The truly great War Essay

The fantastic War To know the human failure that was your "Great War, " it really is

imperative to consider the socializing factors that designed the

generation of guys whose lives and options contracts were forever altered by simply one

of the very costly occasions of the twentieth century. A huge, naïve

account who had, typically, only regarded the fruits of

industrialization and the patriotic highs of nationalism, this

generation quickly found itself amidst the horrors of the modern

technical war: an experience characterized by fatality, madness and

near malnourishment for many of its participants. Yet, out of the

ferocity and desperation, these types of young men learned "the finest thing

that arose out of the war – comradeship. "[1]

In the aftermath in the First Community War, experts and historians alike

possess attempted to assess the impact of the tragic ordeal on the

participants. Erich Maria Remarque, renowned publisher of All Silent on

the Western Front, himself offered in the war and harshly critiqued the

conflict's validity throughout his acclaimed new. Indeed, for

Remarque, the special friendship shared amongst involved

acquired only in the annals of war, was the only confident result

amidst the starvation and lose hope that identified the First World Warfare.

Other assessments, most notably Ernst Jünger's Welcher Kampf als inneres

Erlebnis, have held a more ‘productive' outlook in the war.

Jünger, himself a soldier and wounded too many times, beli...

... reeking chaos throughout the

roadways, associated all their violence using a continuation of what this individual

considered, a ‘lustful enjoyment' of battle. In reality, these few

going back soldiers had been only searching for comfort: a relaxation found

only when between each other; because they had dished up together and

survived in a hellish, unforgiving environment: a war which everyone

more had forced them in to, trained them for, ready them intended for, and

unavoidably hated them for. These men were players, for that was all

they'd known.


[1] Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front, converted

from the The german language by A. W. Wheen, Initial Ballantine Books Edition, New

York, 1982. p. twenty-seven

[2] Remarque, All Calm, p. eleven

[3] Remarque, All Calm, pp. 263 - 264

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