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The Identified Strategic Troubles Facing The Lego Company Marketing Essay

The identified strategic challenges facing the Lego Company is the quest to creating innovative product lines that instills pursuits of the business's brand. With an increase of visual graphics toys and games that perform technology advanced entertainment, the Lego Group must reinvent original strategy that is current to passions of the targeted demographic. Furthermore, the other obstacle is balancing take action managing costs matrix because of the economy woes that occurs at leave every 4-5 years that impact buys. Therefore, the Lego Company strategic planning is crucial to apply appropriate applications that will support the status quo of sales but with a determinate 20%-45% of increase sales. The brand individuality is critical to the assessment to achieving the targeted measure for a successful return in investment.

The mentioned opportunities will be the beneficial aspects to building the dedicated customers to a fresh revamping of the merchandise line specifically geared towards each generation. The Lego Company was founded custom and that is why in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, in which, the business has passed from dad to son and is currently owned by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, a grandchild of the founder. In the past almost 80 years from a little carpenter's workshop to a modern, global enterprise that the company is currently, the Lego Company is the world's 50th largest manufacturer of toys.

- Key recommendations

The recommended tactical approaches to take benefit of the opportunities for further increasing the brand personality and brand collateral is in the creation of the value for customers. In doing this, the customer will demonstrate commitment and producing sales stations. The refocusing of the worthiness that the Lego Company implements provides for a set aim for to identifying creative areas of the current and new product line.

- Benefits and features of the recommendations

The Lego Company benefits and features of the advice of utilizing value by imposing advanced basic safety, creativity, and creativity as well as customer services to the product brand produces brand collateral. The Lego Company technique for the period to 2010 is its primary targets creating value that promotes the brand identity that produces quality products. In each new product design and concept the mission to infuse value systematic concerns supports the referrals. The progressively refine and improve product range strategically allow its new products to contend, for example, with the many digital products on the mark market. - Seeks to convince MD to read main report.

The targeted aims to influential the demographic market is in the strategy that underlines the ongoing importance of concentrating on profitability within the business. Conversely, the problem facing all toy manufacturers at present is they are tailored to focus from many quarters, such as, by consumers, customers and challengers. The Lego Company purpose is to meet this task with a conviction to unite and bind consumers, admirers and merchants for an increasing the interests to the business. The current challenges of today's toy products to attract and support customers with technology advanced precut, the Lego Company products is the key attribute to provide development. With over 79 many years of toy business experience, the organization has the means to innovate the Lego bricks, Computer Games, and Lego Land to heighten the demographic interest.


The founding of the business since 1932, the tactical opportunities will be the building of the LEGO brand that is more than simply our familiar custom logo brand but a fresh concept to convert technology product line. The targeted demographic needs for new interesting and innovate products which has a learning position within its concept has an exceptional opportunity. Therefore, the new branding of the company's products can provide a more strategic operational quality for a dominate presences within the targeted market demographic. The refocus on the worthiness will offer consumers a new vision for figuring out Lego as the company to trust to demonstrate a safe price and sturdiness in the merchandise line.

The increase operational excellence is another strategic benefit and edge for a profound measure to showcasing the Lego Company with the customer base. The products and services, and the accountability this is the LEGO Company brand identification is portrayed round the world that produces higher brand collateral. In doing so, the benefits and advantages are more positive the brand will serves as a warranty of quality and originality that shall achieve the objective by constantly concentrating on a regular strong brand.

Main Body

The Lego Company's strategy shared perspective with the quest of the organizations reveals the tangible strategy that is creating the required value for our customers to increasing the sales programs. In doing so, the pursuit for the building the brand identity leading to increasing brand equity is fulfilled to sustaining the produce known for producing the "Toy of the Century. " The marketing perspective is desire to to making the building blocks for a traditional interlocking basic principle for offering unlimited brand identity options to emerge as the leader in manufacturing gadgets (Legos. com, 2009). The LEGO Company goal is to provide an improvement of issues that concern the product to make value for the child, parents, the retail shops, vendors, and modern culture in general.

The Environment


The strength discovered is in the proven brand identification with LEGO includes longetivity to foster a feeling of trust of the product. The durability aspects present a huge measure of imprinting the feature of strength along with durability with the merchandise range. The Lego Company aims feature a notion that grows to a wider demographic from age 1-6 and decides to extend this range (Ingram, Laforge, 2006, pp. 22). Therefore, the weaknesses recognized are the needed ability to create innovated products such as the PC Game titles and Lego Land as well as reinventing the legendary Lego bricks to a fresh height. The shortage there of will generate a lesser talk about of the targeted audience in comparison to competitors.

Respectively, the chance presents a means for creative toy makes to bring in key ideas to from remember able products that are resilient for increasing the brand collateral standing. The hazard is in the competitors; Coko, Tyco, and Mega Blocks, that are usually more apt towards charges and innovated accountability that experts in the region of visible conceptual presentations. The competitor's objective is to foster a new way of toy production that prides itself on the technical aesthetic environment. In doing this, the Lego bricks are the basis to counteract the threat of not creating innovated product lines, at least almost every other year. The opportunity is then presented to revolutionary the means for marketing the merchandise that is the leading toy of choice. The weakness is then shifted to a smaller degree because of the strategic marketing means for a desired results resulting in strength for the Lego Company. The strength is offered for advancing the eyesight of the business to present value with innovation that is essential.

Strategic Capability

The capacity to making use of the strategic applications is to achieving the company's goals for leading sales 2-to-1 compared to competitors. The implementation of the company is through the means that perform its best to make a positive effect on areas such as working environment, environment that promotes innovation in the study & Development departments. In doing this, the marketing concept is reached with a directive to demonstrate a primary aim to supply good, and healthy play product aspects (Savory, Butterfiled, 1998, pp. 88). The strategic context to presenting the company's brand for having a great time is the central strategy within the marketing initiatives for achieving the desired leads to the targeted demographic. The marketing initiatives are focusing on the age sets of 1-6 as well as to 7-9 years of age present an interesting concept to increasing the brand equity over another 5 years.

Business Idea

The profound business idea is reinventing the initial Lego bricks to an improved products that advances the learning and participating in experience that is remember for target band of age group 7-9 demographics. The concept presents the business enterprise idea that creates on the foundation to foster a technology notion to drawing in the preference for Lego products rather than the competitors. The strategic move is a cost-effective procedure that limits most marketing market segments to a television set and print advertising combination. In doing this, the business idea is perfected perfectly to show a wiliness to contend with Nintendo and WII products more proactively. The idea is to reinvent the merchandise line more geared to highlighting known entertainment in the demographic.


The suggestion is the investment of resources into the products of Lego bricks, PC Games, and Lego Land that transform into a technology advanced capability and associated with current child entertainment locations. The similarities to Monopoly Game titles associating with Barbie, Activities, and today Disney version so Lego Company must consider branching out into similar strategies. The focused effort on the development to not only goes on influencing kindergarten small children and schoolchildren but is to sincerely utilize the young teenagers to young-at-heart adults demographic. In doing this, the fascination of activities and automobiles are vital to delivering the designed models for a creative Lego bricks that be performed on your pc by visiting the LEGO Manufacturing plant website. With this retrospect, the suggestion is honing onto the strength recognized for the Lego Company can build on the brand personality and brand equity.


In the quest for building a marketplace increase by 20% with the targeted time demographic of 7-9 as well as 10-14 for sales to enhancing an overall measure of global performance. The leading of clear plastic parts to create a new dimension of reality provides the possibility to recreating a remarkable concept that increases the brand identity. The measure supplies the brand collateral to increase complementing the sales projections for the next 5years scheduled to developing quality products. In doing so, the value goal matrix is found accordingly to fulfill the strategic management planning goals with innovated products. The concentrate on mirroring the same notion as Monopoly Games strategy of paring up with popular entertainment locations and activities supplies the Lego Company the same opportunity. Therefore, the targeted demographics are more likely to reinforce the principal vision of the business being the "The Toy Manufactory" in today's and then century by adapting to the changing times.


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Variety of features in the market


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Limited in flexibility

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Interior Design

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Table B.

The representation of the organization presents the way the use of invested resources to supply the innovated products is crucial to the success of Lego Company. The competitor's strategy identifies to the objective for effective charges to counteract the powerhouse of Lego Company. Therefore, the evaluation presents the opportunity for the Lego Company to demonstrate a more varied costing matrix with the incorporation of value and quality. In doing this, the fundamentals of the suggestion to reinvent the product line of the Lego bricks, PC Games, and Lego land can be achieve effectively.

The core perspective of Lego Company is to provide an exceptional product in the international market place by proceeding to the next phase of expanding a powerful business initiatives outlining innovation. The recent analysis of the talents and weakness of Lego Company focusing on the global market provided perception in to the overall profit for moving forward to rebranding the product line. The online marketing strategy for a worldwide integration is to achieving corporate initiative that describes the success margin in success of the merchandise brand (Armstrong & Kotler, 2007, pp. 11).

The analysis on the weakness of Lego Company provided a concern with a proposed consensus on the needed spent resources capital to meet stages of implementation for a well planned strategy, to be able, to go into new technology products on the market. Therefore, the counteract impact of the Lego Company provides a vitality of the product that has been proven years pages record sales with Personal computer Games. The accessibility turned out from 1990s to current time a strong name in the current market for further research and development. Therefore, the necessity to receive authorization from proper for creating a business initiatives present the effectiveness of the product will remove concerns on preliminary estimation of capital required.

The execution of formulating the business plan provides the usual focuses of the mission, purpose, management staff but as well as information on the three main strategic strategies. The three strategic areas are placing, segmentation, and branding to infuse Lego Company in its initial launching efforts to secure a esteemed footing in the global market place. The positioning provides the prior research on where the best location for the admittance into the international market that will focus on the primary children, school-aged, and teen's consumer audience. The marketing setting will play in sync with the segmentation marketing strategy, to be able, to solidify the core eye-sight of the mother or father company. In doing so, the focus is set to be of offering and providing a fantastic product that can be designed to any specific international culture environment (Outdoors, Wild, and Han, 2006, pp. 45).

Furthermore, the Lego Company's branding strategy will be outlined in the business plan to outline the mental theory that might be in play to capture the knowing of the merchandise and brand identification. Moreover, the centered attention will be on the apathy theory and a child, the mother or father, and the vendor's mental health theory concept to provide the impact of a new awareness to the product and its own profound functions (Best, 2006, pp. 28). The entrance in to the international market will need to have the methods to effectively create the eyesight of Lego Company for the short-to-long term goal; hence, a concise work to instill a communication model was already established.

The online marketing strategy for Lego Company already proven communication model outlines the short-term goal to the global market with the execution of strategies within a year. The long-term goal measuring will need put in place the ninth to twelfth month to secure a footing for long-term attempts that synergize the business's marketability. The long-term goal is to roll-out 3 improved version of the product series associated with Disney, Activities, and Learning Visuals next 1 to 4 years. The additional long-term goal is to recoup the initial capital investment required at the start of launching globally and start marking a profit by year 2.

The time for Lego Corporation to get into the global market is right now with any delay because of the ramifications can result in losing a significant share in the buyer market. The results can presents a far more dramatic entry into the market due to the brand identity proven. The research study presents the inspection of the relationship between various marketing strategies on effectively popular products that are online game playing features for the worldwide web (George, Jones, pp. 18). The identification of the merchandise marketing strategy getting traffic to the brand id for equity progress creates an effective solution to tapping into the targeted demographic. The built by a website designer to boost the attractiveness in the search engine, hence a review of the three main se's features to avoid rejection in the standing level.

The marketing strategy approach seems to display the way the creative features of original product can improve by strategies concentrating on current movements (Gobe, 2001, pp. 12). The objective of the business to give attention to a refine associated with the products as well as the Computer gaming web technology aspect accomplishes in the desired outcome online marketing strategy. The popularity of the Lego Company imagination and durability shows to being the established foundation to getting together with the targeted demographic needs for development and interest. Respectively, the objective for a value notion incorporated into the strategy provides for a strong effort to compete with manufactory to increase the share in the market.

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