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The Findings OF OUR OWN Group Presentation Public Work Essay

From the studies of the group presentation, it can be said that quality means doing things right, however the things which the operation needs to do right will change in line with the kind of procedure. For example, in the hospital, quality could imply making sure that patents get the most appropriate treatment, that the procedure is completed in a medically appropriate manner, it would also include such things as ensuring that the hospital is clean, and that the personnel are up to date and friendly towards patients.

It's unsurprising that all operations respect quality as an especially important object. In some ways quality is the most visible part of what an procedure does. Furthermore, it's some thing that a customer finds relatively easy to guage about the procedure. By asking is it right or incorrect? Is it the way it's said to be? There is one thing important about quality. Because of this, it's clearly a major influence on client satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Quality then is simple meeting the client requirements, and this has been portrayed in lots of ways:'Fitness for goal or use', 'Conformance to requirements', and in a great many other ways.

Clearly, part of the acceptability of a service will be based upon its ability to function satisfactorily over a period, and it is this aspect of performance that is given the name reliability. It's the capacity of the service to keep to meet the customer requirements. It is important to realize that the 'conference the client requirements' explanation of quality is not restrictive to the useful characteristics of services.

A report on your contribution to the group and to the task that was presented

I contributed a great deal in the planning and writing up of the display. Our group communicated between itself both proficiently and effectively. Although we collected on only 1 occasion outside academics hours as a whole group, the meeting was extremely constructive even as we could actually discuss and set up the main sections of the demonstration.

My role within the group was to design the slides and research on this issue I had been allocated as a member of the group. First of all, I made a decision to research on the theory of variation and the Deming cycle, and attempted to link these theories to the results of the health care quality commission report on both care homes of the choice. The other role in the work of the group included introducing the key details of the display and writing through to one of the main element points in the conclusion.

A report on how the group did the trick together

Group work has been identified by various authors, however Kurland and Salmon (2003) state governments that for a few group work is merely yet another way of discussing teamwork, however, working in groupings is often presented as a great way of dividing work and increasing productivity. It may also be argued which it allows for the utilization of the different skills, knowledge and experiences that individuals have, (Cory and Cory, 2002). Kurland and Salmon (2002) represents team are relationship, therefore he would go to describe partnership working as a number of plans with different purposes, time scales, structures, operating strategies and members between groups and the city all together. Lowndes (2002) adding that relationship/group working achieves what would be difficult or impossible for a single person to do independently therefore collaborative working is also known as partnership working. However, (Wildridge et al, 2004) argues that partnership working is not in and of itself a very important thing. Yalom (2005) says that for a group work to be effective 10 attribute should be present: Develop goals and plans, Enhance communication among associates, Develop and maintain positive connections among users, Solve problems and make decisions on the timely basis, Effectively manage conflict, Facilitate productive meetings, Clarify functions for team members, Operate in a productive manner, Exhibit effective team leadershipand Provide development opportunities for associates. Our group work lacked the communication skills, hence working in a group turned out difficult. Donovan (2005) state governments that good communication is critical to effective teamwork; it is a lot more than speaking and listening. It is sometimes a complex and puzzling process. However, effective communication can be done with the right approach, techniques plus some practice.

Our group could been employed by better as a team. The primary flaw was our incapability to meet, discuss ideas and become all aware as to which stage of drafting we have been. We sometimes thought various things were taking place and we didn't all take in the same route until towards the end when croping and editing the slides. [1] These are the periods where we functioned well as an organization. When editing and enhancing, we viewed the slides and any idea raised by one in our group users were considered. This process happened several times and this made certain us that we were all pleased with the final duplicate of our presentation.

Another unsatisfactory thing about our group was the lack of satisfied deadlines. However, this immediately came as a consequence as too little deadlines establish. Although the task was shared between your group, it was much disorganised concerning when it ought to be done. It had been very difficult because of this to know whether we were ahead or behind plan with the sole dates determined was the final deadline for all work (15/04/2010).

My experience in group work has confirmed that there are many issues that accompany group work that is people don't take their weight and one individual who don't arrive going out of other person to complete the duty. You will find problem's with time management as a lot of people might not go to time place because of other determination and lack of commitment towards the duty leading to people not doing what was given to them, this is a big de-motivation element in group as it pulls the whole group down and effects work.

The day we satisfied for the very first time to prepare our presentation, our strategy included first gathering all information on Deming using research skills like using reputable sources from the Internet, paper and articles for the next meeting. Over the to begin three appointment we protected what things were relevant and how would we structure the demonstration and acquired an contract on the type of attention home we will use for our presentation.

The following week we collected our research alongside one another and highlighted the top and relevant information and place our specific items for every single person to hide and what to research, we also began our PowerPoint display. My point was to design the slides and prepare a clear explanation of the theory of variance and the Deming pattern.

On the final week we brought in our last version on what each folks would cover and finalised the display and practice our demonstration and corrected the other person if there were any faults and offered inputs to the other person how they improve it even more.

What I learnt in group use my colleagues while preparing for presentation that people who have good decision making skills will place a perspective of what have to be accomplished and preparing a framework of how should we aim to achieve it. This part includes being good at making decisions, as it's very critical part in-group work and a good academics skill to acquire. This motivates other to decisions instead of departing it to the finish, as it helps's arranged an objective to shoot for. There are also handful of skills that are crucial they include setting prioritise, connecting between colleague and inter personal skills. For example presenting constructive criticism like our group did whenever we were carrying out presentation to one another. [2] (Rose et al, 1989) It might have been wise to adopt Tuckman's literature on group development, based on a meta-analysis of the intricate models which got previously been developed. It gets the virtue to be memorable, but the limitation to be alternatively rigid. [3](Tuckman, 1965)

[1] Davis, B. G. (2009)(2nd ed. ) Tools for coaching. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

[2] Brower, A. M. , Rose, S. D. (1989) Developments in Group work research. London: Eurospan/Haworth.

[3] Tuckman, B. (1965) "Developmental Sequence in Small Categories" Psychological Bulletin 63 pp. 384-399

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