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The Record About The Tourism Industry Travel and leisure Essay

Comprehensive project statement is part of the MBA sem 3 and 4 curriculum. Under which 2 students in a single group are supposed to study one industry therefore we have determined TOURISM INDUSTRY for our research.

Tourism Industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet with an average GDP of 11. 6%. Changing lifestyle of the people because of a sudden upsurge in their income levels licensed to the checking of the economy and Multinational Corporation has resulted in the steep growth of travel and leisure industry in India. Tourist's attention is moving from established areas such as European countries to emerging vacation spot such as Asia-pacific countries. Travel barriers have been destroyed and there is a flow of free trade. Travel and leisure is becoming multiple activates concentrated with the integration of shopping and entertainment, entertainment and education and culture and business middle development.

Tourism Industry is deeply damaged by the social, technological, economical factors. All these factors have been given their credited credit in the job. Overall economy being the bloodline of any country has been devoted a major chunk in the analysis of these factors accompanied by social and technical factors. Government plans give a basic platform, which minds and settings every industry. Therefore, it should be studied so that not a one factor remains untouched.

For the introduction of any industry the essential infrastructure facilities are extremely important. Indian railway is the world's greatest network under a single management. The railway is one of the facilities necessary for travel and leisure besides aviation, telecommunications and accommodation.

Tour operators and travel agents perform the role of any liaison and a catalyst too in this industry without whom it's very difficult to operate.


As we realize that travel and leisure industry of India keeps growing at a very fast rate so in this we have project also handles the current scenario and the challenges encountered by the tourism industry of India.

A few ideas about development of tourism in India have been market in the job such as planning, organizational framework, business process reengineering, information systems, procedures management, online marketing strategy formulation, environmental impact assessment and project management.


The fall of Roman Empire resulted into downfall of travel and leisure, at least till the end of Midsection East. The available facts expose that Roman evinced affinity for going to temples, shrines, celebrations and baths for health and amusement. The curves of Development underwent radical change at least till the 15th century. The trade and business along with religious activities gained the momentum but till the start of industrial revolution, travel and leisure continued to remain the problem of pilgrimage. CERTAINLY a number of developments took place between 15th and 18th hundreds of years. Specially In the professional world which lifted the significance of expertise or expertise for excelling competition. This motivated the top notch of the contemporary society to go in another country for enriching the data, speeding up the training cycle developing the brilliance and making possible cross fertilization of thoughts and ideas. With the turn of 19th century, we find multifaceted development in travel, communication and, technical style, which energized the procedure of industrial change. The tourism began developing as an enterprise and the professional Travel agents started getting involved in the procedure. With the beginning of the 20th century the procedure of invention and innovation stated attaining momentum which made ways for the introduction of infrastructural facilities and further added new proportions in tourism business. No questions, the World Conflict I and World Battle II obstructed the flow of development but the second 50 percent of the 20th century became golden years, since almost all the countries of the world began patronizing travel and leisure as an important economic activity.

Thomas make was of the view that beauty is good for individuals. The view of Mr. Make generated new aspect in the tourism business, which paved copious avenues for development of tourism as a business. We can't deny that because the time immemorial travel has been first selection of public, the qualitative improvement along the way could happen with the involvement and co-operation of leading global group, such as WORLD Traveler Company, PACIFIC AREA TRAVEL Connection, INTERNATIONAL UNION OF Standard TRAVEL ORGANISATION or so While using development of a broader notion, the substance of Travel and leisure further distilled and it was more holistic procedure because in the general theory of travel and leisure, Walter Hunziker and Kurt Kraph (1942) considered it both a individuals Aswell as economic activity. In 1974, Burkat and Medlik again brushed up this approach since they viewed travel and leisure as a amalgamated phenomenon embracing a whole selection of different romantic relationship between traveler's and the number population.

The intensity forex requirement was found at its peak and the tourism appeared to all of them an important source to be tapped optimally. In the face of succulent benefit, the developed, less developed and even the Expanding countries started assigning anticipated weight age to the travel and leisure industry in their countrywide development plan. We agree with this view that with marvelous Socio-economic potential, the travel and leisure industry is considered to be an financial bonanza which paves avenues for the introduction of lots of allied Sectors, such as hotel, communication, banking travelling, trade and business or so. In addition, we also consider travel and leisure a potential source to make possible world peace through mutual understanding and international understanding.

In the Indian point of view, we find Seventh Five Yr Plan as watershed in the Development of travel and leisure industry. For the first time, the vast potential of tourism as a forex earner and generator of employment opportunities was identified.

Several insurance policy initiatives were taken up to develop the travel and leisure sector In the development of travel and leisure, the public sector has made a significant contribution. Lately, the industry is equipped with an acceptable infrastructural base and it is poised for a self-sustained expansion. The future expansion of tourism is required to be triggered with the support of the private sector. The strategy for the introduction of tourism is required to be designed based on low-cost economy, more impressive range output, efficiency in the utilization of infrastructure and advanced holiday facilities.

The tourism industry bounced again from the global economic slowdown of last year with 2011 poised showing a positive growth number. As a matter of known fact tourism is one of the most significant industries globally, both in terms of size and work ($5. 4 trillion and 8. 6 per cent of the global workforce. )

Indian travel and leisure industry contributes 6. 4% of total GDP. This comes even close to 3. 3% for automotives manufacturing, 4. 5% for education and 3. 7% for the mining industry. So INR 6. 7 billion is contributing from travel and leisure industry in India.


1. Trip as a Base - Mass Market, Popular Market

2. Demand as base - Primary, Supplementary opportunity

3. Geography as a base - Cities, Provinces, Parts, Countries

4. Psychography as basics - Lifestyle, Personality Purpose, Product, Knowledge.

5. Demography as basics - Age, Love-making, Occupation, Class, Religion.

6. Socio-economic of platform - Rich, While, Rural, Urban, Literate, Illiterate

7. Goal as a base - Business Travel, Cultural Tourism, Common Interest

8. Years as bottom part - Kids, Teens, Youths, Young, Married, Sole.

The holiday foundation focuses or attention on the fact that long-distance travels require option of more leisure time. The vacation market is categorized in conditions of demand. The different categories are, the mass market, the popular market and the average person trip market. The mass market will involve largest number of- vacationists who generally travel in long teams. They choose all-inclusive tours. The users participate in the conservative group in which we find skilled and semi-skilled employees, blue-collar employees as the actual users. The users are generally class one and course two groupings, pensioners and retired people. The individual holiday market involves "social group-A7 like corporate and business chairman and older executives. We find an visible change in the behavioral profile of different categories in the vacation base. Another bottom part is purpose in which we find business travel market, social travel and leisure market, common interest tourism market and meeting and convention.

The demand bottom part classifies marketplaces into primary travel and leisure market, secondary tourism and opportunity travel and leisure. The geographic bottom includes lifestyle, personality, motives, product and knowledge. The demography bottom covers age, intimacy occupation, school and religious beliefs. The socioeconomic bottom part makes classification like wealthy, poor, rural, metropolitan, literate and illiterate. The age-base classifies marketplaces for kids, teenagers, youths, young married and old people market.

The aforesaid small sections simplify the duty of tourist professionals. They find out about the changing needs and requirements of different sections and innovate their tactical decisions accordingly. The development of marketing resources in melody with the changing degrees of objectives make the ways for the activation of demand and simplify the task or marketers. It really is in this context that we need to portion the market for the various allied industries assisting the travel and leisure industry in lots of ways.

Designing a Package deal Tour

In the process of formulating a sound product strategy, there are a number of factors to get due attention. The developing of a bundle tour occupies a location of outstanding value. For the profitable marketing of tourism services, it is relevant that the various components of product are handled in the right fashion. This gravitates our attention on the offering of your package getaway product which necessitates management of the following factors.


The development of vacation spot or tourist sites has a far-reaching effect on attracting the holidaymakers. It is vital that vacation spot or the tourist sites are easily accessible. This necessitates safe, fast and reliable transportation facilities hither and thither the visitor sites. To be more specific for promoting world tourism or attracting the foreign travellers, it is essential that the flying time is manufactured proportionate. The site should be clean, the beach locations should be sandy, sun-shine should be certain, the entertainment facilities at the site should be of quality the site should be safe to walk about, the local people should be friendly, the travel operator, the travel tutorials and others must have competence of speaking English and other local languages. These facilities at the vacation spot would add attractions.

Management of Airport

While managing the travel and leisure product, the international airports must be managed carefully. The air port should be local and convenient. The layout for airport parking should be safe and sufficient. It should not be congested but it ought to be spacious. In addition, the shopping facilities should be duty free. The air port should be clean and the vehicles should be available so that vacationer doesn't face any trouble. Besides, the security design should be limited to safeguard the passengers and their valuables. The cosmetic management occupies a location of relevance in the very context.


The flights should keep up with the time schedule normally a dislocation may invite multifaceted problems, not and then the travellers but even to the international airport authorities. The assistance should be reliable, good and polite. The superior modern aircrafts of new technology should be included in the fleet to draw in the holidaymakers. The basic safety record should also depend on mark to eliminate worries psychosis or psycho-fobia.

Road and Rail Transportation

For the holidaymakers preferring to visit by buses of railways, it is significant that the channels are well monitored. The scheduling and booking counters should be handled scientifically. The enquiry should be managed by efficient and well behaved personnel. The safety agreement should be enough to counter the law and order signposts should be located at right places to help the traveling passengers.


For handling the hotel services, it is vital that people are also careful to the hotel accommodation facilities. It really is important that hotels are easily accessible to the tourist sites or shorelines or retailers. The hotel workers trustworthy and competent enough to speak English and other regional languages. They are supposed to be friendly. The management of facilities at hotels need due care. Though the standard of services, amenities and facilities rely upon the grade of hotels still it is essential that hotels provide promised services to the users. The difference between your services-promised and service-offered should be - bridge over. The hotels should be well managed, the interior decoration should be attractive; possibly a good mix of eastern and western culture, the atmosphere should be relaxed and silent; specially at the night time time, general population rooms should be enough in number, the swimming pool should be cool and clean where inflow and outflow of drinking water should be scientific to safeguard the danger of water contaminants or pollution. There must be pub with good selection of drinks.

The bed rooms should be spacious where balcony facilities should be made available. The childcare services should also be made available. Specifically at the beach resorts, the sea view should be possible with all rooms, in-room telephonic services should be accessible, in, and room-TV should be provided. There must be satisfactory cupboard space. The hangers should be attractive and artistic, toilets should be nice and clean and well equipped with east and west provisions. The lighting and ventilation preparations should be sufficient. The power of light at different items should get due weightage. While taking care of hotels, the restaurants and cafeterias also need scheduled good care. The restaurants and cafeterias should be well handled. The meals and drinks must have taste-orientation. The varieties of meals and beverages should be available. The seating plans should be comfortable, the food should be flexible and the hotel employees should be polite and friendly.

Resort Representatives

Regarding representatives of resort, they have to be-knowledgeable friendly, accessible and qualified.


In addition, the fellow travelers should be like-minded. The crucial thing is to make the tour pleasurable and memorable. If the tourists have companionable fellow travelers, the quest would of course continue to be memorable.

The aforesaid facts inform you that as an amalgam of a number of industries and services, the tourism industry is actually a multi-segment industry in which the designing of the package which proves its instrumentality as a motivational push is found a bit difficult and challenging. It requires professional quality so that people are in a position to evaluate the changing levels of goals of the friends/tourists and everything the mandatory amenities and facilities are created open to help tourists to visit the destination, to take pleasure from and to keep coming back safely. The head to operators and transfer operators bear the responsibility of formulating a program tour and therefore they must have world class professional excellence to know and understand their changing needs and requirements.

The services are related to lots of industries handled by others and for that reason, the tour operators and transport operators controlling the affairs should make it sure that whatever the assurances they have got made with respect to hotels, airways, ' railways, roadways are not to be distorted. That is likely to job the image of tour operators and therefore a gap between the services-promised and services-offered would make the duty difficult. It really is against this record that designing of a package tour occupies a location of outstanding relevance and everything the allied establishments making the bundle must be careful that they are not welcoming degeneration.


You should know this undeniable fact that India is such a country which is rich in beautiful and amazing places. Some places are god created whereas some are manmade. But in spite of having unbeatable tourism probable, lesser range of travelers visit different destinations of India that it is known. Though Authorities are continuously attending to towards the growth of the tourism industry but nonetheless it is missing the attention of a great number of travelers. It's true that travel and leisure industry is contributing a large amount to the total GDP of the united states so government authorities want to catch the attention of a great number of visitors to India. But Indian travel and leisure is lacking a great number of tourists. This can be anticipated to various reasons. A number of the important reasons are:


While time and price are self-explanatory, charges is an art work alone and

requires careful analysis within corporate coverage. Price is the most effective single variable in the marketing mix. But it will not operate in isolation. Value for money, albeit at different levels, is crucial. The merchandise must maintain demand or fashionable. It might be in short supply. Competition can be weak or strong, affecting attainable rates.

The wide selection of airline and hotel rates for basically the same product at differing times and conditions of deal reveal these characteristics. The market is quite price sensitive, as regarding traffic from Northern European cities to Mediterranean beaches where there's a strong competition and a wide choice. There are also resorts and their organizations offering exclusive sights, justifying a premium price. Price discounting and discrimination, and segmentation, on the market has always been an attribute in travel services. The historical guideline is to charge

what the marketplace will bear. The merchandise is highly perishable and cannot be

stored. It's important normally to charm to lots of different

segments. The railways developed first-, second- and third-class travel on

'scheduled services'. When capacity exceeded demand, excursions and

package trips were invented, the reason being to market to capacity and

maximize the yield or go back. Prices can be reduced segment by section.

But the marketing activity is to ensure that cheap traffic will not drive out

or invade the bigger price and regular clients. Airlines, for example,

offer Saturday nighttime stopover fares at one half or less than full fare, on the

assumption that full fare paying travelers, notably business travelers, will

not stay over the weekend. In times of crisis or tough economy, special rates apply. Actually, recession has always been the mom of technology in tourism, offering climb to new initiatives that created new activity.

Packages, cruises, specialist tours are all cases. Indeed many hotels have created incidents to entice business. Tactical strategies must be highly flexible, short term and changing to meet the

varying 'tides' popular, especially seasonal change. Economic and

political 'perturbations' usually unpredicted, can transform trade abruptly and

sometimes with great pressure. Currency devaluation, the Gulf Warfare and the

severe recession of 1991 in world market segments are examples.

The strategic plan with its long-term marketing implications needs

consideration with the development plan. As marketing has a key role in

product formulation the plan must select market segments. For instance, it could give main concern to quality and more costly services, that may affect the investment in equipment to provide luxury items. It will be important to select segments that fit collectively. At a later level in organizing the marketing plan, a detailed product/market match exercise will be necessary.

The early holiday resort promoters grasped the selective methodology very well.

There were off their inception go for resorts, usually quiet, small and

patronized by the 'top classes' and higher spenders, and large, gregarious resorts that have been popular centers for 'lower course' visitors.


There are resource determinants, ranging from absolutes such as under- or

overcapacity to infrastructure weakness, e. g. transfer bottlenecks and

health and security dangers or politics instability. Such factors can seriously

limit or even damage for a time a tourist destination's reception capacity. The

marketing plan will take such factors into consideration.


Two key areas of the 3rd demand determinant - consumer preference -

need careful study. Indeed the success of the whole marketing operation

depends upon this. They can be segmentation and inspiration.

Tourism's mass enlargement takes many different forms. It is a heterogeneous

not a homogeneous activity, made up of several different types of

traveler, seeking a wide range of tourism products. Thus the mass

movement divides up into a number of segments, each differing from the

others and needing a separate methodology in sales, servicing and product


There are numerous possible divisions and subdivisions which may be made

usefully in planning, but basically the segmentation job is to identify

specific organizations in the travelling population thinking about the same type of

facility and service. The group discovered must be large enough to warrant

separate marketing or development attention, to make a specialist approach

profitable. It must also be possible and useful to attain this section of the

population in an effective way. Which means that the group shouldn't be too

dispersed, and this there must be efficient mass media and distribution

channels enabling the producer to reach the customer at a reasonable

marketing cost. There are a number of standards and categories in segmenting the full total market.

POOR Preparations OF Vehicles FOR THE Holidaymakers:-

Even after making tons of effort in improving characteristics of the conveniences for the vacationers, it is stated that the vehicles system still requires to be improved. Travelers from outside India want to take pleasure from their travel with comforts in all respect and they are ready to purchase all these facilities. So that it is essential to own best transfer facilities for the vacationers to be able to attract more and more tourists.


There are not any standard fares and rates for the vehicles. For this reason tourists face lots of problem. A lot of the travel firms want to earn much more and even more especially from the holidaymakers outside India. This finally provides bad impression of India on outsider.


With the progress of tourism industry in India, quantities of heritages and resorts are designed at different places to avoid inconvenience to the visitors. But the majority of the heritages aren't managed properly and these things are disliked by the vacationers especially from external India.


If we discuss the security of the holidaymakers, it is little bit weak. We can not say confidently that the travellers who tour to India are secured completely.


Because of lack of trained and ardent professionals, holidaymakers don't enjoy and get satisfied totally.


Indian tourism must adopt a great number of promotional strategies which will help in attracting a sizable number of tourists.


Though there are figures of hotels and resorts but almost all of them lack in hygiene especially in the basic amenities that they offered to the visitors.




Prime Travels

Thomas Make meals India

SOTC tours

Cox & Kings

Club Mahindra Holidays

Kuoni Travel Group, India

Galileo International

Goodwind Vacations Pvt. Ltd

Airtravel Enterprise India

Compass Travels India


Tourism as one of the important forex earning companies has manifested great probable of development under liberalized Indian current economic climate. To attract the foreign visitors in India, liberal insurance policies and decrease in taxes along with a comprehensive bundle for attracting holiday and international investment will be the need of the hour. Gleam need to boost the government's role in promoting India as a brand. Exactly like exports and other sectors, tourism will expand only when the India brand is established in the global market. Hence, we must have an wide open brain on alliances with other countries, which might help in implementing better campaign strategies, marketing, services and presentation. Only overall progress can assist in improving revenue technology, which needs to grow in line with the additional capacity being setup by the hospitality industry.

Present Position of Travel and leisure Industry in India:-

It may be described here that the Government of India possessed no Tourism Policy for more than forty years because the initiation of planning in the united states in1951. As a result, no efforts were designed to lay down any kind of infrastructure for the campaign and development of tourism industry in the country. As a subject of fact, the country, after independence, were required to pay serious attention towards increasing food production and setting up infrastructure for commercial development. On both the fronts, the united states made tremendous progress and became innovator of the developing nations. To be able to achieve goals of faster monetary growth, lots of Public Sector Corporations were set up including India Tourism Development Corporation. However, no rewarding progress was manufactured in developing tourism relative to tourism potential of the united states. It was only in 1992 a tourism insurance policy was laid down by the federal government of India.

As significantly as total income to the federal government of India can be involved, tourism is the third largest way to obtain foreign exchange income to the country after garments, gems and rings. India has great potential to earn much more foreign exchange since it has a huge and diverse prospect of tourism which range from pilgrimage travel and leisure, beach travel and leisure, eco-tourism, religious and health travel and leisure to leisure and adventure travel and leisure. The amazing diversity offers tourists everything they would like to enjoy from a holiday but still we're able to not capitalize on the huge variety of amusements offered by our country. To be able to appeal to the influx of holidaymakers in the a long time, the federal government of India has allocated US $590 million for the tourism sector for the time of 2002-07. As the global tourism market has shown negative growth, visitor arrivals in India have increased a little recently. This is an optimistic indication but much more can be carried out to market inbound travel and leisure in India. In quick in India, the vacationers feel insecure and irritated on bank account of unwanted newspaper work, frustrating compliance of various regulations, traditions and immigration formalities, money convertibility, beggars, tipping, bargaining, environmental air pollution, transfer problem, high rates and taxes etc. Beggars are such a nuisance that they are visible almost whatsoever tourist areas, hotels, shopping centers, markets, monuments, places of worship, railway stations and bus stands. They constantly follow the site visitors and there have been events that the vacationers are so much annoyed that they trim short their sessions, shopping and spending. The travelers, thus, disregard India to avoid hassles and prefer other destinations where the specter of poverty and its manifestation like begging do not spoil their holiday heart. Thus, India's third largest foreign exchange generating industry is beset with a large quantity of problems. These problems have been reviewed in better details in the internet pages that follow.

RECENT Troubles OF Travel and leisure INDUSTRY IN INDIA:-

During the previous few years travelers have witnessed good amount of assault and killing almost atlanta divorce attorneys country including India. Kashmir, historically known as 'Heaven on the Globe', is apparently deserted due to terrorism and violence. A large number of travelers, who used to go to and stay for a longer time in the Kashmir valley, do not head to the Point out of Jammu & Kashmir for concern with violence and hostility. The business enterprise travelers also program their business vacations only once it is absolutely essential. In fact, terrorism and violence have grown to be the first and the main problem for travelers everywhere and India is not any exception. The trouble has assumed such alarming proportions that the earth community must find its last in solution. The injustices done to the folks in various elements of the planet have cause great harm to tourism industry worldwide Travellers, especially of the developed countries; have been keeping away from such spots where there is any potential for violent activities against them. The issue is becoming so serious that the Governments in UK and the USA, in the recent past, had to issue travel advisories with their holidaymakers. Though these travel advisories were, later on, withdrawn however the damage had already been done. India is not a preferred destination now for most of the European visitors who spend, from our specifications, a lot of money on tourism. Travellers are also annoyed due to unwanted newspaper work, time was the conformity of rules and regulations in India. Furthermore to traditions and immigration formalities, language obstacles are also the major problems experienced by the overseas visitors. The difficulties of access and exit too spoil 1 / 2 of the holiday elegance. Again, our poor infrastructure, scarcity of packaged tours, lack of connectivity between places, lack of transportation, our failure to make mass awareness across the world, polluted environment, discriminating economical and social habit, inadequate and inexperienced personnel, uneasy current convertibility and lack of multi-linguistic guides come in their way of pleasurable tour and make the foreign tourists reluctant to come quickly to India.

PEST Analysis

The Indian travel and leisure industry has seen speedy growth within the last few years. Before almost any analysis is undertaken, it's important to find out what are the key environmental influences which may have lead to this growth and how the extent to that your changes are taking place. That is important because the change in these factors can have significant effect on the way the industry performs.

These environmental affects can be analyzed by using the PEST Analysis. The PEST Examination within its variables indicates the value of the politics, environmental, communal and the technological changes on the industry.

a) Politics / Legal Political

The political factors are the main pressure of the industry. The Indian travel and leisure industry is built on the backbone of Federal government support and the industry cannot maintain itself without it. The various archaeological sites and the places of historical importance, the streets and the railways are in the hands of the federal government. All of the support services like the hotel industry, the airlines industry and the vacationer operators to name some are greatly dependent on the support and the cooperation of the Government. The major reason as to the reasons the tourist goes to India is designed for the vast and rich history that our country has. That's under the control of the federal government through the Archaeological Review of India. Any policy change that makes force can have remarkable effect on what sort of industry players perform. For instance, the Government charges high rates of taxes on the blissful luxury and the superstar category hotels and this is definitely a reason behind disagreement between. The hotel relationship and has been getting many bonuses and many has been getting the government. There are many areas where in fact the growth of tourism has not been fast or has been dramatic fall season because the politics environment has been conductive. Examples are the North East for the ex - and Kashmir for the later. The disregard of the Government in Expanding the North East causes a predicament where there is practically no tourism in the seven.

Similarly, the politics turmoil in the condition of Kashmir has seen the virtual decimation of the flourishing travel and leisure industry. The "Heaven on the planet" is really a electronic hell for the industry. There's been a significant change in the insurance policies of the Government as regard to the industry. The hotel industry has been getting many incentives and many STATE are encouraging the progress of major hotels in their expresses. After years of restricted control over air port infrastructure, Federal has finally considered the decision to privatize the air-port. Cobwebs and even rats were the frequenters in the arrival lounge at a significant international airport of India. It is the only way to boost their condition.

Tourism is a Neglected sector in India. Though it was recognized As a priority sector in the Seventh Five 12 months Plan but hardly anything was done to market this industry. Lately, the BJP Authorities has even lowered it from the Country wide agenda. It is true that India has yet to reach the wealth level where leisure activity can be included in the Priority Sector but, if handling the country's unemployment and forex problem are at the top of the National agenda. The potential of the industry cannot be neglected.

The Ministry of Tourism, Federal of India is the nodal organization for The forming of national procedures and programmer as well as for the coordination of activities of varied central and state agencies and the private sector for the introduction of Tourism. However, all environmentally friendly legislation are enforced by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. The countrywide Tourism insurance plan envisages a very big role for all your stakeholders in your choice making process. They are involved in the introduction of tourism and have contributed substantially is sustainable Tourism in the country.

The National Insurance policy on Travel and leisure lays emphasis on lasting development of travel and leisure. In addition, the Government has taken out a comprehensive Eco Tourism Insurance plan and Rules. All issues relevant to sustainable tourism are protected in the policy and suggestions.

The Eco travel and leisure policy and guidelines will ensure governed growth of eco tourism and nature-based tourism with its positive impact of environment security and community development.

There are proven technique stipulated by the Ministry of Environment and Forest for job clearance and monitoring. You will discover deterrent in these strategies to check, control or penalize damaging environmental practices on the part of business and guests.

There are several Works and regulations, which ensure sustainable tourism. They are the Crazy life Protection Act 1972, the Environment(Coverage) Function 1986, and Elimination of Cruelty to Animals 1986. These do not reserve any specific area for tourism, but such areas have to be identified by the State Government and obtain the mandatory approvals/relaxations. Eco-tourism guidelines and Guidelines have been created by the Government in assessment with the industry and are being put in place on the voluntary basis. The environment regulations are essential. All the Players of the travel and leisure industry including consumers have hailed these rules and have shown sensitiveness to the environment.

India, with the GDP getting close to $1 trillion has been put by the International Monetary finance among the five biggest market segments of the world. The sense of urgency that the Indian investment environment is rolling out has translated into the kind of economic indications & figures that have kindled interest and earned results from even the most traditional buyers, here are huge opportunities for Companies participating in the tourism sector of the current economic climate.

The hotel and travel and leisure related industry has been declared as high main concern industry for foreign investment. it is now eligible for agreement of direct investment up to 51 % of overseas collateral. Non-Resident Indian Investment Is allowed up to 100%.

In reputation of the partnership between suppliers/users of technology And with a view to boost technology, the government has allowed computerized approval of overseas technology contracts in the tourism industry subject to certain conditions. In the past liberalization period the Office of Tourism has cleared as many as 2964 overseas investment Proposals, from August'91to February'95.

b) Economics

The travel and leisure industry not unlike the other establishments develops with the increase in the spending of the people. The more the folks spend the More the industry develops. The spending power of the power of the folks has been increasing in the united states and all over the world. Since we have been focusing on the international visitors, the large upsurge in the spending vitality generally in most developed countries has kept a sizable amount of idle cash in their hands. This has lead to the travel and leisure boom around the world and India has been no exception.

There have been more people coming into the country with more cash than ever before. This has business lead to a rise in the demand for better hotels. People who previously used to come quickly to the country over a shoestring Budget and used to hunt around for the least expensive accommodation now Are able to travel for luxury hotels. This has lead to a rise in the amount of hotels in the country. However, an increase in the spending does not only limit itself to accommodation. The upsurge in the spending is also obvious in the quantity of people traveling by air. Even The number domestic tourist journeying by air-has considerably risen. To-day the globe overall economy is transiting towards services. The global export of services is rising faster than the export of goods. India is Regrettably still pursuing developing with the enormous lead that the west has in developing, it is almost impossible for India to capture up. To day, with lot or less costly, informed and skilled employees, India comparative benefits lies in services, not in creation. India can grab the chance and curve aniche for herself by directly leapfrogging to services.

Unfortunately India hasn't realized the probable of the service sector, up to now. The travel and leisure industry's foreign revenue in India are around$3. 2 billion, tourism is the best forex earner if we consider the actual fact that online value addition in Gems, and Jewellery is less than 30% while, in tourism it is more than 90%.

C) Social

Tourism was always viewed upon as something that always causes the destruction of the cultural fabric of a location. The more the amount of outside people getting into a place, the greater the risk of this place loosing Its personal information. Primary example is Goa. From the overdue 60's to the early 80's If the Hippy culture was at its heights, Goa was a heaven for the kids. Here they arrived in the thousand and modified the whole culture of their state. This acquired a ripple influence on the united states. People became careful Especially of the international holidaymakers. Whenever a certain place became Famous, the example of Goa was cited to discourage the inflow of International travelers.

Although the above my sound may discouraging, the field is quickly changing. Those places which may have. had the opportunity to hit a balance between their own culture and the needs of the international vacationer have profited handsomely. The example which come to mind are Kerala and Rajasthan, as talked about in advance in the article. People are now implementing themselves to the fact that tourism pays and it's rather a major income source for these people. Even people themselves have started traveling. Furthermore, tourism as a form of recreation has really captured on. People are willing to go to a place that is out of way and amazing. When previously visiting on a holiday meant going to a hill stations and beach, now people are willing to go in for adventure travel and leisure as well as visit places that can't be really be called hospitable. Now places like Leh and Lakswadeep are stated in the same breathing as Goa or Kashmir.

D. Technological

Technology although will not seem to be always a major affect at the first glimpse, still' it plays a significant part in the advertising of a location. Better communication facilities are main prerequisites for progress in the inflow of vacationers. It has been permitted with technology. Better technologies in neuro-scientific communication with cheaper costs have observed many remote control and inaccessible areas of the country get connected to all of those other world. This connection has made these places noticeable to the world. Better communication means access to media. Which is vital if anyplace wishes to be on the earth tourist map. Likewise better vehicles facilities have lead to a remarkable increase in the amount of tourists going to any particular place. The presence of an international airport and the availability of frequent flights are a great convenience to any traveler.

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