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The British Monarchy System History Essay

London is the administrative centre of Great britain and the United Kingdom. It is considered to be one of the major metropolitan area and major urban zone in britain. As known London is well-known for its economic progress i. e it is one of the largest fund centre along with NY. It really is one of the global leading economies with its growth in almost every sector from artwork, entertainment, education and fashion to tourism and travelling.

However tourism has been one of the trademarks for London. It makes its maximum earnings through tourism which offers to increasing the GDP of the country. Coming to achievements, London has the world's largest airport terminal system and it's been successfully hosted Olympics thrice compared to other leading economies.

Not only the geographic and economical factors, what makes London unique the social and ethnical factors. It a hub of varied cultures and folks with about more than 300 languages spoken within its boundary.

It has a monarchy system of authorities which is leaded by the Ruler or Queen and his traces in the past from decades.

British Monarchy System (Record and Background)

The English Monarchy System is also known as the Constitutional Monarchy System. The term "Monarch" basically refers to the king or queen. Queen Elizabeth II became monarch on 6 Feb 1952. The role of the monarch is persisted as the members of the family continue to be the monarch and undertake various social, economic, representative responsibilities.

The genesis of constitutional monarchy in Britain can be traced way long back centuries. Before the 17th century, the United kingdom Monarchy could make decisions as that they had the to perform i. e make or go legislation. This is when these were also named as executive monarchs. The monarchy system now is no more executive and has become more lawful where in fact the monarch has the to confer honours and appoint ministers. .

The major role a monarch takes on is in the British Armed Forces where the monarch is the monarch is the commander. There is no doubt about the actual fact that the expert and protection under the law to rule and govern the united states is still through the monarch however the powers can be used within the lawful restrictions which have been handed down in the Parliament which should keep up with the unity of the united states and arranged some expectations.

It is from the Scottish Kings yet others that the monarchy system traces its genesis from. In the past in the 10th Century, the kingdom of England and Scotland had urbanized from the poor kingdoms of early middle ages Britain.

In the year 1603, Wayne I who actually was a Scottish King Wayne VI, both England and Scotland were ruled by an individual monarch. The monarch here was very powerful and may take all the decisions. However, between 1649 to 1660, the practice of monarchy was damaged by the Commonwealth of Great britain which was followed by the next World War.

One of the major decision that was used was that the Roman Catholics or the ones who marry the Roman Catholics wouldn't normally be included in the group of owing the throne. However, it was at 1707 when Britain and Scotland emerged together to become listed on the United Kingdom that was then described a Kingdom of THE UK. With Ireland signing up for, it was now known as as the United Kingdom of Great Britain in the year 1801.

However, post the Second World War, a huge majority of British boundaries became unbiased, which suggested that the empire was approaching to a finish. Thus, it was then that George VI and his descendant, Elizabeth II, had taken the subject Brain of the Commonwealth as a icon of the free union of its self-governing member expresses.

The Commonwealth will not include the monarchies alone. In addition, it considers the republic. In 2012, the 15 Commonwealth countries reveal the same person as their monarch as the uk. The United kingdom Monarchy is generally still engaged in orientation to the individual and institution shared amongst all fifteen of the other Commonwealth countries, also to the discrete monarchies within each one of these self-governing countries, often at variance with the different, specific, and official countrywide titles for each jurisdiction.

The Role Played by the Monarch in the Development and Growth

The most important role that a monarch plays is the fact that it functions as the top of the Nation.

The Queen undertakes legal and emblematic responsibilities which have developed over 1000 years of history as the top of their state.

There are a series of formal duties the fact that Queen performs, from playing an important role in the us functioning and progress to day to day activities like Open up the Parliament, Approve the purchases in the council, Signal the several acts of the Parliament and conduct conferences with the Best Minster.

However, The Queen works as a representative of the United Kingdom to the rest of the world.

The Queen signifies the united states as the image of unity.

The Queen satisfies various personnel's right from the overseas ambassadors to commissioners who come to England also makes goes to to other countries where in fact the Queen represents to support social and economical relations.

The Queen fulfills various communal and social functions as the Head of the country.

The various sociable roles that have leaded to the progress and success of the country range from providing steadiness and continuity to the nation by acting as a countrywide identity, to knowing and awarding accomplishments.

With the developed interactions with the devolved assemblies in Scotland and Wales, Queen's unifying role as a sovereign can be noticed.

The Queen has always helped the people of the united states and encouraged general public and voluntary services.

Impact of United kingdom Monarchy System

Permanence and steadiness:

The Uk Monarchy System has prevailed in maintain stability throughout the market. Although there's been a switch in the political environment from still left to right however the Queen has always been there and backed the people and has a safe side on the steering wheel of talk about.


As we realize London is a hub of folks with diverse social and educational track record it's very difficult to support peace among people of the group. The Queen is neutral on offering any views on politics and the changing federal government coverage. This makes her an perfect figurehead to present to the globe.

The Queen with her natural nature promotes good relations with other countries whose leaders might be the complete opposite of the current UK federal.

Revenue Generation through Tourism:

One of the major influences of the British Monarchy today is the fact it brings in a whole lot of income from tourism. Thousands of tourists every year visit the royal palaces and enjoy the spectacle of the changing of the protector in London.

Cost benefit:

Though this declaration is very controversial as to whether the monarchy system is a cost advantage or drawback to the country, there a wide range of view helping it. This is because they pay much amount of duty and the Royals have to pay tax on their private income.

Controversies/Critics associated with Uk Monarchy System 2012

Views Aiding the Monarchy System

Views From the Monarchy System

Monarchy symbolizes permanence, firmness and moral worth.

The Queen is just a figurehead and has very less relevance today in the modern society.

There is a feeling of prehistoric hyperlink with the crown and heritage.

It is a subject of history and really should be restricted to days gone by.

The Queen is the symbol of countrywide unity with natural views and impartiality.

It is a leftover that ought to have been abolished decades ago.

The Monarch is free from politics biasness and influences.

They believe in do it yourself- importance and also have more than what they absolutely need.

The Queen is such a personality image that get together her would be an honor unlike reaching a leader of the country.

The royal family is over honored and will not give opportunities to others to be a part of the head of the nation.

It is much better than democracy as, in the monarchy system people receive more care and support.

It contrasts the meaning of democracy. Democracy is exactly what the modern culture wants.

However, there may be no conclusions drawn as to whether a Monarchy System is good today also or not. People have their own views and thoughts regarding the Uk Monarchy System.

Objectives of the Study:

The main aim of the study was to investigate the significant importance of the British Monarchy System. The next major purpose was to comprehend the impact of English Monarchy in the development and progress of the country.

Primary goals of the study:

Primary goals as the name suggests are the primary objectives of the analysis. This is the focus of the analysis where the researcher is engaged. As a part of the study main objectives need to be achieved.

To acknowledge the value of monarchy system in the introduction of the country.

To understand the role (both tangible and intangible) of monarchy system.

To identify the impact of the English Monarchy System.

To understand if it has relevance today.

To have the ability to draw final result to controversies like should the monarchy preserve or not.


John M T Balmer, (April, 2011). Corporate heritage brands and the precepts of corporate heritage brand management: Insights from the English Monarchy on the eve of the royal wedding of Prince William. Retrieved from

The British isles crown is the most powerful of the monarchies that the planet have seen till date, the annals of the monarchy is one the most impressive and incredibly impressive, the British isles monarchs have most remarkable host to origin they have been descended from, . Based on the constitution the British monarchy has been considered one of the archetypal monarchies.

Inside the uk, public gave their full support to the monarchy and has been the same manner from past so long. In Britain major portion of the total populace was in favor of country left over as monarchy, and they also felt content with Queen doing exercises her role as monarchical.

People still believe that Crown to be of a major significance and become a sign and sense to the English identity, Furthermore the Honorary Queen Elizabeth the Head of Commonwealth and comes with an association of huge shape of 54 nations which in total have inhabitants of 1000000000 people, In crux we can say that British isles Crown was at a essence of big & most powerful business.

David Haigh, ( April 27, 2011). Understanding the worthiness of the United kingdom Monarchy as a brand. Brand Funding Journal.

Well it's been identified that the Uk monarchy created value in 3 different ways, which included: Firstly benefits to the UK tourism industry including the hotels, air carry, restaurants, outlets etc, Second came up the big UK business house of the Royal Warrant, which led to the schemes which in turn added higher needs and higher prices to large 850 companies including brands like Fortnum and Masons and Berry Brothers were two companies out of 850 who clearly had benefits from the blissful luxury connotations of the Royal Warrant. And Finally the reputational benefit to the businesses prefer to the Uk Airways and Harrods as they produced business and also possessed advantages of it.

In 2012 the intangible property of the Monarchy appreciated about 44 billion. The monarchy plays a vital role of endorser for individual and company brands and also not to forget about the land brand which is aiding Britain to get out of the downturn period

Constitutional Monarchy Relationship (Dec, 2011). Royal Finance. Retrieved from

The major resources of financing the queen are - the civil list, Grant-in-aid, the Privy Wallet and private income. From the four brought up the civil list and Grant-in-aid they help in covering the public expenses and aren't taxed, the Privy Bag is taxable income and deductions should be made for public expenses took place and lastly the Queen gives tax on her personal income and other benefits which r capital in characteristics.

The civil list is been because the time of King George III in 1760, to fund the cost of administration by the parliament. The Queen mom and Prince Philip are the only people of the Royal family to get annuities from Civil List of 643, 000 and 359, 000 respectively, to the other Royal Members of the family the Queen herself compensates out from the Privy Bag which is been provided to her.

It is approximated that annual cost of monarchy is approx 37 million. The republics show reluctance in submitting the expenses incurred by the top of their state, but is true that the cost of English monarchy compares extremely favorably.

Liz Wyse, Delbert's. (Dec, 2011). How exactly we valued the Monarchy as a Brand. Brand Finance Journal, Special Jubilee Concern.

The Royal Family, variety of functions like the Royal Matrimony Take action 1772, while for others The Queen has a bit narrower definitions. Generally the present day reference point of the word varies, but always have the ancestral counted in the first cousins bearing royal headings like The Dukes of Kent and Gloucester.

The intellectual property, apart from the Crown copyright, the other example being the Royal cover of arms in a variety of forms and many others still work as principal source of identity for people, starting for the passport till the ministerial red boxes you'll find the corporate visual personal information, even the portcullis badge of parliament is a Royal Badge and same goes for the Union Jack as well.

Clive Cheesman, Richmond Herald, College of Arms. (Apr 27, 2011). How exactly we Valued Monarchy as a Brand. Retrieved from

The Royal family being the icon of the United Kingdom therefore it has surfaced more of as a brand in itself, they internationally stand n stand for as the icon of UK upon this Globe. The Queen started out in 1952, the famous monarchy system performed went through ups and downs period of instability then the death of Princess of Wales Diana, who was the brand ambassador for the Windsors but her decision of divorce flipped everyone against her. After Diana death public turned against Queen and the Royal family, in earlier couple of years time people has started to shift their hatred to value for the royal family, firstly the royal wedding and then the golden jubilee celebrations, which make people that that it'll help strengthen the relationship n Role of Monarch.

The young technology of the Royal family taking it really as well, Prince Harry's successful head to to Jamica made the Royal's recognize that he can be considered a brand ambassador for the Monarchy, Prince William being chosen over his father and grandmother to be ranked as best ambassador for Britain, and people think that he'll improve his family's image

The new bride into the Royal family Kate Middleton has given the English economy the upright boost of 1 billion in terms of retail and tourism

Public Judgment, (April, 2011). How to value about the Monarchy as a Brand : UK trade contribution. Brand Financing Journal.

The style in UK's trade performance after Prince Andrew, Duke of York was chosen as UK Special rep for UK Trade and Investment 2011 till recently was declining year by year, in spite of the YK's global reach and help from business know-how Prince efforts as a innovator could not increase the trade deficit. Monarchy as a brand attracted revenues from tourism, it also gives fresh opportunities for the development of British Business


According to the articles, publications and research papers the following views can be drawn:-

Monarchy system has helped to reinforce nationwide unity and stableness.

In the view of the UN, Britain should abolish its monarchy system.

People consider monarchy to be backward and prejudice that has no real electricity.

The monarchy's popularity has been declining in recent years.

Since then British society has undergone a number of successive transformations and the Royal Family's reputation has essentially eroded away.




The monarchy system has its traces in the past from generations.

There has been a significant contribution in the development and progress of the united states.

It has been attaining a great deal of income for the united states.

The monarchy system has a important role to experience in increasing the social equality.

It hasn't only resulted in the economic enhancement but also communal growth and development.

There has been controversies regarding if the monarchy system should continue or not but most views support the monarchy system even today.


From these evaluation and research we can conclude various reasons for having British Monarchy System. All of them are mentioned below:

The English Monarchy has been regarded as a symbol of national unity.

Plays a significant role in supporting and encouraging general population.

Although the monarchy system has resulted in significant efforts in the united states since centuries, there exists various negative views about the same.

The Queen matches various personnel's from the overseas ambassadors to commissioners who come to Great britain also makes sessions abroad where The Queen represents to aid social and monetary relations.

Controversies have been prevailing concerning whether the monarchy system should preserve today or not.

Monarchy System is known as to be backward and really should be consigned to the annals.

However, The Queen functions on your behalf of the uk to the rest of the world.

The Queen fulfills various interpersonal and ethnical functions as the top of the Nation.

The various cultural roles that contain leaded to the growth and prosperity of the country range right from providing balance and continuity to the country by behaving as a nationwide identity, to spotting and awarding accomplishments.

With the developed human relationships with the devolved assemblies in Scotland and Wales, Queen's unifying role as a sovereign can be seen.


A few tips that I would like to give through the above study are:

The Monarchy System isn't just a part of history of the country but also today's and would be the future too. It will not be abolished.

It has resulted in the economic, sociable and cultural development of the country through centuries and therefore, should be reputed and honored.

The English Monarchy System is symbolic of success and growth, therefore should prevail for years and years more to come.

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