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The Harmful RAMIFICATIONS OF Processed Foods Health Essay

Processed foods are areal food that has undergone several functions so that it can be retained safe for human being utilization or for convenience. It is food that has been infused with chemicals, chemical preservatives, and are then canned, frozen, refrigerated, dehydrated, or have undergone aseptic control. A lot of the processed food items are usually created from saturated fats, huge amounts of glucose, trans-fats, and large amounts of sodium. Because of the convenience, over time they have grown to be very popular because they're usually prepackaged. However, studies have shown that processed foods are a reason for alarm as they are a major contributing factor to numerous types of cancers and heart disease. This is because their calorie, sodium, and saturated fats content are usually vey high.

Very many unfavorable health results are from the use of processed foods. Take sugary carbonated drinks for example, research shows that soft drinks are a significant contributor to putting on weight and obesity situations. Because of its sugary and fizzy characteristics, soft drinks are very tempting and individuals are more likely to choose to taking this drink as opposed to taking drinking water or other non-sugary beverages. According to research workers, consumption of soft drinks will probably increase chances of a person getting fatness by 1. 6 times. Soda pop has also been recognized to influence the kidneys. People that have high phosphoric acid content have been recognized to increase renal colic especially in men. The high phosphoric acid content is most common to all sorts of colas.

Due with their acidic characteristics, sodas/soft beverages are a contributing factor to dental care decay because they have a tendency to dissolve the nutrient content of the enamel and therefore pearly whites become weaker. They are also known to ruin the liver according to and Israeli medical research. That is especially so for the fizzy beverages.

If stored for too much time, fizzy refreshments can leach light weight aluminum from the cans. Metal, which is the primary element of the fizzy drinks cans, is accountable for Alzheimer's disease. Light weight aluminum metal in addition has been known to cause neurological diseases. Soft drinks are believed to contain high levels of sugar that causes the pancreas to make a whole lot of insulin, which brings about stress and fatigue, sleepiness, and lethargy. Continual rise and reduction of glucose levels in the bloodstream can cause diabetes because of the imbalance. High soda consumption in addition has been known to reduce potassium levels in the bloodstream resulting in severe fatigue and appetite loss.

Another aftereffect of fizzy refreshments is the increased threat of osteoporosis since it does increase the risk of impaired calcification of bones. This is a problem especially in young girls as it does increase their threat of developing osteoporosis (increasing the likelihood of fractures) in the foreseeable future.

Fizzy refreshments contain little if any nutritional value and because of the great and fizzy mother nature, they are often an option for many people and therefore people forego the choice of taking healthier choices like water, fruit juice, or milk. Since almost all of them are diuretics, they are really therefore a significant reason behind dehydration in people and therefore rather than adding normal water to the body, they squeeze normal water out of the body.

According to the earth Health Organization, processed food items are linked to increased obesity cases on the planet. Processed foods usually contain high levels of fructose that has many negative health effects in the torso. In addition they contain large amounts of salt, which really is a major cause of stroke. Ingestion of salt over an extended period has been associated with hypertension and other center related problems (Gogus 46).

Processed foods usually contain hydrogenated fats in them. Hydrogenated body fat usually take a long time metabolize. In addition they interfere with your body's ability to digest the good extra fat. They also adjust the composition of cell membranes. In addition they contain many chemicals that have been recognized to cause a range of diseases.

According to the meals and Drug Supervision (FDA) there are over 3, 00 chemicals that have known to be used during food handling to include color, preserve, sweeten, soften, emulsify, thicken, add flavour and also to achieve other desired effects o processed foods. A few of these chemicals have however, never been examined for safety. A few of these compounds are known to be dangerous to humans and pets though may well not be dangerous at very tiny levels. Side effects change between chemicals plus some products contain a variety of the and it might therefore be hard to find out which substance has induced which adverse effects unless under thorough exams. Companies that package with processed foods sometimes provide bogus information regarding the ingredients are contained in the foods. They may also sometimes exaggerate as to the benefits associated with the refined food to make increased sales and entice more customers to buy its product (Packard)

During control of processed food items, natural food is usually put through extrusion and it is cared for with oils and sugars to give them tastes and surface. By the time they are loaded, almost all of the 100 % natural ingredients that were in the beginning contained in the foods have been damaged. This therefore makes processed foods non-nutritional though they are more appealing.

Processed foods should be highly prevented especially during pregnancies. This is because as of this particular time, the unborn baby is very delicate to the meals that the mother is taking. Since it is not a requirement by the FDA to list all elements which have been found in processed food items, one might ingest harmful chemicals without their knowledge and these chemicals may finish up being harmful to both the mom and the baby. Although at this time the mother's body might be able to sieve these harmful chemical compounds from its systems, the unborn baby's metabolism has not fully developed and therefore may end up being retained in the baby's body. The mother's body is however still vulnerable during pregnancy. Because the processed food items contain high levels of sugar, it could lead to gestational diabetes, weight increase or type 2 diabetes, which often occurs at for this time. Hence, it is advisable for pregnant moms to move for natural foods in order to protect their lives and that with their unborn babies (Rountree, & Block 60).

Food enhancers within processed food items like nibbling gums, low fat milk, drinks, and others. These enhancers have been known to cause problems, nausea, high blood circulation pressure, and reproductive disorders. These enhancers are also found in medications. Caffeine in addition has been recognized to cause fertility problems, heart diseases, insomnia, nervousness, and despair.

Another risk that is associated with frozen foods is that whenever food is defrosted, it will not be utilized then iced again. This is because it makes it susceptible to invasion by harmful bacteria, which might lead to diseases.

Opposing views: Great things about processed foods

With all its many disadvantages, processed food items do have their benefits. By far the most advantageous an example may be that it makes available a number of food and makes it easier to gain access to the meals, as it is available in the supermarkets. It also makes it possible to access the meals that are seasonal all year round for example, vegetables & fruits.

Food processing also really helps to improve food protection by various methods e. g. heat food at high temperature ranges helps to get rid of parasites. Some chemicals are also very effective in stopping the growth of fungus infection and bacteria on the foodstuffs. These bacterias are responsible for a variety of diseases and therefore finalizing foods also really helps to protect against some diseases that may be within foods in their natural status. For foods like dairy, pasteurization keeps it fresh. For milk, pasteurized milk is considered safer for use than fresh milk. Some processed foods are fortified with other vitamins and therefore may be used as supplements

Processed foods are usually packaged and this reduces disturbance of the food. The food is therefore well preserved when packed when compared with when it is not. Packaging also really helps to increase convenience when it comes to transporting the food over long ranges, as you will see minimal tampering of the meals. Packed food is also very convenient as it is fast and simple to prepare, as most of the processed foods are usually precooked.

Processed foods also present economic benefits because they are easier to sell and easier to transport. They are also much easier to export when compared with fresh foods an therefore companies are able to sell more products both within the home market segments and also beyond your country. In addition, it helps it be easier for owner to market the processed foods at cheaper prices as compared to the new foods thus making increased sales.

For people with diabetes, controlling their calorie intake is sometimes very difficult when taking natural foods. Hence, it is simpler to control the calorie consumption using processed food items as they have got given amount of calorie consumption. The same circumstance applies to patients with heart problems.


It is nearly virtually impossible in today's modern lifestyle to live a life without processed foods. However, the cons outweigh the advantages, it totally proper to say that the ultimate way to avoid the unwanted effects of processed food items is to avoid them altogether. Other ways that could significantly reduce these effects would include keeping away from giving the processed foods to infants and children. This is because their metabolic systems never have totally developed and might not exactly have the ability to sieve the contaminants which may be within the processed food items. You need to always browse the label of the crammed food carefully because though a food may be publicized to be low in sweets or salts, it may contain high levels of saturated fats (Nisha 17)

One should also be vey careful as to purchase grains that aren't overly refined but whole food. Expiry dates on labels should be inspected to ensure that the foods aren't expired and also they are not anticipated to expire soon. Though flavour is usually a determinant of the foodstuffs we buy, you need to ensure that each goes for quality rather than taste. In addition, one should make sure that they buy foods with reduced additives and tastes. Where unavoidable processed food items should therefore be utilized in moderation.

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