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The Environmental Factors Ikea Marketing Essay

An group was found about sixty years ago, which is now is becoming most dominant furniture store in IKEA. Founder of this organization was, Ingvar Kamprad. It provides products in toned packing strategy with reasonable prices. They may have large network of 226 stores across European countries, Asia and America. Presently it is making $17. 7 Billion it uses illustrious gross annual catalog to market its products. It considers different environmental factors while making home and international marketing decisions about its products. This paper studies at length these factors including control international economic interdependency and outcome of trade techniques, contracts, physical and demographic infrastructure, corporate social responsibility, social variety, and implementations o honest aspects running a business along with fulfillment of legal obligations, political influence on business and its own effects on international relationships and in previous it examines, corrupt techniques Function of 1977, and the role of technology.

As the business is expanding across borders and continents, it's examines purchasing electricity parity of customers in several regions before setting it prices. To be able to determine Purchasing electric power parity, level of income, prices, personal savings, bills and GDP are evaluated. (Hennessey and Gillespie, 2010). Some factors that can determine purchasing ability parity include economy, trade tactics, and agreements. So when, you will be global, it must build a competent marketing combine and prices are modified for targeting in several parts world.

Demographic factors and physical environment kept very significant in developing marketing strategies. Demographic factors include, gender category and divergence, choice habits of individuals, buying style, norms diversification, ethnicity and competition etc. to use competitively in respect of marketing blend, analysis of demographic account of specific region is fundamental step.

Influence of Cultural Differences

IKEA use to target developed countries, as it mainly works in Asia, USA, Canada and European countries To consider potential growth, and development opportunities. It do not focus on and concentrate the expanding countries of Africa, South America, and Asia as well. IKEA offers to great amount its similar products in every parts where it includes its functions, but similar marketing strategies for every single region are different as it does not make sense, it also do not works well if similar strategies are being used for all areas, As it is a famous declaring in business that "one size will not fit to all". IKEA introduces different marketing strategies for each and every region matching to its demographic movements and physical infrastructure. For example, IKEA offer various mattresses, but a queen's bed will never be same in size in United States and United Kingdom. IKEA advances its strategies very very seriously; it considers and carefully looks after its competition strategies, customer's environment, and psychology in order to meet and surpass their demands. It manages price to such level where they contemplate it essential to maintain particular degree of sales and developing most attractive environment of the franchises and stores. It do not have aim to be Swedish however you like everywhere, somewhat it changes its products greatly relating to every region where it goes to operate and conduct its business. (Schumann, 2009). In response to globalization, its designers has improved the look of showrooms after the visit of Hispanic Californian's properties and finding out that Hispanics involves large families and have interest in bright colors.

It causes the unpopularity or even inability of products if they're not changed regarding to environment and place being targeted, as in the case of not changing the name of baby bed known as GUTVIK, a rude expression in German vocabulary.

corporate social responsibility, legal commitments and ethics has become more important among stakeholders. Companies, if operate with one goal of making income, may enjoy unethical practices and may deceive customers by giving them wrong information. Corporations are actually more socially liable and improve benefit of population in which they may be operating. The aim is welfare of consumer by providing products and services in safe manner, at affordable prices, and steering clear of all those activities in market that may be deceptive. A socially responsible and ethical company considers it its responsibility to save customers from inflating prices, potential monopolies, and ensure fair competition on the market. Consumerism and environmentalism are Emerging trends in this respect are which means to advantage consumer and save environment.

Operating as a socially sensible organization. For example, when problem of used wood substance being bad for the customers as well as the surroundings, grew up, IKEA change it suppliers and processing procedures in order to keep up its image in the minds of the customers. To get success in industry, it is important to have good company image among its customers and world at large. Ethics performs important role in forming company's image. Ethics are major aspect of businesses. Ethics include being friendly, mindful about customer safety and health etc. it is also required by law of countries where IKEA has its operations. In India and Pakistan, it must face some issues of child labor.

Legal and political environment of web host countries, effects marketing strategies of companies. Every country has laws and regulations to protect customers and companies, these laws and regulations often and commonly includes laws regarding marketing competition, guard of customers, lending laws and regulations related to fair trade etc. there's also some laws to regulate prices for the sake of customers, to promote good trade and regulate monopolies. IKEA is also powerful while it bargains in political environment and decided to a contract in-may, 1998 together with the International Federation of Building and Wood Individuals (IFBWW) for the cover of employees' right. It also pays focus on lending regulations and credit dealings as these laws and regulations have an impact on its sales greatly. IKEA has to comply with various laws and rules of different countries about endorsement of visa or mastercard, interest rates, privacy laws, customer rights as well as considering good lending Acts.

It has two important tips to focus on, one of these two things is transparency of accounting procedures matching to securities and exchange percentage Work 1934, and second is about corruption of officers at international level.

These acts are intended to prevent and control unlawful activities as a result activities are damaging for stability of international markets, and could be harmful because of its functioning. Immoral and unlawful activities may damage an organizations reputation and its image in market place. IKEA works in conformity with all regulations of each country, as research it always got clear and transparent accounting tactics. It is rolling out its brand image as being high quality supplier in the market place, and sincere corporation through job search grouping, articulating significance of accounting and store management.

Effect of Technology

Present era is of scientific advancement and innovation. It is becoming necessary to have and use effectively the tools for marketing activities. Marketing intelligence system is largely used in source by many organizations. This system is effective in trailing information regarding improvement in technology. (Brennan et al. , 2010). IKEA has obtained zip code of these customers when they register for sales but now technology has taken the responsibility for these processes.

IKEA also advanced technology to promote its products, it uses web, email etc this use of new. technology, it is becoming easy for companies to operate from faraway places.

IKEA also used public networking site to connect to its consumers, increase its customer basic and customer retention. That is easy to reach to all of the family members and friends. IKEA has developed a policy that I s helpful to have great success internationally. Its effective polices that has stretched it market show, and extend IKEA's designed developments by enforcing the Swedish image, growing the similar environment in each store, even by offering food and quality day health care. To be able to maintain its image and success globally at the existing level IKEA would have to modify many environmental factors. IKEA is strategizing to provide the low priced, and providing value to consumers. Marketing and promotion strategies are revolutionized with Facebook and created the ripple effect; to cater highest number of men and women and making them part of this culture and daily life.

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