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The Hotel Industry In Britain

According to the British laws a hotel is a place where a "benefited" tourist can get food and shelter provided he is in a position to for it and it is in a fit condition to get.

Hotels have a very long history, however, not as we realize today, way back in the 6th hundred years BC when the first inn around the city of London commenced to develop. The first catered to travelers and provided them with a mere roof to remain under. This problem of the inns prevailed for a long period, until the commercial revolution in Great britain, which brought about new ideas and improvement in the business at inn keeping.

The invention of the heavy steam engine made vacationing even more prominent. Which were required to increasing numbers of people traveling not limited to business but also for leisure reasons. This business lead to the actual development of the hotel industry as we know it today.

Hotel today not only cater to the essential needs of the guest like food and shelter provide much more than that, like individualized services etc.

Hotels today are a "Home away from home".

Hotel can be classified into different categories or classes, predicated on their operational conditions. For example the kind of accommodation they offer, location of the property, type of services provided, facilities given and the clientele they focus on can help categories hotels today.

The market segmentation is economy hotel, middle market hotel, collection hotels, first class hotel, deluxe hotel, gambling house hotels, resort hotel and citizen hotel.

Source:http://www. scribd. com/doc/6170286/Introduction-to-the-Hotel-Industry

Hospitality industry offers a variety of service including food service and accommodation and has different organizations. Among the most typical industries of hospitality market sectors is hotel and followed by restaurants. Hotel and restaurants have commonalities but differs in lots of ways they provide and the product quality service that they offer.

The organisational sturcture of your hotel

Two main divisions in virtually any hotel. The first is operational which provides the following departments :

Food and Drink division


House keeping


Functional division contains the following

hR Mgt


Finance & A/c

Dicuss each department's roles

Scale and opportunity of hospitality:

Firstly, there are four basic types of the hotel ownership like the franchise, privately held and operated, leased and handled, on the other hand restaurant can be franchised and privately had only. The franchise operation is privately held however the owner pays for the franchise charge and accompanied by the royalty which is paid once a month and in line with the contract identical to the restaurants. The privately owned and controlled hotel has company relationship which that could have traders or others with a financial affinity for the hotel, however, in the restaurant industry it includes one only or partner ownership who run the business. Leased hotels are owned by specific or company but only lease the establishment. And finally, the managed hotel is privately possessed but comes with an contract with another hotel brand to perform the hotel businesses.

Source:http://www. ehow. com/about_5598328_types-hotel-ownership. html#ixzzOfDhyE1W

Assessment of hospitality related orgs: ( judgement, evaluate)

According to People 1st Point out of the Nation Report 2009, it is roughly 31% of high turnover in terms of labor in the industry and the employers are spending GBP 414 million on recruiting and improving new personnel in 2008/09.

Secondly, in diversity perspective in terms of products and services such as food, drinks, accommodation, conferences and banqueting, leisure facilities, levels of services and customer support varies on the type of hotel and restaurant are. This means the target they are targeting differs the quality that they are offering. For instance, in 5-legend hotel so as to the meals and service are quite posh and branded, the facilities are expensive which surpasses on your goals, thus, you are delighted of the food and service they feature compared to the 2-superstar hotel which is much cheaper. These are things that we are thinking about about the factors that makes it diverse in service. Another thing is the culture of a certain country that they offer different meals and different kinds of meats according to the norms that they are believing in like the Halal food in Muslim country that your people do not eat pork. It really is bizarre to give them this meats (pork) since it creates chaos and conflict to you when you set up an enterprise in Muslim country.

The organizational area of the hotel and restaurant can be split into operational and efficient. The functional is more on preparing food, food and services, accommodation service and leading of house services while the efficient is more on recruiting, money, marketing, research and development, security and maintenance. In functional perspective in the hotel are much sophisticate and posh and meticulous than the restaurant perspective. The hotel offers international food much more in comparison to restaurant which is much limited. Hotels caters all matching to customers need. In terms of employees including the waiter and receptionist, the hotel are hiring a lot more people and generally who have a degree with personality and experience while the restaurant need few employees regardless of a diploma, personality and experience to a certain level. In functional, the hotel have human resources and high security and maintenance generally because it is much bigger company and extensive responsibility and caters different nationality in regards to the worker and customers.

The following will be the organisations that happen to be related to these establishments:

I want to do this! What's This?

People 1st is the sector skills council for hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism.

They will work to convert skills in the sector, especially in the areas of management and authority, customer support and build skills. They are simply committed to ensuring that public money support the industry to build up only those skills and programmes that meet the needs of employers.

The English Hospitality Relationship has been representing the hotel, restaurant and catering industry for 100 years.

The Association prevails to ensure that the views of the British isles hospitality industry are displayed in a forceful, coherent and co-ordinated way to government and policy designers in the united kingdom and internationally, to ensure that its participants' businesses can flourish.

The Institute is delighted release a a new collection of five online learning modules which can be freely available to all. The modules are personalized to meet up with the needs of hospitality and travel and leisure students and specialists. They also support learning for our own Hospitality Management Requirements.

These organizations helps everyone what exactly are the current trend and development in hospitality industry. It retains us update and be aware about the opportunities in the market. Moreover, it enhances our knowledge and we have questions we can take a look anytime you want to. On top of that, it helps the hospitality industry what are the things they have to improve which quite productive to all.

Task 2

The hotel and restaurants have commonalities in terms of practical and operational aspect of hospitality management nevertheless they have differences in other things. The hotel functional side will be the human resources, funding, marketing, research and development, security and maintenance where in fact the restaurant varies whether the restaurants are fast food chain, fine dining restaurants or vending machine. In fast food chain like McDonalds has recruiting, financing, marketing, research and development, security and maintenance however fine eating restaurants do have but others don't have. In operational tips of view in the hotel and restaurants like preparing food, food and drink services, accommodation services and entry of house services have same legislative legislations regarding the health and safety, environmental legislation and other laws. The way they do quality service differs in the way they deal the customers and their marketplace as the hotel restaurants tend to be more meticulous and customer focused than the restaurants in the market.

Hotels have legend rating according with their quality and status and much more posh in comparison to restaurants. The hotels now offers more professions than the restaurants from a wide variety of jobs to choose from. They can apply in management, event company, restaurant and club are well as operational roles which includes the finance, recruiting and marketing. On the other hand, careers in restaurants include management and chef work which is the most difficult to consider simply because of missing the required skills and experience however in the larger restaurants opportunities for business professionals, finance managers and operational staff are existing. In meetings and meetings and events are large business that typically entails in the hotel which accounts of 60% in line with the British Hospitality Relationship Centres tendencies and statistic 2008.

Many occupations in the hospitality industries are offering regular, part time and everyday and from organization. The full time has 40 time a week normally but can go over with regards to the availability of the employee whilst partly time offers 20 hours only. The casual are just on call employees but have a restricted benefits compared to regular and in your free time job. On the other hand, if they run out of people of staff they might call from organization to cover up for individuals who make an absent or those situations that needs more personnel. Part-time job are largely students and they are hired according with their availability especially in the hotel and junk food chain restaurant. The part-time job salary is approximately 5. 82 and the full time is a lot higher depending about how much longer they are really in the business. It varies from individual to individual and it will depend on the size of the business and the amount of the responsibility included and sometimes, plans range from profit-related. Restaurants utilize more than 526, 000 regular and in your free time personnel accounting 82% in the united kingdom. In the hotel the full time are roughly 72% in conditions of employability. In the UK there are over 46, 000 hotels and visitor homes and the hotel industry remains a essential role throughout the market having an gross annual turnover of approximately 40, 000 pounds relating to tendencies and information in 2008 United kingdom Hospitality Association.

In terms of incomes, the trainee hotel supervisor earns from 12, 000 pounds to 19, 000 and the more experience hotel administrator gets 16, 000 to 22, 000 while the restaurant manager salary range from 16, 000 to 20, 000 pounds.

As considerably as structure is concerned, hotels and restaurants are different in many ways like the hierarchy, teams, organisations set ups volume of employees, career progression, staff characteristic, versatility and social skills. The hotels have general manager that look the company all together or have a huge picture of it. It is break down into team where they are simply specific on the activity like restaurant manager has a responsibility to control the people employed in the restaurant such as the waiter, receptionist and the trunk of the hotel like the chef. On the other hand, the restaurant is much simple to operate and few people will work here so the restaurant manager are a lot more relax and specific on what they are doing in the said establishment. The progression of profession in the hotel is way better than the restaurant for the reason that if you will work in the hotel it is a lot easier so that you can be appointed in higher position in the restaurant because you have the backdrop employed in the hotel. Furthermore, hotel staff can still have the options to apply in the other hotels and restaurants such as the supervisor after being a waiter before. This is exactly what we call a better job after having interval training and qualification given by the hotel in addition to the experienced gained in the hotel. Since employed in the hotel has diverse nationality, the non-public growth and self-assurance become a secured asset and since time runs it develops making you a adaptable type of person, thus, developing a good interpersonal skills which the employer wants.

Having said that, the hotel continues to be has plenty of advantages than the restaurant, although restaurant has advantages in many things. But of course, it will depend on the person as well if how decided and persevered he is in reaching his goals and be promoted in the business.

Certification in the hotel and restaurant business can be apprenticeships, national vocational certification(NVQ), vocationally related certification(VRQ) and degree as well. The apprenticeships are nationally created for teenagers in age bracket of 16-24 which has two levels like the apprenticeship and the advanced apprenticeships and consist of an NVQ and three key skills including the application of amount, communication and IT. The NVQ is developed by National Occupational Expectations which concentrate on job tasks within the scope of the industry which is complied in a portfolio information. The vocationally related qualification (VRQ) sometimes called as specialized course of study usually 1-5 days. These qualification have levels from level 1-3, A Level 2 NVQ is the same as 5 GCSE's class A to C, and AN EVEN 3 NVQ is the same as 2 A Levels.

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