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The Future Of Global Distribution System Tourism Essay

The economic uncertainty, ever changing market dynamics, changing competitive surroundings, emergence of new programs of distribution, and increasing costs has generated new issues for travel agents, especially in the techniques used to disperse travel products and still achieve profitable growth. Travel agents now realise the importance of implementing different approaches for effectively using multiple stations of distribution in order to increase sales and profits. To achieve the stated goal, companies need to control the technology disruptions well by with them to set-up competitive advantages. Today, all the major players of Information Technology providers are tapping the potential of Global Syndication System to attract their customers. At exactly the same time, the demand of Cloud services has seen a growth hoping for upsurge in level of efficiency.

This paper talks about how GDSs and Cloud Computing, a disruptive make, has the potential to improve the face of travel syndication systems and be leveraged for competitive benefits.

Survey was conducted among individuals and travel firms agents to analyse the goals and targets of the research study. The outcome of the review states that how the existing system can be developed to provide greater results.



"There always comes a moment in time whenever a door starts and lets the future in. "

-Graham Greene (The Age of Unreason)


This chapter introduces the idea of the continuing future of Global Syndication System; cloud computing as an alternative distribution route to reader and provides the necessary background to the study. The chapter provides idea about the concentration and boundaries of the study by exact goals and objectives. The further section provides detailed overview of the structure of the document.

Introduction to IT and Travel and leisure:

O'Connor P. cited (Sheldon, 1993) "Tourism is acknowledged to be very intensive-in reality; information has been referred to as a 'lifeblood' of the industry, as without it the sector could not function. " Traveler needs information prior to going on a travel. They need plan prior to and choose options relating to their option of time through the or before head to (O'Connor P. 1999). "Information technology (IT) - the amalgamation of processing, communications and gadgets- has almost widespread feature of the travel and leisure industry (Bennett, 1993). "

Internet is a part of every individual's life since overdue 1990's. The info provided on the internet has helped all in each and every field. In addition, it helps commercial air line companies to have a better option in air travel services avoiding travel agents. Being area of the service market, vacation has certainly been associated with improvements in new know-how and recharged by business and structural upgrades. There's been a design to the total amount of visitors product by a way of customization, despite the pressure from visitor suppliers who still recommend provides of large vacation.

"Internet has a potential platform of tourism business but it addittionally provides a tool for communication one of the tourism supplier, realtors and the consumers in a cost-effective ways. "(scribd)

"The arrival of internet- based mostly e-commerce has offered opportunities for small and medium size travel companies to expand their customer basic and rationalise their business. "(OECD 2000)

IT is reshaping the composition of both culture and economy in general and also consumers increased demand for information. That is more important for tourism enterprises to give services effectively. At the end tourism industry need to comprehend and put it to use strategically in order to provide their target market segments, improve their efficiency, maximise success, enhance services and maintain long-term profitability (Bahalis, 1998)

Introduction to Global Distribution System:

"A global circulation system, or GDS, is some type of computer distribution system for showing available services, effecting bookings, and ticketing by travel and leisure methods (suppliers) - air travel or elsewhere - on an international scale. "(future)

Before the development of computerised systems, arranging an airline ticket was a sophisticated process. Airlines regularly posted their schedules and fares in booklets, which were the distributed to travel agencies (O'Connor P. 1999). The procedure of searching through multiple air travel schedules was simplified by the publication of merged internet directories like the official Air travel Guide (OAG), which unite times, times and prices from multiple airlines into one publication (Bennett, 1996).

The advancement of telecommunications solutions over the past 10 years has left nearly no sector of the world overall economy untouched, including the commercial air industry. This is actually the major change and fast improvement in the consumer-oriented applications, such as the World Wide Web for accessing the basic information and booking flight tickets. Today people use various websites which gives a good software to the Central Reservation system and Global Distribution System such as Orbitz, Travelocity, etc. , combined with the immediate reservations site operated by individual airlines, allow tourists to access home elevators schedules, prizes and travel times. (air port)

GDS were actually designed to disperse airline chairs; their database framework was designed specifically to store information about that product (Emmer et al. 1993).

A Global Syndication System (GDS) has progressed from CRS.

"It really is a computer reservation system which has information about multiple airlines and is employed by travel companies and other travel pros. It also has information about other styles of travel products as hotel scheduling, car lease etc"

Introduction to Cloud Computing:

Today, the various software (create) are simply just available for users as a service, which can be accessed over browser where individual can be recharged as per usage of these specific services. Cloud processing is used to utter an enormous data centres of hardware and software. (Armburst 2009 Vi)

Instead of stocking the large amount of data on PCs or huge servers, now days it is rather stored over a centralised system called Cloud. This idea is called Cloud Processing. Cloud processing service provider's goals to offer Pay-as-you go services to corporations with low cost, scalability, increased efficiency and high earnings of investment.

Many developed and growing countries are adopting this cloud computing technology, as it offer scalability, fast development and consistency and pay-as-you go financial model. ( Dikaiakos et al. 2009 vi) The growing popularity and acceptance of cloud technology is eminent in the study conducted by Brocade. Using these special features and characteristics tourism companies are moving onto cloud. According to previous study conducted on cloud processing in the UK explains that 94% of existing users are delight by using cloud services from various providers (Markings 2001), at the same time US government also has increased its investment on cloud computing by 40% from twelve-monthly income according of strong support for the development of Cloud Processing. (Hanning 2007)

Focus of research:

The research is to understand the competitive issues and risks facing GDSs caused by the introduction of cloud computing alternatively distribution route, as well as it can be strategies they may adopt to stay competitive. A change in distribution because of this of technology could bring into question the main economics of the GDSs. To what extent the emergence of the CC as an alternative distribution channel will mark the end for GDSs, or whether GDSs will be required to evolve and provide additional services is the subject of this dissertation.

The research includes main as well as secondary data, where major data will be obtained by conducting an online survey from individuals and performing interviews with worker working as travel agents of different travel and leisure companies in India. The supplementary data is collected from the available data, earlier research on matter, journals, literature and periodicals which will be further analysed in chapter five (conversations of results).


Make a clear understanding about current air travel information and ticket reservation system in flight sector.

To access the current impact of Global Syndication System (GDS) on the travel industry.

To investigate the development of cloud computing in the tourism industry.

To evaluate critically scope/impact GDS and cloud computing in relative to travel booking system /strategies.

Recommendations for the future of the travel and leisure industry in terms of recent and current solutions in framework to air brand.


To identify term GDS and critically analyse different factors of distribution channels in support to implementation of GDS.

To explore the type of the existing circumstance of GDS and Cloud Processing in perspective of airline reservation system.

To recommend possible business and information ways of achieve best performance operating and real- time finalizing information related to air solution sales and syndication.

To consider not only specific provider but all stake holders in the flights sector both in conditions of cost and performance efficiency.

Reason for choosing the topic:

Tourism industry going through major change and facing new challenges, the two proportions of the change can be determined:

New types of tourism, characterized by the tendency to depart from mass tourism.

The diffusion of information and communication technologies, with a pervasive effect on the creation, production and intake of the holiday product. (SD )

GDSs, only administer reservations, they don't manage the stock of suppliers; this falls on the supplier's own reservation system. The cloud computing has added a commonly seen, and broad route of circulation, allowing airlines and other travel reservation systems. (Future)

In addition to the selection of this issue being way to obtain competitive advantage, booking systems become a profitable business.

GDS and cloud processing some reason behind future intermediaries in the travel syndication process.

Dissertation Structure

The dissertation is made up of the next 6 chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Research topic is introduced in this chapter along with my personal inspiration behind undertaking this research. It illustrates the problems and qualifications for selection for this theme. Aims and aims are assured so the research matches its goals.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

The second chapter composed literature review about. This section come across literature about distribution channel, GDS system and cloud processing. Then further talk about how exactly they generate worth to business. This section also tries to research the literatures about research reason and outline theories that might be help analyse the consequence of research.

Chapter 3: Research methodology

This chapter targets the available research methodologies to carry out the research. It'll discuss that how the goals can meet its desired goals by using right way and method. It'll make clear further that the way the data will be obtained and analyzed. Honest thought and validity of the research will be mentioned at the end of this chapter. (This section studies the study methodologies available to conduct Information systems research and lastly bother making a choice of research design to carry out the study. )

Chapter 4: Results

This chapter will format the findings of the research, performed via survey approach focusing on individuals.

This chapter targets the basic finding of every portion of the questionnaire with the aid of figures and tables, denoting the responses achieved.

Chapter 5: Data Evaluation/ Dialogue of the Results

This chapter will discuss studies and result of the survey questionnaire. The research will be produced on the effect achieved, which will be combining with the results of books review. This chapter also will end with a valid realization and well described summary.

Chapter 6: Realization and Future Analysis:

This chapter will discuss conclusions and result of the review questionnaire. The discourse will be made on the results achieved, which will be synthesized with the results of books review. This section will surface finish with a valid conclusion giving a brief overview about the discussion made and results achieved.


This chapter gives a brief overview of the analysis being completed and outlines the study targets and the structure of the dissertation.

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