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The Great Get away from As A Team Film Film Studies Essay

The Great Get away was one of the best motion pictures that show the real so this means of teamwork that I have seen in quite a while. The need for this teamwork was evident throughout the film, from the beginning to the finish. The movie is based in 1940's era Germany. The plot is that the Germans were at the elevation of their vitality and they had a need to establish some type of prisoner of warfare camp to house all of the biggest troublemakersthose who persisted to attempt escapes. Some may say that is not the best of ideas, due to the fact there are now many like-minded people altogether in a single place. People who all have various skills. Skills which are being used to help a great get away from.

In order to go over how The Great Break free is a team film requires that you understands just what a team film is. Teamwork was pivotal in this movie. Each individual came together to talk about their collective knowledge and expertise in order to facilitate an escape of epic proportions. Consider Captain Hilts, The Cooler King. He continually tried to escape. At first he wasn't ready to be always a team player, gung-ho about doing his own thing. Gradually however, he started to work with the others, ultimately providing them with some of the main ideas for get away, such as a way to inhale and exhale while under the bottom.

Captain Hilts had not been by themselves in his actions however. Frequently the audience sees him with a cohort, RAF Flying Officer Archibald Ives. This couple attempted multiple escapes. While unsuccessful in escaping, they have serve to aggravate the guards and show commitment and resolve to escape no matter what. After the key tunnel is learned by the guards, Archibald takes a turn for the worst. The unlucky part of this is that he offers up any possible ideas of escaping with the team and makes a decision instead to make his own futile look at at escaping by aiming to climb the fence. He's seen jogging toward the fence. When he starts climbing as fast as they can to the top, he was spotted by the guards who had been previously busy looking into the newly found out tunnel, and was shot and killedvery sad.

Squadron head Roger Bartlett, a. k. a. "Big X" was the first choice out of all the groups. He was considered the primary escape planner and therefore was awarded the position. He organized all of the escapees and sorted people by determining their individual talents and skills. His role was to plan the get away of more than 250 POWs. The principal goal was to confuse and harass the adversary. Due to his leadership skill and prowess, he truly completed that goal. Close to the end of the film we find that he has been recaptured along with many of his allies. Over the ride back again to the camp, the convoy ceases and the prisoners, Big X included, are purchased to stretch out their hip and legs for the long ride back. During this 'leg stretch', all of them are gunned down by the SS.

RAF Flight Lieutenant Bob Hendley and Flight Lieutenant Colin Blythe were an interesting match. Blythe was a forger, preparing the passports and id documents for all the escapees. The unfortunate part was that in the end that point of planning these documents by candlelight, he begins to go blind. He had made-up his mind that he was not going to visit, feeling that he would only be a hindrance to the get away from team. Hendley was identified to help him get out. He worked too hard to help others to be still left by himself. Henley stayed with him until the end. This set sometimes appears again throughout their escape scene. That they had decided to strive traveling to Switzerland since it was a neutral country. Somehow, the two are successful in stealing an airplane in one of the Nazi airfields. Unfortunately, throughout their flight, the engine fails and they wind up crash-landing. The soldiers were tracking their motions and were already position by for their landing. Hendley's brain is badly damaged from the crash. Blythe, perhaps from shock, stacks up at the edge of the hill which is discovered by the military who promptly throw and kill him. Hendley is returned to the camp.

Another couple that teamed up was RAF Flight Lieutenant Danny Velinski ("The Tunnel King") and RAF Flight Lieutenant William 'Willie' Dickes. This pairs' limelight came up in to play at night time of the break free. Previously in the movie, the audience learns of Danny's claustrophobia. He was describing how he is definitely terrified of small spaces. When asked why he dug tunnels, his reply was basically that he digs to make it through. He will it really that they can evade. Willie is transferred by this talk and determines that he is going to help Danny make it through, even with his claustrophobia. During the night of the get away, Danny has a claustrophobia attack and flips out, causing a rather detrimental wait to the get away process, but Willie, in true camaraderie, helps him out. Both of these are one of the few who efficiently escaped without having to be killed or recaptured. They steal a fishing boat and travel down for the Baltic Sea, in the end boarding a Swedish vendor ship. This goes to show how teamwork takes care of.

Teamwork was what this film was about. Without it, people would not have come collectively and brought their collective skills to the standa forger, a scrounger, a mastermind, each person helped others.

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