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The Great Gatsby: An Analysis

In the 1920s many People in the usa commenced using credit, and buying and becoming very materialistic, and burning off their spirit and id. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby the personas are engulfed in the world of materialism, and think that that is why is them happy. Materialism is thought as the devotion to materials wealth and belongings at the cost of religious or intellectual concepts. Spirituality is level of sensitivity or connection to religious worth. And id is the group of characteristics that someone recognizes as owed uniquely to himself or herself and constituting his or her individual personality forever. Three characters that exemplify these characteristics are Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby. In this particular novel, materialism, spirituality, and id changes or reinforces these three heroes.

Daisy Buchanan can be an example of materialism vs. spirituality because of what we realize about her from her young days. She was a female that was deeply in love with Gatsby, but didn't marry him because "˜. . . I had been poor and she was sick and tired of looking forward to me. . . '" (137). Materialism affected Daisy so when she hitched Tom she needed only the best things, but became aware that she wasn't happy because money can't buy you pleasure. After witnessing Gatsby for the first time in over five years, it looks like Daisy has become that dude she was before she attained and hitched Tom. For a second she forgot all of her materialistic things and was finding out about in to the sky and GOD, stating "˜. . . Let me just get one of those green clouds and put you in it and thrust you around. '"(99). Now we see her religious side to see that Gatsby would have possible strengthened her identification.

Tom Buchanan is a character that shows a strong relationship with materialism. He's an example of old money, and because he is so prosperous he determines that he can break all the rules and do whatever he pleases, like cheating on his partner. "˜Why -' she said hesitantly, ˜Tom's received some woman in NY. '" (19). Materialism has gotten to Tom's brain and he feels because he has a lot wealth he can purchase happiness with whatever he pleases.

The last persona, Gatsby, shows both materialism and spirituality. Gatsby is an exemplory case of materialism because of Daisy. All his prosperity and position was only for Daisy, because he hoped that 1 day he'd see her and amaze her. His house is an example of this goal because from the synthetic place and was only built for Daisy. "˜My house looks well does it not?' he demanded. ˜See how the whole front of it attracts the light. '" (95) He realizes that Daisy didn't hold out to marry him because he was poor, and he made it his life goal to become wealthy and perhaps someday make an impression Daisy.

In summary, these three characters in the book show materialism, spirituality, and personal information and how they improved or strengthened.

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