horizons, but also a good way to experience different ethnicities, different needs from people.

In the ultimate year, I'll apply for a in your free time job or summer time internship in a Marketing company. This can help me grasp the basic idea about the true marketing situation since gaining the working experience and understanding the procedure of it can help me to make decision on my future work. Certainly, my ideal company to be came into is Hong Kong Disneyland.

My action plans deliverables e. g. , the measurable evidence or indicators you will be obtaining within the next three years

There are five measurable deliverables for me personally in my action plan in the coming three years.

Maintaining good academics result

I will set my goal GPA as 2. 5 above which is the entry level for getting an interview from Hong Kong Disneyland Holiday resort.

Learning Languages

My action plan is to use the Mandarin and Spanish course in City College or university. As I've started studying these two dialects for a couple of years already, I will take the public exam (Mandarin II and Spanish I) in the coming three years. Additionally, attend the British activities (like controversy, presentation skill) provided by school English learning centre would help me improve my English level.

Joining Exchange program

As mentioned previously, understanding the ethnical difference can be an important advantage of tourism industry like Hong Kong Disneyland Holiday resort. I'll well-prepared myself for getting started with the City University Exchange Program so that I could study abroad and learn different culture.

Organizing Committee of Marketing Society

There are tons of activities and event (e. g. Affiliate Showing, Orientation Camp, Business Mentor and Mentee programs, Study Tour) organized by Marketing Population. Being one of the managing committee of the group, I can well-equip myself with command, communication skills and delegation of work and they are the basic skill sets of your Marketing Administrator.

Applying Summer season internship/Part time job

Cultivate myself with functional marketing knowledge by interning or working in a marketing company. In there, I can shadow and understand the day to day routine of marketing manager. Moreover, requesting questions and offering suggestions would be good way to for me to gain experience.

In final result, the career path to become Marketing Director in this international company like Hong Kong Disneyland is not easy. I need to reach the goals detail by detail through effort and work.

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