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The Greek And Roman Value Of Mythology Theology Essay

Mythology is seen as the center of everyday life in Ancient Greek and Roman. They deemed mythology as part of their record and used supernatural characters such as gods, goddesses and heroes to make clear phenomenon, cultural variants, religious tactics and friendships. Intellect of Greek people including perfect mythology that that they had shared one of the members are crucial factors that made the kingdom last very long. After the fall season of Greek empire, Roman gained the power over the spot. They valued the ideals of Greek traditions and mythology. So they maintained some Greek beliefs however created their own star which based upon them. Because of this, there will vary types of legends that are from the same source, same gods and goddesses as, heroes well as same places. What is different between the two versions is principally about the titles which the Roman got for the same gods and goddesses, heroes as those of the Greek. That is why ancient Greek and Roman mythologies often perplexed people. To make things clearer, it is important that we can see the partnership between lives of the two countries. Three beliefs of mythology which signify that the Greek and the Roman share in common are they have same source of the myth, same characteristics of deities plus they promote the same religious practices.

The creation of gods and goddesses in Greek and Roman began at the same belief. Greek and Roman believed that everything they actually, see or battled was brought on by deities, such as natural phenomena, love or even warfare.

For example, sailors who had taken a vacation to the island and experienced experienced an abrupt storm. To clarify this phenomenon, that they had to look for someone who account for it and they started to worship Poseidon, god, the father of the ocean, who they thought the storm machine to truly have a safe voyage. Roman, on the other palm, prayed to Neptune, the lord of the ocean, to bless them a safe trip to lands that they wished to conquer. Furthermore, warriors who went to war needed encouragement and motivation so they put their intellects on the goddess name Athena. She is apparently a helper for the heroes, heroines and military that went to the warfare. Finally, she became symbolic of proper warfare. For the Roman, they worshiped the conflict helper as well. They called their goddess Minerva.

As the Greek deities became versatile that can make clear many indescribable situations, the Roman used gods and goddesses system from Greek mythology and reinterpret tales about Greek deities under the titles of these Roman counterparts. Gods and goddesses that are stated more than any gods are Olympian gods, the 12 deities on the Mount Olympus. Furthermore, The ANCIENT GREEK LANGUAGE and Roman gods have same fantastic capabilities and characteristics but different brands which are

1. Zeus, the ruler of all gods and the ruler of Support Olympus, stand for for the sky, weather, thunder, laws, order and fate. His Roman name is Jupiter.

2. Poseidon or Neptune in Roman, the Ruler of the sea, includes waterways, floods, droughts, earthquakes and horses. He's known as the Earth Shaker or Storm Bringer

3. Hera or Juno, queen of the gods and she is the goddess of matrimony and motherhood

4. Aphrodite, Goddess of love, beauty and seduction. She was depicted as the most beautiful woman. She was called Venus in Roman

5. Apollo, he was called as Apollo in Roman as well. He is a god of music, curing, plagues, prophecies, poetry, and archery.

6. Ares God of warfare, violence and courage.

7. Artemis or Diana, Goddess of the hunt, wildlife, childbirth and plague.

8. Athena or Minerva, goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy, heroic endeavor, handicrafts and reason

9. Demeter or Ceres, Goddess of fertility, agriculture, horticulture, grain and harvest.

10. Dionysus God of wine beverage, parties and celebrations, madness, drunkenness and pleasure

11. Hephaestus or Vulcan Expert blacksmith and craftsman of the gods; god of flames and the forge.

12. Hermes or Mercury, god of messenger, commercial and thieve.

Twelve deities identify exactly that Roman had distributed gods and goddesses from Greek mythology because the deities in Greek have same powers and responsibilities in Roman aside from a very important factor. The labels of 12 gods were all Greek sounding, so they modified all the labels to better fit their lifestyle.

Greek and Roman have same kind of spiritual ceremonies, including sacrifice pets to gods and festivity. People thanked and worshiped gods by giving tame family pets for restricting. Sacrificing process is referred to as an arrangement between god and man. If gods offered what men want they might give the life of pets or animals to god in return. Sacrificial pets include pig, sheep, goat, cow or even individuals. Example of sacrificing people is when Agamemnon wanted to move his ship to pass the storm. He wiped out his girl to sacrifice to Poseidon.

Furthermore, Greek and Roman have same kind of party which it is Anthesteria in Greek plus the Liberalia in Roman. This event happened for the honor of Dionysus (Greek) or Liber (Roman). He is the god of wine, intoxication, ecstasy and fertility. Greek and Roman celebrated this event to worship and say thanks to god for giving a fertile agriculture thorough the entire year.

Consequently, Roman religious service is associated with Greek ceremony.

Since mythology of Greek and Roman has been baffling to people all the life span time weather they belong to each other in a few value or not. We evidently observe that Greek have same elements in Roman, there will be the labor and birth of god system, electric power and feature of deities and ritual.

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