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The Glass Castle Essay Topics

As a college student, you’re often asked by teachers to write interesting book reports. For example, if you’re assigned to write a good essay on The Glass Castle, you should have some understanding of what this book is all about. It was published in 2005, and now it’s a best-seller because of its incredible popularity among both reviewers and readers all over the world. Its writing style and overall mood have made this story that keeps capturing people’s interest and empathy. Be sure to read this book before you start writing your essay, and if you have no time or can’t do that for any other reason, take into account our professional help. That’s because our skilled and qualified authors know how to help you get higher grades and their services, such as writing any business paper, are quite affordable.

  • Do you agree that Rex and Rose Mary Walls are unfit parents? Would it be better for Jeannette and siblings to live in foster care? Was it in their best interest to grow up with these parents? What if they would be removed from their home?
  • Rose Mary has an original view on her life, and it’s outlined by her daughter throughout the whole story. This is how readers learn that she thinks that people worry too much about their kids and she believes that suffering is good for youngsters. What kind of person is she? You should include your personal opinion in your essay based on her words and sayings.
  • Jeannette was asked in one interview if she owes this kind of success to all hardships during her childhood. What is your point of view? Did she become a person she is due to her hard childhood? You need to answer this question and support it with different facts if you choose this interesting thesis theme.
  • Jeannette describes this story as a memoir and claims that it’s her life plot. Do you agree with her statement? Is this book fiction or non-fiction?
  • Mother’s main complaint is that she’s an adult, and this means that she can do everything she wants. Does her adulthood constitute freedom? To what extent? Is the choice to become homeless one of its expressions?
  • Do you think that Rex and Rose Mary Walls are successful according to their own life standards? Why? When it comes to your writing college application essays, be sure to back up your answer with the necessary evidence.
  • Their children seem to be more sensible, reliable, mature, and responsible than their parents. That’s because they know how to take care of themselves and protect each other, but they are still dependent on parents because they are underage based on existing laws. Do people need to review children’s rights? Should they be granted more rights?
  • When Grandma Smith is described, readers can imagine a woman with quite strong opinions about everything: how people need to talk, dress, cook, manage finances, organize time, and so on. However, Rose Mary feels that her own mother is badgered and nagged, and that’s why she never set any rules for her children. Think about devoting The Glass Castle essay to this topic. Are these rules necessary for the healthy development of all kids? Do they have to be limiting and restricting? Do you choose more freeing rules? Why?
  • Mother’s huge dream is to become an artist, and that’s why she spends a lot of time and money on different art supplies. Is it good that she never gives up this dream? Do people need to give up their dreams at a certain point? When? If you choose this topic, don’t forget to take a look at available The Glass Castle essays to provide readers with a fresh opinion.
  • Pay attention on how Jeannette describes her life with this family: a lot of garbage, hunger, and poverty, but she showcases her parents’ rich intellectual world, such as discussing literature, math, etc. Why 3 of 4 Walls kids became productive and successful society members? What is more important for their development? Are you for their enriching intellectual environment or comfy living conditions?

Interesting Questions to Answer

  • What is the role played by the fire in this novel? It burns many houses and cause a lot of harm to specific characters, and Jeannette thinks that all fires are connected. Is it a separate character? You can write your mla format paper about that.
  • How does he describe her parents? What is her tone? Basically, Jeannette describes their shortcomings and faults, but she comes to a clear understanding of their lifestyle by the end of this novel. Do you agree that the basic purpose of this work is to honor her parents?
  • Why is this book titled The Glass Castle? Do you think that this title is characterized by the need of Rex Walls to create a life full of adventures and fantasy for the family without any practicality and stability? If it’s hard for you to answer this question, you can contact our credible authors who will help you write the most creative essay and complete other academic assignments, such as a science paper.
  • What is the role of nature in this story? This family is in awe of its beauty without the most common modern amenities, and this means that nature becomes a home for the Walls. Don’t forget about Rose Mary’s appreciation for animals and wild nature because she refused to cause any harm and kill.
  • What do you think about Jeannette’s experience and ideas about American poverty? Why did she decide to include these thoughts in this book? Her family lives in poor life conditions, but kids receive rigorous homeschooling from their parents and read a lot. Why did the author decide to focus on this aspect and show that her parents were very intelligent?
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