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The Important Characteristics Of Modern World Economy Economics Essay

The expansion of International Trade encourages globalization development significantly, which lead to the earth current economic climate system have a huge change from bi-polar to tri-polar since 1980 (Wall, et al. 2010. P4). Therefore, the balance in the world economy, the progress export is principally in growing countries somewhat than developed countries. This article will review the elements that impact the international trade, and then analyse the total amount of the local economic development, finally review how MNEs (multinational enterprises) and growing countries to change their strategy to adapt to the problem of the global overall economy.

International trade is usually referred to the exchange of goods, and services between countries (Abendini, PhD, n. d). The international economical and ethnic exchanges more close between countries lead to more countries and companies choose exports and investment to overseas markets. Aswell as, the increase of international trade has three factors are cannot be ignored.

To beginning with, the relation between supply and demand influence the international trade (Dexter et al, 2002. pp5). That is because one country has to transfer goods or technology from other country when its demand exceeds supply. For example, rare earth is indispensable factor in the world creation, China is the country with the most substantial storage in the world's uncommon globe resources which accounting for 30% of the world's total reserves, known as "Rare Globe Kingdom" (shebang-china. com, 2011). However, German home is scarcity of rare earth resources in the mean time the German car creation industry needs a sizable number of unusual globe. This demand exceeds supply lead to German import rare globe from China that result the international trade. As a result, the relationship between source and demand can be an important element for international trade change.

In addition, International Law provide secure business environment for international trade that was enacted by contract between your countries. Different international business behaviours match different International Laws. For example, International Investment Rules applies to ventures between Claims, and International Commercial Legislations to protect international trade. The International Legislation protect the international trade; and yes it limits some business behaviours. Wooten claim that do not attempt to sidestep illegally if some countries want to evade the law to get convenience, as doing so can have awful (Wooten, 2011. para5). As a consequence, International Legislation is one reason to impact the international trade.

Moreover, exchange rate influences the international trade as a significant factor (exchangrates. doc, n. d. p2). When a country's money devaluation which result in the same transfer goods needs more local currency, and business lead to the price raise in the home markets. To some extent, that will be affects their sales, and maybe stop the international trade when the costs are greater than earnings. Therefore, the exchange rate's change determines the amount of a country's transfer and export, especially for developing countries the export is some countries' main source of income. Exchange rate's change can prevent the development of international trade and also it can stimulate the development of trade.

Nerveless, different international disputes have been come from the international trade development which brings about the regional financial unbalanced development. Different local economic organizations are founded by country because that can help to balance the regional monetary and solve international issues. Probably the most representative organization is The World Trade Group (WTO). The WTO is the one global international company to straighten out trade issues between your countries, and its own definitive goal is to help member state governments to handle their business globalization and offer their international activities (WTO, 1995). The WTO offers a reasonable competition environment to the Member Expresses, and it reduces the trade obstacles between nations. However, the competition is brutal which caused an impact to weak local corporations and capital.

With the international market development and technological advancement, the planet economy from bi-polar to tri-polar, your competition becomes more strong. After 1990 a lot of multinational businesses adopt the allocated industry string management to adjust the changing international market environment. Quite simply, they put the certain production and service behaviours use low-cost centres in a overseas country which can reduce production costs (Wall membrane, et al. 2010. P4). Also they choose the developing countries to generate factories and produce the products. To be able to achieved the low-cost, high earnings. Because of this, the amount of MNEs and FDI are fast growth on earth, especially in the developing countries.

Developing countries encourage and protect the domestic industries, especially for infant sectors and strategically important industries. Government control the number of foreign company which want to enter in domestic market to safeguard some important companies. In addition they encourage international investment in local establishments that their countries' weakened industries. For example, the federal government of India through catch the attention of the investment to increase the country's economic system, and enhancing the international competitiveness. Within the result, the India's Sole Brand Retail increase doubled from 51% to 100% (JSA, 2012). Authorities also use control exchange rate and adjust taxation to aid domestic businesses develop foreign trade.

In conclusion,

http://voices. yahoo. com/applying-economics-three-reasons-why-international-2286292. html

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