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The Meaning Of Supportive Management Management Essay


Leadership is defined as a process of influencing visitors to accomplish the objective, inspiring their determination, and increasing the organisation ( www. mindef. gov. sg 4/12/09 ). As identified leadership is a continuing process it is just a string of influencing and getting. Moreover leadership is actually will depend on the behavior of any leader, this means the way innovator grips the group it could be charismatic management where followers are truly rely upon the first choice with high eye-sight, participative leadership where fans are permitted to be a part of group discussions and they participate in the final decision, directive management where innovator is strict along with his rules and give directions, supportive management where innovator consider follower's problems and grievances or praise and punishment management where praise or abuse is given on the basis of final activity results.

In this assignment the main aim is to create my own control style and show how effective it is terms of managing change. Also the essential requirement of this assignment is to show the factors that assist the change to get the tag of effective change.


The control style I use to follow is Supportive authority because according to me the fans are as important as job. The goals can only be achieve with the help of followers if fans are facing any issue either in their personal life or under company roof the influence of that problem can be plainly measured using their company task results. Additionally I take advantage of self made theory in my own command which is 'Get addict an achieve ', according to this a person can achieve any thing however the conditions is that the individual must be dependent on it. If followers are facing any grievances they can not be addicted towards success. Supportive leader in my way does not only mean controlling grievances of followers but I call myself supportive head because I plan my practices towards achieving a goal in line with the followers potential and skills furthermore according with their willingness and desire towards work. Supportive management is ''It leads people: It doesn't drive them. It consists of them: It generally does not coerce them. It never loses sight of the main principle governing any project affecting humans: namely, that individuals are definitely more important than things'', ( Kriyananda, www. crystalclarity. com 4/12/09 ). Supportive management is working along with enthusiasts guiding them helping them rather than working ahead of them. Human beings are most important aspect of this type of leadership. Corresponding if you ask me this leadership can be carried out effectively if leaders treat followers as one who use him rather work with him. Being the container ball captain for just two consecutive years I applied my control style and looked after a team.

My basket ball team called Descent Killerz was one of the most conflicted team. Being the youngest in the team I learned a whole lot about my team members, the team was on loosing streak and the primary problem of the team was conflicts between associates. The coach of the team possessed tried out all his best efforts to enhance the team and reduce the conflicts but he was failed. I was youngest in the team and new member as well, my friendly mother nature helped me making friendship challenging players of my team. My understanding capability made me the favourite in the team members, ignoring my issue of struggling to make dunks, the team i want to play for the kids. Sooner I had been appointed as a captain of the team only because of my supportive aspect and supportive leadership behavior. I got the main one who solved the issues of the team as every player was frank with me and use to share his problem which helped me to comprehend the main issue of conflicts that was a poor creation. Players were playing in an unhealthy formation that was disturbing them, a few of the times defenders were found in attack that was uneasy for the players. I needed a discuss this with my coach and he evolved the formation in line with the capabilities of the players which eradicated the conflicts between the team players and I achieved a team with decency and called it Descent Killerz. My design of leadership i. e. supportive authority was proved successful at that time. And according to me this type of leadership behavior always produce efficiency in obtaining the goals.


Showing concern for enthusiasts need : A supportive innovator should concern the needs of supporters and then try to fulfil them for increasing the efficiency of the supporters.

Being considerate and understanding : Understanding the problems of followers and them make an effort to eliminate them makes the supportive leadership in action.

Showing trust and esteem : As supportive leader works with supporters so the key responsibility of such innovator is to respect his enthusiasts and trust them. ( www. skagitwatershed. org 4/12/09 )

Being friendly informative, and motivating : Supportive head should be friendly with his followers and try to provide as information as he can to make the employees efficient & most importantly he should always encourage his followers towards achievement of goals.

Being sympathetic to others problems : Supportive leaders should be sympathetic toward the issues of followers if they're not serious towards the problems of their supporters they'll not share their problems with the leader then.

Helping enthusiasts develop skills and occupations : Supportive leaders are the person who help the supporters to improve their talents and guide them toward a good career.



Low personal confidence

Low self esteem


Expectations that leader will be supportive

High development need




Highly structured

Requires creativity

Requires learning

External conflict

Newly shaped group

Cohesive group with distributed beliefs in leader

Formal ideas, goals & procedures

Mission emphasizing individual services

Authoritarian superior


Dogmatic Followers

Large Size of Group

High Level Job

Broad Activity Scope


The factors that contribute to effectiveness of leadership with regards to managing change within an business are as follow :

Followers support : if a change is backed by the enthusiasts it makes a fairly easy process for a leader to manage that change. For example if change is less absenteeism and enthusiasts are aiding this change by reducing their range of leaves.

Followers understanding : one of the most crucial thing is understanding. If enthusiasts are understanding the change it becomes possible for followers to follow the change. Furthermore an understandable change becomes more easy for a head to manage.

Followers trust : followers who trust their market leaders will usually trust any change made by their head. As a business is made on trust between people it is one of the most crucial thing. As trust-able market leaders are always welcome by fans so does indeed their changes

Situation : the situational factor can help a innovator to manage an alteration easily as the change always is determined by the situation it is appeared on. For instance if employees were sensing a hectic schedule and them leader produce change in timings and breaking the agenda with certain breaks, this kind of change is determined by the situation.

Rules : if a change comes generally of company it becomes too possible for a leader to manage it as it is compulsory to follow it. For example if company comes as change in rules for not allowing smoking in premises it becomes compulsory to be follow by supporters without an argue.

Acceptance : If change is accepted by the supporters it is straightforward to control it. For instance if the change is within timings of lunch time and followers admit it then there is no need to get worried about managing that change by way of a leader.

Expectations : if the change is according to the expectations of the employees then there is no need to control that change. For samples staff was challenging 15 days getaways in the time of Holiday and new season and company agrees onto it then their will be you don't need to mange such an alteration.

Superior's support : if the change created by way of a leader is supported by its superior then it become less stressful for leader to control it. But if superiors are resistant to the change then it is difficult for leader to mange it. For example if leader says that every body should be their in office by 8. 30 in the morning and its superior comes at 10 am it becomes quite difficult for him to take care of.

Feedback : the most important facet of managing is opinions as it comes as a written report greeting card to the supervisor for his performance and if the effect is bad it indicates that there is dependence on better management.


In conclusion it can be said that how effective is the supportive command is. Supportive control not only help followers to work efficiently but it also provides bundles of knowledge to the first choice as supportive management behavior helps leader to connect to every single of his follower. Supportive control can be used mostly but it could be non-effective where the number of supporters a wide range of, as a leader cannot create personal relationships with huge number of followers. In the assignment I shared my very own personal experience with this kind of control and for me personally this leadership behavior was an enormous success.

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