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The Environment Where The Zara Clothing Lines WILL PROBABLY BE Marketed

The new tendencies of the style age have been loaded in all aspects of businesses. It is being assumed that there's been plenty of data regarding fashion and clothing in the last 30 years than previously generations. That is caused by the dynamism in the style industry but most of the credit should be directed at the modernization in fashion and clothing over modern times.

The use of market entry strategies has many benefits for a business. Market entry strategy is the concept that includes most types of strategies used to determine, converse and utilize marketing in its various structures. Since clothing and fashion has been contained in the itinerary of every individual's working place, Zara clothing lines have been preferred to enter into international markets. The primary goal of this essay is to establish a marketing admittance technique for the Zara clothing brand. The report includes the analysis of environmentally friendly factors that may affect the product access. Herein, the chosen countries are India, Russia and Mexico. These countries have been chosen because it is thought that the three countries are available in implementing creative fashion and clothing tendencies. The conversation will also include the diagnosis of the marketing blend strategy. Further, the surroundings will also be analyzed using PEST Analysis, which means politics or legal, cost-effective, socio-cultural and technical aspects.

Executive Summary

The main goal of this report is to analyze the environment where the Zara clothing collection will be advertised. The merchandise is chosen to be advertised in three countries (India, Russia and Mexico). Evaluation shows that the main problem of the merchandise is to in terms of making the mark market know the existence of the product in the united states and your competition of the existing clothing lines available for sale.

In order to solve such complexities, the answer is to execute strategic marketing methodology in conditions of ad and promotion to help make the target market notice the living of the merchandise in the marketplace. In addition, tactical market planning may also be attributed as a better method for ensure that the merchandise will be created effectively. Really the only problem that is unsolved is to find a company that will invest in the circulation of the merchandise. With this, it's advocated that the business must be able to use a far more effective market planning and strategy that may improve the market value of the product.

Screen 1: Political and Legal Factors

To start with the politics situation offers emphasis to the role of the government and its impacts in a company or firm. In addition, it involves the extent to

which the government participates in the politics situation (2000). The political condition in India, Russia and Mexico can be considered as an open up market. This way, the governments of the three international markets are prepared to accept new investors or company that will operate of their region. Furthermore, the government of India, Russia and Mexico also provides their own version of commercial policies that ought to be followed by different organization. In this manner, the pressure is on the Zara product in terms of ensuring that they always have legal actions in their business functions.


Screen 2: Technological and Economic Factors

The Indian, Russian and Mexican market segments are the goals of Zara Company. In this manner, it is vital that the market of the countries must be analyzed. Russia gets the reputation to get one of the most secure economies among these three countries. In 2005, it has been proven that Russia also had the 4th major when talking about exchange rates. Lately, Russia has been able to recover from crisis because of the growing inner consumer demand. Hence, the country has been mentioned to be the 9th major economy across the world. Alternatively, India has been ranked as the 12th in the world in terms of GDP and gets the fourth per capita income in Asia ( 1981). Hence it could be said that there surely is a bigger chance for Zara company to be successful in working in India. The continuously growing market market of the country is a good signal that Zara company will be known in the marketplace.

When talking about scientific issues, the three countries have been able to utilize advanced technology. This includes their acceptance of it specifically for business functions and or organizational needs. This aspect gives Zara clothing lines an possibility to grow on the market and use state-of-the-art technological facilities to enhance the grade of the service distributed by both public and private firms.

Screen 3: Societal and Cultural Factors

Public and social aspects are also essential and have to be given tremendous thought when one desires to participate into a foreign market. Also, culture is considered an intrinsic aspect in the evaluation of an industry, because for just about any company or organization to function proficiently it must for a few extent possess an acceptable set of perspectives and values on the role of culture in providing affect to the progress or downfall of any firm. Culture environment is one of the critical perspectives that greatly have an impact on the business. (2004) claims that there exists four aspects that independent civilizations at a national level (ability distance, individualism-collectivism, masculinity-femininity, doubt avoidance), which encourage the evaluation that individuals enter into companies with their own national culture.

It could be said that when talking about social context India can give more top priority to public security. In addition, India is also along the way of considering participating in deals and agreements to various companies which may possibly give them high quality products. Like India, Russia in addition has a solid culture and culture. Russians' social context is known as to be impulsive when it comes to consuming products or services. In addition, the world is available to investors who'll provide technologically developments products and services. In Mexico, it can be mentioned that the interpersonal and ethnical condition are diverse. This can be a large factor for the Zara clothing lines to become marketable in the country.


Zara is one of Spain's most important fashion and clothing lines companies with regards to make money and sales volume level. The company has also one of the very most intensive presences among all international fashion and clothing companies. This is done through the use of a marketing strategy of global networking of marketers.

Zara Company utilizes the prestigious name of both the company and its excellent clothing labels, which strategy has enabled the company to satisfy an integrated marketing approach gives emphasis to the company name. There's also a wide range of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) strategies available that Zara Company could utilize of in order to manage their promotional endeavors. These strategies involve a number of advertising, branding and personal selling strategies. When employed appropriately, these IMC strategies can help Zara Company to disseminate in an successful manner the critical information that they would like to tell with their esteemed customers.

However, several issues have to be understood and examined by Zara Company about IMC tools. Since their income is marginally bigger than the majority of their competitors, the length of time for implementation of these preferred IMC tools would have a a lot longer time than expected, aside from being costly. But since the target of Zara Company is towards finding a long-term market authority and balance in the style industry, then your pursuit of these promotional strategies will be important for the business in the future.

Background of India

In India, it could be mentioned that the nation has a well balanced politics situation. Also, the economic status of the country may also be classified as steady since it permits foreign investment funds to participate in the marketplace. India may possess one of the most stable economical situations in their region. In 2005, it offers earned the differentiation as the 4th greatest when talking about exchange rates in Asia. In this case, Zara Company's admittance to India is feasible and that with the use of proper market entrance strategies the company may guarantee growth and wealth in this country. When talking about technological aspects, India shows its capability to accept modern systems to guarantee growth and progress within its territories.


When talking about demography, India includes a inhabitants of almost more than 100 million people. Therefore that India will have huge opportunities to maintain multiple target marketplaces that will maintain steadily its products. It is said that the dies of majority of Indians, excluding bigger places, mostly is determined by what is produced in that particular region. With regards to food expenses, spending is not allocated fairly over the entire population. Such as, over 50% of the meals supply has been utilized by 30% of Indians who have a home in the urban areas. The mark market for urban consumers spends at least doubly much food products when compared with those residing in the rural areas.

As the incomes become larger in India, the consumers gain the energy to demand for more quality and popular clothing. Therefore, it can be concluded that with the quality and popular clothing lines proposed by Zara Company, there is a guarantee that it will be loved by the Indian consumers.

Cultural Concerns

Friendly and social aspects are also essential and also have to be given tremendous thought when one wants to get involved into a foreign market. Also, culture is considered an integral aspect in the examination of a business, because for any company or company to function proficiently it must for some extent possess a satisfactory group of perspectives and values on the role of culture in providing impact to the improvement or downfall of any group. Culture environment is one of the critical perspectives that greatly have an impact on the company. (2004) expresses that there exists four aspects that independent civilizations at a nationwide level (power distance, individualism-collectivism, masculinity-femininity, doubt avoidance), which encourage the evaluation that individuals enter companies with the own national culture.

It can be concluded that in relation to social context India can give more special attention to social security. Aside from this, India is also planning to participate in new deals and partnerships to various companies which may offer them better quality products or services.


Launching Zara Clothing in India

A. Market Admittance Plan

To be able to participate in the Indian market, Zara Company must be able to select the type of market entrance to be utilized. In this situation, one of the strategies that Zara Company use is by seeking a jv with highly regarded clothing line distributors in India. It could be mentioned that the jv option arise by seeking a project with other greater and competitive organizations. An international joint venture is a solitary business or multi-organizational agreement, proven as an alliance between several primary entities working over various region territories in planning and taking care of the venture.

B. Marketing Strategy

In order to effectively attain these goals, Zara Company must pursue a strategy of selling a number of its local clothing lines and international clothing lines, but keeping Zara as the principal brand in India. Zara Company must also target much larger positions including either the first or second positions in the Indian market of clothing lines. Any of these positions would be sufficient enough for Zara Company to establish a great level in relation to creation, marketing and distribution. Apart from this, these positions can establish a platform from which Zara Company can sell their clothing lines and other special fashion products. Zara Company's branches in the European countries are excellent examples of huge market control positions. And with a concerted work on the structures of the expenses, the above mentioned goals should be achieved without a doubt.


C. Promotion / Communication

To promote the organization and its clothing lines, Zara Company will utilize video tutorial advertisements, print advertisements and the thought of e-marketing. These campaign and marketing strategies can fulfill the differing needs of consumers from India and beyond; especially those top priority Indian marketplaces or the consumers in the urban India areas. For this promotion campaign, the perfect information that Zara Company may utilize will be "Providing quality and stylish clothing lines that fulfills your needs'.

Zara Company has been able to determine its reputation as one of Spain's most important clothing lines companies for quite some time now. It is able to rise up to the difficulties in most of its market segments directly(1999). That is permitted through the successful promotional and positional strategies founded in order to keep up not only large gains, but also on building the foundations of Zara Company's clothes and fashion movements.

The promotional promotions and strategies of Zara Company in India must prioritize the significant expansion of its clothing lines and bettering the company's finances. These strategies may also be in a position to help Zara Company maintain critical mergers and partnerships among companies. And more importantly, these campaigns can lead to the eventual unleashing of the potentials of the company's workforce, thereby creating an excellent performance- founded culture.

The promotional strategies of Zara Company in India can be easily applied by the neighborhood employees themselves. This plan will definitely enable the organization to greatly improve without the burden of implementing costly systems. These initiatives can also lead in improved financial earnings for the organization and will allow the foundation of distribution sites for Zara clothing lines in India.

D. Goal Market

Zara Company has managed a reputation for concentrating on the young adults, those in their twenties and even the individuals considered young in mind. This is a customer sector that other clothing companies have previously ignored in place of the adult consumers. Zara Company also offers the initial strategy of portraying the years in their promotions. These campaigns in India will tell that Zara Company is not a mere simple clothing range for another era; its users are also a generation ahead of their rivals. Zara Company can create an image for itself in India as the clothing lines for the present generation. It has found out that the purchasing vitality of the youth and the marketing vitality of stars were similar (1998). They have garnered significant revenue gains out of this strategy, and there is no reason why this won't also work in India.

E. Charges Strategy

Zara Company must use as a base of its pricing strategies various critical tendencies that constantly dominate the global marketplace of clothing lines in India. One unique development is called "premium-tization". This style triggers the polarization of varied markets. This scenario would then pressure the consumers to demand and pay much larger prices for identified quality. However, placing significant deductions in prices is also concurrently happening, therefore putting pressure to the middle range. More often than not, supermarkets enter the procedure of internationalization which brings about a tighter squeeze for shelf space (1994). This may eventually leave Zara Company as successful. It is for this reason why Zara Company must prioritize the Indian "premise sector" a great deal because this might allow their consumers to try their clothing lines at lower risk and costs.

With regards to advertise segments, superior and specialty clothing lines of Zara Company produce an unequal talk about of volume expansion at an evaluated 4-5% each year, as resistant to the 2-3% entire growth rate. These rates are due to both the introduction of GDP values among recently set up market segments and consumer requirements for better value propositions, which is undoubtedly headed by international clothing lines. Therefore, Zara Company has to elevate its portfolio and function in India to outperform the home market. Zara Company almost functions on the slightly fragmented market, with the top four clothing companies accounting for 22% of global volume level five years ago and only about 28% today.


There is obviously an immediate concern to merge both the inside-out and outside-in capabilities of Zara Company. While Zara Company's market entrance strategy in India includes prioritizing on its major potentials with market position in consideration of the tool base, the company will be put into a losing position should it choose never to pay attention to both the macro as well as the Indian clothing market environment. Therefore, Zara Company has to be knowledgeable of the current management changes, as well as changes in political, economical, legal and even demographic situations to be able to improve the outside-in capacities, such as market analysis, customer linking, route bonding and technology monitoring.

The advantages savored by Zara Company may come in the form of increased profit increases. Having a concept on the actual Indian market desires and the latest fashion developments may help Zara Company totally utilize its research and development potentials to release clothing lines that are not only cost-effective but also high in quality. The proper option can even be used as a marketing strategy where the goal is on staying close to the business's customers and functioning on their feedbacks. On the other side of the page, there will be great utilization of resources that should be expected, and the associated hazards associated with Zara Company.

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