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The attitude of today's youngsters are afflicted by tv programs.


"Televiewing causes people to duplicate inappropriately, in other areas of the lives, behavior styles developed while you're watching television. " (Kottak, 1990, p. 3)

Television programs can be educational as well as entertaining. It could give people the opportunity to travel around the globe, expose those to new ideas that they might not have experienced using their company community and also a chance to find out about different cultures. Pro-social messages from shows on tv will give a positive impact on the patterns of today's children. However, these youths will learn negative ideals from these tv set programs.

Television has turn into a debatable issue as some question its influences on the frame of mind and subconscious development of today's young ones. Nowadays, the world of tv has been uncovered by children at very young age. As we realize, television is an effective educational tool. With programs showcasing animals, scientific ideas etc, it can help these children to be broad-minded and also have a much better understanding about the globe around them. However, we have to remember and become aware that the television also is appear to posses more negative effects than positive ones.

A day in a youth's life will generally be filled up with activities such as playing with friends, reading, doing research and being literally active but this can be easily substituted with the existence of television. This is detrimental with their physical and mental development because studies show that the first 2-3 many years of a child's life is where he/she learns through observing, interacting, playing and also checking out new things. Thus if these children are glued and become dependent on these programs on television they have lesser time and energy to interact with individuals. This is vital, as it could retard their normal physical and interpersonal development and skills. Hence, the burning up question here is, do tv programs have an effect on the attitude of today's children?

If we look further into the issue, television set programs do indeed have an effect on the attitude of today's youth as it boosts negative public development between youths, which might lead to intense or violent tendencies, and they tend to affect self applied development and self esteem.

As we all know, youths are more likely to imitate and adapts ones tendencies to their own because they can simply relate to what is shown on television. There surely will be a great deal of behavioral changes in youths today if they're subjected to excessive violence shown on television. These varieties of programs will encourage these youths to be intense in both their patterns and in their thoughts. Not only that, they will also be more likely to be influenced using what they have seen regularly like smoking and drinking alcohol scenes which are shown frequently in these tv set programs and even commercials. This may encourage the introduction of such unhealthy behaviors young (Bora, 2009).

This survey shows the effect tv set programs have on the frame of mind of today's children. These research results are confined to the United States of America as the knowledge and collective conducts of contemporary People in america are all over. Like any other problem, there is always a solution, to be able to ensure that tv can be used as a way to obtain knowledge and healthy entertainment, one must be sure to watch it in moderation by preparing a period limit when you sit back to watch it. Besides that, the government, the parents and the educators should encourage today's children to take part in other positive pursuits like participating in outdoor and interior games. Not only that, they also needs to encourage today's young ones to watch programs that strengthen family prices.


Aggressive attitudes, principles and action can be increased by watching entertainment violence, particulary in children. The effects are measurable and also long lasting. A number of the television set programs will show violence scenes with hitting, punching, stabbing and any other type of violence. Tv set programs use artificial guns and fraudulent blood to signify the violent works during operating and these make the assault shows on tv set imitation (Kaufman, 2004). Violent scenes on television may well not be a good deal for the adults because individuals know the difference between actuality and fantasy in comparison to children who know little or nothing about any of it or not yet determined about the difference between simple fact and fantasy. Most of the time, children will negotiate their problems in assault way as they see a lot of assault scenes on television. According to psychological research, youths can be negatively afflicted by the violence on television. Viewing violence on television will give three major results which youths will be less very sensitive to pain and suffering of others, youths will be more fearful of the world around them and they might act aggressively toward the others (Abelard, 2008). Work Against Assault (cited in Kaufman, 2004) state governments that kids cannot give it a framework even though they really know what they are enjoying. They will react equally to animated violence and real violence due to the weak hyperlink between their illusion and reality. They can not evaluate commercials versus regular programs or truth versus dream. Hence, they'll show more intense behavior after enjoying the violent moments.


Everyone knows that visitors may imitate positive and negative habits from the tv programs. However, the Gerbner group has found that individuals could be more apt to perceive the real world as being just like television programs if indeed they spend additional time on watching tv (Kottak, 1990, p. 11). This situation will be experienced mainly by the kids as they don't have sufficient knowledge and encounters to distinguish between truth and fantasy. Given that they only spend their time on watching television, they could have forgotten they are seeing something that is illusion, not a fact. Hence, the innocent children will observe blindly what they have observed on television because they feel that the people on tv programs can do it, why can't they. Assault on tv set programs may create blur images of good and evil. Kottak (1990) declares that the distinction between heroes and villains is fading. This will cause the children to be more confused and cause them to do anything they want. For example, if indeed they adore a character in one movie, they could just imitate the tendencies of that persona without understanding that behavior is a good behavior or a poor behavior. A lot of the shows on tv are using violence as the central to the storyline, where the heroes and villains can get what they want by using assault as it is a highly effective way. It really is true that television set programs can lead to aggressive behavior. This is proven by an occurrence in Dallas where a son has been wiped out by his elder brother, 7 years old with a "clothesline" maneuver he had seen on the wrestling show (Kaufman, 2004).


If the children watch more violent television set programs, they will generally have favorable behaviour toward aggressive behaviours. This may indirectly cause the child to become immune to the horror of violence (North american Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry, 2002). It is because, they can always see assault in the television programs they are watching. Hence, the child will gradually allow violence as a way to solve problems. Lefebrve has found an example to show a child has immune system to violence until he uses the type of violence that has been seen by him on television to solve his problem. A six yrs. old boy wearing turtle costume stabbed his friend in the arm for not returning his toy. This implies that this child does not have any humanity because for him, it is merely a normal thing to stab someone as he has already immune to assault.


Some individuals dispute that not only television programs can lead to extreme and violent conducts but these manners can be inspired by people surrounding them like peers and family. However, children spend the majority of their time by watching television. Almost everyone in the world has their movie star idol. Children have a tendency to like the character types of their idols on the tv set programs or movie without thinking whether their idols are doing the good or bad part of that show. This will cause children to imitate their favorite characters specifically shows because they are too enthusiastic about the people. Factors that can lead to competitive and violent conducts which have been affected by their peers or members of the family are not a solid argument compared to television programs. It is because, children won't always agree or listen to what people say to them because they're quite stubborn and can just follow their hearts to do whatever they want. Even though they have been influenced frequently by people encompassing them, they still can choose whether to do it or much less they might not enthusiastic about their kind of violence. If they chose not to do it, they can not undertake it and can stay away from folks who are influencing them. Consider tv, how are they likely to avoid television? There is no way for people nowadays to stay away from television unless see your face is a jungle or no tv set place at home. Although they do not have television collections at home, they can still watch it at their office place or any stalls. No real matter what, they can still watch programs on television set and somehow should come across to assault. Besides that, tv set programs are visible and children can always start to see the act within an interesting way and it can be watched consistently. There are so various kinds of violence on tv programs that can be seen by the kids. So they have variety types of assault to be chosen and if children love what they are observing, then they will begin to behave like what they are watching. Hence, television programs are the main source which might lead to extreme and violent conducts.

The bottom line is, the attitude of today's junior are damaged by tv set programs as they will indirectly encourage the kids to be aggressive and violent in their actions. Children tend to imitate such actions from what's shown on tv set as well as the immunity to violence cause the children's habit to be easier afflicted by tv programs.


Children are extremely curious because they are still growing up and nearly to see the complete world. So, they may be easier being affected to do either negative or positive things when they see something new or something they can see often on the tv screen. We can not control children's head because they seem to keep it to themselves and we can only just see the dissimilarities in them when they communicate it. Besides that, they do not know what the nice and bad things are because they are just about to understand and see the real world. So, they will simply do whatever they like which have been seen by them on television. Examples of negative public development that can be improved by the television set programs are medicine and alcohol abuse, smoking and also intimacy amongst the youths. Many of these cannot be expected never to be seen on tv because these will be contained in almost all of the television programs and adverts.

Outley & Taddese (2006) declare that one of the factors for increased drinking alcohol between the youths are due to the exposure to liquor use on tv set and in music videos like MTV, Hitz, and [V] channels. According to Kaiser Family Foundation, three one fourth of the primary time shows entitled Gender on Television contain sexual sources. There is merely one tenth of the sexual content shows include the risks, responsibilities and protection of gender. Only 17% of announcements about protection and tasks of love-making have been portrayed in shows about young adults in erotic situations. Children will start smoking at a youthful age for many who watch more tv as the factors of inspired by the peer and parental smoking and gender is not as strong as the partnership between the age of starting smoking and television taking a look at (Mekemson & Glantz, 2002).


Audience can experience strong mental reactions, gain new principles and change just how they act by watching the performance of celebrities. This could be more likely to happen specially when the models show new habits of action and thought which can be rewarded (Bandura, 1985). This clarifies that the audience will do whatever they like which were seen by them on the television set and this will affect their patterns and attitude. Most of the people who are able to think rasionally, they'll not follow the negative things that contain been observed by them on tv set. However, we have to remember that youths are still young and they're still studying things for this world. This world is new to them plus they do not understand which is good and which is bad before people thought them the right things. At this range of age range, youths will have problems in handling themselves if they're addicted to television programs that may then lead to the monkey see, monkey do theory.

Television is the most influenced medium. It could be area of the solution and part of the condition in the region of sex amongst the youths. It will give answers to the area of sex between the youths when the shows are providing a technique to own safe love-making, a caution program to the teenagers about the consequences if that person gets pregnant, the tasks that they have to know from the start before they made a decision to have sexual intercourse, etc. However, it'll give problems when the children watch the love-making scenes in the tv programs. When they watch this kind of scenes, they will get attracted to it because everyone has the passion which is a human nature to have the sense to do it. Children will feel that it is not wrong to have sexual intercourse because they can always start to see the sex moments on television without being censored and the monkey see, monkey do theory will be observed in this situation. They see it on television and they'll do it in true to life. Not all of these will do it in real life because a few of them might not get somebody to do it in true to life but nowadays, in this kind of situation, it isn't difficult anymore to obtain a partner to have sexual intercourse because of the influenced by tv set programs. For those who may not get somebody to satisfy his satisfaction, he could do something most severe like rape girls.

In most television programs, you will see at least one field where they'll be alcohol consumption and smoking. For those children who watch this arena, she or he might not really know what is liquor and cigarette. As the theory said, monkey see, monkey do, the kids might make an effort to drink and smoke cigarettes in true to life like what they have observed on tv set.


People in the advertisements of alcoholic beverages can always be seen more successful, more comfortable and sexier when they drink. Alcohol advertising including the television advertisements brought on the taking in among youngsters to be increased (Johnson et al. 2004). When they see this type of advertisements, they will be more likely feel prompted by the advertisements because everyone needs to be naughty, happy and successful. Since these advertisements show they can feel all of the thoughts, this will indirectly cause them to become drink in order to feel to become more successful, more pleased and sexier.

There are a few of the tv programs about a group of friends ignore he or she because that person doesn't wish to accomplish something that were asked to do by that group of friends, for example like smoking. When children watch this type of shows, they will feel scared because they do not want to reduce their friends, and they're still young to know that truly the friends who disregarded them are not good friends to them. To become secure, children will need precaution steps before they lose their friends, and therefore they will opt to smoke. This shows that television set programs are indirectly encourage the children to develop the negative public in them.


"We live doing our young people a real disservice by wanting to protect them from in a straight line and wide open information that is very important for modification in real life. "(Maw, 2007)

Some individuals claim that youths can get the information and knowledge off their friends, parents, professors, magazines, etc. There are also a few of them who claim that the goal of tv set programs show each one of these kind of programs is because they would like to protect today's young ones by exhibiting them the real area of world. However, tv is still the most influenced medium. It is because, children can spend most of their amount of time in front of tv set and can observe that particular show for an extended time period as well as get the information in detail throughout the show. If set alongside the information by the parents, peers, etc, they will not get the info in detail. Besides that, it isn't that they will spend their time using their parents and peers to discuss it for 24 hours, they need to talk about something else too like family converse and etc. Hence, that is why television programs will give more impact on the negative social development among youths compared to the other resources.

4. 0 Tv set PROGRAMS MAY Have an effect on Self applied DEVELOPMENT AND Do it yourself ESTEEM

In order to make a good romance with other folks, it's important for us to own good self-confidence and self confidence in ourselves so that people can achieve our goals. People who have trouble getting positive romantic relationship and frightened to do whatever can enhance their life is because of having less self esteem. We are able to always see beautiful thin models and stars on television. Most of the children will start to feel insecure and they will definitely want to do something using their bodies so that they can feel as effective as the beautiful thin models and actresses on tv. However, to allow them to maintain their systems or even to get the body like their role models, they have to sacrifice a lot of things. For example, they need to diet to become beautiful and slim like models and actresses on television. This can affect the youths' personal development and self-confidence.


Sleeping disorders and sleeping habits among youths have been improved by television taking a look at. In order to get healthy sleeping, we need regular rest schedules. Thompson & Christakis (2005) declare that watching tv makes the youths to have more irregular sleep disorders. Children have to get enough rest so that their brain could work and can think carefully. If they don't have enough sleeping, their brain will be very exhausted and cannot think carefully which will indirectly make their brain to be gradual. When the brain is gradual, this will affect the development of the young ones. Besides that, the introduction of children will be influenced by the sleeping problems because they need to have enough sleep to develop. The growth as of this age is very important and the development rate should not be afflicted by anything so the self development will never be interrupted.


When they see beautiful actresses and models on television, they feel insecure about their systems and they will start on diet to get beautiful body like those stars and models. When they look someone beautiful on tv, their self esteem will automatically being triggered. They will start to ask themselves if they are beautiful or not. For example, when someone perceives Megan Fox on tv set, she will automatically feel very insecure and she thinks that herself is unpleasant. She'll definitely think the way how to be competitive herself with Megan Fox. No subject how preety see your face is, normally if she recognizes somebody who she considers is preety, her self esteem will automatically be activated and cause her not to eat in order to be preety like others. Not only that, when they aren't having an effective diet, this will also affect the do it yourself development to them.


People who do not trust tv set programs may impact home development and self-confidence say that self-confidence and personal development can be damaged by people surrounding them. It really is true that it can be affected by encircling people but we have to understand that our adjoining people are arbitrary people. We will not see the same person every day. Additionally it is possible if the kids see their idols as arbitrary people for only once. Compared to tv set, children can always see their idols on tv again and again, which can make them feel more unpleasant with themselves because of the self esteem and self applied development. Hence, television is the largest influenced medium on youths.


The following suggestions have been made to solve the challenge of youth's attitude that is damaged by the television programs:

  • Supply the youths with marketing education
  • Screen on what they are watching
  • Discuss the items of the shows with youths
  • Provide them with more assurance in themselves

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the kids will be less influenced to the unwanted effects of observing violent shows on television set by the help of multimedia education. Some studies have shown that press education can make the kids to acquire less violent habit after watching violent shows on television set (Kyla, 2009). This implies that marketing education can help the youths to regulate their aggressive habit even though they have watched a whole lot of violence shows. Hence, it is not wrong for the parents to try the method of providing their children with marketing education. Either it works or not, parents are highly recommended to try this method as it is one of the most effective ways for controlling children's behavior. We must remember that we cannot control everyone's interest. If the youngsters like to watch violent programs, we can not stop them from enjoying it which is not wrong for them to watch it as long as they can distinguish what is good and what's bad. Besides that, yet another way to prevent the youths from having aggressive or violent action is parents should monitor the kids on what they are watching. This is to avoid the children from straight away imitate whatever they have observed on television, especially for kids. Parents should try to clarify to kids as many as possible about what have been proven on television because the kids do not know how to distinguish which is fact or fantasy because they are still young and know little or nothing about it. Usually, children wish to imitate the intense or violent tendencies from cartoon and this is the main reason that the parents need to describe to their children about certainty and fantasy terms to give the kids an idea about this issue. Furthermore, every program should provide a moral prices and lessons either in a text message or visual form by the end of the movie. This is to ensure that the kids will get a much better picture of assault scenes that contain been shown on tv set. The subject matter should tell the kids that the assault scenes and any other immoral scenes are not supposed to be taken by the youngsters as good examples. Rather than taking it as good examples or ideas to do the bad things, the youngsters should be reminded by the advertising that the violence and immoral views that have been shown on tv set programs are just to give a lesson to the kids and also to remind them that those actions aren't a right move to make.

Secondly, parents should discuss the details of the programs using their children in order to avoid the development of negative social between the youths. The advertising about alcohol and cigarette as well as gender scenes can't be averted from the youths. Parents should spend more time with the children to share thoughts between them. Parents need to know very well what exactly on their children's mind in order to give advices to their children. It is now time for the parents to be always a good role model for his or her children. Provide them with good advices and hear their thoughts and opinions patiently without judging. Even though their thoughts are incorrect, parents need to correct it and present them a larger idea about the consequences of liquor, smoking and intimacy before married by giving them a story based on experience or tell them the consequences of all these actions. Not only that, the media can also help the youths to have the right message by always show the negative effects right after the negative public scenes. This is to ensure that they can get the right message without any doubts and they will know the results of doing all those negative social activities such as smoking, taking in, taking drugs and having sex before getting married.

In order to avoid self esteem and personal development from being affected, parents should help their children to construct self-confidence in themselves. They should remind their children how attractive they can be and nobody's perfect. Parents should continue sharing with their children that that all those beautiful thin models and stars on television will need to have scarcity in themselves. Parents have to help their children to make their confidence so that they do not need to be someone else due to the confidences that contain been built in them. Besides that, parents should set rules because of their children. For example, set the guideline that they have to pull the plug on the television before 10 P. M in order to sleep early on and get enough sleep. This rule may help the youngsters to have a good home development. Furthermore, the advertising should set the time limit for youths' shows. For example, youths' shows should only be shown on television set until 12. 00 AM. That is to ensure that youths are certain to get enough sleep rather than spending so much time on watching television.


To summarize, tv set programs add more destruction than benefits. Tv set programs may lead to aggressive patterns and violent habit as kids become immune system to violence and they have a tendency to imitate what's shown on tv set. Eventhough extreme and violent behaviors are contributed through other programs, television is the main source which will lead to this behavior. It is because, they spend the majority of their time on enjoying television set alongside the others. They can simply imitate the violent habit due to the blur images of good and bad which have been created by television set programs. Given that they watch more violent tv set programs, they become immune system to the horror of assault as they can always see assault in the television set programs they are watching.

Evidently, tv programs enhance negative sociable development amongst youths. This can be proven by the idea of monkey see, monkey do. Whatever have been seen by them on tv set, they can always do if they want to without thinking the consequences because they are still young and do not learn how to differentiate the nice and the bad things. Even though the data of negative sociable can be received from other resources, television set is the most influenced medium because they can observe those actions as though it is real while newspapers and posters are only in a kind of pictures.

Not only that, television programs could also affect self applied development and self esteem. The self development is afflicted by the sleeping disorder because they could watch their favourite shows until night time and have insufficient sleep. Sometimes they tend to placed on diet because of the self esteem as they see beautiful slim models and actresses in order to be as preety as those models and actresses. Youths can always see the beautiful thin models and actresses as long as they watch tv, they cannot avoid from finding them on tv set. Do you consider it is logic for us not to see even one beautiful celebrity? Naturally the answer is no and that's the reason tv is the most influence medium which make a difference self applied development and self esteem.

The bottom line is, tv programs do influence the frame of mind of youth's today as it improves negative sociable development amongst youths, which might lead to aggressive or violent action, and they have a tendency to affect do it yourself development and self-confidence.


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