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The General Manager Of The Materials Division Essay examples

This weeks case occurrence had various issues that management had about the changes that are taking place in the company. One issue that was present would be that the general manager of the plastic materials division is retiring and has named a new one. The brand new manager has its own people worried that he might change points from the approach they were to something certainly not beneficial for the corporation. The manager's name is usually Wallace Jones. Rusty (who is the basic manager with the plastic divisions 2 factories) thinks the new GM is going to change the way rustic run's his factories. Once rusty was under Impotence sullivans management(the GM whom retired), he let rusty run the factories even so he needed it. Education believed that Rusty was a great director and created products on time and of this sort of great quality that handful of customers complained about the items that they get. When Rustic found out about Education retiring after the meeting, having been conversing to Robert ( The head of Plastic's sales division) regarding Ed's leave. Robert supplied insight about giving Wallace a chance which Ed's bureaucratic tactics were to relaxed rather than strict.

Rusty's technique of running the factory are as follows: It's his way or the highway. Having this type of managerial concept can be described as good/bad thing. It's very good because Rusty wants that done a particular way and it works for some workers. The also bad because it discourages workers and makes them truly feel inferior to Rusty. This is certainly bad for Rusty because he can lose good employees from his persistent ideas. This type of management can be categorized underneath Theory Back button instead of Theory Y under our textbook. Theory Back button and Y are different ways leaders or perhaps managers act at a workplace (Rue, Byars, & Ibrahim, 2013). Theory X believers will be more authoritarian in leaders...

... llenge the Process" signifies that leaders take risks and try various ways of taking care of their business (Goode). Rustic should try a new way of managing in which he has more trust in his staff and let them do their job how they want to. "Enable other folks to act" means that leaders can make others fight for the cause by making people stronger and follow all their leadership (Goode). If Rustic makes his employees feel strong of their position at the office then they may have more rely upon him and follow his leadership. Finally " Inspire the Heart" means that Supplying credit in order to 's thanks and people understand that they are valued (Goode). In the event the employees understand that their function is appreciated and reminding them of that, then the organization will be good. I believe that if management in the Plastic's company uses these practices, then the business will go in a great way.

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