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The Eu Yan Sang Company Marketing Essay

One of the strategies employed by the European union Yan Sang Company was place strategy. Distribution channel thought as the machine of marketing organizations that boosts the physical flow of goods and services, along with possession title, from manufacturer to consumer or business user.

Eu Yan Sang uses the immediate channel where in fact the goods are carried directly to the consumers. They use the e-commerce strategy. Eu yan Sang sells their goods online where customer can purchase their product straight from their website. Their website has a definite picture and the facts of most their products. This can enable customer to save lots of a lot of time as they don't really have to visit the retail outlets to acquire them. Furthermore, customer can directly provide their feedbacks if indeed they aren't content with the products. The e-commerce strategy also allows European union Yan Sang to reach out to a more substantial market segment where they can increase their sales. Besides that, customers can find out about the latest discount provided by Adidas thus allowing them to acquire at the lowest price.

The channel that Eu Yan Sang uses to market their products is the shop channel. From your company, their goods reach the consumer via the sellers.

Diagram 1. 0: The distribution of goods from the maker to the consumer

First of most, Eu Yan Sang Holdings first shop opened up in Gopeng, Perak, called Yan Sang in the years 1879. Weng Li Sdn Bhd is the developing arm of Eu Yan Sang Holdings office in Malaysia. Their manufacturing activities are carried out in two of their Good Developing Practice accredited factories located in Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Eu Yan Sang Holdings turning the business into retail network in the entire year 1990. As of 30 September 2012, Eu Yan Sang Holdings also own 305 retail outlets in a overseas country and situated in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and our country. In additional, 93 retail outlets and positioned in the major places of Malaysia such as Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Pulau Penang, Sabah, Sarawak and Selangor, while Selangor has most retail outlets. In additional, their products are available in a large number of pharmacies, supermarkets, clinics, health night clubs, medical halls and spas worldwide.

Nowadays is high technological time, most people shopping at home, buy products online. Eu Yan Sang in a position to run after footstep of high time, they opened up stores to customers. Nowadays customers can purchase their products at home. In additional, they provide free delivery to certain areas only connect with the buys more than RM200 within a receipt.

Finally, Eu Yan Sang will store its final goods in a warehouse before being allocated to sale dealership or export to overseas countries. (Please make reference to appendix) The company normally will use railroads, containers or motor carriers to transport their products.

Promotion Strategy

Eu Yan Sang is very clear about what are the objectives that they need to achieve and their objective in order to promote their products in Malaysia and improve the sales quarterly. Eu Yan Sang wishes to let Substance to hold the marketplace share and in order to fulfil this objective, various marketing strategies are being integrated.

Another strategies use by the Eu Yan Sang Company was promotion strategies, these strategies employed by the Eu Yan Sang Company got successful to create Essence into the market. Advertising, pr, personal advertising, sales advertising and sponsorships are their promotional strategies. With this, Substance aims to get more consumers and increase its demand besides positioning more market show and generating more revenue.

They use Advertising to see or remind public their products and let the public know the facts about the merchandise. Advertising defined as the non-personal communication of information usually paid for and usually persuasive in characteristics about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media. Among the advertising media employed by the company is advertise on Television. A great deal of information is publicized about their product. Besides that, other advertising press used by the business is newspaper.

The second strategy is public relations. It means the techniques and activities used to determine and promote a favourable romantic relationship with the public. For instance, European union Yan Sang Company isn't just earns earnings, it also doing some philanthropic action, one of these is provides European union Yan Sang TCM Sponsorship Prize allows needy students to use. The Eu Yan Sang TCM Scholarship Award is open for request for students who are undergraduates signed up for the double level program in Biomedical Sciences and TCM at Nanyang Technological School, Singapore. Besides that, Eu Yan Sang began their flagship charity drive in Malaysia for the "TWELVE MONTHS One University" job in the entire year 2005. The charity supports the building and refurbishing of Chinese language primary academic institutions (European union Yan Sang, 2012). ( Please refer to appendix) Besides that, European union Yan Sang Company add $12, 000 to help Japan's earthquake and tsunami mishaps through Mercy Pain relief in Singapore (Eu Yan Sang, 2012)

Moreover, the third strategy is personal offering. This is of personal advertising is face-to-face advertising when a seller tries to persuade a buyer to produce a purchase. Personal presentation by the firm can build a good romantic relationship with customers.

The fourth is sales promotion. Sales promotion is defined as the activities or techniques designed to stimulate immediate demand among customers for a product or service. Eu Yan Sang Company also has uses, free voucher, free present, cash discount prime rebate to market Essence. For example, European union yan Sang's 133th wedding anniversary experienced a cash discount up to 50%. Besides that, the freebies which come using their products are bowl, goblet and Philips 2-H washable power shaver. (Please refer to appendix)

Last however, not least, the strategy is sponsorship. Sponsorship is another way to market their products and appeal to public. For instance, they reinforced the Pudu Community Art work Project to identify and promote the uniqueness and cultural prices of the Pudu community through various outreach programmes (European union Yan Sang, 2012). Besides that Eu Yan Sang sponsored a Chinese language movie "Great Day". (Please make reference to appendix)

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