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The Importance Of Biodiversity And Effects Environmental Sciences Essay

The need for biodiversity has lack know by individuals. Human is really counting on the biodiversity to survive because biodiversity provide useful and necessary resources such as food and organic material of medication. Besides, the biodiversity is important role that working on ecosystem. It is kind of vehicles of ecosystem service. The ecosystem provides services such as protection of garden soil thus the biodiversity loss is related to the reduction of ecosystem services. One of the main factors behind biodiversity is deforestation. Deforestation rate increase day by day, the species lose their habitat and insufficient food to endure. Individuals hew the forests to receive the resources and also develop the individual activities such as agriculture and tourism. More than 50 percent of Asian land area use to develop the agriculture. Human being should find out the perfect solution is to improve the biodiversity reduction and reduced amount of ecosystem services. Reforestation enhances the rate of deforestation but do not have results on biodiversity reduction. Therefore, individual should understand the value of biodiversity and the results of biodiversity damage to improve the awareness and factor of real human to biodiversity issues.

The need for biodiversity and ramifications of deforestation on biodiversity loss

Biodiversity means the types of life on our mother earth and the ecological functions that support the variety of ecosystems. The goal of this research paper is to comprehend the value of biodiversity and the consequences of deforestation on biodiversity.

The biodiversity and ecosystem issues compare to other environmental issues, individuals have less awareness to biodiversity issues. As the point previously listed, the biodiversity relates to the health of global ecosystem. The types of organisms on earth are facing the risk of habitat reduction and extinction. If human being do not take any action to boost this situation, we'd lose many valuable species. There will vary areas of kinds of life on the planet such as mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, seafood and plants. Each of the different varieties of life has few or more kinds already extinct. For samples, red colobus monkey, dodo, and phantom shiner. There have no scientists or study can tell us how many types of life are on the globe because our nature is a intricate world and the relevant organizations discover new types to technology ceaselessly until now. Therefore, we have no idea there is how many species we live losing exactly. There are a few experts forecast that the acceleration of biodiversity loss nowadays is between thousand and ten thousand greater than the natural extinction rate.

Human may well not understand well the influence of biodiversity to the whole people and global ecosystems. Individuals obtain many resources from biodiversity, such as food, timber, raw materials of treatments and souvenir. Furthermore of those basic provisions, the biodiversity play quite roles of retaining the ecosystem of the world. It offers quite services, such as cleaning water resources, coverage of soil, reduced amount of global diseases and devotion of maintain the stability of weather. Biodiversity also contributes communal advantages to us like travel and leisure and entertainment development. However, human being focus on what and how many benefits they can get from the biodiversity and ecosystem, the value of biodiversity and ecosystem would neglected by human.

Nowadays, science has better perceptive to the biodiversity results and ecosystem services. There are several review of biodiversity effects show that the biodiversity reduction is relevant with the reduction of ecosystem services (e. g. , Balvanera et al. 2006, Cardinale et al. 2007, Thompson et al. 2009 as cited in Thompson, Okabe, Tylianakis, Kumar, Brockerhoff, Schellhorn, Parrotta & Nasi, 2011). Thompson and co-workers (2009) discovered that seventy six percent of 21 years old studies states that there is direct relationship between the richness of types and the production of ecosystem services. Based on each one of these studies, the biodiversity play the role of travelling of ecosystem services. Therefore, the damage of biodiversity may effect the cycling of kinds, and the transport of ecosystem services. If the ecosystem services reduce, environmentally friendly issues such as climate change will be more serious. From the above things of view, we can know how important the biodiversity are and individuals could not make it through without biodiversity and ecosystem service.

One of the primary reasons that cause biodiversity reduction is deforestation. The family pets lose their habitat and the biodiversity of forests are damage when deforestation happens. The area which has the best rate of deforestation is Southeast Asia. Regarding to a report of land use change in Asia, fifty percent of the Asian land is under the introduction of agriculture or the development of human activities ( Zhao, Peng, Jiang, Tian, Lei & Zhou, 2006) In South Asia, seventy three percent of the land area is utilized as the introduction of agriculture. Therefore, the family pets haven't any habitats and enough food to survive. For example, Singapore has 92 percent of deforestation rate over the past one hundred and eighty three thus there's more than twenty eight percent of types has eliminated. Another country that have higher rate of biodiversity damage brought on by deforestation is Thailand (Zhao et al. , 2006).

Brooks, Mittermeier, Fonseca, Rylands, Konstant, Flick, Pilgrim, Oldfield, Magin &Taylor (2001) mentioned that "Nearly half the world's vascular plant kinds and one-third of terrestrial vertebrates are endemic to 25 of "hotspots" of biodiversity, each of which has at least one thousand and five hundred endemic plant types. None of the hotspots have significantly more than one-third of these pristine habitat left over. Historically, they covered twelve percent of the land's surface, but today their intact habitat protects only 1 point four of the land. " Predicated on this article, we can know that the endemic of hotspots are facing the problem of extinction as a result of habitat loss. When the habitat areas lower, the kinds have highest likelihood of extinction problems.


As we know that, the biodiversity reduction is more and more serious nowadays. Human should find out the solution to lessen the biodiversity loss. To reduce the extinction of biodiversity, we should reduce the rate of deforestation of the world. Among the alternatives of deforestation is reforestation. Although reforestation does indeed increase the rate of deforestation, it generally does not fully refurbish the types richness and ecosystem of the forest. There is a study about the value of plantation forests; it discovers that the species richness of reforestation is not as considerable as the aboriginal forest (Gardner, Hernandez, Barlow & Peres, 2008). For me, the ultimate way to reduce the rate of deforestation is enhance the consideration and knowing of human being.

Government and the relevant group should encourage peoples to concern relating to this issue and let children have the concepts of biodiversity and deforestation. Individuals should know well about the seriousness and effects of biodiversity damage and the reduction of ecosystem thus they will appreciate and conserve the type. Besides, Federal should be stricter in land management to prevent individuals or some companies over extract the forests to acquire self-benefits.

In addition, we may use science to enhance the biodiversity reduction and reduced amount of ecosystem services. For instance, Ecological forest management (SFM) is ecosystem management that work on the conservation of environment, such as biodiversity issues. They try to use scientific method to learn the simplest way and translating it into insurance policy to save and renovate the biodiversity damage and reduced amount of ecosystem services (Thompson et al. , 2011).

Finally, there's also simple alternatives such as do not buy the souvenirs that manufactured from family pets, less use of air-conditioner and purchase timber from the legal company. Although those simple ways look much less effective as medical method, individuals should make contribution to environmental issues.


The biodiversity loss has facing the best rate over the past years. The government and business of environment shouldn't be the only who responsible to the conservation of environment. Individuals should have more knowledge about the value of biodiversity and ecosystem service thus the knowing of individual to biodiversity will increase.

Human being should be more intelligent to maintain and protect our nature. In the event the rate of biodiversity damage and reduced amount of ecosystem continue increase, nothing of us can endure the results. Therefore, human being must be more consideration to this issue. Not merely the federal government, should parents play a good role of model to their children to help make the better environment for our next generation.

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