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The development and success of Starbucks: Analysis

Starbucks product line includes more than 30 mixes and single-origin coffees, handcrafted espresso and combined beverages, Tazo teas, a type of bottled Frappucino espresso drinks and Starbucks DoubleShot. Furthermore it offers an exclusive type of Starbucks Barista home espresso machines, caffeine brewers and grinders, newly baked pastries, a type of super premium glaciers cream, a type of premium chocolate, sandwiches, salad, espresso mugs and coffee accessories, compact discs, and assorted gift idea items. In addition, it give you a highly successful Starbucks Greeting card, a reloadable stored-value card, which allows consumers to prepay the purchase of Starbucks products.

What advantages does McDonald's have in fighting with Starbucks for espresso sales?

McDonalds, the world's greatest restaurant chain, has few advantages over Starbucks in the fast-growing area of expertise caffeine market. McDonalds has an extremely strong brand name and presence across the domestic and global marketplaces. It can exploit the actual fact that McDonalds is quickly available throughout america. Virtually all stores offers drive-through glass windows which is an incentive for individuals who are in rush to access their destination. Drive-through is also very attractive option for individuals with small children and people moving into winter as it could allow customers to purchase products without going out of their vehicles.

McDonalds can exploit their full menu advantages. They provide complete variety of food starting from hamburgers, fowl burgers, seafood burgers, wraps, nuggets, carbonated drinks, smoothies and top quality cold/hot coffee. In addition they offer kids menu along with happy meal toys that could be a major affect on family customers to produce a one-stop purchase of food and caffeine products. McDonalds offers several low-priced menu items which could be an additional incentive for individuals who are on restricted budget in these difficult economic times.

McDonalds can take advantage of its current store dominant existence and spend the money to implement the entire beverage program and the remodeling that complements it. McDonalds has also pledged to pay some of the implementation charge to make it easier transition for franchisees.

McDonalds is also enhancing in-store sensory experience as a few of franchises are producing fireplaces, flat-screen tvs and Wi-Fi to lure customer into the store but it is not implemented nationwide. It really is more on individual franchisee's decision rather than corporate-wide decision but if such a strategy is implemented across the country then maybe it's a potential menace for Starbucks.

Drinks of all sorts tend to have higher profit margins than food items at McDonalds. In a tough economy, McDonalds is offering less expensive superior beverages than Starbucks. Once addicted to McDonalds premium beverages, it could create an incredible number of new customers for high-end caffeine refreshments who are dedicated McDonald's customers.

What changes in contemporary society have helped Starbucks achieve success?

A recent study found that there are over 166 million espresso drinkers in america, and the amount of them has increased steadily because the mid-1990s. A substantial development in U. S. coffee drinking has been the increase in the quantity of coffee taking in in the out-of-home portion. For example, coffee drinkers aged 15-29 increased their out-of-home caffeine utilization to 24 percent (from 42 to 66 percent) in a recent season and 30-59-year-olds to 13 percent (from 33 to 46 percent). Coffee drinkers 60 and older increased their out-of-home usage to 6 percent (from 14 to 20 percent) in the same year.

Of the out-of-home section, the biggest increase was among those who drink espresso at the job. However, while more consumers are drinking coffee at work, they are progressively getting their espresso from beyond your office. This means the ratio of at-work coffee being sourced from beyond your work has increased considerably. With over 166 million coffee drinkers in USA and a significant increase in the quantity of coffee drinking in the out-of-home segment, Starbucks grabbed this opportunity and successfully captured this ever-growing out-of-home coffee drinking market.

What strategic factors take into account Starbucks' long-term success in growing brand collateral?

Starbucks has been founded as the top purveyor of the finest coffee on the planet and apply highest benchmarks of excellence to the purchasing, roasting and fresh delivery of the espresso. The consequence of this process advances enthusiastically satisfied customers on a regular basis. Starbucks has made espresso drinking a interpersonal phenomenon by offering consumers an appropriate atmosphere in which to drink a premium beverage while either chatting with friends, reading a newspapers and journal, or working on their laptops. The company has created a place between home and work where people can go for personal periods or to relax with friends. Many people would now go to Starbucks for a espresso alternatively than in a club for beverage.

Starbucks success is also related to its employees who treat customers with a lot respect and are provided high-quality training. Starbucks give a great work place and treat all individuals with admiration and dignity. The company has highest staff loyalty and least expensive turn over ratio on the market. The employees operates more like a knowledgeable coffee experts (rather than order-takers) who also educates customers how to brew the perfect coffee cup at home.

What opportunities and threats face Starbucks?

Starbucks should place its emphasis on store progress in international marketplaces where its business remains strong.

With over 166 million espresso drinkers in U. S. and a substantial increase in variety of coffee drinker every year and the amount of coffee drinking alcohol in the out-of-home section, Starbucks should take this opportunity and keep increasing the market share of this ever-growing out-of-home caffeine drinking market segment.

McDonalds is increasing in-store sensory experience as a few of franchises are adding fireplaces, flat-screen tvs and Wi-Fi to lure customer in to the store but it has not been implemented nationwide. It is more on specific franchisees decision rather than a corporate-wide decision but if such a strategy is implemented nationwide then maybe it's a potential hazard for Starbucks.

The expansion in the number of cafe-style coffeehouses and restaurants, like Panera Bakery, can damage Starbucks' same-store sales.

Starbucks may have reduced the grade of the purchase and use experience which is a potential menace for the company's image for producing high quality products.

Starbucks became more of a fast-food restaurant than a coffeehouse in the imagination of some consumers by adding hot sandwiches and bakery products offered through drive-through house windows.

The quality of the coffee-drinking experience is reduced for most consumers by advertising a variety of games and other products, rapid checkouts and adding drive-through glass windows, plus they have started to view Starbucks coffee as a item alternatively than something special.

Drinks of all sorts generally have higher profit margins than food items at fast-food string (like McDonalds). In a tough economy, McDonalds is offering less expensive superior drinks than Starbucks. Once addicted to McDonalds premium drinks, it might create millions of new customers for high-end espresso drinks that happen to be dedicated McDonald's customers. This situation could seriously harm Starbucks sales as McDonalds is the world's greatest restaurant string with tremendous resources offered by its removal.

What are the benefits of the Starbucks Card to the company and to customers?

Starbucks provide a highly successful Starbucks Card, a reloadable stored-value credit card, which allows consumers to prepay the purchase of Starbucks products. The credit card can then be utilized and reloaded with funds when needed either at Starbucks store or at Starbucks. com. This greeting card has been hugely successful with over 27 million credit cards in use and over $400 million in sales in the first one fourth of 2008 exclusively. The greeting card is so successful it is being launched internationally with first rollouts in Japan and Greece. The card provides convenience to consumers but will not offer any discount for prepayment.

What recommendations must you improve Starbucks' competitive position?

Starbucks has made caffeine drinking a public phenomenon by offering consumers an appropriate atmosphere in which to drink reduced drink while either communicating with friends, reading a paper and journal, or working on their laptops. With over 166 million caffeine drinkers in U. S. and a substantial increase in the amount of coffee taking in in the out-of-home section, Starbucks has already been a dominant player available on the market and has successfully captured major market show of the ever-growing and today competitive out-of-home espresso drinking market section. Starbucks should keep its competitive position by offering the same high quality coffee products dished up in comfortable and sophisticated environment prepared by knowledgeable caffeine experts. The degradation of the said factors would bring about loss of the company exclusive image and therefore competitive gain. The advantages of drive-through house windows should be done in small increments and then carefully examined by the company to determine consumer response as they don't really want to generate another fast-food restaurant (like McDonalds). If drive-through stores are getting potential clients and sales then the program can be rolled onward otherwise it should be rolled back again.

Starbucks should place its focus on store progress in international markets where its business remains powerful. Starbucks should be primarily envisioned as a place where people would like to come and stay so that top quality coffee drinking alcohol at Starbucks comfortable atmosphere remains a social phenomenon. If Starbucks exploits its superior branding and advertising program, Starbucks can retain their core customers and may be able to attract millions of customers using their high quality products and sensory environment.

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