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Thinking of The Great Gatsby essay topics

At your literature classes you must read lots of famous novels by authors from different countries. One of the most interesting and outstanding novels that you should probably read is The Great Gatsby. This is the novel written in the beginning of the twentieth century by a genius of American fiction classic literature, who is known as F. Scott Fitzgerald. This is the story of a very rich man, a millionaire, who was deeply in love with a beautiful women. His love, which was so strong that could be called obsession, was the sense of the life of the young millionaire. Therefore, the novel enlightens a number of significant issues of life, such as love, idealism, moral strength and weakness at the same time, etc. In this article, you will find some tips for writing your paper on literature and interesting ideas, as well as The Great Gatsby essay topics .

Choosing a topic for your paper is an important step, which needs you to be serious, attentive and responsible. Your topic has to be interesting for you personally, first of all, otherwise your paper will be boring and will not attract your reader. Keep reading to learn which steps you need to follow when dealing with essay topics for The Great Gatsby .

  • Read the novel attentively, without hurrying up and distraction, having a pencil in your hand for underlining your favorite and the most considerable phrases, words and for taking notes.
  • Think of the plot of the novel and define its main events. The main events are the basis of the story, which you should consider when choosing your topic. Find out the main series, the most considerable conflicts, turning points and so on.
  • Find out the viewpoint of the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald. What is, to your mind, his opinion regarding the main character? In fact, your essay questions for The Great Gatsby can be addressed to the author of the novel.
  • List the main characters and define which one attracts you most. Is there a character whom you want to devote your essay to? Is it Gatsby or his beloved woman? In fact, you can choose any character that seems more interesting to you.
  • Think of the key themes of the novel. The key theme of the story is its main idea. Eventually, the main idea of the story can be the main idea of your paper.
  • Think thoroughly of the context of the novel. Everything is probably more complicated that it may seem at first sight. The context can tell you a lot, if you understand it right.

Considering ideas for your essay for The Great Gatsby

As you can see, you cannot just pick up a topic. It requires efforts, as well as writing of the essay itself. However, you will cope with it if you follow the mentioned above steps. Once you did it, you can proceed to choosing the precise topic for your paper and think of the idea that you want to provide. Look at the following:

  • Enlighten in your paper the following question: does the novel provides the image of ideals predominating in the American society, or a satire commenting them?
  • Choose your favorite citation from the novel and write an essay that analyzes its content. You may also analyze a dialogue, if appropriate. The point is, it has to be a strong quotation with a deep sense.
  • Write an essay providing a discussion of the personal features and deeds of the main character of the novel. Look at him as if he was a real man. What would you think of Gatsby in this case? Would you like to be his friend?
  • What do you think about the manner of writing, with the help of which Fitzgerald created his piece of literature. Provide your own opinion. It may be a critique essay, where you critically analyze the novel.
  • Write a paper about the symbolism in the novel. What, to your mind, are the main and most meaningful symbols of the novel? How can you describe them? Does The Great Gatsby teaches the reader something about the importance of symbols in real life of people?
  • Discuss what the novel teaches its audience and you, especially. What lesson did you learn from reading The Great Gatsby? What new did you learn? Did your attitudes, beliefs and tastes change under the influence of the novel?
  • Provide an analyzing essay about the following: what are the chances that The Great Gatsby is an autobiographical piece of literature? Learn the biography of the author and compare it to the novel for answering this question.
  • Write an essay providing a comparison of the two main characters of the novel. It is not necessary to pick an exact position concerning that or another character. Moreover, you will benefit if you provide an objective viewpoint without paying attention to your personal attitude to the characters.

As a matter of fact, there is a number of different The Great Gatsby essay questions , that you may find curious. The point is that the novel covers so many issues, that not every reader is able to comprehend all of them. This novel is actually about everything that a person may face throughout his or her life. It shows us the strength of love and the importance of a clear mind at the same time. It guides a reader through realistic and unbelievable circumstances that may happen to a person in life and teaches the reader how to cope with them and how to behave in this or that situation.

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