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Great Topics for The Great Gatsby Essay

Many students are confused when they are assigned by their professors with The Great Gatsby essays , but you shouldn’t feel intimidated once you have to complete the same academic assignment. Look for excellent and original topics and writing guidelines to succeed and get high grades. The good news is that there are many ideas to choose from, and you can always count on the professional help offered by our team of skilled academic writers. As a student, you need to organize all thoughts and facts around the thesis you make about this famous novel. Make sure it’s focused enough and comes with clear facts that support it. Don’t forget about relevant references to the text!

  • Did Scott Fitzgerald write a story about love and American ideals? Or is this novel a satire? If you choose this topic, you need to refer to specific quotes and passages to make a solid thesis statement.
  • What has Nick forgotten or trying to retrieve? Does Gatsby misuse memories about the past to enliven his present? Do you think that this is what makes his one of the Lost Generation? This idea is great for The Great Gatsby book report essay.
  • You may already know that this book had different titles because Fitzgerald had difficulty choosing the best one. Do you agree that this title suits this story perfectly? Provide your clear arguments if your answer is positive.
  • Think about Nick’s role as a narrator and answer a few other questions. Do you think that this character is really honest? If he is not, why do you make this conclusion? Are his opinions about others honest? When making your statement, make sure you use the right thesis methodology.
  • Pay attention to the last page of this book. Are all dreams and hopes are centered on future beliefs? Is it more important compared to the actual satisfaction of people’s desires? When sharing your personal opinion and answers, don’t forget to support them with enough evidence.
  • Do you agree that it’s an autobiographical novel? Did the author write more of his personality into Gatsby or Nick? Are his traits easy to find in both characters?
  • What do you think about the American dream after reading this novel? You can even write The Great Gatsby analysis essay devoted to this subject. What did you find out about the condition in the 20s? What about the dreams, time, and wealth described in this book?
  • Try to compare and contrast such characters as Tom and Gatsby. Are they different or similar? In what ways? Why did Daisy decide to stay with Tom (he was portrayed as a very negative character)?

How to Use Symbolism Properly

Once you decide to write T he Great Gatsby symbolism essay , make sure you understand the symbolic aspect of this novel properly. For example, you can discuss or explain how the author uses a variety of symbols throughout this story and don’t forget to support your statements with references to the text. Basically, they play an important role in this book because they add to the understanding taken by readers from it. Symbols can be anything from colors and figures to characters and objects, and they are used to represent different abstract ideas and concepts. Fitzgerald uses many of them to highlight the key ideas; some of them are more obvious, but they all are efficient enough. Make sure you use all available symbolic tools and choices to reinforce your dissertation abstracts or other academic papers. For instance, keep in mind that all characters in this novel are used to highlight specific ideas, while places are used to add more contrast. This means that symbols can highlight the beliefs of characters and serve many other purposes. When describing Daisy in your essay, remember that she is used by the author to focus on the moral corruption of all characters.

Other Useful Ideas You Can Use

  • Format this creative essay based on existing rules and guidelines provided by your professors. This means you need to stay updated with the right < a href="/case-study-format/">case study format to get high grades.
  • Explain your readers how this novel proves the American dream’s death. What does it offer about the American identity? Take into account references to characters and other supporting facts to make your essay sound solid, realistic, and interesting.
  • Try to explain how this story demonstrates the main characteristics of modernism.
  • Discuss if Gatsby is a romantic hero or not and support your opinion with facts and references.
  • Find out how this novel is connected with the corrupting nature of wealth, and this is when you should examine all characters, their descriptions, actions, symbols, plot, and so on. Think about a Marxist interpretation or do your best to explain the corruption theme.
  • Describe the satirical portrait of the society made by Fitzgerald using Gatsby’s parties as your evidence. If you find this task hard to complete, contact our experienced writers who can handle everything including a standard dissertation introduction. You can contact them via emails, phone calls, or live chats and be sure to get quality and affordable help in addition to extra services, such as how to write a speech
  • Compare and contrast the houses of all characters, including Tom, Gatsby, Nick, and others. How do they all reflect the personalities of their owners or renters? Think about focusing on their values, attitudes, and attributes to achieve this goal.
  • Feel free to argue who the most despicable and admirable characters are in this book and why you think so.


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