The Health Protection And Welfare Construction Essay

Employer should provide necessary information, proper instruction, appropriate training and guidance to make sure employees gain capacity to be safe and take necessary action to keep up their health and safety.

Employer should take all the necessary action to arrange for the safe use, handling, storage and transfer of goods and chemicals.

Employer should provide and maintain systems of work that are safe and healthy to the people who are at the job.

Employer should provide and keep maintaining a safe workplace with safe entry and exit places in addition to a safe working environment without risk to health and individual safety.

It should be noted that it's impossible to eliminate all hazards and hazards from any working place. Regulations identifies this. So, duties mentioned above licensed using the term 'so far as is fairly practicable'.

Therefore degree of risk involved always can be well balanced against the time, difficulty of taking measures to remove the risk as well as trouble and cost.

Employee's duties are to:

Employees should always concern about care and attention of medical and basic safety of themselves and of other people who may be influenced by what they actually and people who are working around.

Employees should follow instructions from the workplace on health insurance and safety matters and enroll in relevant health and safeness training conducted by particular company.

Employees should not misuse any equipment that is provided and always use proper instructions given to use those equipment (eg open fire extinguishers or safety goggles)

Employees should always cooperate with the company on health insurance and safety matters and become very sensitive if their basic safety and health protection under the law when working are violated.

Employer should always take action to report risks and defects observed in the workplace which might threat to the employee's safety.

Q 1. 4

Welfare facilities for employees

The law expresses that employers must offer 'ideal and sufficient' welfare facilities for the comfort of their workforces though at the job.

Health accommodations cover many areas.



Wherever clean to eat and drink during opportunities

Changing facilities ex girlfriend or boyfriend: Changing rooms and lockers

Good facilities can favorably benefit health insurance and well-being of the employees and can help prevent dermatitis. Physical condition of them increase efficiency of the task they can be on and by making them happy with the facilities this will definitely helpful incompatible management and emotional wellbeing of the employees.

Question no 02

Q 2. 1

Health and protection policy

particular company a safe and healthy environment. Its determination is to protect the company, its employees and their clients.

It is the coverage of the business to perform work of the highest capacity and in the safest manner possible while keeping contract with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Safeguarding the health and basic safety of the employees will be a permanent target.

Every staff will be held responsible. Desecrations will be saved and attended to.

Q 2. 2

How to examine training requirements

There have use process which call "training need evaluation" to training staff. Just how of training mainly depends on the type of the organization, capacity of the business, the technology available, and the type of the staff.

But for any sort of organization the essential elements of an exercise needs analysis are the same. It really is a three-step process:

1. Identify the training needs

2. Deliver training that complies with the needs

3. Assess the effectiveness of the training.

Why is health insurance and safety training important?

Find out the way you could manage health and safety better;

Meet your legal duty to protect the health and basic safety of your employees.

Those will add towards making your employees competent in health insurance and safety;

Q 2. 3

The Ways of recording health and safety inspections and its own importance

In addition to keeping administrative records, an occupational health service normally maintain another two kind of records, these are:

Personal Health Information. -

Environmental Health Information.

This set of records concern the health status of every aspects of the workplace as opposed to the individual worker.

Result of physical investigations.

Occupational and Health background.

Serious treatment entries and progress.

Worker's compensation and insurance medical documents.

Site visit reports.

Hazard monitoring consequence.

Worksite health and safety committee studies.

Accident investigation data.

First Aid reports

CSC Inspection reports

Investigation reports

MSDS (Material Safety Data Bed linens)

WSIB (Work area Safety Insurance Panel) claims.

Incident reports

Question no 03

Q 3. 1

Hazards Inside a construction sites


Hazards while trenching and excavating.

Falls - Falling from scaffolding, ladders, stairways

Heavy Development Equipment

Fire And Emergency

Hazardous Substances


Q 3. 2

Identifying the hazards

Poorly designed work area.

Hazardous tasks being performed at work;

Introducing terribly designed place and machineries.

Incorrect installation, poor maintenance, no repair or alteration of vegetable in the workplace when necessary.

There are lots of ways hazards can be discovered at work. These include:

Health and environment monitoring

Recording complaints


Monitoring injury and health issues records

Consultation between employees and employers

Workplace inspections

Q 3. 4

Risk assessment

There are usually.

Identify the risks and the area occurring it

Decide who might be afflicted and how

Record the studies and put into practice them

Review examination and upgrade if necessary

For simple example for the risk assessment, we may take Construction Company. Here five steps to associated risk assignment were followed.

To identify the hazards, first it will walk around all the areas and places in the building site to learn where are the places can be potential hazard to the health and basic safety to the employees.

And for the next phase it should spoken through the problems with the health and safety rep, other participants of the staff and sometimes with supervisors to find out more about particular places and careers and with the use of accident book more knowledge about risks could be accumulated.

Then it will write down the conclusions and the people who are influencing or could be harmed.

For each hazard, the fitter should write those hazards. And then it should be observed down what else

Then with those finding and ready report it is good to go over with the safety consultant, supervisors and with the controlling director of the business. and Then those should. it will ticked if off and recorded the date which completed each duties.

If made the decision t least once a when changes took place to the work environment.

Question no: 04

Q 4. 1

Consequences of work place hazards

Slipping, tripping and falls

Slipping, dropping and comes can cause serious injury such as

head incidents.

back accidental injuries,


Broken bone fragments.

Sprains and strains to muscles and even loss of life.



Skin cancer

Heart inability by destruction small arteries.

Radiation eliminates nerve skin cells and small arteries, and can cause seizures


Lower bearing life - unforeseen plant shutdowns.

Energy wastage due to kinetic energy required for vibration.

Operator exhaustion and nuisance. Annoyance.


Heat heart stroke.

heat cramps

heat exhaustion,

heat rash




Question no: 05

Q 5. 1

Importance of review and upgrade assessment procedures

Monitoring and review involves ongoing monitoring of the hazards discovered by risk examination process, risk examination and risk control operations and critiquing them to ensure they are working effectively.

Hazard recognition, risk evaluation and control are constant procedures. Therefore, regularly review the effectiveness of hazard examination and control actions ensure that the employer undertake a hazard and risk diagnosis when there is a change to the place of work including when work systems, work force tools, machinery, technology or equipment change. it provide additional supervision when new employees with poor skill levels or knowledge are released to the industry.

Q 5. 2

We have to suggest implementing changes to a health insurance and safety policy

When Particular company's health insurance and safety plan too old:-

An old insurance policy becomes not suitable. Because

Company employees can be transformed.

Company productivity (kind of result/amount of end result) can be altered.

Ex-in construction industry a while doing building building, some time do road building, and also some time water job, then can't use same health insurance and safety insurance policy.

Policy create by company in charge person (Former mate:-Managing Director), if new Taking care of Director come directly into company and that person need to change.

When unable to protect medical and safety of most person in workplace:-

The main objective of health insurance and safety policy is to protect medical and safety of most people in workplace. When any business unable to realize this objective, (That's mean quite simply if hazard increases, if there problem with company workers health insurance and safety)then need to change health and safety insurance plan to ensure worker's health and safety.

When authorities implements comes up.

Government implement can also made changes in health insurance and safety policy. If government present new rule for each and every organization, that guideline can say every corporation have to ensure these, these things which related with health and safe practices to every employee. Then organizations have to change health and protection policy.

When present new technology.

New technologies indicate bringing out new machines/vegetation. In this case new harms can occur in different way because of no better knowledge about new machines.

Q 5. 3

Monitoring implemented changes

Nominate some sensible individuals to ensure health insurance and safety policy.

Provide sheet which call weekly safe practices check sheet. (Including every safeness methods) to the liable person in the work place.

Order compared to that in charge person to fill that sheet at the job place and send it to health and safety division in a company.

Call meeting monthly to discuss about health and basic safety in company

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