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The History Concepts And Efforts Of Gestalt Mindset Psychology Essay

Gestalt mindset means unified total. Gestalt psychology does not look at things as specific elements but as a whole. The three main founders who founded the institution of gestalt psychology were Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka as well as Wolfgang Kohler. The foundations of the Gestalt mindset are perception, memory space and learning. A number of the guidelines of gestalt psychology are isomorphism, effective thinking as well as reproductive thinking which will be elaborated in this article. One of the key contributions of Gestalt mindset is Gestalt therapy which targets helping an individual understand their inner do it yourself and the difference of what they experience and interpretation of happenings.

Gestalt is a psychology term which means "unified whole entire". It refers to theories of aesthetic perception produced by German psychologists in the 1920s. Instead of approaching psychology as atoms or elements relating to Wundt's theory, Gestalt psychology, learned by Wertheimer, a German, on the other hands, focuses on human being experiencing psychological happenings as a whole. This essay will be concentrating on a few of the founders of Gestalt psychology and how it has been interpreted and developed through the years from 1880 to 1967, followed by the concepts of Gestalt mindset leading to modern day contribution of Gestalt mindset.

Historical Developments

There were 3 main founders and contributors of Gestalt psychology. They were Utmost Wertheimer, Kurt Koffa and Wolfgang Kohler. Max Wertheimer used to study law but his interest soon shifted to school of thought and psychology. He developed a keen interest on notion after observing the way the flashing of lighting at place created an illusion of activity. He was at the University or college of Frankfurt where he worked with Kurt Koffka and Wolfgang Kohler and the three of them established a university of Gestalt Mindset also called the institution of thoughts. Wertheimer got an enormous effect on other areas including sensation and understanding as well as experimental psychology. He also composed a reserve on beneficial thinking soon before his loss of life in October 1943 and was later printed. Kurt Koffka graduated with a doctorate in psychology at the University of Berlin. Later he continued to University of Frankfurt where he started working carefully with Wertheimer and Kohler. Koffka primary interest of study was on colors. It focuses on the interrelation of brightness and color, the difference of colorings with brief and long wave-lengths as well as the question of floor and body. He wrote an article on "Perception: An Release to Gestalt Mindset" in 1922. He later continued to being truly a professor at Smith College or university where he continued to be till his death. There he done the concepts of Gestalt mindset mainly concentrating on memory, understanding and learning. Wolfgang Kohler graduated with a doctorate from the College or university of Berlin under the supervision of Stumpf. He later continued to the School of Frankfurt where he performed as well as Koffka and Wertheimer. He pursued perceptual ideas through his studies with chimpanzees as director of the Canary Island Anthropoid Train station in 1913. He visited become a teacher at a University of Berlin taking over Stumpf and remaining for the U. S as he publicly criticized the Nazis. He became an American citizen and lastly became the chief executive of the American Psychological Relationship in 1959. Kohler added substantial books work to the field of psychology. He wrote and lectured extensively on his creature research and on the understanding of human conception.


Isomorphism means similar patterns. Isomorphism suggests that there is a clear pattern in the gestalt patterning of stimuli and of the activity in the mind while a person actually perceives the stimuli. For example, when there is a surface filled with colour, as specific perceive it, the brain will convert a separate and different coloring at every different space and within that space's surface to a particular image resolution. Each point of that surface is not experienced in isolation but in its proper occurring space to almost every other point in the recognized surface. This shows that the structure of someone's mindful experience or understanding is structurally similar to the patterns of the experience of the mind. The isomorphism talked about in gestalt theory is principally practical isomorphism. Behaviour of something as though it was physically similar in form. It can only be assumed as the exact geometrical configuration of the brain but can't be discovered phenomenologicaly. (Lehar, 2003)

Productive thinking will lead to an understanding of the romantic relationships between the objects in issues which will in turn lead to the abstract thought process which is often applied to future problems. Successful thinking is used when there is absolutely no obvious solution. It basically requires the individual to think from the box to access the answer. For example, in both String Problem test, individuals were asked to enter a room where you can strings were tie at each end of the room and was impossible to grasp both at the same time. At the same time a pair of pliers was also within the room. Participants were asked to tie both strings along. This example required participants to perceive the relationship between the things and connect it to the question that they were asked. The way to resolve this problem was to use the pliers to do something as pendulums to give the strings a couple pounds so that it can be further expanded and participant can then pull these expanded strings towards the other person and link it. Members were also required to think out of the box, to work with the pliers as pendulums rather than tools. Reproductive thinking requires the individual to use the answer of the similar problems that the individual have solved previously to resolve current problem. However, reproductive thinking method can only just be employed if the individual can accepted the similarity between the two problems and are able to recall it which taps into the long term recollection. (Joan Condell · JohnWade · Leo Galway ·Michael McBride · Padhraig Gormley · Joseph Brennan ·Thiyagesan Somasundram, 2010)


One of the efforts of Gestalt psychology is Gestalt therapy. Gestalt therapy concentrates raising an individual's needs, senses, feelings as well as limitations. It contributes to the individual well-being and self-respect. It stresses strongly on contact, interconnection and respectful meetings. Corresponding to Lewin's theory, an individual is actually a part of population and there can't be an isolation of a person as Gestalt is definitely focusing on the complete rather than individuals. However, in the context of human being, everyone of us are developed by atoms with specific specific characteristic however when put in a more substantial composition, humans are dependant of each another. That is called, paradigm of individualism. (Lennart B ernhardtson, 2008)

Gestalt therapy borrows a few of the idea from pragmatism like the idea of human being experience, and also one of the gestalt experiments where insights should emerge and be tested within the creative activities of the remedy treatment. In gestalt remedy, the therapist and the patient will engage together to a spot where they create a phenomenal field which subsequently becomes the concentrate of the treatment. It targets what the patient is feeling at that time in time and what the patient is thinking at that point of the time. The therapist must be trained to find the patterns in the encounters of the patients through calling with them. Contact in this context would be the actual therapist observed in the period with patient; sensed, sensed, perceived, noticed and known attributes. The therapy teaches the individual the difference between what they truly experience and that which was just the interpretation of occurrences. Gestalt remedy helps patients gain an improved understanding of how their mental and physical systems are connected. Understanding the internal self is the key to understanding actions, reactions and their behaviours. Gestalt remedy is a kind of self-discovery and it offers patients the required skills to handle demanding situations. (D A N B L O O M, 2009)


Gestalt mindset has impacted the field of psychology to a huge scope mainly in conditions of perception, storage and learning. Rules of Gestalt psychology like isomorphism, successful thinking and re productive thinking had proven to be the few best mental health theories which may have been implemented thus far. Since gestalt have advanced a lot till particular date, gestalt remedy have been proven and it targeted in helping individual understand their inner self in order for them to understand their actions, reactions as well as behaviours.

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