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The International Business Culture Business Essay

What is meant by the culture of the society, and why it is important for international professionals to comprehend it. Do you notice cultural differences among your classmates. Just how do those differences impact the category environment or your group jobs?

Society suggest by culture is a set of shared prices, assumptions and beliefs that are learnt through account in a group, and that affect the attitudes and behaviours of group customers.

Culture is not innate it can be learned, and it could varies immensely from population to population. We begin learning our culture from the moment we're delivered, as the individuals who raise us encourage certain behaviours and coach their version of right and incorrect.

It is very important to the international professionals to comprehend it, to learn how to respect towards one country's culture. Once culture may not work well for the other country and can be interpreted as an insult. That is why, it is absolutely important to improve the awareness of cultural issues to the international managers to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Some civilizations are difficult to observe and measure; fundamentally managers should be willing and proficient in it.

Managers must develop ethnic sensitivity to assume and allow for behavioural differences in various societies. Within that sensitivity, they must avoid parochialism-an attitude that assumes one's own management techniques are best in any situation or location and that other people should follow one's habits of behavior. The managers should know how to modify and able to manage up with in a diverse social differences.

Managers can use research results and personal observations to build up a figure sketch, or ethnic profile, of the country. This profile can help managers anticipate how to inspire people and coordinate work techniques in a specific international context.

And some ethnicities may put more emphasis on universal commitments while others put more weight on devotion to particular people or connections. Dealing with nationwide culture variations requires not only knowledge satisfactory behaviours but also moreover, a knowledge of deeper level assumptions and prices that clarify why certain behaviours are appropriate than others.

Time effort, reputation and even deals can be lost to an international director because of ethnical ignorance.

Yes I notice social differences among my classmates. It could affect group tasks and as well class environments. It can impact the group tasks in a negative and positive way.

Negative: In any group activities we were not having the ability to express and connect well. Which language barrier that hinders once idea or we can not easily express that which you feel. Different accents, different words having different meanings and connotation that somehow misinterpret.

Some folks feel there is a Social Teams and Sociable Alienation inside the class room, as each of us has a different culture towards beliefs beliefs and common hobbies. We don't share similarities; some of my classmates feel isolated from the others. That somehow these dissimilarities create pressure in the school room discouraging them to become more aware and become tolerant to others.

Positive: We allow ourselves to accept and choose a culture. We gain different ideas and nurture these differences that every one of us has. These exact things can help us soon in dealing with various individuals who have another culture.

We became competent in diverse terms and culture. We students encountered in a diverse class and we learn different cultures constantly. We became curious and may ask questions to classmates and we are encouraged to learn another vocabulary and culture.

Question 2

Critically determine the types of operational conflicts which could occur within an international context because of variations in attitudes towards time, change, material factors, and individualism. Give good examples to specific countries.

Owners of the company and taking care of foreign stakeholders that has cultural dissimilarities may create managerial troubles. Company's utilizing/recruiting folks from other culture may occur in operational issues for their differences.

Below are the cases to specific countries where operational conflicts occur in an international framework:


Timeliness in Appointments

In US and the majority of the first world countries really value the time. Scheduled appointments tend to be treated such as a general guideline and also to some countries it should be strictly abide by. Failure to come on time can lead to conflict and misunderstanding. Some civilizations are additional time mindful than others. Punctuality really issues for European countries, as time for them is riches.

In addition, whether you are in France or in China, your business lovers will appreciate your efforts to make good impression if you came on time. But failure to do so may feel unlikely not interested or unwell prepared to sign up for the occasion and business reaching.

In New Zealand, they are strict in the amount of hours you could work, as they don't really want to stress and allow employee believe that they can be overworked. They provide certain amount of working time.

Filipinos gets the "manana" behavior or frame of mind, instead doing a project/task as early on before the deadline comes, they favor to do it the day prior to the deadline or in a rush. The habit of expressing/doing there will still tomorrow to finish an activity.


Western Culture considers change as an optimistic business opportunity. Innovation comes to different kind of business in Westernise countries. Business surroundings on their behalf is rapidly changing, changing and transforming that used as a technique to endure in a constant changing business fads. Change on their behalf is an excellent thing as this start of a new business opportunity, start of wealth and new product to market.

Meanwhile, Muslim culture is passive to change credited to effect on the gender role and religious practice. They see a man displays a dominance of hard, principles such as achievements, assertiveness, competition and material success. Religious beliefs is something regarding faith that changes are not relevant. That it was written in a e book a long time ago and really should be abided. Inside the Philippines or any countries, which Muslim resides, men provide food and help the family. Muslim wives have nothing to do with it, men are over powered and overwhelmed that results to a conflict. As well failing to recognize the status of Muslim inside a business/work or even to greet them without respect can leave a bad impression.

Material Factors

US are considered as materialistic culture. They have a tendency to spend a lot of money and invest on material products that sometimes affects to a certain work at home opportunities. They are overwhelmed with the money they have earned and spend it. Lifestyle is very different.

On the other side, Asian culture valued their natural resources (air, sea, land) sometimes it was misused that result to a conflict. They give value on environment and make new services or products with the natural sources they have got.


Western Culture is highly individualistic like US, Sweden, UK and Germany. They are incredibly confident, unbiased, have recognition of personal effort and achievement. Conflicts that UK experience, that they maintain loose interpersonal structure, they can not control a person, they much more likely to be competitive and generally have their own way.

While Asian culture promotes cooperation and teamwork that sometimes they are extremely dependent one to the other. Relying to the other person to finish a certain job or project. Within the Philippines, conflicts come up when people tend to go away their work and rely to the help with their subordinates or co-workers that results to delayed of a certain job.

Without knowing the functional conflicts within an international framework may bring about some costly blunders in business marketing and management, it can also affect seriously the success of international business discussions.

Question 3

A. ) Jo Barnes and Monsieur Hulot are both managers of Dock Philip Pharmaceuticals are located in two different countries. Jo Barnes can be an Australian International manager who oversees the procedure in France under the management if Monsieur Hulot, a French nationwide. Describe and Compare how each of these managers deals individually with the management concern that is affecting the operation of Slot Philip Pharmaceuticals?

Jo Barnes can be an Austrailan International manager, she's educated, confident, independent female. Jo Barnes belongs to a country of individualistic culture, culture that shows a relative preference for the average person in a distinction to the group. This public composition are characterised by independence, the value of individual's privileges and popularity of personal initiative and success. The first approach of Jo was very self-centred that it became evident that any idea of her running the training programs in tests techniques and quality control had not been apt to be well received.

Meanwhile, Monsieur Hulot is a French Administrator, which has an aspect of specialisation, unity of demand, and unity of course, with a hierarchical type of authority, initiative, and esprit de corps. All the characteristics identifies a Collectivist culture, these culture plainly identify between in-groups and out groups and expected to subordinate their individual passions for the benefit of their in- groups.

Two countries with different culture, one has been overpowered when you are independent and educated (Jo) and the other focused on the benefit for all his subordinates (M. Hulot). These were unable to deal immediately the issues but Jo Barnes was able to change to the French culture that makes M. Hulot be pleased with her.

B. ) One of the troubles of international business in various countries is different pushes of International environment that impacts the role of management of multinational organisations. Evaluate any of the international forces that have affected Port Philip Pharmaceuticals in their procedure and its management in France?

International push that affects Slot Philip Pharmaceuticals in their procedure and its own management in France will be the following:

P3 in France are associates of your collectivist, in whom they evidently identify between in organizations and out communities and are expected to subordinate their individual interests for the benefit of their in-groups like family and organisation. And value the overall good of commitment to the group. They truly became dependent on one another, and trust everyone in their individual work that sometimes not well, as they count on one another.

With a relatively high vitality distance (uneven circulation of electric power). Hand in hand with a concentrate on individual protection under the law and personal achievements. They are concern about their position variations and show proper value to their superiors. This status difference are present within P3 may be based on age, social class or family role. P3 employees acquired high view for themselves and also have professional knowledge. Ability distance exists based on education and wealth too.

P3 also have got high uncertainty avoidance, they choose framework and predictability that results in explicit guidelines of behaviours and stringent laws. They don't want changes. Not risk takers. They limit themselves into new ideas or advancement.

Language barrier was also became a global push to P3's management and operation. Among the hindrances that they encounter dealing that not almost all of them cannot speak English. Translations as well can have different meanings or connotations.

C. ) A multinational company like Interface Philip Pharmaceuticals handles many constituents. Evaluate the management methodology of Jo Barnes in coping her constituents in Philippines and France.

Jo's management approach in the Philippines just worked very well. Filipinos were known to be hospitable. She doesn't find any hard time in dealing with them. As Filipinos understands how to respect and package with different kinds of individuals. Filipinos with a higher degree of Electric power Distance will accept and give need for a culture's position (Australia) along a certain ethnic dimension. They learn how to accept and adopt once culture. Jo was taken out for a dinner in an excellent restaurant, every night and day she was interested, wined and dined. While during working hours Filipinos experienced listened respectfully to Jo's ideas for advancements.

On the other hands, when she's in France her situation was not the same as the Philippines. Her first methodology just failed as she tends to be an individualistic (unbiased, self-centred, personal initiative and success) person, she was prepared that her requirements to be insufficient. Because of this approach, the People from france chemists had high ideas of themselves and their professional knowledge was not well prepared. It became apparent that any idea of her working training programs in examining techniques and quality control was not apt to be well received.

On the very next day, Jo kept in mind how Filipinos cared for her. Jo followed a new strategy. She made a little conversation thanking M. Hulot for his courtesy in welcoming her to visit the company and congratulated every person on its fine reputation, back on Brisbane, for the high quality of its products and the creative enhancements it had made to the pharmaceutical industry. And compliment how proud she actually is to have French Connection.

Jo Barnes, recognized already to adjust and adapt to the French Culture (new sense of respect and able to know French commitment to their areas of specialization) She could cope up with them. She was able to put smiles on the faces and managed to begin her training with everyone's listening. She set aside first her educational track record, her position in Australia and her personal success. Instead she extends her hand to help France P3. She could make an impression everyone. She proved that she was area of the group (Collectivist) person. They may have one objective and goal as a group. That is the time brainstorm arose, with every person contributing ideas. Everything just went well. A remedy to the condition have been found and she was self-confident it would be implemented without a delay.

Question 4

Today, international business people must think globally about creation and sales opportunities. Many global professionals will eventually find themselves living and working in cultures altogether not the same as their own. Many business owners will find themselves booking flights to places that they had never heard about. What do you think companies can do now to get ready their professionals for these new markets? What can internet marketers and small business with limited tool do?

In order for the firms prepare their supervisor for the future new markets. They ought to act global and should practice globalism. Developing a closer ties or relationship to other countries through exchange of goods and services.

Through globalisation managers may increase their interdependency and could bridge between two countries. Additionally, it may innovate ideas and can certainly be applied.

The company must start to train their managers by including themselves in the actions of ideas, information images and folks. Company should provide remuneration and rewards. Provides health insurance and safety insurance. Treating employees as belongings of the business.

International managers should focus on trends in the global industry. Able to predict globally hot issues, products and services that the new market will be interested. Managers should develop niche competence; their skills, knowledge and skills should be nurtured and embraced through training.

The international business environment affects how firms perform their functions in both indirect and immediate ways. Professionals of globalization are triggering the flows of trade, investment, and capital to increase and become more entwined-often leading to firms to search simultaneously for production bases and new marketplaces.

Companies today must keep their finger on the pulse of the international business environment to see how it may influence their business activities

Each countrywide business environment comprises unique cultural, politics, legal, and monetary characteristics that define business activity within that nation's borders. This set of national characteristics can differ greatly from country to country. But, as nations start and accept globalization, their business conditions are being transformed. Globalization can cause powerful synergies and extensive tensions to arise within and across various components of a modern culture. Company managers must be attentive to such certifications, adapting their products and tactics as needed.

International organization management is significantly different from managing a purely local business. Companies must follow the rules in every market in which they choose to use. Therefore, the context of international business management is described by the characteristics of nationwide business environments. Due to widely dispersed creation and marketing activities today, businesses commonly interact with people in faraway locations within the international business environment. Finally, managers and their companies are compelled to understand the nations where they operate due to integrating power of globalization. Businesses should try to anticipate incidents and pushes that can affect their procedures by tightly monitoring globalization, national business surroundings, and the international business environment

Know how to advertise. The idea of personal branding that advises individuals should think of these as a brand and market their skills. For the entrepreneurs and small company with limited resources can do is to broaden their business with new target market and customers that are not too costly. They would be able to identify their local and global potential market segments. Able to determine their needs and desires. Not only discover the potential clients want, but why and exactly how they need it. It is very important, nevertheless they should meet their wishes and needs.

International trade specialists can help smaller businesses track down and use federal government, point out, local, and private-sector programs. Also, they are an excellent source of market research, trade leads, financing, and trade occurrences. The Trade and Development Agency also helps small and medium-sized organizations obtain funding for international tasks.

Even if you have small company yet you think BIG that might be their competitive benefits. Ensuring their business takes the maximum benefit of those areas symbolize their advantages of small companies.

Create a frequent improvement and listen to the clients. Market driven. Pay attention. Act. React to customer's needs. Maximise staff productivity.

Question 5

What are the claims of those who say globalisation eliminates careers, lower salary, and exploits individuals?

Some societies find globalisation as a dominating idea. That it may have an impact on their lifestyle. A country has a complicated ethnical conditions such as they see exploiting people on the ground of race, gender or school, people will really try to get rid such world or country.

People in a certain country feel they may be being over driven with foreign individuals. Exactly like in the views of expanding countries, globalisation increase phobia of inequality. It eradicates jobs from local nationality; they somehow prioritise overseas workers because they were paid at less wages or labour payment. Or they have a lot of job opportunities but then the salary were too low, says are they see the probable of the overseas staff member or a country that offers a cheap labour. Conflicts come up and instability.

A country can outsource cheap labour and sell it on the country in a higher price. Local manufacturers believe that these are dominated by imported products. Plenty of subcontracting that reduces job opportunities.

Competition became higher and risky for local personnel and labourers as international dominate their working environment.

They criticize the practice of mailing good-paying manufacturing jobs abroad to expanding countries where income are a small percentage of the cost for international companies. It really is argued a label reading "Manufactured in China" translates to "Not Made Here. " Although critics declare that importing products from China (or another low-wage country) decreases consumer prices for televisions, sporting goods, etc, they say this is little consolation for staff who lose their careers.

When a developing job is lost in a prosperous country, the new job (assuming new work is found) pays significantly less than the previous one. Some proof does suggest that a displaced manufacturing worker, especially a mature one, gets lower pay in a succeeding job. Those opposed to globalization say this decreases employee loyalty, employee morale, and job security. They say this causes people to dread globalization and any extra cutting down of trade barriers.

Because of these claims previously listed, it may cause issues like chauvinism, fundamentalism, and religion, ethnic and racial hatred in controversy.

Question 6

A. ) One technique Yahoo! Might use to deal with the Chinese federal is to allow its local jv partner, Beijing Founder Electronics, to cope with the government. What exactly are the huge benefits and risks of doing so?

The advantages of Beijing Founder Consumer electronics (joint venture partner of Yahoo!) in dealing with Chinese authorities, it can produce mutual increases and clear difference of operational independence. It is legalise and recognised by the power. The procedure of employing and remuneration will be authenticated. There will be a secure patent and copyright safety supported by the government.

The hazards/influences that the government signifies to Beijing Creator Electronics: There will be degrees of taxation and constraints on earnings repatriation. Have settings on risks restrictions and observance of professional standards. Some guidelines to be used and should abide. You will see labour union guidelines to obey. International firms should regulate it.

In such way you will see benefits and risks to consider in a local jv of two organizations. There could be an effect and impact but still its necessarily to address it in a legal way.

B. ) How exactly does a strategic alliance differ from a jv? Explain the pluses and minuses of such alliances?

Strategic alliance (called in a federal government perspective) is a kind of collaboration between two or more companies that can take on many forms such as: Technology copy, Purchasing and syndication contracts, Marketing and promotional cooperation and Joint product development

While Joint Venture (called in a company man perspective) will involve a potentially long-term of investment of money, facilities and resources by several companies to a blended enterprise which benefits all companies. All engaged will have an equity stake in the new business. It may be created to: Run creation facilities internationally, set up a marketing distribution occurrence, use complementary technologies presented by each participant and Joint venture can even be used to get around country trade obstacles.

Advantages or Pluses of the alliances:

Forming a method of trading with somebody, or partners, might provide you with lots of advantages. You might be able to access technologies or copyrighted processes held by the other spouse. You may be able to gain access to their distribution network.

Enable firms to share costs and hazards of the study and development of services and process.

International alliances provide to avoid transfer barriers (Free movement of goods). Licensing requirements and other cover legislation.

Disadvantage or Minuses of these alliances:

Global alliances are usually sluggish in the making, but in an extremely competitive they present a faster and less high-risk route of globalisation. It is not easy to make a deal and finalise an argument, but if both celebrations have approved the contract everything will be fast.

Problems and issues that alliance may encounter:

Shared ownership (hazards of shared possessions), dissimilarities in national cultures (cultural differences; nationwide and organisational culture), difficulties with integration of different structure and systems, syndication of vitality (may dominate one spouse when it comes to process/ideas/end result), competition within associates, conflicts between relative centres of decision and control. Disclose confidentiality of information, use of trademarked technology or intellectual property rights, difficulty on collaborative attempts that lead to mistrust and secrecy.

All advantages and disadvantages mentioned previously are inevitable in having alliances. Alliances may work and may well not work very well. So alliances, should think about their advantages and weaknesses. Ideal partnership takes advantages in their both central competencies that will enhance weaker regions of a firm business.

Question 7

A. ) Evaluate the management strategy employed by Brandon in order to finalise the deal of the Yokohama parts with Mr. Kumatsu and exactly how it led to success or inability of the offer?

The management strategy utilized by Brandon to finalise the deal of the Yokohama parts with newly appointed Japanese exec, Mr. Kumatsu was predicated on direct coordination which decision making is based on the merits of the individual situation. It will not treated this way as Japan have a high uncertainty avoidance which pertains to dislike of any changes (resistance to change) and want the procedure in a prefer structure and predictable as Japanese company always choose a long-term goal.

It also give least common way that provides more pressure to Yokohama parts and able not to coordinate well. From the above mentioned strategy Brandon used, it led him to be unsuccessful with the deal. The intricacy and interdependence of both functions decrease the needs to think parallel and used to a deal.

B. ) Design a powerful management technique for Brandon to effectively achieve a good international working with the company's suppliers in Japan.

For Brandon to effectively achieve a good intetrnational coping with the company suppliers in Japan, the effective management strategy should be controlling resistance to change. This strategy will change raises stress and anxiety over concern with the following: Economic reduction, in essence Japanese company look after their economic position if the package/opportunity is deserving to grab of course, if it'll be beneficial to the company as well to the united states. Inconvenience, they would like to reduce the cause of trouble or problem. They more likely want to have an easy access. They would like to be more convenient and efficiency. Uncertainty, essentially Brandon must show that there's without doubt in their business negotiations and become certain enough. Period of time in status-quo, Brandon must prove that it'll be a breaking through package, that he will have no fear in making it via a good negotiation and offer a quality service for Mr. Kumatsu.

In using these management strategy, it might be a successful package as it leverages distinctive mixture of orientations and strategies. It is global scientific competence with unique product development. In addition, it targets quality and leveraging of international distributor competencies. Brandon also needs to adjust to the demands of its new environment and culture as it remains the simplest way of preserving a sustained competitive benefit.

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